Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1295

Since knows that 6 Realms battlefield here was later that other people made, Zhao Hai decides to speed up own unfolding, but you wanted to unfold, just by own strength was incorrect, his strength now in Comprehend the world here is not top existence, therefore he must unfold his influence, needed the personal connection, massive personal connections. But 6 Realms battlefield here is actually a good place of show personal connection, you have not seen horse like a dragon and Yuan Jin Gang relationship are good, is to stay with Vajra this in 6 Realms battlefield here revenges, therefore had not exited, if he exited, has any matter, horse like a dragon will certainly help him, after all they are the friendship of life. Zhao Hai Space wants Level Up, needs Comprehend the world here all kinds of good thing, but these thing, some you , if no a formidable influence to support in the back, simply does not get so far as, even has heard, therefore Zhao Hai such positive wish like the present has not unfolded own influence. After people thing took, Yuan Jin Gang then looked at time said : to be good, left, was right, all people have remembered, do not walk with, to soft gold ore there, if dispersed, then courted death on equal to.” The people nodded, comply with one, Yuan Jin Gang have taken the lead to walk outward, Zhao Hai has actually blocked Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, here after is the Monster Race domain, be careful to well, looks my.” Said that Zhao Hai waves, release some Undead Creature. Before these Undead Creature and him, Undead Creature that release comes, the biggest diversity is small, these Undead Creature are small Undead Creature, some are Undead Creature of some Old Mouse sizes, some bone snakes and so on Undead Creature, is not in any case big, moreover Zhao Hai gave back to them to put on the skin, such Undead Creature will not have what threat, release to go to the average person not to pay attention, is used for scout should better. Naturally, Zhao Hai does not depend entirely on these Undead Creature to come scout, he is mainly used for the scout Liquid Silver needle, actually now the scout range of Liquid Silver needle, soon arrived at soft gold ore there, he such does to give the Liquid Silver needle covers, actually in one time won the favorable impression of people. Yuan Jin Gang he he chuckle said : goes out with your youngster is free from worry, how many hearts I must little hold, 1 Little Hai, or this, no matter next time I will go to that you, what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished Captain, do you go to the restroom I also? I do not go.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that all people laugh, by teasing Yuan Jin Gang, had not been angry, laughs. together like them has experienced the person of life and death war, like joke of this kind of not hurting the essentials, not only will not make their sentiments be affected, will also let among them the sentiment deep. The people also chatted, Zhao Hai then nodded, are getting the people's walked out from the tunnel, after coming out, Yuan Jin Gang also carefully reorganized cave entrance, has not left any trace, this got the people to fly in the soft [gold/metal] mine direction. This although has Undead Creature stand guard all the way, but Yuan Jin Gang is very careful, flight is not quick, moreover deliberately has circled large circle, to avoid the iron Dryad forest.

Zhao Hai does not worry, in fact now his Liquid Silver needle arrived at soft gold ore there, is investigating in the soft gold ore, but Zhao Hai also understand, why Yuan Jin Gang they that pay attention to soft gold ore there now, there was really chaotic, in fact will look at soft [gold/metal] mine, Zhao Hai immediately will think of a place, the wormhole. Soft [gold/metal] mine at that time everywhere was a mine tunnel, but the entire mine tunnel had more than 6000 meters high, now has been dug a honey-comb likely, but in the mountain was so, there surface ore [say / way], compared with wormhole, was bold rude , even had it. The wormhole that these insects dig, extends in all directions, but actually very orderly, moreover wormhole cave wall, used Insect saliva to add made of clay becomes, formidable was silk is not worse than the concrete. But the situation that soft [gold/metal] mine here, actually nobody can manage the mine tunnel, they only know to dig, only knows to destroy, the has plenty mine tunnel, inside collapsed. Because in once for a while has the fight minute to live, the sound that in the combat process makes, lets some not too sturdy cavern sufficiently in collapsing, can say that entire soft [gold/metal] mine, is in unrest. But those who most make Zhao Hai pay attention, the soft [gold/metal] mine there person, the people of various soft [gold/metal] mine there clans have, only if the person of same clan, otherwise, so long as is two groups of people meets, immediately will have the hot parallel intergrowth, the fight can be said as is in progress frequently, speechless not bears. Circled the big circle, Zhao Hai they arrived finally came under soft gold mountain, the people who look at soft gold mountain, each time came were dumbfounded, in their look at soft gold mountain time, the suddenly mountain transmitted with a bang sound loud noise, then one very big mine tunnel in halfway up the mountainside, one collapsed, the massive dust shot up to the sky, but the massive crushed stones actually tumbled, the people avoided hastily. When the people went to safe place, Yuan Jin Gang smiled first got up said : my goodness, this soft gold mountain also has lived it up compared with before, HaHaHa, good, fantastic.” As soon as the people listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that look at each other in dismay, to be honest, in them majority has not come soft [gold/metal] mine here, before had only heard here very chaotic, very fearful, had not actually come, because their fighting strength were limited, came here unqualified.

A machine person, the range of activity, will not leave a machine domain to be too far generally, like this they can also facilitate are supported, fears in these people, only then Yuan Jin Gang is ripest to the situation of 6 Realms battlefield, because he has fought with the several other Realms people, moreover several other Realms partly controls the area, he has gone. One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that his side machine Warrior, whispered: Captain, before this soft gold ore here this? How does here also with having complete collapsing fall?” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : to think that complete collapsing is not that easy, did you see the place that these collapsed? In less than many long time, some people will have cleaned up there with Spell, found the soft gold ore, HaHaHa, collapses, in while digs, like this does over, this soft gold mountain turned into this appearance.” Xiong Li look at this soft gold mountain said :Captain, such opens, on this soft gold mountain also has the soft [gold/metal]? Listens to the meaning in your this saying, this Shan was Pa is turned good several times? ” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : „is not only good several times, feared that was several ten times also had, now the soft [gold/metal] mine here soft gold ore, how many did not have, when you there person came here, really for soft gold ore?” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that people understand, these people came here that are for any soft gold ore, a more important point is the murder seizes the treasure, this is a shortcut of wealth. Yuan Jin Gang looked at people said : to be good, do not think that many, had been in any case, was inferior to try one's luck, we came to not to kill people?” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that people smile, with Yuan Jin Gang toward in a mine tunnel flies, that mine tunnel is not very big, but is very deep, does not look to the end. The people entered the mine tunnel to be careful, weapon also took, but they saw these once for a while small Undead Creature of appears around them, at heart also slowly has stabilized. Has these Undead Creature, most at least they do not need to fear that was lost has raided, but everyone/Great Clan or very careful, not only fears by others sneak attack carefully, but also feared that cavern will collapse, the appearance that just that cavern collapsed, has made the too deep impression on them. Is walking, suddenly Zhao Hai stopped, then beckoned with the hand to everyone/Great Clan, the people look at the Zhao Hai appearance, has been careful, in hand weapon also grasps was tighter. At this time strip type Undead Creature, never the distant place crawled, to Zhao Hai, stopped a while, turn around crawled, Zhao Hai turned the head to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, first had several Cultivation World people to mine, did you look?” Yuan Jin Gang said : pill person? To far?”

Zhao Hai said :ten people, turn left from the front ore [say / way], is turning right, probably flies for about 15 minutes. Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : to walk, extinguished him.” Said the direction that said toward Zhao Hai first flew, other people also hastily follow, in 6 Realms battlefield here, a machine person like outside world did not fear that Cultivation World person, they will get with the Cultivation World person every month several, that will fear. Flew often, they felt that front transmits a Formation strength bo to move, obviously some people use Spell in there, but the opposite party also felt obviously they, people immediately sped up, but the opposite party was also present their people were probably many, turn around ran, has not stopped. Do not think that Cultivation World cultivator each and every one looks like arrogant incomparable, thinks them, no matter, can carry stance/framework/shelf, fight to the death, no retreat, that is impossible, the Cultivation World person, fears death compared with the several other Realms person, cherishing own life. Because the Cultivation World person wants if as expected, will be longer than the person live time of several other Realms, clearly know will live for a long time, who will also go all out with others, therefore the Cultivation World person in addition will often fear death. Felt that several Cultivation World person ran, Zhao Hai personal appearance fierce moves, one vanished in the people at present, in has then heard sound of the breath, one listened to know that Zhao Hai was fighting with that several cultivator. People immediately/on horseback sped up. error, before long arrived at battlefield there, looked that Zhao Hai Magic of in hand thousand overlay left again and again, already that several person thorough tying down of step The people do not have on the guest, on attacks from both sides a while ago, that several Cultivation World people, have the strength of Core Formation time, if this in Cultivation World, was a region's small Expert, is now in 6 Realms battlefield here, actually by machine Expert besieging lethal, feared that was they dies nobody to know whom must ask to revenge. Rapidness that fights, goes is also very quick, is less than a half hour, that several Cultivation World person had been killed, looks at the corpse of that several person, on Yuan Jin Gang said : first is concentrating newly the spoils of war, after waiting.” The people naturally did not have what opinion, immediately to search for that several person war efficient instrument of came out to take away.!.