Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1297

Changes the Vajra stick, gives a thought to the famous meaning, can have hundred changes the energy, there is Vajra firm a Magic Staff, heard that hundred change the styles of Vajra stick, does not have the Buddhist Magic Staff traditional style, looks like not very magnificent, but Might is astonishing. But the pangolin is very confident regarding own claw, a pangolin clan, their four limbs originally are used to excavate earth, is tenacious, since he opened Spiritual Wisdom, in practice own former claw of to subdue|grams intent, the firmness of his former claw, had been in the situation of one type of difficult imagination. Before he had also fought with the several other Realms person, in these people also had Expert of Infant Stage time, weapon that Expert of these Infant Stage times, uses, little blocked his grasping to strike. However he in the process that in Zhao Hai fights, cheap has not been occupying, moreover he thinks that his defended extremely powerful Golden Armour also to be destroyed three by Zhao Hai, his grasping struck is blocked with Giant Shield by Zhao Hai, but on that Giant Shield actually including the a little bit scratch did not have, such weapon truly was makes the pangolin somewhat scared. The pangolin affirmed Zhao Hai use is not hundred changes the Vajra stick, but Zhao Hai in hand that can transformation weapon, truly is makes him feel headache extremely. Grasps invalid, look at Zhao Hai that pangolin retreat fast, two small eyes decide, in the eye is flashing radiance with amazement, he now already from just anger calm, started to consider own situation. Did Zhao Hai look at these pangolins, sneer said : what? to fear? He He, I also think that your Monster Race doesn't fear death? Now I give you two roads to walk, one, submits to me, two, had been killed by me, the cramp skins!” In the eye of that pangolin, projects a hatred radiance, opening the mouth cold sound said : you can guarantee that certainly can leave behind me?” Zhao Hai laughs said : I to guarantee that certainly can leave behind you, words that does not believe that you have a look at your, you want to run, that is impossible.” The pangolin also felt that own has some savage cruel aura, he turns the head to look surprisedly, actually presently his, appears a giant insect, by that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect that Zhao Hai subdued! fighting strength of this Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, absolutely is not only inferior to the pangolin, even is seeking some aspects to be stronger, after all he was also by Space transform. Pangolin although is a Monster Race person, but they knows regarding Insect Race, Insect Race and insect Monster Race of monster is different, insect Monster Race although of monster is also Monster Race, but fighting strength is not very strong, but Insect Race, that is must fight existence of pain including Cultivation World. The Silver Back Gold-Winged insect is wins great reputation formidable Insect Race, how possible don’t know pangolin, just he to Zhao Hai, did not have what energy, now is adding on such formidable Insect Race, the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect knows, possibility that oneself have not won completely.

The heart of pangolin one was cool, he knows that today cannot ask to be good, his look at Zhao Hai said : who are you?” This pangolin in 6 Realms battlefield here already for a long time. Therefore he does not know Zhao Hai, is adding on monster there computer not that many, many Monster Race people do not like computer, therefore the pangolin has possibly heard the Zhao Hai name, but he actually does not recognize Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at pangolin. Shows a faint smile said : I to call Zhao Hai.” Heard the Zhao Hai name, pangolin has cannot help but gawked, then muttered said : originally you are Zhao Hai, so was no wonder fierce.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, is only the look at pangolin, the pangolin also knows, if he does not agree, that he dies today, between dying and submitting, he knows certainly how must choose, he is not the person of being exemplary in remaining faithful to one's husband until death, thinks one behind the [say / way] disappears, he did not have the courage to resist Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai not excessive compelling pangolin, but stands in there coldly look at he, the pangolin not bears looked at Zhao Hai one, the personal appearance moved, turned into human-shape, turned into the human-shape pangolin, looked to arrive is very ordinary, full body armor of yellow , the body to was very big, but appearance very ordinary, saw likely is a armed forces Chinese. Zhao Hai looked that the pangolin such does, knows that he has decided to submit to itself, that pangolin Jua Ding Shan submitted to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : in Master, wishing Master to give shelter.” Zhao Hai one hear of Jua Ding Shan said that nodded said : to go.” Was saying while waved to open Space rift, Jua Ding Shan has gawked, but looked in the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect that behind him eyed covetously, Jua Ding Shan can only not bear entered in Space. Jua Ding Shan from him announced that he submits to Zhao Hai at that moment starting from, his defense line at heart has broken, completely lost the rebel courage, naturally does not dare to defy the orders of Zhao Hai. Jua Ding Shan enters to Space, Space immediately transmits meets to show speaking sounds: Not yet now completely submits to Space life form enters Space, surrenders, surrenders successfully, this life form is spirit class life form, the main body is the pangolin, withdraws on the spirit the merit, join to the Space pangolin on, withdraws successfully, join succeeds, Space internal breaks mountain armor-type life form strength promotion.” Zhao Hai hears among this prompt cannot help but to show a faint smile, this prompt sound regarding him, was really too useful, now Jua Ding Shan complete submitting to him, this is the good deed. Actually in Comprehend the world here, especially Cultivation World there, cultivator, subdues one other cultivates * or other races people as his servant, is not the strange matter, but that generally is very formidable cultivator, subdues is also some compared with him and other low level people, few people will submit to the person with level, but machine wants to subdue other person is impossible, to has many machine person to be subdued.

Jua Ding Shan was subdued by Zhao Hai, this matter will cause a stir absolutely in 6 Realms battlefield here, but Zhao Hai actually could not control that many, his immediately release large quantities of Undead Creature in the here battlefield cleanup, the there also more than 30 outside Monster Race corpses waited for him to tidy up. attack of that some profound yin thunder, making several at Monster Race of explosion center, the skeleton not save, but has plenty Monster Race was also killed, but the monster body actually retained, have not died several to the present, but these Undead Creature will not mind that makes up a blade to them. These Monster Race that actually has not died, Zhao Hai can definitely put in Space, cures the wound them, is subduing them, but Zhao Hai such has not actually done, he knows that these time comes out, Yuan Jin Gang they had not obtained any advantage, was before has tidied up that several Cultivation World person, this obtained an advantage, but that advantage was really too few, if he in subdued these Monster Race, the advantage that Yuan Jin Gang they obtained on were less. Therefore Zhao Hai these time in subduing these Monster Race, but has killed these Monster Race, then loads into Space, this Jua Ding Shan let out. After Jua Ding Shan release comes, Zhao Hai not anxiously Yuan Jin Gang, just the here explosion created mine tunnel collapsing of big area, Zhao Hai has wanted to have a look, can from the collapsing place, find some soft [gold/metal]. After Jua Ding Shan release comes, Zhao Hai on look at Jua Ding Shan said : Jua Ding Shan, you in here transferred such long time, had to find the soft gold ore?” Jua Ding Shan returns to the Young Master words to Zhao Hai respectful said :, must say that this soft gold ore, we had not found, in fact the soft [gold/metal] mine here soft gold ore was few, thinks that was finding is not easy.” Zhao Hai nodded, this also in his meaning, he looked in front of own that pile of quarry stone said : you have a look in these quarry stone to have the soft gold ore, careful looking.” Jua Ding Shan complied with one, immediately started to begin to clean up these quarry stone, this piece of collapsing was really too big . Moreover the here sound also attracted many people, but many people examined in the surrounding, regarding being at the piece of region of collapsing center. Did not have the means to investigate, this arrived has given Zhao Hai opportunity. look at Jua Ding Shan is busy in there, Zhao Hai does not have the sound, he these people in attention surrounding, Yuan Jin Gang they from region of this piece of collapsing exited now, is in cavern of surrounding he. Zhao Hai was just skillful they to deliver the round [gold/metal], is feared that they will be injured accidentally, must know that the Jua Ding Shan attack strength was not weak, he has not grasped can protect all people under Jua Ding Shan attack. Simultaneously this matter also made Zhao Hai realize, strong that he have not imagined, this time, if he not Silver Back Gold-Winged insect release. Feared that is impossible to subdue Jua Ding Shan, may also make Jua Ding Shan seize the opportunity run away, Cultivation World here, no matter the person of that clan, to the Infant Stage time, really had own some methods, is not good to cope.

Monster Race in Comprehend the world, is not strongest, most naturally is the Cultivation World person, Monster Race can only be medium grade, but Jua Ding Shan was not very good to cope, cultivator of Infant Stage time if comes, that will be more formidabe, thinks of here, before Zhao Hai cannot help but in a soft voice said : looks like , was really some proud is unconventional.” Zhao Hai knows, he had run into before these Cultivation World people are not strongest, the most minimum these people have not carried on have built up Gang to enter the body, in other words, these people cannot be various Great Sect the people of Core Disciple rank, can only be Inner Disciples, like the person, he defeated did not have quite proud what. But before he has revealed 1 u his strength, had been registered in Cultivation World there, later Cultivation World must cope with him, certainly will set out some Expert, when the time comes he deals with only trouble. After having thought through this point, Zhao Hai cannot help but secretly warns itself, must be careful, after otherwise, certainly will suffer a loss. In this time, Jua Ding Shan face happy took Stone of a piece head size to walk, this Stone became shading yellow , superficially not anything specially, but actually gave people the one type of serious feeling. Jua Ding Shan hands Zhao Hai nearby said : Stone Young Master, our luck are good, suddenly had found a piece soft gold ore armor, looks at this Stone size, must refine the soft [gold/metal] the words, most at least can refine about 32.” Zhao Hai received the soft [gold/metal] ore, really starts heavily, looks like the gold content is very high, otherwise depends on such greatly selects his a piece ore, is impossible to refine 32 soft [gold/metal] to come. Zhao Hai nodded, has thrown into the in hand soft [gold/metal] ore Space conveniently, Space immediately auto-building mineral lode, he then to Jua Ding Shan said : good, work pretty good, is then looking.” Jua Ding Shan has complied with one, just about to walks, suddenly Zhao Hai face changes, bi was occupied by him hastily.!.