Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1285

In the Zhao Hai look at following forest, the Yuan Jin Gang sound conveys said : to come, you several also appreciation well, our machine most magnificent scenery , iron bridge fort.” Zhao Hai they attracting passed by the Yuan Jin Gang words, the place that several people turned the head to look at behind coming out, this looked that several people have cannot help but tarried, because in front of them, was a incomparably huge steel and iron castle.[] This giant steel and iron castle, all over the body by made of metal, but actually that drifting of miracle in in midair, but this castle with behind is actually barrier, through this barrier, even can see outside all, but outside is still a castle, is similar to the scale of this castle, if these two castles are used for the person, feared that is in each castle lives in the previous tens of thousands people not to be a problem. Outside the castle has completed bastion style, city wall seems looks like open hua, very beautiful, in various castle places, but also the imposition has all kinds of weapon, formidable might is extraordinary. Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai several people of appearances, deep voice said : these two castles, protects that to say Space rift firmly, can be our supreme headquarters, enabling us to have a relieved rest place, these two castles look like two bridgeheads are the same, but middle Space rift is that bridge, therefore these two castles are called the iron bridge forts, outside that iron bridge fort said fortunately, in Space the iron bridge fort, actually completely is artificially constructs, that Space rift size you also saw, can only their parallel, some large-scale equipment. simply cannot transport, many materials cannot transport, afterward the people started using Space Equipment in turn, begins to have good luck all kinds of equipment booklets, all kinds of materials, is such bit by bit transports, altogether has used for nearly ten years, inside castle constructing, since this castle constructs, our machine person, had supreme headquarters, can fight with the several other Realms person.” Zhao Hai several people nodded, they have not thought, that metal hall that before saw, unexpectedly in a such castle. Yuan Jin Gang look at several people, deep voice said : naturally, iron bridge fort here, turned into a rear now, only then rotates days off, the person who or exchanges the reward will come here, the normally people first to live in frontline some castles or the bases. You later can also come here to rest, does not come the here rest to need contribution points, in castle hall besides some war region and exchange, but also has plenty entertainment region and rest area, rests the amusement for the people, but these places also want contribution points.” Zhao Hai several people nodded, they also had the understanding of deeper one layer to the 6 Realms battlefield here situation, it seems like machine has stood firmly in 6 Realms battlefield here, otherwise iron bridge fort here so will not be peaceful. Yuan Jin Gang looked at iron bridge fort one, take deep breaths said :walked, went to our Vajra, Camp. ” Zhao Hai they have complied with one, flies outward with Yuan Jin Gang.

Flies Zhao Hai while look at all around scenery , release Liquid Silver needle, because Space has used the shield function, therefore manufactures the 6 Realms battlefield subspace person, existence of impossible existing Space, Zhao Hai can still like to produce uses Space, does not use by the person present. Moreover Zhao Hai does not believe that the person who that manufactures the 6 Realms battlefield has paid attention to him, looks like a person is impossible to note own each fine hair to be the same. But this presently actually aggravated the Zhao Hai sense of crisis, making him think quick point promotion own strength, but entered to 6 Realms battlefield here, Zhao Hai immediately obtained an advantage, magnificent was the Space Spiritual Qi density in time Level Up, 6 Realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi density, but compared with wanting Cultivation World there also wanted much stronger, quickly caught up with medium grade Spirit Vein, therefore Zhao Hai Space Spiritual Qi density also along with it Level Up. although Space Spiritual Qi density Level Up, lets Zhao Hai very happy, but this also made him realize he opened the disparity of 6 Realms battlefield subspace person with that own Space was very mysterious, but the opposite party can open 6 Realms battlefield such place, strength certainly formidable, he has to be careful that is careful. The people fly is quick, looks, Yuan Jin Gang did not fear that this nearby has any danger, Zhao Hai they do not certainly care, non-stop flew for several hours, Zhao Hai present, front appears a small town fort. This small town fort is not made of metal, but is the ordinary made of stones castle, but in the castle is also putting all kinds of Magic Cannon, looks like the defense capability is also good, moreover in the castle is also carving many Magic Formation, increased the defense capability of castle. However Yuan Jin Gang has not stayed in here, but was flew from that castle directly, Zhao Hai looked at a that castle, presently in the castle also some people are guarding. Zhao Hai puzzled to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, this castle is that team?” Yuan Jin Gang looked at this castle said : that team is not, this was a relay station castle, mainly to let the person of communication can go to the castle to rest, our bodies brought to record merit are distinguish the status thing, if has not led recorded merit the person to enter the range of this castle, that was must by attack.”

Zhao Hai nodded, to Space also some deeper step understanding, this 6 Realms battlefield was very simultaneously big, their present flying thousand degrees are not slow, how many hours but flew at the same time, has met such a relay station type castle, in other words here returns very far to true frontline, that this 6 Realms battlefield big? Zhao Hai also really lacked self-confidence at heart. Several people flew for several hours, then has rested in a relay station castle two hours, then leaves, continually flew for three days, this was to frontline. To frontline here, Zhao Hai felt tension-filled atmosphere, these three days they have flown the place, the forest has occupied a large part, remaining was some rough terrain, so long as had the hill place, certainly will construct the castle, castle this, not only the relay station, simultaneously the each and every one radar station, mainly feared that the several other Realms person will rush to the center of machine control area to disturb. But frontline here situation anxious, frontline here is comprised of big mountain range defends base operation's base, this mountain range by the machine human life known as lock mountain, on entire mountain range, can see the each and every one small town fort, simultaneously on mountain range each every mountain peak, has built up the radar station, so long as there does not lead to record merit a person to enter to this mountain range, immediately presently, looks like from airborne flies is the same. But Vajra camp that Yuan Jin Gang is, is on this mountain range, in that numerous small town fort, their population, only then 50, guard a small town fort, nearby nearby castle the security within hundred li (0.5km), so long as in these hundred li (0.5km) has enemy appears , they must first rushing. The small town fort in Vajra camp is not very big, is a castle of bastion style, in the castle also has all kinds of Magic Cannon, but Yuan Jin Gang they, besides strength formidable, regarding Magic Cannon operate are also handy. Yuan Jin Gang, let Zhao Hai their to settle down, gathered all people, Zhao Hai introduced that to them, must say, the living conditions in this castle were really good, this castle now although, only then 50 people, but also about 1000 robots served for them, moreover this castle initially constructed was not small, most can allow 500 people long to be stationed in here, now has 50 people, the rooms in all castles were many, Space was very big, was very ample. In the castle has the dining room, amusement room, each in the room provided all kinds of domestic electric appliances, computer and other things also had it all, could not look at here completely is frontline. The here environment is so good, is Zhao Hai has not thought that but Yuan Jin Gang also said that crossed this lock mountain, was not their machine domain, there was not any place, can say that exited from the lock mountain, there was place of confusion, a genuine battlefield.

The lock mountain in the past was a piece of hill, after the successive, was stretch of plain backwoods, this block cocurrent flow, the land was vertically and horizontally fertile, the forest was numerous, moreover this piece of region had several million square kilometers, very enormous. However this piece of region is not any one, any person can go to there mining, picks the medicine, even the murder seizes the treasure, how you want to do how are dry, nobody manages you. This piece of region is the 6 Realms battlefield core, true 6 Realms battlefield. Yuan Jin Gang their main duty, does not defend in the castle, but must enter to core battlefield there once for a while picks the medicine and murder. 6 Realms battlefield city was really too big, first control piece of region, but the strange phenomena, in this 6 Realms each control region, although good thing to be many, but the variety was actually not extremely numerous, some thing only then had the growth in several other Realms region, or can mine, but among 6 Realms established very reliable defense line in respective area foreign, among 6 Realms had scruples mutually, no one dares easily to one began in addition. But this 6 Realms battlefield important of core battlefield here manifested, because had the special product besides the various Realm domain in mutually, only then this core battlefield here, had all thing that in the 6 Realms domain delivered, this was also this core battlefield, to the present still not by the reason that occupies. Because of core battlefield here, has in the 6 Realms domain all special products, moreover output also ten people of rich, therefore 6 Realms wants to get so far as own in hand this domain, but after the several times war, they presently no one can obtain this domain, finally the 6 Realms person also achieved one type of to be tacit, was core battlefield here is 6 Realms together all, all people can go to there mining, but must speak by their skill, if you were killed in there, that can only calculate you to get what one deserves, therefore this core battlefield here, became the meat grinder that has clamped greatly, various Realm every year. Are innumerable in the core battlefield here casualty, nobody is actually willing to give up, core battlefield there almost can appears rip to kill every time.!.