Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1296
Looked that this person has taken away thing, Zhao Hai turns the head to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, the spoils of war I not to want, but these from the corpse turns over to me, how do you look? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Jin Gang has gawked, what meaning then his understand Zhao Hai is, does he smile said : you to want these fellows to turn into Undead Creature? Ok, does not have the issue, turned over to you, we must come to be also useless in any case, the matter of spoils of war, went back to say.” Zhao Hai nodded, waves, has loaded into that several cultivator corpse Space, the people will certainly not oppose that this time Zhao Hai, that several cultivator possibly ran, moreover currently they have the matter to request Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai said that does not want the spoils of war, but they will certainly deliver one. When here tidied up, people just about to leave leave, Zhao Hai have not moved, Yuan Jin Gang looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, puzzled said : Little Hai? What matter also has?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, his front a piece ore wall, one fell, but also is an ore said behind an ore wall that Zhao Hai smiles said : some people to hear the sound that here fights, is catching up, these time comes, but Monster Race person.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that people cannot help but two eyes bright said : Monster Race person? fantastic, Captain, tidies up him.” Yuan Jin Gang also smiles said : naturally to tidy up him, our these time comes is looks for Monster Race to be troublesome, does not tidy up them to tidy up anyone, the preparation begins.” „The Monster Race person who Zhao Hai year look at Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, these time comes has 30 fully, Expert of Infant Stage time, our a short time fearing could not have solved, the time of if hitting is too long, may attract many Monster Race people to arrive at such more troublesome. ” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, although said that this soft gold ore here several people can come now, but here eats in Monster Race after all partly controls the area range, is the Monster Race person are most. Time that if they hit in here is too long, that Monster Race person comes will be more, they troubled. But if such gives up this opportunity, Yuan Jin Gang actually somewhat does not give up, suddenly, he has thought same thing, he smiles said : his mother, the father, the brothers, has given our profound yin thunder to prepare 50 to come out Little Hai today, waits a while these Monster Race people to come, we use the profound yin thunder to come to them ruthlessly, is beginning.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then shows a faint smile, had not opposed. Profound yin thunder thing he has is, but actually cannot one time take too, therefore the profound yin thunder regarding Yuan Jin Gang them, is very precious thing, but now Yuan Jin Gang gives up with the use unexpectedly, to deal with these Monster Race people, looks like he wants to give the Monster Race person to come really ruthlessly. As soon as the people listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that also has gawked, but actually nobody did not give up, immediately profound yin Thunder Na, has prepared. although said that in 6 Realms battlefield here, machine also has own domain, moreover area is almost and several other Realms is equally big, but machine here person normally exits to go hunting, is very aggrieved, they are not insane like Yuan Jin Gang, that person dares to annoy, they are just right with Yuan Jin Gang, they are almost that person do not dare to annoy, after core battlefield here, digs medicinal herbs, hits some walk alone Monster Beast. Fights with the several other Realms person, generally is also passive, few of initiative make a move, this lets their feel suffocated at heart, now had opportunity, can destroy completely the opposite party, their will be polite.

These Monster Race people have not let Zhao Hai they and others too long time, in their opinion, Zhao Hai their person although are perhaps many, but here after is Monster Race partly controls the area, is adding on their machine person, therefore these Monster Race person although, only then 30, but actually a point hesitates does not have, their here throws directly toward Zhao Hai. The quick these people on appears in Zhao Hai their opposite that ore mileage, these Monster Race people have made human-shape to hit to snatch, worst several are Foundation Establishment Stage cultivation level, more higher was Core Formation time cultivation level, the person of Core Formation time has occupied majority, one unexpectedly was Expert of Infant Stage time, Expert of Infant Stage time assumed personal command, no wonder these Monster Race people dare such flagrant flushed, in their opinion, had Expert of Infant Stage time to assume personal command, they on have to win not to have the aspect of defeat, naturally the strategic place snatched thing. These Monster Race people looked that Yuan Jin Gang they have tied to wait for them in there, cannot help but happy, a person shouted out to clash, only then the Expert dead weight status of that Infant Stage time has not proceeded to clash. Yuan Jin Gang look at these Monster Race people, in these Monster Race people, practicing moral culture of Foundation Establishment Stage, had turned into the true body, Expert of other Core Formation times, although not complete changes the body, however some spot of their body also Monsterized, turned into the appearance of real soldier. The Monster Race person is divided into three shapes generally, the true body condition, the real soldier condition, human-shape, this true body condition turns into their true bodies, but the real soldier condition, is takes itself on to practice the real soldier as weapon, appears, for the fight, this is the real soldier condition, finally one type of is human-shape. In human-shape, Monster Race can also use to cause weapon, can use Spell to carry on attack, but little has the Monster Race person such to do, they rather use their real soldier. The Monster Race real soldiers and their bodies are closely linked, moreover Monster Race body very formidable, the real soldier is most formidable spot, the attack strength is extraordinary, what most important is, this real soldier must fight, more many of fight, the real soldier is formidable, if like some cultivator, but takes Life Source Magical Artifact nourishing in dantian, does not cause the fight, Might of that real soldier greatly will sell at a discount, therefore the Monster Race person little uses Magical Artifact, general is uses own really soldier as weapon. When these Monster Race proceed to clash, Yuan Jin Gang is also calculating the distance, Might of this profound yin thunder is not after all small, moreover this explodes, feared that was this ore is dangerous, therefore this distance must grasp well, was far, possibly to opportunity of Monster Race response, will unable to achieve the biggest fragmentation effect, was near, possibly bo and to oneself. Ore is very long, these Monster Race noisy crowd same clashes, simply has not spoken any Formation, moreover these Monster Race were a few words had not said that came up to hit, this was also a soft gold mountain here special phenomenon, simply not that many exquisite, did not speak any polite speech, did not raise any friendship, hit and that's the end. everyone/Great Clan is kills people to seize the treasure in any case, said that many wasting breath do do. When these Monster Race to Yuan Jin Gang their also about 500 meters, Yuan Jin Gang suddenly explode drinks said : to begin.” As he fears the words, more than 50 profound yin thunder discard toward Battalion of Monster Race person. These Monster Race people stare. However they they have 500 meters to Yuan Jin Gang now, these 500 meters distances, regarding Expert of Core Formation time, lost thing in the past, that is the time of continually blinking does not need to throw, therefore that this Monster Race also with having anything responded that heard with a bang sound loud noise, then the trim ore [say / way] collapsed. Yuan Jin Gang they had underestimated obviously formidable that profound yin Thunder Jiji explodes, must know this time profound yin thunder explodes, with Zhao Hai in void open tournament stage there that time, void open tournament stage there, in void, explosion Might has not dispersed after all outward much, but here is the ore said that equal to is close Space, has the explosion in close Space, that Might naturally is becomes geometrical time of increase.

Trim ore in the explosive sound, collapsed completely, here that Yuan Jin Gang they are at also collapsed. Good Zhao Hai according to the circumstances quick, immediately has supported protective shield, covered the audiences, otherwise their here feared that also wanted some appears casualties. Waits for the entire ore to say calms down, Zhao Hai cleaned up a place with Magic, was looking at their front original ore position, full is the crushed stone. However Zhao Hai knows that these Monster Race all have not died, Foundation Establishment Stage Monster Race died, Monster Race of Core Formation time died most probably, the remaining severe wounds cannot move, but Monster Race of that Infant Stage time does not have the matter, he already true body, two blood red eyes has killed. Those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, Monster Race Expert of this Infant Stage time, is one greatly puts on Shan Zuanjing unexpectedly, his true body is one has about hundred meters giant pangolin fully, scale golden light sparkles, two front claws also golden light sparkles, waves, the front dozens meters crushed stones were cleaned up to work unceasingly by him calmly, in having two rests can kill their here. Zhao Hai could not attend to said that said loudly: „ Captain, getting the person to draw back quickly.Said that his hand wields toward hand, huge Magic Formation his front, then in his behind crushed stone, appears suddenly an ore said now. Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, he gives a loud shout said : to end turn around to fly toward the ore mileage that Zhao Hai opens, other people also hastily follow. But Zhao Hai at this time was actually the in hand gearing, Magic Formation Set of ten thousand overlay, appears in his front, struck toward front. In this Magic Formation has vibrate hemp formation, these his front ore was silent on appears large hole, his opposite that Monster Race also felt that Zhao Hai this has struck, matter very simple that Monster Race made, he shrank toward his hypogastric the head, one turned into a great many Golden Armour ball, Zhao Hai Magic Formation has struck when the pangolin back scale, his body such as a ball below in the future will strike rolled out about hundred meters. However Zhao Hai did not have happy right, the although opposite party one that many, but was calling also this opportunity, the Zhao Hai attack strength releasing, had not constituted the injury of any substance xing to that big pangolin. Really, after that pangolin tumbles out hundred meters, stopped, then 1 u, two front claws continually has wielded, Qi Strength of two claws grasp toward Zhao Hai, has sealed also up Zhao Hai all avoidance routes. Place originally that they fight is in ore, the place is narrow, wants avoid opposite party attack is almost impossible, that pangolin does not evade Zhao Hai attack, Zhao Hai does not evade his attack, they can only resist hardly.

Zhao Hai the hand moved, Magic Formation appears of ten thousand overlay in his front, have blocked opposite party attack together, that only put on Bieshan armor to look at Zhao Hai to block his attack, screamed, flushed toward Zhao Hai. This pangolin is quick, moreover this fellow very intelligent, he looks at Zhao Hai is Magician, wants to clash, with Zhao Hai near body war. Zhao Hai that will fear him, personal appearance moves, in hand Magic Staff one turned into a sledgehammer, a hammer hits toward the pangolin. Pangolin obvious stares, he can look at Zhao Hai in hand weapon not to trade, was turned Magic Staff by original that this arrived is makes him feel very curious. Meets the transformation weapon, to be honest this pangolin has heard, but he a locally born Comprehend the world people, he knows that has a meeting transformation weapon in Cultivation World there, known as hundred change the Vajra sticks, extant floats in the spatial room in Cultivation World Buddhist Sect, naturally, this also only legend, because has plenty person nobody saw hundred has changed the Vajra stick, nobody dares to annoy to float the spatial room, floats the spatial room in Cultivation World there, rules the roost of Buddhism, follower Inner Sect monk how many hundred thousand, Outer Disciple is innumerable, does such formidable influence, that period of five days dare to provoke? But that hundred change the Vajra stick floats spatial room the treasure of town room, easily not movable, only if met has destroyed the matter of mountain Sect extermination, can use. But like floating spatial room the big influence, almost can only reach more and more, that will project on to destroy Shan Mieshi the situation, Magical Treasure in the additional surfacing the boat spatial room are innumerable, the high level quantity is numerous and common, therefore these hundred change the Vajra stick naturally passively has not used. Besides hundred change Vajra stick can transformation weapon, other he had not heard also has any weapon to be able transformation, therefore this pangolin saw that Zhao Hai Magic Staff meets transformation unexpectedly, cannot help but has gawked. But at this time, the Zhao Hai sledgehammer has hit, this pangolin is also the generation of having fought many battles, was only micro dumbfounded, immediately restored, he can affirm that Magical Treasure of Zhao Hai use was not hundred changes the Vajra stick, otherwise he already died, heard that hundred changed Vajra stick Might is extraordinary, how also to take in in hand of machine person. Thinks that here his mind Dading, personal appearance one group, fierce get lost, but he in the trundle, his tail has not actually received, that tail is the same like the steel whip, toward the Zhao Hai draw off. The Zhao Hai sledgehammer is invariable, a hammer pounded on tail of pangolin, listenedto work as, was similar to the sounds of two weapon clashes, bumped into the place that to transmit from the sledgehammer and tail, then a that pangolin cannot help but pain shouted, Zhao Hai this hammer, crushed his three scales, he was certainly painful. However Zhao Hai this hammer also crushed his three scales, in has not had other injuries to this pangolin, pangolin tail is injured, but attack has not actually stopped, is making a mistake this strength of striking, the ball that his personal appearance puts on, throws toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in hand sledgehammer immediately turned into a big shield, kept off in the Zhao Hai front, that pangolin one under on hitting on the Zhao Hai shield, then two fingernails grasped toward the shield on. To come in that pangolin, the localization stresses cannot scratch and tear these hundred big shield directly, but he has not actually thought that grasps unable to grasp this big shield unexpectedly, even a point trace has not stayed behind continually, this makes that put on the mountain to eat cannot help but was startled, he really the start suspected now that Zhao Hai in hand weapon was hundred in legend changes the Vajra stick.!.