Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1286
Zhao Hai stands on city wall of Vajra camp, look at distant place hill of these continuous beginnings. These hill are not high, on mountain all kinds of plants, are looking to arrive at the raising eye very steadily. Zhao Hai they had three days to Vajra camp here, these three days to do not have the responsibility anything to fight, their several people also under the Vajra Battalion people accompaniment, are familiar with all around environment, without any special place. The Vajra camp is responsible for region of guard not being big, the side is about hundred li (0.5km), in such region, even if no radar, the Magic Formation master person wants Divine Sense to sweep knows that lived any matter. Actually Vajra camp area this, almost does not have any defense duty, even if region that the Vajra camp must defend, they almost do not manage, gives close to two camps managed, duty that Vajra Camp Lord wanted went to battle, went to rip to kill with the several other Realms person to core battlefield there, defends does not turn over to them to manage. Zhao Hai so-called familiar environment, does not have a look on the mountain, but is goes to several other camp to visit, making several other camp people know that they are the new people in Vajra camp. Zhao Hai after several other battalions of contacts, in these person of hearts how this status of understand Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang now although is only on the team of Vajra team, subordinates is also under the hand/subordinate that 50 people that manages, but he prestige on this lock mountain, is actually uninhabited can. Yuan Jin Gang in this lock mountain frontline, stayed for seven years, he is that frontline most can hit, that also most dares to hit, every large or small more than thousand have fought, several times almost died, can say that has Yuan Jin Gang , the machine lock mountain defense line can look like now is so peaceful. Zhao Hai had asked other camp people, these camp people said that before Yuan Jin Gang has not arrived at this lock mountain, lock mountain here every other day has several other people to disturb, do not say that the core battlefield in snatched thing, they were not at home to be snatched are good. Since Yuan Jin Gang to lock mountain defense line here, has the person dead to spell with the several other Realms person repeatedly, no matter that person, so long as this lock mountain defense line has caused trouble, has not obtained well, machine is dies 100 individuals, must put together your 350, making you not have the means whole body to draw back. During spelling of this several times fights, Yuan Jin Gang that team of people, naturally are also most of casualty, the squad supplemented repeatedly, even there is several times to wash white. But is this, Yuan Jin Gang is still dies to spell, one time has not made concessions, oneself are the several times severe wound, nearly lost life. But his such death spells, has an advantage, the several other Realms person noticed that machine here disturbs, the loss was really too heavy, slowly also dares to cause trouble in lock mountain defense line here on nobody, Yuan Jin Gang then started to bring often going person core battlefield there to transfer the extension, opens thing that some machine needed.

However as the matter stands, the conflict nature is inevitable, after multiple war, Yuan Jin Gang has then made own fame, had been delivered a blind in one eye Vajra given name by the several other Realms person. Naturally, other camp people, possibly from most from the beginning does not stay in lock mountain defense line here, the fact goes forth to battle to lock the mountain defense line here person, little has the dull full three years, like Yuan Jin Gang, one dull is seven years of person, is unique. Is thinking Zhao Hai of these matters, suddenly hears a very serious sound of footsteps, he does not need to look knows that this certainly is Yuan Jin Gang, besides Yuan Jin Gang, some people will not have such serious sound of footsteps. Zhao Hai turns the head, really saw that Yuan Jin Gang is slowing pace, Yuan Jin Gang arrives at the Zhao Hai side, turns the head look at core battlefield position said : what to think?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I am thinking that Captain your many years has stayed why in most frontline, by your present qualifications, to rear area, or returned to machine, your status certainly will not lower, why do you also want to stay in this most dangerous place?” Yuan Jin Gang has not moved, the core battlefield of his look at distant place, some little time deep voice said : this issue many people have still asked me, I have not told them, but I to can tell you today, because I must revenge!” Yuan Jin Gang had not said that but knows that Zhao Hai actually understand of Yuan Jin Gang life experience meaning of Yuan Jin Gang, he nodded said : well, Captain, I will help you revenge, was right, hadn't Captain, your many years, obtained Cultivation World Advanced level Cultivation Method? Why can practice this most Inferior level Cultivation Method?” This matter is not the news, almost all lock mountain defense line here people knew, Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, then showed a faint smile said : you certainly to think that did not practice higher level Cultivation Method, regarding Cultivation World, didn't have the progressive hope?” Zhao Hai one hear of Yuan Jin Gang such spoke of stares, but he thinks, shook the head said : that to arrive not necessarily, Cultivation World there foundation Cultivation Method I have also looked, brilliant, practiced according to that Cultivation Method, the progress had the possibility, was only slow a point, may to dying very much does not have the too high achievement.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : well, but also calculates that your youngster a little experiences, the storehouse practices the merit progress of Cultivation World these low grade papers is very slow, but this actually good outside, that is advancing with steady steps, almost does not have any possessed by the Devil possibility, moreover almost will not have any checkpoint to exist, so long as you practice, progress that can keep, although progressive is very slow, but wins in single-mindedly, wins in a steady character.” Zhao Hai nodded, Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : 1 Little Hai, the balls day we must exit to go hunting, if when the time comes runs into the several other Realms person, your understand my this saying was any meaning.” Said to laugh, turn around walked.

Zhao Hai although or do not understand Yuan Jin Gang this saying is any meaning, but he has not cared, tomorrow knew in any case, worries to be also useless. Next morning after having eaten sooner or later, Yuan Jin Gang stopped by calling out all people in the dining room, Yuan Jin Gang in hand links Zhao Hai they to be counted now, altogether had more than 50 people, but all people were small The team knows that went to the Yuan Jin Gang squad, you render meritorious service quickly, but also dies quickest, all few people go to the Vajra squad automatically. Looked, a person are many, Yuan Jin Gang then nodded said : today we to exit to go hunting, leaves behind 30 people to look after the house, other people follow me, was right, Zhao Hai their several newly arrived go with me, other people, your look at means.” A person discussion in dining room, to is nobody thought that Zhao Hai they should not go, fears instead, all people thought that Zhao Hai they should go, but besides Zhao Hai beside, 20 quotas, who these 20 people should go, is makes everyone/Great Clan debate unceasingly. If in others squad, this type the matter of core battlefield, everyone/Great Clan can certainly hide hides, really wants to go is actually few, but the Vajra squad is different, the Vajra squad here person, by Yuan Jin Gang assimilating, all people heard to go hunting, each and every one[ is popular] exerts said. Argued some little time, finally has selected 20 people, person each and every one that was chosen[ is popular] exerts, not selected is actually very depressed, Zhao Hai sees this situation, to shows a faint smile, increased a point to the Yuan Jin Gang favorable impression. Soldier flaming, flaming nest, because Yuan Jin Gang is militant, therefore the other talented people of Vajra squad so militant. Looked that the person elected, Yuan Jin Gang then nodded said : to be good, the person who must exit, oneself prepared thing, was right, 1 Little Hai their several don’t know what's the matter, you told them.” Said that turn around walked. Zhao Hai looks at Wuyang in side, his puzzled by Wuyang said : Wuyang brother, Captain just what meaning? What don't we understand?” Wuyang this time had not been elected, happy, one hear of Zhao Hai did not say that ill-humored said : brings drinking of eating, Captain said is this.” Xiong Li their several also in Zhao Hai side, one hear of Wuyang said that several people strange looked at one mutually, then laughs.

What did Wuyang look at Zhao Hai said : to smile puzzled? Has not prepared quickly.” Xiong Li smiles said : Wuyang brother, drinking that if prepares to eat, that did not need to prepare, Little Hai first going out, will take drinking of massive eating, even if stayed outside last one year or so, did not need to be worried to be hungry, HaHaHa, I dare saying that 1 Little Hai preparation thing, absolutely sumptuous incomparable, even if also not necessarily can eat in camp.” Wuyang stares, look at Zhao Hai said : that then does not believe really fast Zhao Hai laughs, the hand wields, a giant crab on appears in in his hand, he has put on the crab nearby table, laughs said : to Wuyang Wuyang brother, delivered you, ripe, can eat directly.” Wuyang dull look at that crab, he first sees to see such big crab, this that is the crab, obviously is an ominous beast, but this ominous beast makes the person boiling now, but also is dispersing the thick fragrance. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, laughing turn around walked, to outside one looked, the person who must exit, waited outside, before long Yuan Jin Gang also came, he was still that clothes appearance, what could not see to have specially, his eye one swept on the body of people, then nodded, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you prepared the child? We go are not a day, brings the point to eat.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved and ensure cannot mess things up.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, deep voice said : prepared well, walked.” Said that took the lead to fly, flew toward core battlefield there, Zhao Hai they followed hastily. A people leave lock mountain range, immediately slowed down, then has put out own weapon, has exhibited a lineup, slowly toward forward flight. Looks at people this, Zhao Hai they somewhat are also anxious, Xiong Li several people have also put out their weapon, only then Zhao Hai has not moved, still calm toward the forward flight, except for Xiong Li their several people, other people in team cannot help but was looking at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai anything had not responded that Xiong Li they did not have what response, they looked like in Xiong Li, Zhao Hai did not put out weapon to be right, if he took weapon now, that really bullied the person.( To be continued.!.