Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1299

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to say! Is so best, mister invited.” Song azure|cyan in one time held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, then waved, leading these cultivator to walk, waited for many people to walk, Yuan Jin Gang then relaxed, his immediately arrived at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this was?” He does not dare to have anything to disrespect to Jua Ding Shan, who knew is Jua Ding Shan the Zhao Hai servant, he is polite.[] Zhao Hai turns the head to show a faint smile „the servant who to Yuan Jin Gang said : this is I receives newly, Jua Ding Shan, Jua Ding Shan, this is machine Yuan Jin Gang Captain.” Jua Ding Shan held the fist in the other hand said : already to hear that to Yuan Jin Gang the Yuan Jin Gang given name, meets today fortunately, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting.” Yuan Jin Gang brain look at Jua Ding Shan that a ritual, actually still some have not been able to believe that other person also look at Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan, nobody has spoken. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : Captain, let's go, otherwise met the here person to be getting more and more, may have the trouble, was right, these gave you.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, corpse book of one group of Monster Race people threw the ground. Yuan Jin Gang looked at one underground these corpse one, looked at Jua Ding Shan one, presently Jua Ding Shan does not have what extraordinary performance, did not have to say anything, received these Monster Race corpses, deep voice said : walked, just sound was too big, brought in the person easily.” The people naturally do not have what meaning, follows Yuan Jin Gang turn around, leave here. But after Song Qingling people leave of Jiange, just had transferred two curved, face changes, the originally ruddy red painted-face, one becomes pale, the personal appearance also gently in a flash, the hand turned, has put out medicine pill swallowed down. Appearance that the proper saw Song azure|cyan, cannot help but greatly surprised, did he hastily hold Song Qingluo to arrive at the ground, said : What happened? has suffered a loss?” Song azure|cyan nodded, has smiled bitterly next step: „ Negligent has not thought that Zhao Hai also congealed Gang to enter the body unexpectedly, just fought, eats slightly to owe to want me to think that this Zhao Hai strength also all retained certainly, otherwise was impossible unable to stand Jua Ding Shan, that Jua Ding Shan I have heard, he in Monster Race was known as that five Ding Kaishan, the strength was not weak, has not actually thought by Zhao Hai surrendering. The proper nodded said : to hear Jua Ding Shan is a pangolin monster, defends extremely powerful, is adding on two sharp claws attack strength to be astonishing, is hard to deal with Monster Race, has not thought of continually such person surrendering by Zhao Hai.” Song azure|cyan has smiled bitterly next step: Reason that it seems like we were underestimated the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai just have not begun to us, was because our two both were Infant Stage time Expert, today what if leads was only a person, feared that is Zhao Hai will be impolite.” The proper frowns said : how this Zhao Hai also don’t know to practice, heard that his ascend is about one year, has such strength, really makes the person unable to think.” Song azure|cyan knits the brows said : machine suddenly appears character this that did not have the sea to want regarding our Cultivation World, was really not the good deed, you looked that we do want to ask Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to come Zhao Hai tidying up?” The proper knit the brows said : I to look or consider as finished, first did not say we can please obtain Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, even if were we welcome to be able to be what kind of? Can tidy up Zhao Hai not to say Zhao Hai but really now machine treasure, if him except, machine certainly will not give really up, you also know, machine these fellow normally not making a sound, but must spell to assign really actually like is Lunatic, I looked that little provoke to wonderfully, after all our Jiange is not top Great Sect these matters makes these Great Sect worry.” Song azure|cyan grew. Air/Qi said : well, this matter makes these Great Sect worry about us also to go back, now my strength is damaged, cannot stay in soft gold ore here, will otherwise probably incur the loss that cannot imagine, do not forget, they are the elites in my Jiange, if lost, that was a pity.” Proper floating astronomy network disciple, nodded said : well, walks, drew back to say.” Said that they are leading audiences Jiange disciple leave soft [gold/metal] mine, flies toward the Cultivation World map on.

But Zhao Hai they did not have leave soft [gold/metal] mine here now, after leave that piece of region, looked for cavern first, one has injured to these injured rules by people. Is good because of these people are the flesh wounds, is not very serious, processed the injuries of these people, what to do Yuan Jin Gang arrived at together to discuss next to Zhao Hai Liu Zhenjiao. Yuan Jin Gang deep voice said : just this, the sound made that was a little big, feared that was soft gold ore here Monster Race had to be vigilant, I thought we should leave here, after going back, was finding the way to tidy up Elven Race these fellows, opinion that 1 Little Hai, called?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to have what opinion, goes back also well, soft gold ore here was really too dangerous, we just came such long time, on the war of root edge, this obviously was not a good place, now we have also tidied up many Monster Race, went back to be also OK.” Liu Zhen also nodded said : to go back also well, do not look that our people are many, but hits, but also is really not the matches of these fellows, after going back, Zhao Hai you grasp the time to help us refine weapon, like this next time comes out, much several points of energy.” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : your this fellow to is impolite, but Little Hai, this matter you must help, this to the brothers was really too important.” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally, this is busy at me certainly helping, everyone/Great Clan does not need to be worried, but must reach an agreement, my in hand may not have what material, this material solution wants you to leave.” Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen laugh, they know certainly that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, the words that three people spoke have not lowered the sound, therefore other people also heard, heard that the Zhao Hai agreement refines weapon to them, their ji moves very much. Several people have reached an agreement, has rested some time in cavern, this leave soft [gold/metal] mine, had Zhao Hai to show the way, their this all the way naturally is peaceful, has not run into any enemy, after leaving soft [gold/metal] mine, the people circled returned to these tunnels of beforehand rest, in there rest one day well, then left to walk toward a machine domain. This they to run into some several other Realms people all the way, but the population are not many, most is also several 20, sees Zhao Hai their this Battalion people, turn around avoided. Zhao Hai they have not pursued them to think that in now quick returned to machine domain, recuperation well, then in looks for the trouble of Elven Race. After the flight of several days, they entered machine finally partly controlled area several people also to relax, here although was not the machine domain, however partly was controlling area here, their securities also had have certainly guaranteed, near that after all left, they can ask the machine lock mountain defense line person to support them. Yuan Jin Gang is collapsing tightly the nerve also finally loosened a point, this time he is anxious, because in these people, only then he went to soft [gold/metal] mine there, but that was also the two years ago matters, this time has not actually thought soft [gold/metal] mine there two years ago was more dangerous.

Was good came back because of them safely, moreover there is not a small harvest, did not say other, was only that more than 30 Monster Race corpse, they greatly gained. Yuan Jin Gang looked at all around one, to following to smile said : I always to feel in his Zhao Hai that our Cultivation World domain, is better than other places.” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, deep voice said : looked thing of own family is always good, but our machine truly compared with other place, most at least in 6 Realms battlefield here, a machine person unite compared with the several other Realms person.” Yuan Jin Gang take deep breaths, nodded said : „, must mention united, several other Realms person also real can't compare with our machine person, our machine person, relying on this unity protect such big a piece domain, for protect this a piece domain, our machine every year will have paid several thousand human life sometimes meets casualties over ten thousand people.” Zhao Hai sighed, had not been saying that anything in this time, suddenly front has been transmitting onebangbang, the explosive sound, Zhao Hai they gawked, then face changed, because they could hear, this explosive sound, the direction that was at from the Vajra camp transmits. Yuan Jin Gang immediately/on horseback said : 1 Little Hai, you go back to have a look quickly, did some people project on our main house gate? The mother, is who is so bold, goes into my Yuan Jin Gang place to cause trouble unexpectedly? Doesn't want to live?” Zhao Hai complied with one, personal appearance moved goes toward the forward flight, actually he did not need Vajra camp there to know that was who in attack there, a Monster Race person! The strength of Infant Stage time, currently several camp near Vajra camp, had large quantities of people to hurry, has been fighting with that Monster Race person, that Monster Race person also has appeared the true body, big Old Mouse! Saw this big Old Mouse wants, Zhao Hai almost knows why this Monster Race wanted attack lock mountain defense line here, this big Old Mouse, certainly was Hao Donglai any elder, presently Hao Donglai was killed, this walked. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, status not general that it seems like east that exceed comes, otherwise this big Old Mouse will not get the gate, since came, do not walk. Jua Ding Shan has followed in the Zhao Hai side, their is quick, before long approached Vajra camp there, now Vajra camp there has lived it up, a Magic Formation artillery artillery in castle was only big Old Mouse to hit to that the person who other castles came, stood in there is alerting, or distant was only big Old Mouse to shoot Sword Qi to that nobody rushed with that is only big Old Mouse to go all out. It seems like these machine people, dealt with this scene to experience very much, but, but that was only big has not actually confronted to lock the mountain there garrison troops that Old Mouse although scurried about to cause the damage of way too gigantic, obviously that was only big Old Mouse, when has not entered to lock mountain frontline, already present. Zhao Hai sees this situation, knows that today's matter feared did not have the means friendly, this big Old Mouse in this case still did not draw back, does not want to machine demonstration of authority, to be because Hao Donglai status was too special, if before were , the one type of situation, Zhao Hai will not let off him, if after were , the one type of situation, that this big Old Mouse cannot retreat, otherwise he went back to fear that could not obtain well. At this time that was only big Old Mouse mouth, the poisonous sand of two groups of black , pounded toward the castle, Magician immediately/on horseback release Magic in castle, several Magician simultaneously used Magic, poisonous Sand Zhengza on Magic, heard an intermittent explosive sound, the although poisonous sand crushed several Magic Formation, however the Magic Formation quantity was really too many, finally was blocked. But was calling that is only big Old Mouse attack time, castle there Warrior also immediately/on horseback leaves Sword Qi, flushes away toward him on, but that is only big Old Mouse not to pay attention to such attack obviously, protective shield has not put, has only met with the body.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted said : „does who dare to cause trouble to our aircraft domain?” Said he and Jua Ding Shan quick flies toward Vajra camp there. That is only big Old Mouse also to feel that Zhao Hai imposing manner was uncommon, his personal appearance moved, has fallen back on a safe place, changed into human-shape, the direction that look at Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan came. Before long Zhao Hai with Jua Ding Shan appears , in that was only big nearby Old Mouse hundred meters place, Zhao Hai sizes up that to be only big human-shape that Old Mouse turns into, this is a middle-aged person, the long small eyebrow aperture, a pair of artillery tooth disburses outside net, two ears are also very big, a white robe, appearance very laughable. That Old Mouse is also sizing up Zhao Hai and Jua Ding Shan, he noticed that Jua Ding Shan has cannot help but gawked, then squawk said : Jua Ding Shan, you how in here?” Jua Ding Shan looked at that Old Mouse one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this person is Hao Sand, the nickname poisonous gerbil, a member of monster Hao, Hao is a medium grade influence in monster, heard in their Clan to have two becomes Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, this Hao Sand by hiding shortcomings to become famous in monster, but he in Hao was also only a Inner Sect elder, cannot be the core member.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Hao Sand said :Hao Sand, who gives your courage, runs up to our machine place to circle to cause trouble unexpectedly? Don't you want to live?,... Hao Sand squawk laughs said : my world, I want to go to there to go to there, you calculate any thing, tubing my matter.” „Does bastard, dare so to speak with Young Master? I extinguished you today.” Said that Jua Ding Shan must begin, was actually waved to give to prevent by Zhao Hai. Hao Sand also noted their movement, his face cannot help but changed. Jua Ding Shan he is the understanding, five Ding Kaishan, in Monster Race also will be No. 1 character, but Jua Ding Shan his Clan, he has not been in monster a Clan Outer Sect elder, must mention the status to come, he compared with Hao Shacha a point, but the strength will not actually go to that compared with Hao Shacha. The character like Jua Ding Shan, will actually listen to Zhao Hai, because his a few words must fight him, because of a Zhao Hai hand signal, bearing does not have make a move, this made Hao Sand dread to Zhao Hai. although said rampancy that Hao Sand just words said that that was probing Zhao Hai, now he sees the Jua Ding Shan action, the look cannot help but shrinks, at heart the Zhao Hai danger coefficient in an enhancement.!.