Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1298

Jua Ding Shan puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai deep voice said! Follows me.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, bringing Jua Ding Shan in their leave that mine tunnel to fly toward Yuan Jin Gang. Jua Ding Shan although don’t know Zhao Hai is any meaning, but he diameter complete submitting to Zhao Hai, naturally must listen to Zhao Hai now, he has followed in Zhao Hai, goes toward the forward flight. Reason that Zhao Hai such sharply toward leaving to catch up , because he presently Yuan Jin Gang they are being besieged, but besieges Yuan Jin Gang they are not soft gold ore here population many Monster Race, but is the Cultivation World person. This team of Cultivation World person has about 50 people, what lead is two sword cultivator, the strength is Expert of Infant Stage time, like the strength, Yuan Jin Gang their squads is not the match. To be honest, the matches who Yuan Jin Gang before and Cultivation World and several other Realms war, elected generally were the Core Formation time, had Expert of Infant Stage time, Yuan Jin Gang does not dare with it to be an enemy, only if were in the quantity has very big superiority to dare to provoke. But now Yuan Jin Gang this although has more than 100 people, but in the Cultivation World nose also more than 50 people, two are Wan Yingqi Expert, in this situation, Yuan Jin Gang they possibly is not the match of opposite party. However they can also support some time, but Yuan Jin Gang they really somewhat despaired now, their these time comes soft gold ore here, biggest taking advantage is actually Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai in the mine tunnel did not have appears , Yuan Jin Gang they not to dare to go to look at the situation, does not dare to walk, can only defend outside at once, has not actually thought that suddenly by this Battalion Cultivation World Expert sphering, facing these many Cultivation World Expert, Yuan Jin Gang they some despaired. However is good because of these mine tunnels that Yuan Jin Gang they behind just they came out, really incorrect words, but can also draw back toward inside, moreover their in hand also more than 50 profound yin thunder, when the time comes can also take the use. However, they do not use when necessary, because Zhao Hai there situation how they return don’t know, if braved to fall back on the mine tunnel rashly, may bring to Zhao Hai there troublesome, used the profound yin thunder is also same. Therefore at the beginning of fighting, Yuan Jin Gang ordered, no one permitted to draw back into without his order to the mine tunnel, did not permit to be advantageous with the profound yin thunder. These can only work as the attacks of these cultivator with own skill, at once complete cultivate until leeward. although has been at leeward, the staff casualties are not very big, so far, only then the person is injured, nobody died, but Yuan Jin Gang because of a happy mood, because of sword cultivator of that two Infant Stage times, had not had make a move.

That two sword cultivator are in these cultivator strongest fighting strength, their make a move, Yuan Jin Gang their here some can not withstand, if their make a move, that really ended. Moreover Yuan Jin Gang also looked, these time with these people that in they fought, has plenty was sword cultivator, had the possibility very much they are same Sect, specially ran up to soft gold ore here to come the smelting trial, but his Yuan Jin Gang and machine these people, but was their smelting trial objects. although clearly know this point, but Yuan Jin Gang is a point cannot actually be mad, because this is the 6 Realms battlefield here reality, your strength, you can regard pig dog same slaughtering others, your strength is weak, that person can only turn into the pig dog, lets the person to slaughter. Is good because of machine these people, has with the experience that the Cultivation World person fights, goes into action also some tomb person methodicalness, this can block cultivate attack of these people. At this moment, Yuan Jin Gang notes that two Infant Stage times sword cultivator suddenly looks toward their behind mine tunnels, Yuan Jin Gang moves at heart, paid attention to have oneself behind mine tunnel, he knows that his cultivation level was inferior that two Infant Stage times Expert, Expert of that two Infant Stage times, certainly was present anything, this will pay attention to his behind mine tunnel, what if in the mine tunnel came out was Zhao Hai said fortunately, if were not Zhao Hai, what Yuan Jin Gang has not dared to imagine that to be result. Yuan Jin Gang feels in mine tunnel to have two people to fly luckily before long outward, but in which Zhao Hai, but another person is makes Zhao Hai somewhat unable to understand, before that person unexpectedly is, by that team of Monster Race people in that Infant Stage time Expert that they cause heavy losses to? What's all this about? Will Zhao Hai Lou walk with that Monster Race person in together? In he is puzzled time, Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan flew from the mine tunnel, Zhao Hai looks at outside situation, Magic Formation of several thousand overlay lost directly, compelling to draw back these Cultivation World people, Yuan Jin Gang their also seize the opportunity removed Zhao Hai. Fell back on Zhao Hai Yuan Jin Gang also specially to look at Jua Ding Shan one, he presently Jua Ding Shan is standing in Zhao Hai, looked like looks like the Zhao Hai servant is the same, this presently makes Yuan Jin Gang shake at heart. But Yuan Jin Gang the experienced person, his strength possibly does not dare, but the vision is absolutely high enough, he looks at the Jua Ding Shan appearance, knew Jua Ding Shan certainly subduing by Zhao Hai, will otherwise not have such performance.

To be honest, this seems like the normal result, Yuan Jin Gang is actually some does not believe that because of his very clear, if Zhao Hai achieves this point, then on was too scary, is the person of Infant Stage time, he can actually subdue another person, that absolutely in holding to crush under the xing superiority, what is not so is impossible to subdue the opposite party. Yuan Jin Gang is thinking these times, reason that Cultivation World these cultivator also stopped the attack, Cultivation World there stops attacking, because sword cultivator of that two Infant Stage times presently Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan strength is also Expert of Infant Stage time, in this case, they have to order to stop attacking, if letting these Core Formation cultivator attacks, was courting death on equal to. That two sword cultivator also noted Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan this pair of somewhat strange combination, observed a meeting, one in that two sword cultivator, who look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : „were you? In Cultivation World had not heard has probably your this character? Report wrist?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, toward micro one bows to that sword, gave a salute said : „below Zhao Hai, has seen two, wants to come below name, two should also hear, don’t know two are that cultivator? Whether to keep a given name?” That two sword cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai this saying to have gawked, they had certainly heard the Zhao Hai name writes, this time 6 Realms new person big game, Cultivation World had been snatched first by Zhao Hai, how this matter they can not hear, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai arrived at 6 Realms battlefield here unexpectedly. That sword cultivator look at Zhao Hai of speech, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said :hall long old Zhou Fang below Jiange, this in Junior Brother Song azure|cyan.,... Zhao Hai nodded said : not to think that has met cultivator of Jiange in here unexpectedly, is really honored, this below servant Jua Ding Shan.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Jua Ding Shan is his servant, those present shakes, the although has plenty people have thought this[ answered] case, when this[ answered] when case, said from the mouth of Zhao Hai, they were startled. On the face of Jua Ding Shan to does not have what change, but has held holding the fist in the other hand to the proper and Song azure|cyan, the proper they actually do not dare to neglect, holds the fist in the other hand to return salute hastily. although said that Jua Ding Shan is a servant, but he is actually Expert of Infant Stage time, is similar to their levels, Comprehend the world here spoke by the strength, if they, because Jua Ding Shan was a servant on underestimated he, that offended Jua Ding Shan, offended Expert of Infant Stage time, was not the good deed. Looked that after both sides see exchanging greetings, Zhao Hai rubbish, deep voice said : what appearance soft gold ore here is, everyone/Great Clan is well aware, attack our aircraft person, what I will not say, has opportunity naturally to return, but today actually obviously and not suitable, was inferior that the everyone/Great Clan respective retreat, doesn't know week mister what do you think?”

The proper and Song azure|cyan listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, they have not thought Zhao Hai said was so direct, they looked at one mutually, has exchanged the look, then Song azure|cyan turned the head mister to say to Zhao Hai said : that naturally was very reasonable, to wants to compare notes with mister below, didn't know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai one hear of Song azure|cyan said that cannot help but laughs said : well, naturally is good, below already wants with sword cultivator that Cultivator manages well compares notes, remembers that previous time participates in Ox Cunsai in Yellow Sand-Star there, happen to meets on Jiange people Yellow Sand-Star the smelting trial, but was a pity that time actually in the friend with Jiange brushed past, takes as the entire life regrettable matter below, today can competes with one or two in here and Jiange Inner Sect elder, really in the good fortune of below.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that proper and Song azure|cyan in saying anything, Song azure|cyan went forward one step, look at Zhao Hai said : „, since mister said that offended below, the mister oak was careful.” Zhao Hai often smiled said : Song mister please! Song azure|cyan not polite, hand moved, sword in the scabbard, fierce departure, a sword punctured toward Zhao Hai, this thorn looked like ordinary, probably did not have any special place, but Zhao Hai actually knows that this sword he could not hide, if he has hidden, Yuan Jin Gang they will actually have bad luck, because on Song azure|cyan this sword was bringing very intense Berserk Qi, obviously his also quantification built up Gang to enter the body the person. Zhao Hai two eyes flash of cold light, in void, the fierce treading previous step, then a fist strike leaves, fist shape Qi Strength hit toward the Song green sword on, this fist is different from fist force that past Zhao Hai hit, in this half, brought massive Berserk Qi. Zhao Hai is in itself also concentrates Gang to enter Expert of body, but before him, opposes the enemy, had not used Berserk Qi, Berserk Qi can increase the attack strength, he prepares to remain is taking the card in a hand, but actually has to use now, because Song azure|cyan was also one concentrates Gang to enter Expert of body, if he were only ordinary fist force, feared that could not block Song azure|cyan this sword! Their this move side was quick, blinks fist force and sword has hit in together, listened tobang, a loud sound, cavern shook several to shake, but in has not collapsed well. A dust falls, wind that but quick came out by Zhao Hai blowing off, but Song azure|cyan sword returned to in his behind scabbard, Zhao Hai also has also stood in there has not moved, they are looking at the opposite party mutually, suddenly laughs, then Song azure|cyan held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : „ the mister good method, asked for advice below, how today arrives at here?!.