Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1288

Hao Donglai this was admitted defeat, but also the meaning of threat, look at Hao Donglai said : of Yuan Jin Gang faint smile Hao Donglai, you were really naive, what person your don’t know my was Yuan Jin Gang? Falls to my in hand, do you also want to feel better? I urged you to commit suicide to consider as finished.” Hao Donglai face changes, he can affirm finally that Yuan Jin Gang will not let off him, his face pale said : with Vajra, do not give to be concerned about face, if I go all out now, can pulling your several people make scapegoat, I do not believe the your subordinates people not to fear death!” Hao Donglai just said that hears a big laughter to transmit, this laughter is actually not Yuan Jin Gang comes out, Hao Donglai turns the head to look that is several have not seen the new person comes out, Yuan Jin Gang they have also gawked, several people turn the head to look, leave the laughter Xiong Li their several. Zhao Hai also stands in the one side is smiling, he knows certainly that Xiong Li they are smiling anything, but Yuan Jin Gang their don’t know, just in Hao Donglai appears time, that several people in Vajra camp also really somewhat anxious, can look, their strength although are not weak, but compared to Hao Donglai to miss much. Dissoluteness that Yuan Jin Gang looks at Xiong Li several people of smiling, knit the brows said : Xiong Li, what do you smile?” Xiong Li represses laughter said : Captain, I listened to the person to say before being shortsighted these words, I really believe now, Old Mouse of Core Formation time, wants to go all out with us unexpectedly, how many scapegoat but also wants to draw? HaHaHa, was too funny, the fellow like them, how many 1 Little Hai don’t know has killed, depends on him also to go all out? This is really the huge joke.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Xiong Li said that also cannot help but looked around Zhao Hai one, their these people in the 6 Realms battlefield, although said that here has computer, but on these computer can only know some general contents, regarding the Zhao Hai true strength not present minute of understanding, but Zhao Hai these time at the 6 Realms new person big game, speaks the last words with the Cultivation World person blatantly, but Yuan Jin Gang also had big enmity therefore him with the Cultivation World person to Zhao Hai happy, the Zhao Hai specific strength, he was actually don’t know. Zhao Hai stands in there smile look at Hao thing, deep voice said : at the 6 Realms new person competition wants with the Monster Race person one high, what a pity, Monster Race these people had defeated by the Cultivation World person finally, cannot exchange hands, Captain, this opportunity might as well give me today.” Yuan Jin Gang looked Zhao Hai said is confident, nodded said : well, lets the spicy grass that you gave do not destroy under said.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to tidy up Old Mouse, can abandon any skill, Captain feel relieved was good.” Hao Donglai already they were only given the air/Qi to result in three evil spirits suddenly Tiao one hear of Zhao Hai by Zhao Hai to say now that the coldly snorted said : sea natural is not cannot help but remnant, today makes you know fierce of master. ” Said that furiously roar, personal appearance transformation, more than 50 meters big Old Mouse appears in the Zhao Hai front, then this Old Mouse two fingernails proceed to wield, two claw Qi Strength grasp toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, left two Magic Formation to block these two Qi Strength then his look at Hao Donglai true bodies conveniently, smiled: Really is only Old Mouse, interesting, but my repugnant Old Mouse.” Said that Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate wields, Magic Formation of thousand overlay attack together toward Hao Donglai, Hao Donglai looks at this situation, screamed one, mouth, one group of sandy soil departed from his mouth, the long jab Magic Formation of Zhao Hai crushed on Zhao Hai Magic Formation.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, face to changes, then smile said : a little meaning really compared with these waste material much better.” This spits the sand is the Mouse Clan one type of innate skill skill, but is not Hao Donglai who all mouse clansman can use is also heterogeneous in Mouse Clan, this can use this type of spitting sand the skill. These Sand Ke who Hao Donglai spits are not the ordinary sands, but is the poisonous sand, attack strength very formidable, after crushing Zhao Hai Magic Formation, these poisonous sands attack toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has used thousand overlay Magic Formation, these poisonous sands blocking. Hao Donglai is not affable, the personal appearance moves to throw toward Zhao Hai, sees this situation, Yuan Jin Gang face cannot help but changes, must go forward to rescue, was actually blocked by Xiong Li. Yuan Jin Gang somewhat puzzled look at Xiong Li does said : block me to do? Little Hai is Magician, if made Hao Donglai near the body, that.” Xiong Li shows a faint smile said :1 Little Hai is playing with these fellows, depends on that fellow, near has the body of Little Hai been able to be what kind of? But Little Hai Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, Captain does not need to be worried, if Little Hai wants to tidy up him, had already tidied up, I think that Little Hai wants to give a try, Monster Race has any method. Yuan Jin Gang has gawked, why he real don’t know Xiong Li they will have such strong confidence to Zhao Hai, he turned the head to look at a Lu Ding day they, the Lu Ding day their several people were also that appearance, probably very approved of the Xiong Li words. This to was makes Yuan Jin Gang more curious, he wants to know how really the Zhao Hai strength, why will make Xiong Li they have such strong confidence, this was too strange. Zhao Hai had fought several to return with Hao Donglai at this time what, Hao thing although thinks the body of near Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not actually given him this opportunity, demon Jiang Zhen of thousand overlay... But conveniently, Magic Formation of these thousand overlay are not good to deal with. Therefore Hao Donglai does not have with Zhao Hai means now. Zhao Hai looked that Hao Donglai attacked several times, the method has almost also used, he does not think that has been playing, he wielded make a move to leave thousand overlay Magic Formation, then waved a fist strike to leave.

That Magic Formation is only one conceals, making Hao thing note strength as centralized as Magic Formation on, but his here well begins, his true killing strike is that fist. Hao Donglai really by Zhao Hai Magic Formation attracting, he thinks that Zhao Hai is pure Magic Formation, therefore his personal appearance in a flash, avoid Zhao Hai Magic Formation, then actually felt that fist shape Qi Strength arrived at him with having, this Qi Strength very formidable, although did not have Hao Donglai body, Hao Donglai actually to feel Might of this fist. His white fur one has set upright, then a yawn scream, huger Old Mouse phantom appears outside his body, this is the Monster Race one type of defensive measure, known as Law Idol protects the body. Law Idol protects the body is in Monster Race the one type of quite famous defensive measure, but this defensive measure also huge imperial, that is the consumption is huge, uses Law Idol to protect the body, Core Formation time Monster Cultivator[ body] in four layers Spiritual Qi will be consumed, but this Law Idol protects defense strength of body absolutely is not a lid, extremely powerful. Hao Donglai Law Idol just appears , the Zhao Hai fist strike had struck on his Law Idol, listened to with a bang sound, Hao Donglai Law Idol directly crushing by this fist, then fist force was striking on Hao Donglai body, Hao Donglai body directly strike flew, the body in in midair, he one after another has still put out several blood, in that blood the belt the internal organs fragment, this was also striking already the wound to his internal organs. However the body of Monster Race also truly is formidable, to this time, Hao Donglai had not died unexpectedly, this strikes taking advantage of Zhao Hai beside, leisurely goes toward the distant place. However Zhao Hai that meeting such as hopes, looked that Hao thing must run, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, vanished in same place, then appears in Hao Donglai front, Hao Donglai looks at Zhao Hai suddenly appears , at heart cannot help but one tight, but he now is the half dead person, did not have including the rebel strength . Moreover the Zhao Hai appears place is very near to him, he thinks that turn around in running is impossible, Zhao Hai directs, on Hao Donglai forehead appears a blood hole, his look also slowly lost the brilliance, finally died. Hao Donglai dies, Zhao Hai immediately waved, turned into Undead Creature him, received in Space, this flying returned to slowly Yuan Jin Gang side. But Yuan Jin Gang they also dull standing in there, each and every one probably are executed now have decided the body technique to be common, must know that this Hao Donglai in 6 Realms battlefield here is also known, the person delivers the nickname poisonous gerbil, before Yuan Jin Gang and Hao Donglai has handed over a hand, but that time was actually Yuan Jin Gang eats a point to owe, he was having 20 people, but Hao Donglai also had 20 people, the result he not to beat Hao Donglai, was defeated to run back to lock the mountain defense line, that time fought, Yuan Jin Gang also lost several people, he also knew certainly Hao Donglai. Fierce.

However this Hao Donglai after meeting Zhao Hai, was several moves is actually tidied up, moreover Yuan Jin Gang also looked, Zhao Hai beforehand simply has not needed to seek, just as was Xiong Li said that before Zhao Hai, wants to have a look, Monster Race had any method, so long as knew he had any method, that kept him to be useless, therefore directly killed. fighting strength that Yuan Jin Gang shocking Zhao Hai displays, must know a Core Formation time Monster Race, but that fighting strength is good, even if he to, assurance that also cannot win, but the Zhao Hai actually three fist two feet gave to tidy up, this fighting strength also too a point? Looks in the Zhao Hai returned to team, Yuan Jin Gang then recovers, look at Zhao Hai that then two eyes shines, laughs said : good, great Little Hai, satisfying that hits, before my also don’t know method unexpectedly such high of your youngster, HaHaHa, good, depends on your strength, in this 6 Realms battlefield, your there goes.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Captain to overpraise, Captain, do we then want to rush?” Yuan Jin Gang received the smiling face, looked at following spicy thick patch of grass one, sneered said : not to pay a return visit discourteously, the Monster Race person went into our machine domain restless, we must go to their domains good good noisy, walked, we went to the Monster Race domain.” Said that flies toward the core battlefield. Zhao Hai they regarding 6 Realms battlefield here not very familiar, the nature went with Yuan Jin Gang, but Zhao Hai actually notes, other people in Vajra camp, to changed regarding his manner. 6 Realms battlefield here, almost goes to war daily, in here, your strength, you can go on living, you can kill more enemies, obtains many contribution points, person who therefore in 6 Realms battlefield here all people, is strong to the strength will respect, but the strength that Zhao Hai just showed that won their respect sufficiently, the people while manner politer to Zhao Hai, secret happy, after all the strength formidable teammate, their safeties are also also having to guarantee some.( To be continued.!.