Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1302

No. 30 star is Inferior level Cultivation Civilization background, inside to does not have no thing, only then a dòng palace, but Zhao Hai makes Jua Ding Shan live in there, to let him practices well, but disciple child grand-disciple that Zhao Hai said that is actually the pangolin in Space. The pangolin in Space is also not the ordinary pangolin, these pangolins in Lower Realm, these gigantic shape pangolins of Dwarf Race use, these pangolins at that time were called to trade armor beast, not only defense strength is astonishing, but also super strong, in adding on sharp incomparable former claw, fighting strength is uncommon, but Space when surrenders Jua Ding Shan, but also Jua Ding Shan some genes withdrawing, join to these Iron Armor Beast, by these Iron Armor Beast formidable. Zhao Hai after knowing this matter, has thought means that have existence of Monster Race in Comprehend the world here, why in that his Space can't have existence of Monster Race? Let Jua Ding Shan teach these pangolins in Space to practice, perhaps Space in slowly had a pangolin monster clan. Jua Ding Shan is few in the understanding of Space, meanings of his some do not understand Zhao Hai, but he had not asked that but has complied with one, Zhao Hai made Cai'er deliver to No. 30 star Jua Ding Shan, has arranged some pangolins in the past. Jua Ding Shan sees No. 30 star environment, is seeing these pangolins, serious of happy, No. 30 star here Spiritual Qi density equivalent to small Spirit Vein, but Jua Ding Shan can be said as a Rogue Cultivator monster who oneself practice, he does not have his Clan, does not have own successor, this has made him take to heart. Must know that the inheritance and Cultivation World of Monster Race are different, so long as Cultivation World there you can practice, can be recruited into sect mén, becomes disciple, such this sect mén can inherit slowly. But the limit of monster there wants on much many, first is the race issue, monster there Monster Cultivator has plenty, the inheritance of each race is a non- type, for example Hao Sand, he is a white mouse clan in Mouse Clan, the method that then they practice, can only be Mouse Clan practice method, impossible to study other monster jing practice method, how do you make Old Mouse go with the cat study to practice? That is impossible to study any result to come. Besides the race reason, in one is the Spiritual Wisdom issue, Monster Race wants to practice, must first have Spiritual Wisdom, how can study to practice, otherwise all waste, wants to find an appropriate successor under this all sorts of limits, is not that easy, therefore Monster Race there pays attention to inherit compared with Cultivation World there, for this reason, therefore Hao Sand knows that Hao Donglai was killed, this raged comes machine here to look for trouble. But these pangolins in Space, before were because did not have appropriate practice method, therefore their almost will not practice, can only ponder over in there according to own innate skill blindly, this will certainly not have any result, must know that Monster Race is don’t know has unfolded many years, had today's such scale, but these animal in Space, was just just started, what can practice result. Moreover when Space do the original these pangolins, have Spiritual Wisdom, under Space control, for example, Space these is used to kill living expenses animal, is the ordinary movements, does not have no Spiritual Wisdom, but some are Zhao Hai make them have Spiritual Wisdom specially, for is when necessary, helping Zhao Hai exit to fight, has fighting strength that Spiritual Wisdom animal can wield comes out, the nature is compared with these not Spiritual Wisdom strong many. But had Spiritual Wisdom animal, naturally can practice, may becomes the monster, the monster race that but Zhao Hai subdues now is not many, moreover mostly is Undead Creature, these Undead Creature can also teach the movement practice, Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, divides some planet to Magic Beast that these can practice directly, lets them in the there relieved practice, making these Undead Creature go to these planet to teach them. After outside all arrange, the sky has almost also shone, Zhao Hai must also call Jua Ding Shan, after he prepares these time to exit, gives Jua Ding Shan to arrange a place, making the name that he to close up enter to Space in practices, like this others will not suspect him. If fights time, Zhao Hai in hand also has Hao Sand, Hao Sand fighting strength is also actually similar to Jua Ding Shan, was adding on him to turn into Undead Creature now, fighting strength might.

Zhao Hai comes out to look from own room that Yuan Jin Gang they got up, Jua Ding Shan also stands outside his room mén, this is Zhao Hai deliberately such arranges, Jua Ding Shan by Yuan Jin Gang was also arranged an independent room, Mr. Zhao Hai Jua Ding Shan to come out, is waiting outside his room mén, then he comes out from in the room, these do to the person look. Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, Jua Ding Shan moved forward to meet somebody, bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I must nearly occasionally have a feeling, wants to close up, asking Young Master to allow.” This saying was Zhao Hai makes certainly him say that Zhao Hai also put on airs knit the brows said : how just to come to close up?” At this time Yuan Jin Gang they had also encircled, naturally heard again the words of person. Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : to be all right, closes up closes up, does not have anything at the worst, our lock mountain defense line here , some dòng government offices, my a while delimit a dòng palace to come out, making Jua Ding Shan go to there to close up.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that listens to Captain.” Jua Ding Shan also to Yuan Jin Gang, The expression of gratitude, this went to the dining room to dine with Zhao Hai together. After having eaten meal, Yuan Jin Gang gave Jua Ding Shan to delimit a dòng palace to come out, Jua Ding Shan directly sneaked in the dòng palace, then mén of dòng palace sealing, Yuan Jin Gang also knows that a Cultivation World several other Realms people, almost did not eat thing, especially in closing up, was so, has not thought that along with Jua Ding Shan. Waited to pack off Jua Ding Shan, Yuan Jin Gang they arrived at the castle slightly[ broad] in field, prepared to divide combat example, these combat example nothing but were Magical Artifact and some Monster Race corpses, before these Monster Race were, with Jua Ding Shan, the strength was not very strong, the corpses of originally Zhao Hai to these Monster Race was not caring, initially he has not received these Monster Race to make Undead Creature, the hitting place gives Yuan Jin Gang these Monster Race them. However now he actually wants to turn into Undead Creature these Monster Race people, because in that case, him can make in Space more type animal to practice. However this matter he has not said anything, after all yesterday he said that he does not want, if wanting now, that obviously some go back on one's word, moreover he must to the people crafting, if the time he wants these Monster Race corpses, somewhat wants the wages the meaning, Zhao Hai not to want such to do, finally he under decides the decision, does not want, cannot for several Undead Creature, has destroyed him the impression in these will of the people, after Monster Race, in killing and that's the end, in any case now him knew the soft gold ore, momentarily can hunt and kill Monster Race. Yuan Jin Gang took all spoils of war, then he looked at spoils of war one of the ground, turned the head to people said : these is our all spoils of war, everyone/Great Clan said how should divide?” The people have not opened for a while, but they somewhat are obviously excited, if according to the past being used to advantage, strove most people, first chose weapon, then has been processing these Monster Race corpses, these Monster Race corpses can obtain some contribution points, then these contribution points were pressing many of output to assign.

However all people know, these time strives most is Zhao Hai, if no Zhao Hai, do not say that any spoils of war, their simply is impossible to live coming back, therefore everyone/Great Clan has not opened the mouth. Yuan Jin Gang looked at people one eyes, suddenly smiles said : brothers, I to have a great idea, these weapon speak the truth, everyone/Great Clan attains in hand not to be useful, I looked that might as well give to Little Hai him, 1 Little Hai must refine weapon to us, his crafting technology was definitely good, making him dissolve these weapon again, regarded to refine the weapon raw material to us, like this we saved are preparing the raw material in ourselves, did everyone/Great Clan look what kind of?” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that people somewhat strange looked at Yuan Jin Gang one, these person very clear, Yuan Jin Gang this saying although superficially very reasonable, but[ really] solid situation is actually not such. Cultivation World weapon refinement method is very unusual, has plenty weapon, machine here does not have the means to become the raw material his reconstruct, but reconstruct is inadequate, will also destroy weapon, making weapon the a piece scrap iron, such matter when machine here since birth, was not the great matter, but Yuan Jin Gang said that this clarified must take the Zhao Hai advantage, therefore the facial expression of people such strangeness. Zhao Hai one hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that also has gawked, then he looks at the Yuan Jin Gang appearance, knows that Yuan Jin Gang prepares these weapon really to him, but must say that Yuan Jin Gang their raw material does not provide that to him is impossible, Yuan Jin Gang such will not do, but is because these weapon their in hand are not useful, might as well gives him. Zhao Hai smiles said : „, if fellow brothers do not have the opinion, these thing I received, you did not need to prepare the material, told that regarding the request of weapon me you were good, I ensure did to you.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Jin Gang to has gawked, his quickly said: 1 Little Hai, do not misunderstand, these weapon deliver give you, if you can reconstruct be able material that to be best, if cannot, no big deal, the material we will still provide, does not make you suffer a loss absolutely.” He also really fears the Zhao Hai misunderstanding, thinks that he must profit, therefore explained hastily. Zhao Hai smiles said : Captain, I have not cracked a joke, if these weapon give me, I can their reconstruct become a useful person material, when the time comes be toward adding, could not add many thing, moreover my yesterday butchered Hao Sand, turned into my Undead Creature Hao Sand, must say, but I have taken brothers' advantage, I left a material nothing.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that is actually two eyes bright said : 1 Little Hai, do you have confidence to be able these weapon reconstruct to be able really the material? If compared with this weapon also Advanced level some?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as you can take, I can reconstruct.” Yuan Jin Gang happy said : good, fantastic, that such settled, some of my in hand also really many weapons, are the beforehand spoils of war, had not hated to use, a while I bring to you, no matter your reconstruct many materials, I do not want, so long as you prepared the weapons of two name hands to me on the line.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to be a problem, feel relieved was good.”

The Zhao Hai voice just fell, other person immediately have also encircled, in the 6 Realms battlefield here person, besides new person, that person in hand not goods in stock, moreover these goods in stock are also the Advanced level goods, these high level Magical Artifact, the material of use naturally is also best, because the success ratio of reconstruct become a useful person material is really not high, therefore they did not hate to use, now Zhao Hai has such ability, they naturally must give up these thing, has no need with, trades 1 or 2 to weapon that have in a big way uses, so long as business like this will not be the idiot will do. Zhao Hai naturally was one by one complied, this could not spend many matters regarding him, but can also obtain many advantage, most at least in his Space can many several types of minerals, but also had the advantage regarding other people, has recycled waste, this was the win-win good matter. The people looked at Zhao Hai to comply, this has launched, Zhao Hai naturally was impolite received in hand these weapon, remaining was the corpses of these Monster Race people. Yuan Jin Gang look at these corpse said : these thing pressed that processed before, we remained are also being useless, bought for machine, when changed into contribution points to be good.” Nearby Liu Zhen actually shook the head said : not to miss this thing, must think that these thing give Little Hai to consider as finished, regarded is we pays the Little Hai wages.” Other people have not spoken, but many people nodded, regarding them, good weapon is most important, contribution points this time they have gained to some, later can also gain to are more , compared with contribution points, with Zhao Hai this crafting Grandmaster jiao good is most important. Zhao Hai actually beckoned with the hand said : not to need, speaks the truth with everyone/Great Clan, if you everyone give me several weapon, I may gain in a big way, but how also to be feeling all right to want these thing, these everyone/Great Clan sold changed into contribution points, no matter what, cannot make everyone/Great Clan waste time.” Yuan Jin Gang looked that Zhao Hai does not want, also nodded said : well, that this matter presses the office that Little Hai said that I processed, was right, everyone/Great Clan a bit faster went back weapon that took you to have no need, if there are many, many to Little Hai several, otherwise was careful Little Hai to make trick/hand and foot on your weapon.” The people laugh, think little, their together has experienced the life and death, naturally cannot take seriously such joke, with a bang sound diverged. Yuan Jin Gang received these Monster Race corpses, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, wanted my mén to give you to prepare Craft Room specially?” Zhao Hai thinks that does not want, but thinks own crafting wants in returned to Space, finds a peaceful place for good, therefore he nodded said : this Captain, you prepare a dòng palace to me, to disturb me, this dòng palace is best is greatly a little, my a while goes to the son, after waiting for everyone/Great Clan, you made them write down the request of your weapon, I will send Undead Creature to defend outside, to weapon gave Undead Creature on to be able weapon and by request jiao of everyone/Great Clan, did you look to be good?” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : line, naturally does not have the issue, you and others my, my immediately comes.” Zhao Hai nodded, Yuan Jin Gang turns the head to fly toward own in the room.!.