Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1287
Yuan Jin Gang also noted the Zhao Hai appearance, but he has not reminded Zhao Hai. Before Yuan Jin Gang, has received in a machine newly arrived person, after these new people arrived, some arrogance, did not have this arrogance, Yuan Jin Gang also wants to let Zhao Hai by a lesson, long recorded xing. Zhao Hai has not cared, in fact here truly does not have what good worry, these three days of times, his Liquid Silver needle, region that is not only at machine received near the Space map, core battlefield here, there is a a large part to be received a machine map, others wanted sneak attack his are impossible. However at this time, Zhao Hai naturally cannot display anything to come, he still follows in Yuan Jin Gang, calm toward the forward flight, simultaneously is making Cai'er pay attention to all around situation. In fact Zhao Hai attention, not only all around situation, on these mountains has any thing, these thing in there, he quite find the time to take. Now just came 6 Realms battlefield here, naturally cannot extremely in the rampancy, therefore is clearly know there has good thing, must wait till nobody pays attention, will send for taking, that rampant immediately will not take. Yuan Jin Gang non-stop flies in the forefront of team, entered to fly for three hours, Yuan Jin Gang beckoning with the hand has made the people stop, Zhao Hai actually knows that they arrived at a production area of piece of spicy thorn grass. This thorn spicy grass is 6 Realms battlefield here one type of very famous medicinal herbs, is one type of very ordinary medicinal herbs, the thorn spicy grass is one type of gives the Body Refining person dispensing to use specially, obligato medicinal herbs, the year is longer, is valuable. But in a machine domain itself does not produce the thorn spicy grass, this spicy thorn grass produces in the Monster Race domain generally, does not know that is intentionally, in any case Monster Race there by Body Refining give priority to, but they in the 6 Realms battlefield here domain, are actually growing the thorn spicy grass. Yuan Jin Gang stops, points at habitat said : of that piece of thorn spicy grass there is being a habitat of piece of thorn spicy grass, is one of the we machine important thorn spicy grass sources, our general several days will come here to examine one time, sometimes will also use some Water element Magic, in some water to these thorn spicy grass pouring, person who if there is several other Realms comes here to snatch, a that unavoidably fierce battle.” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that a Zhao Hai face pain cannot help but strange, Yuan Jin Gang also noted the Zhao Hai facial expression, did he knit the brows said : Little Hai? What you had to say?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Captain, we are quickly good a bit faster, my existing a batch Monster Race person ran up to here to come, is picking the spicy grass in there.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Jin Gang cannot help but stares, then face changes, deep voice said : real? Must know that here has our small monitor.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Monster Race that these time came mistakenly was earth line of Monster Race, I felt that cannot be wrong.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said such affirmed that face finally changed, his immediately/on horseback said : refers to the direction, everyone/Great Clan with Little Hai.” Referred to direction these words naturally is to Zhao Hai said that Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, flew to the direction that these Monster Race were, Yuan Jin Gang their immediately/on horseback.

Yuan Jin Gang also face pale followed, must say that this good Monster Race he is not first meeting, but good Monster Race is he most repugnant one type of Monster Race, these Monster Race have the good ability inborn, can in underground silent advancing, but various machine monitor, in the sound regarding ground, that will not let off, is ordinary Earth Walking Technique, monitor can also monitor, but regarding line of Monster Race this race innate skill, they is actually not means that therefore machine nearby a domain, will have frequently some. herbal medicine was given to steal away by place good Monster Race, they have no alternative. But thorn spicy grass thing, name although is the one type of grass, is actually one type of short vine plants, is not steadily high, hundred years of thorn spicy grass also more than one meter high, year small was shorter , because of this especially xing, the spicy grass is also many one type of medicinal herbs that machine loses. although machine has installed monitor in here, but that monitor, actually has less than big doing to use, because of the several other Realms person, once for a while gives the destruction there monitor, you installed are also Bai Zhuang. In fact not only several other Realms to such does, machine here such will also do, several other Realms will be leaving this Realm control region near place, installs some monitor, but installs the monitor place, generally has any special product place, but these monitor installed equal to not to install, your front legs installed, back leg was destroyed. Zhao Hai led the people to arrive at that places good Monster Race lurking area quickly, some good Monster Race possibly also present Zhao Hai they , the thorn spicy grass of ground was actually not destroyed much. The years of these spicy thorn grass are not short, smallest also over ten years, can definitely use, but a machine person wants to let these spicy grass in long, because these thorn spicy grass had several to be 50 years of year quickly. The spicy grass has characteristics, he divides the film length, a piece of spicy thorn grass is by main root grow out, then slowly bit by bit spreads toward all around, so long as does not destroy the main root, the spicy thorn grass has grown, therefore in core battlefield here, one, but present thorn spicy grass, the people will pick, but will not destroy the spicy thorn grass the main root, if on this piece of thorn spicy grass, some years are high, generally also nobody destruction, when stinging grass mature time, everyone/Great Clan various depending on skill and that's the end, if destroyed ahead of time., That core battlefield here thing will be only getting fewer and fewer, finally no one can obtain. But reason that good Monster Race this was been so repugnant by machine , because good Monster Race was very easy to destroy the main root of thorn spicy grass, one, but the main root of thorn spicy grass was destroyed, that this piece of spicy grass ended. Saw that these thorn spicy grass covers pick, Yuan Jin Gang at heart cannot help but one tight, but these good Monster Race person actually hid in underground, if he to these person of attack, will create the damage to these thorn spicy grass, this was Yuan Jin Gang is not willing to see that he cannot help but somewhat worried, means did not have. But enters in this, following thorn spicy thick patch of grass, was several entirely La thorn grass toward shrinking underground, this was these good Monster Race also knows Yuan Jin Gang to be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt obviously, therefore was mad Yuan Jin Gang at this time intentionally. Yuan Jin Gang sees this situation, angry yu is crazy, bellows, must begin, his rather this piece of spicy thorn grass was destroyed, cannot Monster Race to pick. Zhao Hai looked that the Yuan Jin Gang appearance knows he must do, his immediately/on horseback put out a hand blocking Yuan Jin Gang, said loudly: Captain, looks my.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, light ball of earth yellow throws into the spicy thorn grass the ground, submerged. Zhao Hai although comes 6 Realms battlefield here, thing that but he produces regarding 6 Realms battlefield here actually not very strange, because in 6 Realms battlefield here almost first computer, some record about 6 Realms battlefield special product and introduced that is because of this, therefore Zhao Hai regarding thorn spicy grass also completely understand. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has blocked Yuan Jin Gang, he knows, if lets Yuan Jin Gang attack, that these spicy thorn grass were really finished.

Yuan Jin Gang looked that the Zhao Hai movement cannot help but stares, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : 1 is Little Hai, then good? Cannot make these grandsons give to pick these spicy thorn grass.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved, these fellows not only cannot pick the spicy thorn grass, but must leave behind the life, your look at.” Yuan Jin Gang then said : „, if can not destroy the root of spicy grass do not destroy, otherwise this piece stinginged the grass to discard.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved and ensure does not destroy the root of spicy thorn grass, the main root of this piece of spicy thorn grass had not been destroyed, now had been protected by me, will not mess things up.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to the a piece place, the thorn spicy grass of that place long most luxuriant, the main root of spicy thorn grass is, but the there surroundings not destroyed trace, these good Monster Race also knows obviously special xing of thorn spicy grass, they also know, if destroyed really has stinginged the grass the main root, that machine person will certainly go all out with them. That group earth yellow is actually not attack Magic, but defends Magic together, was mainly not destroyed on the main root on defense thorn spicy grass, but Zhao Hai had already put the ground some good Undead Creature, carried on to these good Monster Race has chased down, had Space monitor, these good Monster Race wants to run is impossible, can only with these Undead Creature going all out person, what no matter they spelled become, not wound to the main root of spicy thorn grass. But other person also look at Zhao Hai, in them, there is Magician, two are Earth element Magician, but Earth element Magician, regarding this situation, has no alternative, Earth element Magic, from ground upward attack, regarding the attack underground life form method is not many. Moreover Earth element Magic causes is also wide scope Magic, is impossible to look after these thorn spicy grass, uses Earth element Magic, these thorn spicy grass have abandoned, therefore they have not begun, what method but wants to have a look at Zhao Hai with cope with these earth line of Monster Race. The people are paying attention to that piece of spicy thorn meadow, waits to look at the result, is that piece of region calm, ground point bo had not moved, looks like normal incomparable, this lets the people are disappointed, relaxed. Is disappointed has not been seeing the fight scene of any thermal explosion, but relaxed is because that piece of spicy thorn grass had not been destroyed, this is the people most is desired. Before long is connected including the above in the thorn spicy leather clump, suddenly emits a hole, then huge Old Mouse was lost from the hole. This only Old Mouse all over the body white fur, the not counting the tail height crossed five meters, if counted tail, the height crosses ten meters, the claw like the hook, two sharp Yamen disburses outside net, the tail like the steel whip, understood at a glance that formidable is unusual. This is a mouse monster, mouse monster innate skill is good, therefore he can Earth Walking Technique also no big deal, but the strength of this mouse monster should not be very strong, otherwise such will quickly not be killed. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, his hand wields, one group of black gas that mouse monster covering, when black gas vanishes, the mouse monster vanished, that mouse monster turned into Undead Creature, killed returned to underground. These time comes here to lose the mouse monster of thorn spicy grass to be possible not only, altogether the strengths of five these five mouse monsters are not very strong, had just achieved Gold Core Stage, other four, have the Foundation Establishment Stage strength.

Just killed that was a Foundation Establishment Stage mouse monster, but after this mouse monster anti- returned to underground, immediately has launched attack to other mouse monsters, other mouse monsters also present this change, but they did not have the time tube now that many, they by large quantities of Undead Creature surrounding, gathered round their is Magic Beast Undead Creature, all kinds of place good Magic Beast Undead Creature. These Magic Beast Undead Creature, take one alone, that Earth Walking Technique surely does not have compared with the means and mouse monster, Fu unexpectedly Earth Walking Technique is mouse monster one type of innate skill Divine Ability, they use naturally are handy, but these Magic Beast not only life form are only the meetings. However could not support the Undead Creature quantity to be numerous, mouse monster only then five, but the Undead Creature quantity was actually many, again lived in these mouse monsters directly. After these mouse monsters presently are surrounded, wants to come a fight in which both sides perish, directly destroyed the main root of thorn spicy grass, actually presently burns main root there of thorn grass already to be protected, they want to destroy do not destroy. Four Foundation Establishment Stage mouse monsters were killed one after another, only then the mouse monster of that Core Formation time is still only resisting, but soon was also compelled the dead end, after that mouse monster compels has drawn back Undead Creature, the personal appearance moves, fierce drilled from the place, the personal appearance moved, turned into human-shape. A Yuan Jin Gang look at ground, looked that a white shade flew, Yuan Jin Gang does not have immediately/on horseback to begin, he wants to have a look is any thing. The quick that white shade stopped, this wears the old man of white robe, monkey-like that two mice must, grow into, shifty-eyed. However this person now looks like is actually somewhat distressed, he looked at Zhao Hai one maliciously, then turned the head to look at Yuan Jin Gang said : Yuan Jin Gang, how many thorn spicy grass today we are pick, were under you worthwhile such ruthless hand? One has killed my under the hand/subordinate four soldiers, you said that what to do can this matter?” One hear of this people said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not seen has such not spoken the ritual, are stole thing, now to became he courteous was instead same. Yuan Jin Gang has not actually managed that many, but laughs said : Hao Donglai, originally is your this big Old Mouse, the what? previous our person are few, making you profit, you really think that our machine was good to bully? Runs up to our here to steal the spicy thorn grass, what to do but also with me should? Don't said that you died four people, even if died 40, gets what one deserves, today you came, do not want to walk, stays behind.” Hao Dong has come to see Yuan Jin Gang people one eyes, in the eye also flashes through a fearing intent, but he quickly on said loudly: Yuan Jin Gang, you may , to be clear, if you have killed me, that Old Ancestor sect will not let off absolutely your, you think that depends on your Yuan Jin Gang, can withstand the anger of Old Ancestor sect? If you today have put me, when I today's matter have not lived, does not make the Old Ancestor sect look for your troubles, how do you look?”( To be continued.!.