Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1291

6 Realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi is rich, is a practice good place, but machine is impossible to let person long time in the 6 Realms battlefield here practice, because 6 Realms battlefield here was extremely dangerous, like Yuan Jin Gang, received work for 67 years in the 6 Realms battlefield, but also jumped for joy, was really not many. Is being if machine sends out the massive people to come the 6 Realms battlefield here practice , the several other Realms person will not comply, several other Realms person also understand, machine here has some biggest shortcoming, that is their individuals does to fight the ability, a machine individual does to fight the ability unable to come up, this is they biggest shortcomings. If made a machine individual do to fight the ability to come up, even was the same with Cultivation World, used the computer in in addition compared with several other Realms many battleships, then like this presses machine not to be impossible in the imagination now. Because knows this point, therefore the several other Realms person, is impossible to make machine deliver large quantities of people to enter to the 6 Realms battlefield practices, similarly, several other Realms is impossible to send large quantities of people to practice to 6 Realms battlefield here, 6 Realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi very rich, but has compared or missed a point with Spirit Vein, in the 6 Realms battlefield here practice, might as well practice in own Sect well, in adding on 6 Realms battlefield here is almost daily in hitting, the casualty rate is too high, therefore regarding the several other Realms person, 6 Realms battlefield here, is one good smelting trial, But absolutely is not a qualified practice field. For this reason, therefore the machine here person had not used Magical Artifact, even if to Cultivation World practice method, their also few people practices, everyone/Great Clan study is still Battle Qi and Magic, because to Cultivation World Cultivation Method, Battle Qi and Magic, regarding the request of Spiritual Qi density, must lower on many. Reason that Xiong Li several people will study Cultivation World Cultivation Method \; first, because is not very long their ascend to a machine time, what is longest is about four years, regarding these matters they are not the struggle, is because has existence of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai gives Potion that they practice massively use, can say Xiong Li they in the practice, completely these Potion, when the water drinks, because like this, several talented people can when with joint forces lives in that Elf attack. That Elf has gawked, afterward face was uglier, Elf of his Infant Stage time, unexpectedly compelling to have drawn back by five machine juniors, this is really the uncle may endure, the aunt cannot endure. However that Elf not in... Inferior begins to Li Kuangren, he also present, these people are not affable, therefore he beckoned with the hand, leading these Elf to fall back on slowly has set up Elf behind, then has issued the order of general attack, these set up Elf immediately to press. Must say that these set up the Elf attack strength also are really not much, must Liu Zhen not be otherwise impossible to defend that long time, these set up Elf is a Elf clan, makes using the 6 Realms battlefield here tree, belongs to that batch produce thing, naturally has not managed Law Idol to compare with their Life Source spirit. However these set up Elf many, so long as a Elf clan, here trees is unceasing, they can make this tree Elf, the light with the quantity pile, died to the pile a machine person. But Zhao Hai this time to did not have the meaning of make a move, although was still each and every one Magic loses, but understood that his person knows he did not have fully.

Yuan Jin Gang they understand the Zhao Hai strength, but Liu Zhen don’t know, Liu Zhen they also thinks that Zhao Hai is such strength, their these, have prepared for being probable in that here died in battle, therefore each and every one going all out. Reason that Zhao Hai does not have full make a move, wants to let Xiong Li their fight some time, lets their familiar their weapon as soon as possible, familiar one this Lou Doufang type. These set up Elf fighting strength not to be strong, Xiong Li their a short time will not have any danger, being used made Xiong Li they practice acquiring a skill that is on such has been refusing to compromise in appropriate both sides, Zhao Hai here did not have fully , was guarding against Elven Race these Elf, these Elf had Life Source to work, just that old Elf, only used Life Source to work, made Li Kuangren suffer a loss, Xiong Li their several people of make a move, this gave to compel to draw back the opposite party one after another, obviously that this person fighting strength of Elf clan be very strong, especially their Life Source worked, formidable, now. Their Life Source do not have make a move spirit, is only and these low level, tree Elf that just manufactured copes with them, obviously opposite party and other opportunity, so long as opportunity arrives, their Life Source can play the effect of giving the final word spirit. Two armies go to war, final victory often is Reserve Troops many that army, this truth uses in here is also accepted, Zhao Hai they and Elven Race fight, actually is also one type of wrestles Yi, subsequent party who who keeps are many, who is the final victor. The war of both sides was still continuing, to hit for one hour, many tree Elf were hit to unfold, but also had more tree Elf to put into the fight, making Yuan Jin Gang they be tired out by dealing with. Zhao Hai in hand Magic Formation was also quicker and quicker, his face was also simultaneously getting more and more heavy, these Elf manufactures set up Elf time, probably did not take the effort, often has wielded wielding, a big tree lived, turned to set up Elf to put in the battlefield, such method, truly was makes Zhao Hai very accidental. Moreover this Elf clan was known as that can the communicate myriad things, here trees these many, the manufacture set up Elf simply to be inexhaustible, even if were trees is taken completely, how that can, a Elf clan still be able to manufacture unearthed Elf, wind Elf, they can the communicate myriad things, want to make anything in any case to make anything. look at gathers round their tree Elf to be getting more and more, Zhao Hai also knows that cannot in this way, in the words this way, their appears casualties, think of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback waves, massive Undead Creature appears in his front, set up Elf to flush away toward these. These Undead Creature have also studied Cultivation World Cultivation Method, the although time is somewhat short, but fighting strength actually set up in Elf compared with some, these Undead Creature put into the fight, set up superior immediately in Elf population to vanish, their attacks one by Zhao Hai blocking. Yuan Jin Gang they felt that pressure one light, in front of them all sets up Elf, by Zhao Hai Undead Creature blocking, them arrived to idle at once.

Yuan Jin Gang saw that this situation also stares, swung oneself in hand long handle sledgehammer, look at these and sets up Undead Creature of Elf war, he also real don’t know Zhao Hai unexpectedly so many Undead Creature. Xiong Li several people also relaxed, several people ran up to the Zhao Hai side, have patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : that Xiong Li made an effort my goodness, must thanks to you make a move, otherwise I really somewhat unable to withstand.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, refers to opposite also present looking that in Elven Race said : how they must do, these Elven Race also had certainly other methods.” Was saying the voice, a suddenly machine person called out pitifully, fell from Space directly, Zhao Hai gawked, then face changed, the hand wielded, Magic Formation of thousand overlay, attacked in a direction, but place anything that he attacked did not have, only then the air, this let Xiong Li they is very puzzled. However at this moment, that any also no place, the air is actually a distortion, then transparent character thing appears , has blocked Zhao Hai this to strike. At this time people present, originally Wind Spirit has dived, just that machine person died in the hand of this only Wind Spirit. Moreover Life Source of this only Wind Spirit probably Elf clan spirits, fighting strength is very strong , the Zhao Hai present morning, otherwise feared luckily will have more people killing by this only Wind Spirit. After that Wind Spirit keeps off Zhao Hai has struck, personal appearance in a flash, vanished, this only Wind Spirit not only can hide in the air, but can also make the Elf strength of person not investigate him, is used for sneak attack best weapon absolutely. However obviously this Wind Spirit these time has run into the match, before Zhao Hai had not noted him, this by the homicide a person, now Zhao Hai was noted him, in Space also this Wind Spirit locking, this Wind Spirit was wanting sneak attack not to be impossible. Zhao Hai losing of Magic each and every one in the past, each that Wind Spirit has to presently keep off to resist Zhao Hai Magic, was not having the ability to go to sneak attack others. After connecting several times by Zhao Hai Magic attack, that Wind Spirit also knows one are impossible to evade Zhao Hai attack, that Wind Spirit rope xing comes, has not been hiding, then that Wind Spirit waved, Zhao Hai felt that all around air bo moves, then large quantities of Wind Spirit appears in Zhao Hai their surroundings, threw toward them. These Wind Spirit are certainly impossible to have that Elf Life Source spirit that formidable, however Wind Spirit some basic capabilities they have, for example transformation, for example stealth.

Saw this situation, Zhao Hai has to one time encircle large quantities of Undead Creature in their surrounding, simultaneously carried on attack to these Wind Spirit, but Yuan Jin Gang they respectively have also launched attack. Wind Spirit that these make newly-made, may not have the shield person spiritual force ability, Yuan Jin Gang they to be able presently these Elf, they are also slow has launched the counter-attack. However Elven Race also complete recovering, they started the massive manufactures to set up Elf at this time, besides setting up Elf, but also appears some many Wind Spirit also earth spirit also appears , but a person of Elf clan, besides that sneak attack Life Source spirit, other Life Source spirit has not only moved. Zhao Hai looked Tree Spirit and Wind Spirit that Elf makes are getting more and more, he was impolite, in time release large quantities of Undead Creature, both sides has launched the war in this piece of region, moreover exceed hits the scale to be bigger, Undead Creature a batch batch came by release, Tree Spirit, the Wind Spirit earth spirits, by a batch batch of manufactures, the entering the war species was been getting more and more rich, the quantity are also getting more and more. But at this time Zhao Hai they somewhat lost control with these Elf present matters, their here made such big move, has alarmed in the core battlefield here other pill people, some often people run over the investigation, but they do not have the energy to deal with these people. Now their battlefield surrounding, came many several other Realms people, this regarding Elven Race and a machine person is not the good matter, such is hitting, finally possibly on cheap these in the person who the one side observed.( To be continued!.