Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1294
In 6 Realms battlefield here, the person has the skill, some people admire you, but that is also only your matter, does not have no relationship with other people, you have the skill, you can kill more enemies, obtains more spoils of war, that is your skill, you obtained that many advantage, will not apportion others, therefore other people will admire, will envy, will be jealous, but may not regard the person on one's own side you. However good Crafting Master, can manufacture good weapon Crafting Master, is not willing to help you manufacture weapon crafting inferior, that most lets corner/horn that the person flatters absolutely, if can do well relationship with such person, then regarding weapon, what Zhao was equal to were also baseless many a life. weapon and Defensive Equipment are the Warrior second choice life, this point all weapon know, machine here person, except, in the individual makes in the ability that fights to be inferior to beside a machine person, most important because their weapon are inferior to the opposite party. although said that in opposing the enemy, superficially their weapon do not drop the wind, is Cultivation World cultivator, weapon can let loose the hand, making weapon go to attack, moreover a person can simultaneously operate several weapon. However a machine person is not good, machine weapon with in hand, although can release Sword Qi, but said strictly that their weapon or close combat weapon, have the disparity with Cultivation World weapon, what most important is, machine weapon can only take in hand, has, only then two hands, most can only take two weapon, this is suffers a loss very much. But chain hammer that Xiong Li takes, is one has vibrate Magic Formation weapon, vibrate Magic Formation, the people of these Great Clan family backgrounds are not strange, that is on Mecha weapon special-purpose one type of Magic Formation, most lives doing that wants with is the armor piercing, this armor piercing is mainly eradicates the Mecha armor and protective shield function most from the beginning, after all the internal conflicts of machine here have, in adding on some interspace pirates and so on, by Mecha to Mecha, by the fight of battleship to battleship is also since birth, therefore people on going all out weapon on research Mecha, finally research this. vibrate Magic Formation, vibrate Magic Formation armor piercing fruit that is first-class, what is very regrettable is this Magic Formation, did not have the means use on weapon that in ordinary Warrior uses. weapon of machine Warrior use, although inside has plenty Magic Formation, however the general attack strength is very monotonous, must say really that Warrior of machine armor somewhat looks like sword cultivator, what sword cultivator exquisite is One Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Technique, but machine Warrior is only then weapon you think that does not need this weapon to go to Breaking Ten Thousand Technique unable. Therefore compares several other Realms to come, machine here Warrior, regarding a hope of good weapon must intense, but Xiong Li that the chain hammer, absolutely is good weapon. In this case, status of Zhao Hai in people heart was also higher, all people want to be on good terms he, wants to flatter him, this arrives is Zhao Hai has not thought. Has rested about two hours in the tunnel, Yuan Jin Gang then gathered together then to open own computer conveniently the people, has assigned out a set of maps, this map was Monster Race partly controls the map of area, but this map Yuan Jin Gang made, was not others gives.

Yuan Jin Gang points at „the position that map said : we are at now not to be far from here in here, has a Monster Race very special place, the iron Dryad forest!” Hears the iron Dryad forest time, the breath of people cannot help but stops, because iron Dryad is monster one type of very famous Monster Cultivator, this Monster Cultivator main body is Iron Tree Iron Tree, Gu Mingsi discusses, is such as steel and iron generally hard tree tree grows is quite slow, but is saplings that is also firm such as the fine steel, heavy, if fine iron, even if Warrior, cannot disjunction easily. But the Iron Tree turn into monster probability returns very big, moreover after turn into monster, fighting strength returns very formidable, is Main Battle Race in Monster Race. Liu Zhen look at Yuan Jin Gang said : old circle, don't you want iron removal Dryad forest there to cope with these iron Dryad? I heard, there resembles several Infant Stage times iron Dryad to assume personal command, although Little Hai strength formidable, but must go to there, we cannot ask.” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : I not to go to there, my crazy, iron Dryad strength formidable, is in Monster Race one of the most important main action Monster Race, goes to there to court death on equal to, but also meets ji to move an iron Dryad clan, brings troublesome to entire machine, this buys and sells us not to be dry, owes.” The people he he the chuckle, truly, this iron Dryad forest, in 6 Realms battlefield here was very famous, there originally was only hill, but Spiritual Qi was very rich, afterward had iron Dryad Race moved resident, slowly has formed piece of Iron Forest, but in this Iron Forest also had Dryad, therefore on slowly by crop iron Dryad forest. Because iron Dryad in the Monster Race influence very formidable, even if in entire Comprehend the world, is a formidable influence, therefore nobody dares to go to provoke them easily, the iron Dryad forest at that time the recent years to was more and more formidable. Yuan Jin Gang said : this iron Dryad forest we will not then go, that only then went to another place, that was here.” The direction that he points is one leaves the iron Dryad forest not far place, there is also a mountain side area, but is actually the 6 Realms battlefield here rare barren hill. However transports a barren hill also is very then famous in 6 Realms battlefield this... Because on this mountain produces soft [gold/metal], this so-called soft [gold/metal], Is one type of is very soft, metal like gold, this metal plastic xing very strong,, moreover is thermostable, the anti- low temperature, is good with fusion xing of other metals, moreover can increase other metals strong xing, is the one type of excellent crafting material.

Like the place, Monster Race should strict control to be good, will not be right to several other clan opportunity, but also because this soft [gold/metal] was really too easy-to-use, this side was not being the Monster Race complete control area, Monster Race wants to occupy him in addition completely, that was impossible. Monster Race originally has garrison in there, however several other Realms person alliance gets up, carries on sao to harass to these soft gold ores, finally the Monster Race casualty is serious, has to return the garrison, such several other Realms person had opportunity to go to there to mine. Naturally Monster Race will not make your relieved mines in there, can say that soft gold ore there is a 6 Realms battlefield here casualties most place, the soft gold ore has also been called the blood gold ore. But Monster Race makes iron Dryad Race stay in iron Dryad forest there, nothing but wants to make iron Dryad Race nearby look after soft gold ore there, therefore said really that soft gold ore there or Monster Race were in the upper hand. Was in the upper hand, does not have completely control, soft gold ore there chaotic degree can be imagined, there is considered that is the best place of turbid water rub fish, naturally, you are also possible rub to a shark, directly by shark eating. Looked that the Yuan Jin Gang finger looked like there, the people have gawked, then actually has smiled, Liu Zhengeng was smiles said : to be good your Yuan Jin Gang, your this fellow was really sly, good, soft gold ore there truly is a good destination, the there although Monster Race person to be many, however there Expert was actually and many, I heard that probably was several people reached the agreement, too high Expert can not go to the there participation battle, there strongest was also Expert of Infant Stage time, but Expert of these Infant Stage times, generally were the go it alones, had Little Hai, can. Assures our securities . Moreover the there mine tunnel extends in all directions, even if does not hit, the helm gets up also very relaxed.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : „, we go to there to do his ticket, not only can tidy up the Monster Race person, but can also make a soft [gold/metal] to go back, after 1 Little Hai goes back, but after giving our crafting, this material wants us to prepare, cannot make Little Hai build thing toward is not.” As soon as the people listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that loudly smiled, one took Zhao Hai to tease much, Zhao Hai also chatted with the people, at once atmosphere to very warm. Some little time the people stop, Yuan Jin Gang look at people said : this motion, we should not be worried about anything, but is also careful, after all soft gold ore there is not far from the iron Dryad forest, if these iron Dryad presently to running, we are also same are bad luck.” The people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, thinks said : everybody, the previous time when attended the 6 Realms new person competition, I obtained some spoils of war, today gives everyone/Great Clan.” Said that his hand moves, ground were many one pile of thing, this pile of thing have the walnut size, pale , seems like not conspicuous.

However Yuan Jin Gang their actually eyes recognized, this was the profound yin thunder, Yuan Jin Gang they are two eyes one bright, must know that profound yin thunder thing, was also rarely seen in several other Realms, that thinks that Zhao Hai one has actually put out these many. Yuan Jin Gang took an profound yin thunder carefully to look, then nodded said : well, was really profound yin thunder, 1 Little Hai, these many feast yin thunder of that lane?” Zhao Hai smiles said : previous time at the 6 Realms new person competition, the spoils of war that obtains, Demon Realm that massacre and wipe out day want to cope with me with this thing, afterward was snatched by me, has been useless, is just right today, has these thing, the everyone/Great Clan security has also been able to manage to guarantee some.” Yuan Jin Gang they are move, must know this profound yin thunder, but extraordinary thing, whose places in hand not to give up uses easily, now Zhao Hai takes to give them to use, this has not worked as the bystander them, the people cannot help but was intimate with a point to Zhao Hai. Yuan Jin Gang not polite, waved said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan should not be impolite, each takes one.” The people also know that at this time persuasive speaker angry words, that looked on as an outsider, on the contrary will make Zhao Hai is unhappy, therefore people not polite, a person took an profound yin thunder, remaining by Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhenshou. Zhao Hai such under skill wins over these people, because of his very clear, these people are the personal connection, he later wanted to make the result in machine, could not leave these people's support, these people were not can Outer Sect weapon, was various Great Clan solid Inner Sect or the core member, they spoke in various Great Clan very much have the component. But these people are weapon or the Magician family background, the friendship of also in 6 Realms battlefield place, in such place, produces, it can be said that sturdiest one type of, so long as they have harnessed the friendship in 6 Realms battlefield here, waits for these person of make a move, is a big boost of Zhao Hai!!.