Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1300

Zhao Hai look at Hao Sand, shows a faint smile said : Hao Sand, I am very curious, why are you so are crazy? Depending on your strength? To be honest, I want to subdue you, making you also my servant, but I change the mind now, I do not want to subdue the person, I must turn into my Undead Creature the person, like treating Hao Donglai treats you.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that on Hao Sand face appears the wild with rage expression, his sharp multi- said : „said that east my grandson comes to be killed by you really? Zhao Hai, I want you dead, everyone who I want your side dies.[] The Zhao Hai look at Hao Sand appearance, coldly snorted said : you did not have opportunity, Jua Ding Shan, began.” Jua Ding Shan was already waiting for Zhao Hai these words, one hear of Zhao Hai said that he complied with one, the personal appearance moved, went toward Hao Shapu, before him threw, he turned into a giant pangolin. Hao Sand looked at Jua Ding Shan to begin, will be naturally impolite, the personal appearance moved to pass on huge Old Mouse, Jua Ding Shan threw, they quickly in airborne exchange hands. Must say that fight between this Monster Race, comes compared with its several clans, appears frigid, because of Monster Race ** formidable, the general fight, is near body war, especially fights between two Monster Race, fight give priority to by near body, appears frigid. A mouse Yijia, gathers in the Space fighting number, but they are tie, no one has profited, Jua Ding Shan scale was hit to wipe out several pieces, but Hao Sand losing also wiped out much. although these gather looks like ting is frigid, but truly they are probing, not true going all out, but Hao Sand must branch out a large part of energy to pay attention to Zhao Hai. The exceed sand has not seen Zhao Hai make a move, but Jua Ding Shan he knows that regarding Zhao Hai his also have some understanding, Zhao Hai is person of the ascend, does not have what influence in Comprehend the world here, must therefore say that Zhao Hai oppressed others by the potential tidies up Jua Ding Shan, has not oppressed others by the potential that Hao Sand did not believe subdues, that can only be in the fight surrenders. Just these dodged to fight, the nation sand knew Jua Ding Shan strength, was not weaker than him even in defense also compared with him on many, in this case Zhao Hai can still surrender him, from one side has proven the Zhao Hai strength. Hao Sand cannot help but somewhat regretted now, if just he retreated, possibly also has opportunity of life, now he wants to draw back also late. However Hao Sand just dares to speak the last words with Zhao Hai, has the energy, his energy because of his also card in a hand in hand, but this card in a hand is actually Magical Artifact. The Monster Race person little uses Magical Artifact, but this did not express that they will not use Magical Artifact, in fact many Monster Cultivator also uses Magical Artifact sometimes after all, Magical Artifact truly can become a big boost, moreover along with time's show, uses Magical Artifact Monster Cultivator to be also getting more and more.

But Monster Cultivator uses Magical Artifact and Cultivation World cultivator is not quite same, cultivator Magical Artifact generally is has plenty, with according to the different situations, they will choose some corresponding Magical Artifact to use, but Life Source Magical Artifact is few use Monster Cultivator uses Magical Artifact, generally actually does not pay attention to the quantity, but attention quality. although Monster Cultivator cannot regard Life Source Magical Artifact to practice Magical Artifact, but they regarding attention degree of Magical Artifact quality, even possible cultivator. Monster Race refines the Magical Artifact technology is inferior to cultivator however them refines Magical Artifact earnest degree, has actually wanted cultivator, each Magical Artifact they strive for perfection, strive to achieve well. In the use of Magical Artifact, Monster Race and cultivator are different, cultivator will make war generally will use Magical Artifact all kinds of Magical Artifact run all over the place, but Monster Race will make war generally, will be near in military strategy sometimes is regarded hidden weapon to use, to play the effect of by them defeating the enemy by a surprise attack. But but Hao Sand in hand this Magical Artifact exactly said extraordinarily that what his in hand is Demonic Artifact, but this Demonic Artifact is actually not the Demon Realm there Continent goods, but is he, when an exploration, on very bleak planet presently, has simple Cave Mansion on that planet, in Cave Mansion has one to have the skeleton, a sand obtained Demonic Artifact in there. Demonic Artifact and Magical Artifact some different, although is used to kill people, but Demonic Artifact in the process of refinement, will have the wound day , the refinements of some Demonic Artifact, sometimes needs massive living person to come the sacrificial offering, but also because of this refinement method, making the Demonic Artifact attack strength often also want on strong some compared with Magical Artifact. But Hao Sand in hand that Demonic Artifact, was actually Might even bigger antiquity Demonic Artifact, but must use that Demonic Artifact, the price was not small, therefore Hao Sand has been useless, although was useless, but he to this Demonic Artifact was very confident. Antiquity Magical Artifact and antiquity Demonic Artifact, only saved several in entire Comprehend the world, but first had moving mountains huge powerful energy, Hao Sand has also tried his Demonic Artifact Might, make a move shovelled huge mountain evenly, obviously big of its Might. Moreover the Demonic Artifact that Hao Sand obtains, modeling also very unusual, looks like some looks like Buddhist people the crescent moon shovel that likes using, but shovel Ghost Qi is all over the body dense, understood at a glance that is not thing of good way of doing things. Because has this Magical Treasure in the hand, department sand such has the energy, sees two Infant Stage times obviously Expert, still dares to clamor this world nowhere not to go. Zhao Hai naturally is don’t know these, but he has not actually treated it lightly, before Hao Sand , the rampant appearance, he also saw, Zhao Hai and all kinds of enemies have fought, these rampant enemies, often have their card in a hand, is adding on Zhao Hai character that what enemy, no matter, can be careful, making him not relax the concern over Hao sand.

Hao Sand and Jua Ding Shan fought several rounds, they also mutually had the victory and defeat, but Zhao Hai not because of but like this happy, before this Hao Sand, was so rampant, now begins, but has fought an evenness with Jua Ding Shan, but also did worse, some were not right, Zhao Hai cannot help but paid attention to him. Also looked at several times to gather, looked at Hao Sand still in there and Jua Ding Shan dogfight, the Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, he knows that Hao Sand was certainly guarding against him, moreover he can affirm that Hao Sand certain have any room for maneuver, otherwise a normal person in this case, should be is finding the way to withdraw, now his an appearance of withdrawing does not have, this sufficiently showed that his in hand card in a hand was very big, making him have enough energy such to do. Zhao Hai thinks, suddenly waved join to the regiment, but also fully, but took Liquid Silver Staff, uses Magic that several thousand have superimposed. Magic although of ten thousand overlay are formidable, but thinks that is constituting anything to threaten to Infant Stage bright Expert is actually impossible, therefore Zhao Hai such procedure, is plays doing that sao harasses to use at most. Hao Sand has been waiting for Zhao Hai make a move actually, melts also wants to have a look at the Zhao Hai strength, best striking to have killed Zhao Hai, after all his these time comes to give Hao Donglai revenges, but Zhao Hai is his personal enemy. Zhao Hai puts several Magic continually, although has not injured to Hao Sand, let Hao sand aspect back, Hao Sand also knows that was the time begins. Because Zhao Hai, when uses Magic, was very near to their regiments. Thinks of here, Hao Sand two eyes flash of cold light, then calls out one, then an all over the body jet black crescent moon shovels appears in his side, strikes toward Zhao Hai. This crescent moon shovel moves, spike ghost cries immediately/on horseback resounds, on the shovel pole of this crescent moon shovel is each and every one resembles the joint same stage, is similar to long pole that Dry-Bone splicing becomes, in place that the crescent moon and shovel pole dock, is growing ghost's head of long fang, looks like fierce fearsome. Zhao Hai sees this month the tooth shovel time, felt that the uncommon place of this shovel, this shovel let have the feeling of one type of very dangerous unexpectedly. Zhao Hai sinks to drink one, in hand Magic Staff throws outward, Magic Staff increases instantaneously, welcomed toward the crescent moon shovel, Zhao Hai this time started Magical Artifact in entire Liquid Silver, in entire Liquid Silver present Zhao Hai can simultaneously start about three hundred thousand Magic Formation, but these Magic Formation very formidable, Zhao Hai can arrange at will. This is Zhao Hai after Liquid Silver makes, the time starts fully, these three hundred thousand Magic Formation, is many by attack give priority to, inside has used massive vibrate Magic Formation, the overlay results that these vibrate Magic Formation produce, making the Magic Staff attack strength become geometrical time of increase.

Bang, a loud sound. Magic Staff and crescent moon shovel hit together, Liquid Silver Magic Staff is hit goes toward retreat, the body of Zhao Hai also shook has shaken, because of him according to control Magical Artifact Magic Staff of method use, therefore these has also had the vibration to him, although Zhao Hai has overestimated this crescent moon to shovel, but he presently somewhat has underestimated, just these clashed, has also produced not small vibrate to his mind, if were not his mind compared with effect formidable, feared that was the present oneself has undergone the heavy wound. Zhao Hai like this, Hao Sand also very arrived at that to go, after the crescent moon shovel was also hit often, turns, Hao Sand is such as the bad thunder stroke, a blood has spat, then the personal appearance cannot maintain downward falls, Jua Ding Shan that will let off this opportunity, comes up two fingernails to scratch and tear the throat of Hao sand, but Hao Sand is point rebel does not have continually, toward fell to the ground dies. Zhao Hai dignified reclamation Liquid Silver, simultaneously beckons, has also attained in hand that stick crescent moon shovel, this crescent moon shovel in Liquid Silver under strikes fully, actually does not have silk bold damaged, sufficiently could look at his location of formidable. Afterward left one group of black gas, turned into Undead Creature to receive Hao Sand, this careful was sizing up this month tooth shovel, this month the tooth shovelled Ghost Qi to be dense, very scary, but started is not sleep is very heavy, felt that probably was not made of metal, however pound gently, can actually leave the metal same sound, transporting makes Zhao Hai feel to this crescent moon shovel curiously. Zhao Hai turns the hand, has fed in Space crescent moon shovel, making Cai'er attain Universal Analyzer there to analyze, what result has a look to analyze. The Zhao Hai book thinks that so formidable weapon, certainly will have existence of Artifact Spirit, after he delivers to this weapon Space presently has actually made a mistake, if there is Artifact Spirit, Space will certainly have the prompt sound, but Space does not have no prompt now, in other words this weapon does not have Spiritual Artifact. Does not have Artifact Spirit weapon unexpectedly such formidable, this makes Zhao Hai more curious, he also really wants to know that Analyzer there will carry on what kind of analysis to this weapon.!.