Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1292

6 Realms battlefield here may not have what good person, saw that cheap does not sort is impossible, if Zhao Hai with a Elf clan has put together mutually wounded, that can affirm that the several other Realms person will certainly not let off them. The Elven Race person is not a fool, they also know that the present situation, this time their Elven Race dispatches these many people, to cope with Liu Zhen, originally wants Liu Zhenmie and that's the end, actually not to think of that is catching up with Yuan Jin Gang to go out of town, this looks like in Elven Race, absolutely is good opportunity. Yuan Jin Gang, Liu Zhen, these two people are 6 Realms battlefield here, person who several other clans most dread, if can one these two people extinguishing, then regarding machine absolutely is a huge attack. It looks like in the Elven Race person, deals with Yuan Jin Gang their more than 50 people by more than 200 Elven Race people, that is also not easy, even Life Source does not use spirit, can the opposite party extinguishing. However this begin the exchange they know, tree Elf quantity although that this machine in also extraordinary character, they manufacture unexpectedly are many, but had actually been blocked with Undead Creature by the enemy, kills one person besides Wind Spirit sneak attack, cheaply has not been occupying. Now outside gathers round that many people, if cannot the quick point they give the elimination Zhao Hai, that matter only trouble. Lead Elf thinks of here, turns the head Gaitt to his person said :, lets everyone/Great Clan independently go ahead, only then their quick point has tidied up Yuan Jin Gang, we will be safe, our here has 200 people, so long as the loss is not quite heavy, outside that this person does not dare us to be what kind.” 6 Realms battlefield here, almost does not have no Battalion troops to move, most is also hundred people of squads, 200 people of the squads like them, normally is very rare. But several other Realms people who encircles, the population is also not many, has the scruples, otherwise already began to the Elven Race person. Called Gaitt's Elf, knows that took the lead the meaning of that Elf, this was must use Life Source to work, Gaitt immediately transmission of order, all Elf also own Life Source spirit let out. Life Source spirit release comes, immediately has attacked toward Zhao Hai here under command(er) of these people, Zhao Hai has been paying attention the sounds of these people, looked that these people moved, he will be comfortably impolite, the hand wielded in time release large quantities of Undead Creature, simultaneously his in hand Liquid Silver Magic Staff also took, Zhao Hai one fight of Magic Staff, his side however person were many 12 golden steel and iron giant beast. These steel and iron giant beast each and every one cross ten meters high, is the golden Combat Suit prototype beast, these 12 Vajra Battle Beast strengths are uncommon, but has been received by Zhao Hai in Magic Staff, has not used, now is actually the correct use time.

After these giant beast release comes, such as live general, is whooshing, Zhao Hai who there keeps wields, Life Source that these giant beast direct Elven Race release come throws spirit, but Zhao Hai was also the personal appearance moves, blocks before two wooden spirits. These two wood spirit are Life Source that Elven Race that two strength strongest Elf release come spirit, Expert of equivalent to two Infant Stage times. Zhao Hai blocks that two wooden spirit, the hand wields, Magic Formation of ten thousand overlay has caused directly, toward that two wood spirit attack. That two wood spirit although look like the Blockhead wooden brains, but the wisdom is actually not low, moreover these two wood spirit coordination very well coordinated, they link the hand to strike a fist, scattered Zhao Hai Magic, then an arm of wooden figurine, suddenly changed soft, one turned into a rattan, pulled out toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was ten thousand overlay Magic keeps off in own body front bumper lived in that wood spirit one strikes, both sides fought to a place. Because there are help of these Undead Creature, Elven Race although release Life Source worked, but still takes Yuan Jin Gang they not to have the means that but fighting strength extraordinary, general Life Source spirit root of golden 12 beasts Zhao Hai release comes this do not have the means with these golden Battle Beast, what is most fearful, these golden Battle Beast can also transformation, they be able to turn into any wild beast appearance easily, this also makes their forms of combat strange, had several Life Source spirit wounds in the hand of golden Battle Beast. Elven Race presently the release Life Source spirit attack, still cannot they be what kind of Yuan Jin Gang, cannot help but was shocked, in their opinion, so long as release Life Source spirits, then had finished in the originally equal to fight, let alone in their Life Source spirits, two is Life Source of Infant Stage time spirits, has not actually thought that the opposite party came out a person to block that two Life Source to work, this stemmed from their anticipation. Is connecting several Life Source injured in addition spirit, these Elven Race person understand, they feared finally today could not ask to be good. That Elven Race person of lead, looked at Zhao Hai one maliciously, reason that he will know today Elven Race will move the failure, all because of Zhao Hai, these will keep off is setting up Elf Undead Creature is Zhao Hai release comes, these fighting strength formidable golden Battle Beast also will be Zhao Hai release comes, but Zhao Hai I with strength of the, have blocked two Infant Stage time Life Source spirit attack, making their attack simply not have any doing to use, this Zhao Hai, was really too hateful. However is they do not have the means in ruthless Zhao Hai, their eye will not kill people, but their Life Source were also being blocked smart by Zhao Hai, they are not considered as that is hating, cannot Zhao Hai be what kind. Both sides are refusing to budge, the person but who around them gathers were getting more and more, various clans has, the Elven Race person felt that they probably stood in wolf pack were the same. In this time, suddenly outside was shouting that then a person of squad flushed toward their here, the person of this squad, the population is not many, only then about 50 people, moreover can look from their appearance, they is a machine person, obviously this squad machine person appears here makes war, wants to come to grab a bargain, presently Yuan Jin Gang they are actually encircled, they caught up to rescue.

Sees appears of this squad troops, the Elven Race person knows how today impossible Yuan Jin Gang they, to have person appears of this squad, will have more machine person appears , is adding on Yuan Jin Gang their although to be encircled, but actually not chaotic, has blocked their attack, they want Yuan Jin Gang they to be what kind in a short time, is impossible. That Elf face of lead is very ugly, but he is said loudly: Withdraw, today cannot tidy up them.” These Elven Race of his side also maliciously stared Zhao Hai one, not bears took back own Life Source to work, has formed a squad, has drawn back slowly. Their although has drawn back, but these set up Elf actually still they to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, newly comes that team of machine people of support, was set up Elf attack by these, obviously the Elven Race person wants to set up Elf to tie down Zhao Hai with these they, quite enables them to retreat calmly. Zhao Hai has not thought must pursue them, although these Elf retreated, but they cannot say that now was safe, their all around one flock of wolves were also staring. These Elven Race fighting strength are good, the several other Realms person does not dare to move them, but they dare motive that not to say. Is good after these Elf retreat, these set up Elf also to lose control, encircling has killed by Zhao Hai Undead Creature, but machine here did not have the appears anything casualties, but supported their 50 people of squad appears some casualties, was not very heavy. The quick two squads converged together, Zhao Hai had not said anything, has put out several bottles of Potion, has divided to all people, everyone/Great Clan also not polite, no matter knew that received Potion to drink. After all people have drunk Potion, Zhao Hai in around looking is staring at their these people, these that some leave, have saved, does not dare to come attack they. Just Zhao Hai they and Elven Race wars, these people also saw in the eye, they confessed that their strength did not have these Elf to be just strong, if comes to cope with Zhao Hai now they, certainly could not ask to be good. Since cannot ask, that do not attack, must know this machine team leader, but Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen these two Lunatic, chasing down that if really these two Lunatic annoying the wool, disregarded, that may not be easy to do.

Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen win great reputation in 6 Realms battlefield here Lunatic, goes to war not awfully, especially Yuan Jin Gang, only need die the bureau to experience several times, several other Realms person easily has not dared to provoke him. After the people are drinking Potion, Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen have then arrived at side Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai that Yuan Jin Gang two eyes shines, laughs said : well, Little Hai, great, has not thought really your youngster has these many formidable Undead Creature, it seems like your youngster is also a Slaughter God that.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : „, if no these Undead Creature, you think that first six of 6 Realms new competition elimination series can come? To be honest, in Fabbio star there, opportunity that we begin are not many, kills Insect Race by these Undead Creature.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Jin Gang has also smiled, Liu Zhen also look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, today my Liu Zhen owes you a favour, later you have to have a need for my place, opens the mouth freely.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to express gratitude. Slowly Yuan Jin Gang look at these are retreating drew back a people respectively, coldly snorted said : these grandsons, but also wanted to grab the bargain, did not fear that will collapse your tooth, the originally father also will possibly have let your three points, now may not fear you.” Liu Zhen smiles said : good „the old circle, do not boast in that you are not look at Little Hai strength, wants to begin? I looked that nearest/recent considers as finished, Elven Race these grandsons, feared that will not let off easily our.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : „, Elven Race these fellows owe to tidy up, wants both to extinguish our two unexpectedly at one fell swoop, mother, it seems like it was too long time has not tidied up them, the skin was itchy.” Liu Zhen nodded said : „to tidy up them, but depending on our present characters, feared that is a little difficulty, this, we go back later to prepare, then in copes with Elven Race.” Yuan Jin Gang shook the head said : to cope with Elven Race not to be busy first, my these time came out also to have a matter to result, just came out, has run into Hao Donglai that bastard, ran our here to lose stingings the grass, I must go to Monster Race there to vent anger first, then.” ro!.