Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1290

Star anise Liu Zhen One tin of Zhao Hai said that the circle diamond complexion finally changes, sinking sound said : originally is Liu Zhen, that certainly requested, that direction, walks.” Zhao Hai nodded, flies in the direction that mouse monster flies, after this star anise Liu Zhen Zhao Hai also to lock mountain front here, has heard a name. Star anise Liu Zhen, because he has guarded in the lock mountain defense line eight horns acquires fame, this person makes good use of long handle Great Blade, the blade is greatly infinite, the strength is extraordinary, he is the same with circle diamond, is the militant person, the star anise this given name, was several other people gives took. With the character who circle diamond shares the honor, that can be the simple character, therefore Zhao Hai very paid attention to Liu Zhen this person at that time, because just eight horns are very far from their here, therefore Zhao Hai does not have the time to see him, has not actually thought that here met unexpectedly. The people have met the forward flight with Zhao Hai, flew not often the time, has heard the sound of intermittent fighting on hearing in front, several people flew fast, one looked to that nearby that dozens all kinds of demons were encircling one group of machine people to attack. That group of machine person strengths were also good, have composed a circle formation, the inner loop was Magic, kept was sending Magic, the periphery was Warrior, but these Warrior have not actually used the sword gas, but caused own weapon and these demons to the war. Demon clan control demon altogether over a hundred, one looked that the tree demon that summons to here, these tree demon stature very tall and big, in the personal appearance exempt can see is human-shape, the body is comprised of the bough and tree root, looks at the battle efficiency, but also calculates, is not few, but is not quite weak. But in the periphery of these tree demons, is fluttering person of one crowd of demon clans, the people of these demon clans had seen with Zhao Hai person some of that demon clan are not quite same, the people of these demon clans put on full body armor . Moreover the appearance that their get together, does not worry probably, chats in there, a victory volume in appearance of grasping. Sees this situation, circle diamond must go forward to save others, actually by Zhao Hai blocking, circle diamond has gawked, but he also knows that the Zhao Hai strength is intrepid, will not be blocking him with no reason at all, now blocks him, certain discover anything, he immediately said : What happened? Zhao Hai has referred to all around, has smiled bitterly next step: Intermediate total, this is a trap, they intentionally are keeping Liu Zhen they, making us take the hook.” Circle diamond toward all around one, really around discover dense and numerous flew many trees to work, these tree spirits with were besieging Liu Zhen their tree smart very similar. Besides these tree demons, the person of large quantities of demon clan, from four, they have formed the influence of encirclement to Zhao Hai. Circle diamond looks at all around situation, cannot help but the face by changes, these time besieges above their demon clan enough 200, moreover is some high-grade demons, they and Liu Zhenling the person adds in together also more than 50, but the machine battle efficiency, compared with several other must miss on many, now was encircled, these time feared that cannot escape by luck. However circle diamond after all has also experienced the person of multiple life and death, quick calm, he to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, the attack, met with Liu Zhen immediately fully first, was saying other.”

Zhao Hai has complied with one, connected several Magic to lose, circle diamond they also immediately moved, all struck toward direction attack that Liu Zhen was. Liu Zhen also saw here situation, he also knows that their this was swindled, he also made a determined effort, is leading his under the hand/subordinate full attack, their here killed toward Zhao Hai. The people of these demon clans look like also want to let their two teams about in together, was good to have it all, did not have to block, two teams of people met in together quickly. Met in together, circle diamond and Liu Zhen gathers together, other people have composed immediately a circle formation, the Magic teacher, Warrior outside, but the people of these demon clans have not begun immediately, but gathered round them, don’t know wanted to do. Liu Zhen looked at outside person one eyes, turns the head to his circle diamond said : Brother diamond, it seems like today the two brothers want explain/transfer in this, saw, these fellows of demon clan, set out two to become Yingqi cultivator unexpectedly, the remaining people are also tie pill time cultivator, it seems like wants our lives not to be possible.” Circle diamond has also smiled bitterly next step: These fellows already planned, it seems like it was sometime of preparation, was don’t know they are originally planned that together coped with us to come, if their real originally planned that together coped with our two, that this matter was too dangerous.” The meaning of Liu Zhen understand circle diamond, when they arrive at core battlefield here to go hunting, had not stipulated that looks at their moods completely, if demon clan time specifically does not aim at them, but only aims at him, that arrives fortunately, if the people of this demon clan are know that they will appear, therefore sets up this trap, was too dangerous, that represented machine to be possible to have the person to be bought by them. Liu did Zhen nod, looks at these to encircle the demon clan that has not actually attacked in the middle them, what sinking sound said : these fellows in? Why doesn't attack?” Circle diamond cold sound said : who knows that perhaps, thinks is showing off.” Was saying, these tree demons separate, the people of several demon clans from flying Zhao Hai in front of them. The people of these demon clans put on full body armor, lead two person full body armor especially attractive, stature originally of demon clan is not high, very refined that their full body armor naturally also make, but pattern that the full body armor purifications of these people, above has plenty hollows out. Has to hollow out the pattern full body armor, is in itself for decorative or ornamental purpos, the defense capability is not very strong, however Comprehend the world here, all actually cannot cross it by the common sense, Comprehend the world here, no matter Cultivation World law machine Magic, has strong defense capability, the full body armor shape is unimportant, more importantly the use of needed materials and strategy, even if hollows out the pattern full body armor, so long as the needed materials are good, above law many, that defense strength is the same. The age of that two demon clans seems like not small, this point to cannot look from their faces, their faces are still young, however their eyes actually betrayed them. An age of person, can look sometimes from the look, a person of being through a lot, his look impossible like child pure clear, certainly, is an exception mental handicap. Although that two demons of lead the semblance looks like still young, however in their looks is actually passing the facial expression of vicissitudes and wisdom, can look from this point, their old.

That two demons led other demons to arrive to Zhao Hai beyond their hundred meters to stop, an old demon looks at Zhao Hai their eyes, coldly smiled, opens the mouth said : Liu Zhen, circle diamond, has not thought really that today actually one caught two big fish, HaHaHa, on your both hands was stained with completely a blood of my demon clan, today makes your blood debt blood recompense Circle diamond looks at that demon, whom laughs said : I to consider, originally is the ghost wooden parents, how? To revenge for your apprentices?” That demon one tin of circle diamond said that the complexion is pale immediately a piece, coldly snorted said : circle diamond, you do not use proud, today do you also want to run? Listened to the person saying that you were known as diamond immortal body, I to have a look today, were you real undead.” Has not waited for circle diamond to speak, a giant yawn sound transmits, one captured the attention of all people, the people look, hit Zhao Hai of yawn, Zhao Hai looked that all people visit him, he shrugs said : bored, my understand, before why did not fight, but could also speak that many wasting breath? Spoke finally do not hit? To satisfy oneself that abnormal superiority feeling? Cannot think through, cannot think through.” One tin of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they Ha Ha the violent has smiled, Li Kuangren is loud said : I looks certainly is they to own height extremely in feeling inferior, therefore always wants to show that through this method their great strength, was a pity, how this foreign-style doll in life form that is also a foreign-style doll.” even bigger sound that Xiong Li they smile, Xiong Li is rational that said : Li Fourth Child said that but they are not the foreign-style dolls, I look am more like the butterfly, or stresses two, places in the basket to raise what kind of?” Li Kuangren shook the head said : my not to raise these things, if places in the basket to raise them, but can also supply to eat, if they draw in the basket, I must tidy up, didn't that turn into me to serve them in turn? My is not dry.” One tin of Li madmen said that the even bigger sound that the people smile, tense circle diamond they have smiled, in people opinion, in any case today is also a dead end, that might as well like Li Kuangren them, was disgusting disgusting these demon clans to say first that you have not looked at opposite these demon clans, faces were black. These demons truly by disgusting unbearable, two that the special person leads, they 6 Realms battlefield here, but famous Expert, even if several other people, saw that they will have heart of the respect, now actually face to face applies makeup, their there can bear. These demons that formerly spoke were black the face, shouted: Shut up, the ignorant young child, I must make you die without the burial ground today.” Li Kuangren laughs said : old fogy, was I motionless you, I can die have the burial ground? Is short of his wasting breath, must hit hits, does not hit rolls, the master does not have the time to accompany you to do a lot of talking in this That demon could not bear finally, drinks said : youngster, courts death.” Said that his hand wields, an iron grey stone person appears in the front of team, a that klutz appearance, a fist hits toward Li Kuangren. Li Kuangren cried out strangely, the in hand axe has flung, that axe departed from his hand, instantaneously increased, an axe chopped on the fist of that wooden figurine. However the axe actually one has flown afterward upside down, Li Kuangren was also stuffy snort|hum, obviously was these time spells hardly suffered a loss.

But the fist of that wooden figurine has not actually stopped, still hits toward Li Kuangren, but Xiong Li actually bellows, the in hand chain hammer departs, pounds toward that wooden figurine, the wooden figurine does not hide unexpectedly does not keep off, beginning on hand has not changed, still hits toward Li Kuangren. Thump two, the Xiong Li chain hammer pounded on the body of wooden figurine, but the wooden figurine has not actually changed, the fist still hit toward Li Kuangren, Lu Dingtian and Eastern space also had Sun Fei to look at this situation, make a move, three people of weapon also like Cultivation World weapon, have been able to fly the wound enemy, can increase changes is small, attacked after several people unceasingly, that wooden figurine somewhat could not block finally, left retreat. In a twinkling, both sides fight are also occur in the electric light flint, this time with Zhao Hai make a move, Li Kuangren their several people have not collaborated, compelled to draw back a Life Source demon of to become Yingqi demon, this absolutely was a great matter. Besides Li Kuangren they have studied Cultivation World Cultivation Method, their weapon also played doing that very lives to use, their weapon are Zhao Hai refines, inside has to shake Magic, this made their weapon striking power more intrepid, if did not have to shake Magic, several people impossible to compel to draw back that wooden figurine. Although they compelling to have drawn back that wooden figurine, has not injured to that wooden figurine, but this has made circle diamond they be startled, circle diamond has not thought that besides Zhao Hai, several other people unexpectedly also such intrepid, must know that is to become Yingqi a wooden figurine, is not the casual any Amao flatter dog That demon has not thought that Li Kuangren their strengths so will be unexpectedly intrepid, most makes him be what is surprised is Li Kuangren they use weapon that weapon that Li Kuangren they use unexpectedly is Cultivation World that weapon, this surprised him. Machine did master the Cultivation World Magical Artifact operate method?” Thinking that demon of lead cannot bear, reason that he said that machine mastered the Cultivation World Magical Artifact operate method, but did not say that the Magical Artifact method of manufacturing also has the reason, because of the Cultivation World Magical Artifact method of manufacturing, to put it bluntly is not very difficult, besides center law, other law is to also look at the person needs to add, but machine Magic and many, besides center law, other law can use Magic to replace, therefore machine here can manufacture Cultivation World Magical Artifact to be also nothing unusual. However the Cultivation World there Magical Artifact operate method is very difficult to learn, the Cultivation World Magical Artifact operate method, has very big relations with their practice methods, your not Cultivation World Cultivation Method, even if gives you Magical Artifact, your operate, this was machine here does not have the ordinary Cultivation World Magical Artifact primary cause. But the Cultivation World practice method, machine here does not have, circle diamond past years to a machine time, has brought many Cultivation World practice methods, but these practice methods, do not have the means to be popular machine here similarly, mainly because of divine and wonderful spirit reason. The machine divine and wonderful spirit density is inferior to Cultivation World, but Cultivation World these practice methods, regarding the request of divine and wonderful spirit very high, even if Cultivation World there, the ordinary place, does not have the means to satisfy the practice the need, only then these smart arteries in , moreover you want to practice the result, but also needs the help of various types of compounded drugs, but machine here, this different thing is few, almost equal to does not have, in this case, machine here naturally does not have the means to popularize the Cultivation World practice method, the means have not studied the Cultivation World practice method, Magical Artifact machine here on the equal to waste, therefore continuously nobody. Use.