Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1293

Liu Zhen listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that cannot help but has gawked next step: Hao Donglai. Did you meet that only Old Mouse? Does he also dare to go into our domain to steal thing? The balls is not small.” Yuan Jin Gang smiled said : feel relieved to be good, that Old Mouse by Little Hai butchering, turned into Undead Creature, your here was encircled, Hao thing under the hand/subordinate Old Mouse searched.” Liu Zhen nodded, he to has not been startled the matter that Zhao Hai can kill Hao Donglai, a Zhao Hai person can block Infant Stage time Expert that the ghost wooden parents become famous like this, butchered Old Mouse of Core Formation time to have anything to be quite surprised. Liu Zhen is also bold, one hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that he thinks said : I look at this, now our here also gathered about hundred people, we go to the domain good good noise of Monster Race one noisy, avoid also these fellows bully to visit.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : this to be also good, before I really have not dared to make goes too far, but currently has Little Hai, we well on noisy one noisy.” although said probably must hit the make a move appearance greatly, but Yuan Jin Gang they are very young Heart, after has rested same place some little time, this leaves to leave toward the Monster Race domain. This Yuan Jin Gang also very careful, although they knew the Zhao Hai strength all the way, in the 6 Realms battlefield transports, they actually have no alternative but to be careful that Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen, are the personal enemy person of everywhere, the several other Realms person, to them, wished one could to eat their meat, if there is opportunity to extinguish them, that naturally was best. In 6 Realms battlefield here, although said that does not have no Battalion troops to move, however to cope with them, but sets out the Battalion troops is not impossible, they are also the people of being careful, not so also exactly less than today. although said that Yuan Jin Gang by does not fear death to become famous, but every time makes the war, will leave room for maneuver to oneself, keeps life force, although he experiences the aspect that several times has looked like fears death however[ really] solid situation is actually, he knows that he has the hope of going on living. In 6 Realms battlefield here, Expert everywhere walks, Core Formation many such as dog, but the Yuan Jin Gang strength is also a Core Formation time, has not achieved including the Infant Stage time, if he disregards, only knows that hits make a move greatly, he feared that already died don’t know many to return. Liu Zhen is also similar, they are that stratagem decide, but the rear drive, dares make a move, corner/horn this that dares to fight a hard battle bit by bit has made the name in 6 Realms battlefield here, making the several other Realms person not dare underestimated machine. Liu Zhen weapon is Great Blade, in the blade has 1000 Magic Formation attack strength to be extraordinary, but Yuan Jin Gang weapon is a long handle sledgehammer, pure heavy weapon, in the sledgehammer has 1200 Magic Formation, such weapon, Might does not miss in Cultivation World weapon, just their weapon cannot fly to offend somebody, Sword Qi that but they exit through weapon actually may amount to beyond hundred li (0.5km), the attack strength is also very strong. 6 Realms battlefield here good thing to be too many, machine for these thing, are also many in the investment of 6 Realms battlefield here, all weapon equipment are best. The several other Realms situation is also same, several people give up in 6 Realms battlefield here invest, because 6 Realms battlefield here good thing to be many, many of investment, the additional report is also big, good to have been able to snatch others by own person equipment, therefore does not have that to meet stingy in this point.

However also the person exception, that is the Monster Race person Monster Race person is almost various lives becomes a ghost, they have the inborn flaw regarding crafting this aspect, but they have their method, these Monster Race people, after Spiritual Wisdom, have practiced the part of oneself body can go all out, regards this to practice about Magical Treasure that part, this looks like Elven Race Life Source spirits, but these by specially the part of practice, the strength are very strong, does not lose to Life Source Magical Artifact of Cultivation World person, will be possibly stronger some, after all that is their bodies. Part, the Monster Race person is called the real soldier the part of this specially practice generally. Hao Donglai also has own real soldier, his real soldier is his pair of former claw, common mouse clansman, almost will make with own former claw takes weapon, because the former claw of Mouse Clan is used to excavate earth generally, was very sharp, is used to make weapon most entire suitable. Therefore generally looks like Yuan Jin Gang their these ordinary machine people, if has killed that Monster Race, certainly will deliver returned to machine this Monster Race corpse, machine will skin this Monster Race cramp, makes various Defensive Equipment or weapon. Monster Race originally is various demons practices, their true bodies are also various animal or plants, because practices for many years, is used to manufacture full body armor or weapon, that is most high grade material. However has regulation in 6 Realms battlefield here, how you have killed the several other Realms person, besides your will record merit will record merit to you, thing that you will seize, will belong to you, you can buy him for machine, he can remain, therefore Zhao Hai has killed Hao Donglai their several, they turned into Undead Creature Hao Donglai, Yuan Jin Gang they had not said anything. Before being small moving forward, even if has run into the several other Realms person, Yuan Jin Gang has not begun, feared that has alarmed the Monster Race person, even if this, has used four days, arrived at Monster Race partly to control the surrounding of area. To here, on equal to to the Monster Race domain, Yuan Jin Gang has been careful, this Monster Race domain, Yuan Jin Gang had come before, he to this nearby situation completely understand, he does not have immediately to attack the Monster Race person, but found a place, first has rested well. The place of the practice Yuan Jin Gang finds is actually a tunnel, very covert, the average person really did not have the means present, moreover nearby here does not have what useful thing, few people. area of this tunnel is really not small, what is rare is in very dry and clear, this really somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, sized up this tunnel one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, are you presently here? This place is really good.” In Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : once me to lead a squad person to come Monster Race to come to go hunting, has not actually thought that has met a hard drop, the person of our squad, mostly died in battle, I also pursued running all over the place in all directions, afterward present here, not only this tunnel hides, moreover Stone in tunnel, but can also shield spiritual force to search to observe to say that this tunnel has rescued my life.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he also searched to observe with spiritual force before, does not have presently this tunnel this to be his one to this tunnel curious reason, this cavern can shield spiritual force unexpectedly. Zhao Hai careful look at this tunnel, he does not have presently in this tunnel, there are trace that the manpower opens cutting, in other words this tunnel is natural creation, this arrives is very unusual. Transferred two in the tunnel, Zhao Hai collected some Stone in tunnel, put in Space Stone of this tunnel to enter to Space... really prompt comes... This was one type of can shield in person spiritual force Stone Space to increase same thing.

However Zhao Hai does not have a happy mood, because 6 Realms battlefield here is the idea is more wonderful, represents to manufacture the 6 Realms battlefield person strength to be stronger, this regarding Zhao Hai, is not absolutely good to vanish. The Zhao Hai movement naturally was also watched by Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang look at in all directions chaotic extension Zhao Hai, puzzled Little Hai this is doing to Xiong Li said :? Does he do with these Stone?” Xiong Li smiles said : Little Hai to like research these thing, he is weapon that very strong Crafting Master we use is Little Hai refines.” Xiong Li mentioned this matter, Yuan Jin Gang to thinks, his puzzled look at Xiong Li said : „your saying matter I to thought that I thought weapon that you used unexpectedly likely am Cultivation World weapon, used the weapon method probably is also Cultivation World? What's all this about?” Xiong Li showed a faint smile said : this matter saying that must thank Little Hai, weapon that we used, was the Little Hai refinements, the method of practice was also Little Hai gets so far as, the previous time attended the 6 Realms new person competition, 1 Little Hai extinguished several Cultivation World people snatching their practice method, making us carry on the practice, therefore our present practice method are Cultivation World there weapon of use is also similar to Cultivation World there weapon.” Yuan Jin Gang frowns said : not to be right, Cultivation World Cultivation Method is the record on jade slip, but on their jade slip may has the spiritual force seal, if breaks forcefully, jade slip has possibly abandoned, inside thing also all vanishes, was impossible to use, how 1 did Little Hai obtain these practice method?” Xiong Li shrugs arm said : 1 Little Hai originally our don’t know, his skill are many, Captain slowly you knew, right Captain, weapon that you use is ordinary machine weapon, if there is a time, to can make Little Hai help you refine again, I can guarantee your weapon easily-to-use, Might even bigger.” Yuan Jin Gang puzzled look at Xiong Li, Xiong Li shows a faint smile, the hand turned has put out a pair of chain hammer, this is not he currently uses to the chain hammer, but before was him, used, that was eliminated to the chain hammer, Xiong Li has given Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain the chain hammer, had a look, before I was me, chain hammer that used, this was pure machine weapon, was not Cultivation World, perhaps but this weapon attack strength, will be startled by you.” Yuan Jin Gang received the chain hammer, in hand has hefted hefting, then conveniently strikes toward the ground, but the ground of this tunnel Stone, but Yuan Jin Gang this strikes also not with on many strength, is that chain hammer after the ground, underground Stone actually silently crushed. That Stone has not splashed, but turned into fine sand like existence directly, this hammers Yuan Jin Gang not with any strength, but that Stone actually about one meter a piece place directly turned into the fine sand. Yuan Jin Gang and stands several machine people nearby this sees this situation, is one startled, they have not thought that this Xiong Li the weapon will really have such big Might. Must know that Yuan Jin Gang their weapon, more increases the Sword Qi range, simultaneously carries on certain degree amplification to Sword Qi, on attack of close combat , can only be regards general weapon to use, Xiong Li the weapon, absolutely is efficient instrument of close combat, if uses such weapon, will make the ability of machine close combat increase about three layers. Person in this cavern, may be a machine in genuine elite, their too clear this weapon was representing anything, at once the vision of all people centralized to Yuan Jin Gang weapon on.

Yuan Jin Gang has raised the link, careful look at, but he is not expert regarding crafting after all, looked at for quite a while not to look at understand anything, must turn the head to Xiong Li said :this weapon is small Does the sea help you do? ” Xiong Li nodded said :is, this is Little Hai is helping the lane, weapon of several of us is this, this weapon does not have anything actually specially, but the arrangement of this Magic Formation was given by Little Hai, moreover added on Mecha weapon special-purpose vibrate Magic Formation, produced this results. Yuan Jin Gang stares, eye bright said : vibrate Magic Formation? That is not the Mecha battlefield special-purpose? Had not heard that can use on ordinary weapon?” Xiong Li smiles said : this is the Little Hai merit, these weapon are he makes.” At this time Zhao Hai also walked, before Xiong Li them, said anything, he heard, this is not secret, how long Zhao Hai has not planned to hide the truth from, after all this weapon quality direct relationship to a machine strength, Zhao Hai did not have that from dead/die. Yuan Jin Gang looked at Zhao Hai to walk, can immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, you help us refine weapon? If our weapon also join vibrate Magic solution, that Might certain even bigger.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to arrive is not the issue, after going back, I in helping you refined, how was actually not this vibrate Magic Formation quite special words, can make a machine mass produce have vibrate Magic Formation weapon, this vibrate Magic Formation, because originally was the use on Mecha, needed certain energy to start, my although this vibrate Magic Formation carrying on some modification, but this Magic Formation order of rank was actually very important, if arranged was not good, no matter will not increase the weapon attack strength, will reduce the weapon life, in adding on each. A person uses the weapon way not to be different from the demand, therefore wants vibrate Magic Formation, using of mass on ordinary weapon, is some difficulties.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : not to use mass produce, after waiting, first trading was good our weapon, no wonder Xiong Li their several people with joint forces unexpectedly compelled to draw back a wooden spirit of Infant Stage time, I also thought at that time strange, must know that Xiong Li they now are most, only then Foundation Establishment Stage cultivation level, by their strengths, do not say five people, even if were ten people are impossible to compel to draw back Infant Stage time Elf Life Source to work, it seems like because of this Magic Formation reason.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : well, because of this Magic Formation, after going back, I find a time, has traded your weapon, if other people also want to trade weapon, can look for me, no matter what, we now were the allies, can help everyone/Great Clan, my also ting happy.” Yuan Jin Gang has not said anything, but effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, then turned the head to be good to people said :, everyone/Great Clan rest, after two hours, we looked for the trouble of Monster Race.” People simultaneously has complied with one, but they looked that the Zhao Hai look in one time changed, were many intimate and sentiment of admiration.( To be continued!.