Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1301
The back of Chapter 227 crescent moon shovel However did not have, when Zhao Hai hears result, the people in Vajra camp welcomed, what flies in the forefront is Wuyang, this Wuyang these days already with Zhao Hai ho \; n was very ripe, their relationship are also good, therefore he, when flew first. Zhao Hai look at him to come, showed a faint smile, moved forward to meet somebody, Wuyang opened the arm, Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, has opened the arm, the hug that they made an effort, has also laughed. Some little time two talented people loosen, several other people also come with Zhao Hai to hug with the person who Zhao Hai got to know each other well, Zhao Hai felt, their ji very moved. These people do not have means ji not to move, their strength although are not strong, however their visions have, all people know that Hao Sand is Expert of Infant Stage time. Before also had Expert of Infant Stage time to attack a machine domain, machine has only been able to deal with the huge-crowd strategy, nobody can in the one-to-one situation, defeat the Infant Stage time Expert, but Zhao Hai has actually achieved, although cannot say is one-to-one, but actually striking to have killed the opposite party, this is an extraordinary result. Some little time people calm slightly, Wuyang look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Captain?” Zhao Hai smiles said : in behind, they spent slowly, presently here has the matter, made me catch up first.” Wuyang nodded „the rapidness that said : you come fortunately, perhaps otherwise our here will have the casualty, walks, goes advanced, other greeted with several other battalions of support staff.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, entered the Vajra camp with Wuyang, cleans to shout with several other battalions of people, because beforehand Yuan Jin Gang brought Zhao Hai to go to several other battalions of camp to look, therefore several other battalions of people know Zhao Hai. These people is a support, naturally cannot ask them such to leave, Wuyang kept them, at the same time takes care is preparing to eat \; first, to thank these supports their people, two they prepare to Yuan Jin Gang. The 6 Realms battlefield here although danger, however here allowance that had not said that aircraft formation gives up very much, drinking that anything eats was high grade thing, although said cannot with these Great Noble with compared, but also comparing favorably with machine in ordinary families.

In the Wuyang busy partners time, Yuan Jin Gang they also came back, looked at Yuan Jin Gang to come back, Wuyang moving forward to meet somebody of their happy, did not need Zhao Hai to make noise, they first said to Yuan Jin Gang the process of fight. Yuan Jin Gang heard what was why Hao Sand on understand is, heard that Zhao Hai Hao Sand butchering, him had not said anything, the Zhao Hai procedure was just right for his intent, if he, he also Hao Sand butchering, naturally, if he had that ability. Yuan Jin Gang with Zhao Hai polite anything, not having made Wuyang then take care to eat, simultaneously gives the place that Liu Zhen they arrange, his camp is not small, these time comes these many people also to suffice. Liu Zhen their although has own defense area, however their motions generally are very free, in adding on own camp also kept many enough person protections, nothing on Yuan Jin Gang here dull several days. Liu Zhendai does not walk in here, naturally to let Zhao Hai helps them refine weapon, but person are now many, has not said this time. Yuan Jin Gang acted, calls the people of these hollow piece of jade support to drink one immediately the liquor, this sent off these people, when the person walked, the day was almost also dark, Yuan Jin Gang their these days rushed to bo truly to be also exhausted, early went back to rest, but the Zhao Hai actually flashes body entered Space. Cai'er just had carried on the analysis crescent moon shovel to that however the result of analysis is disappoints Zhao Hai, but also lets his some excited, because of the Analyzer prompt sound, is he has not heard for a long time a few words your level is insufficient, is unable to carry on comprehensively to this weapon will analyze, can only give cào to make the method probably, Host whether needs?” Such prompt content, Zhao Hai for sometime had not heard, his present level is 100 eight Level 10, this level does not lower absolutely, in this case, still does not have the means to analyze this weapon, that sufficiently showed that this weapon formidable degree, this information regarding Zhao Hai, somewhat has been really happy and worried at the same time. What is happy obtained formidable weapon, what sorrow was, this weapon was not the Comprehend the world here product, don’t know came from there evidently likely. This crescent moon shovel, 6 Realms battlefield here, all these in telling Zhao Hai, possibly has compared with Comprehend the world more formidable Interface, the there person possibly control like former Lu Wei control God Realm there Comprehend the world here, if is really such, after that Zhao Hai , the enemy who runs into can formidable. Zhao Hai now equal to is Expert of Comprehend the world here Infant Stage time, because there is Space, he can be said as in the Infant Stage time invincible existence, but compared with Infant Stage time higher 1st level Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Zhao Hai has not met, don’t know is fierce to any degree.

However Zhao Hai believes that his Universal Analyzer, can analyze Comprehend the world there best weapon fully, that feared that is the Cultivation World Great Sect mén there town sends Magical Treasure is also same. Moreover Comprehend the world here, no matter Cultivation World Magical Artifact or Demon Realm Demonic Artifact, so long as takes make a move, can in machine online looks up, before , lost these, can look up clearly. But in these Magical Artifact, without one mentioned that crescent moon shovel, Zhao Hai very clear, this crescent moon shovel will certainly not compare Cultivation World there the treasure of any town faction to be bad, may be stronger very much, because Zhao Hai is self-confident, Cultivation World the treasures of these town factions, if were taking by cultivator of Infant Stage time, hits with Liquid Silver of three hundred thousand overlay, even if were not ruined, by heavy injury, but this root crescent moon stick actually matter, this on fully has not explained his formidable. This all sorts of evidence showed that this crescent moon shovel does not belong to Cultivation World weapon, thought of here, Zhao Hai horse Ru turned into Undead Creature Hao Sand to call, Hao Sand although is Undead Creature, but changes the ability of body still presently, now he turned into the appearance of person, respectful standing in there. Jua Ding Shan also entered Space with Zhao Hai, is standing in the one side, he now already complete by Space surrendering, Zhao Hai had naturally not feared that makes him know the Space matter, during with Hao sand fights, Jua Ding Shan also received a wound, his scale wiped out much, Zhao Hai leads him to Space, also to give his wound treatment. Laura several people also sit in there them now have not looked at computer, but in research that pendulum in the crescent moon shovel of ground. although this crescent moon shovel looks like Ghost Qi is dense, but already saw Laura of skeleton they not to feel the fear, instead to is shovels very curious to this crescent moon. Zhao Hai look at Hao Sand, referred to the crescent moon of ground shovelling said : Hao Sand, this thing can you come from there?” Hao Sand said : returns to the Young Master words, this thing I obtain in a desolated planet dòng palace, in that dòng palace besides this weapon, a cultivator skeleton, I obtained this crescent moon shovel from the good cultivator side, analyzes from that cultivator skeleton, he was possibly seriously injured, incurable and death.” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : you not to find out that cultivator status?” Hao Sand shook the head said : „unable to look up, that cultivator side any cannot show that his status thing, but his body does not even have including Space equipment, only then a crescent moon shovel places there, but on that person originally should put on defense type Magic Garment, I on his skeleton present some Magic Garment fragments, but from the fragment is not only able to see that Magic Garment is there produces, skeleton also very strange of that person, his Bone cuns (2.5cm) break, looks like fearsomeness.”

Zhao Hai nodded, is deep during thought that this matter has certainly the strangeness, this shovels very formidable the crescent moon, uses this not to miss that to go the person of crescent moon shovel, Bone cuns (2.5cm) break that however such character, actually hit, is this what kind type attack? But what is most fearful, the person who this Bone all broken, can run away to these planet on unexpectedly dies, this person of strength is also Zhao Hai imagination. Zhao Hai believes that the person of use crescent moon shovel is runs away to that planet on, otherwise his enemy will not put such formidable weapon not to take away, why does not have Space equipment as for that person, this is really not good to reply that perhaps he is Space Divergent Warlock , perhaps his Space equipment link fell. These have the possibility. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai gains ground to Hao Sand said : Hao Sand, did you process that person of skeleton? Now can also find?” Zhao Hai wants to have a look at the skeleton of that person with own eyes, comes the further understanding one that person. Hao Sand said : returns to the Young Master words, because small took this weapon, prepared putting body in coffin the skeleton of that person, however small bumped his skeleton, his skeleton changed the flying ash, these Magic Garment fragments were also same, not having the means to make Young Master you look.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this weapon Might very big, you just in the fight, why most from the beginning did not use, if you use most from the beginning, Jua Ding Shan feared that is undead also meets the severe wound.” Hao Sand said : returns to Young Master, this weapon by my present strength, but also does not have means complete cào to control, each use, will consume careful massive Spiritual Qi, meanwhile will cause certain damage to my mind, moreover cannot often cào of time vertical, otherwise injures meets getting bigger and bigger, therefore I had not used.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time Cai'er also took Analyzer there to analyze, made this weapon method jiao to give Zhao Hai about simple cào, Zhao Hai brought looked that face cannot help but changed, this weapon cào did, is more difficult than wanting that he imagined, moreover request of this weapon Divine Power regarding Spiritual Qi and jing was very high, can say that Zhao Hai obtained this weapon, did not have the means to use, if used , can only like Hao Sand, as strike the weapon use that must kill, but Zhao Hai had Liquid Silver, simply does not need this weapon, to be able. Said that this weapon regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is existence of ji rib. Zhao Hai did not prepare to use this weapon, waving of made Hao Shatui get down, received the crescent moon shovel, this turned the head to Jua Ding Shan said : Jua Ding Shan, later you lived on No. 30 planet, taught disciple child grand-disciple of person.”