Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1303

Zhao Hai personal appearance appears slowly in mine tunnel armor, a note mine tunnel soft [gold/metal] mine mine tunnel, Zhao Hai giving Yuan Jin Gang them refined the weapon matter to give Cai'er them to do, but he must do came to soft [gold/metal] mine here, made some Monster Race to enter Space, let Space Monster Race formation fighting strength as soon as possible. weapon that various clans that Yuan Jin Gang their in hand saves use also really many, in these weapon, has plenty is the non- metal, but refines with some special lumber or monster beast bone.[] These thing are not useful regarding Space, but these thing are used to refine weapon to be good, in although Space does not lack these thing, but no one will dislike thing to be many, moreover gives Yuan Jin Gang them to manufacture weapon with these thing, that was in good not to have. Universal Manufacturing Machine formidable on formidable in this multipurpose two characters, Universal Manufacturing Machine can manufacture weapon any material, can almost possibly not refine the together material to refine together the random two types, this is the Universal Manufacturing Machine true formidable place. weapon that Yuan Jin Gang they use, could be simple machine weapon, they are higher regarding the request of weapon, because multiple fights with the several other Realms person, Yuan Jin Gang they regarding some weapon also very deep understanding that the several other Realms person uses, even if to have summoned a give priority to Elf people, uses weapon, but if a machine person wants to resist with the several other Realms person, must have own especially weapon, but obviously has vibrate Magic Formation weapon, is most likes machine a person welcome. However vibrate Magic Formation also characteristics, that regarding weapon request very high, vibrate Magic Formation in weapon are more, the material request to this weapon is high, because of some ordinary materials, simply does not have the means to withstand that high vibrate. Many metallic materials cannot withstand this intense vibrate, therefore needs some join special materials, compared with some special lumbers or some Monster Beast Bone. These lumber and Monster Beast Bone, was unable to delimit lumber or in the beast bone ranks them simply, must know that these thing decompose basically from weapon of various Realm person, makes with the good material, no matter the lumber or monster beast bone, can calculate that did is the material of one type of Heaven and Earth Treasure rank, these thing uses were very broad. Moreover before using these material cakes, Zhao Hai also made Universal Analyzer analyze to these materials, discovered these materials special xing, then in used them on weapon, this not only will not reduce the weapon intensity, conversely, on a certain degree, let weapon formidable. In Zhao Hai Space has plenty ore, but these ores he does not prepare to abuse, like soft gold ore, if he has used the soft [gold/metal] on others' weapon, he does want to explain these soft [gold/metal] whences? Do not think that Yuan Jin Gang they do not understand the refinement, can deceive them, weapon is a Warrior life, how Yuan Jin Gang they possibly research own weapon not well, if by them present anything, that was not good to explain. After the crafting matter determines, Zhao Hai looked at the Jua Ding Shan there situation, Jua Ding Shan now is[ is popular] serious that exerts, these big pangolins are not the lids, each and every one very intelligent, but Jua Ding Shan also present, these pangolin very suitable practices, this Zhao Hai stroke...

The minute after his big pangolin altogether 1000, he taught these pangolins to practice, now these pangolins, almost equivalent to Qi Condensation Stage cultivator. Regarding this result, Jua Ding Shan is very satisfied, must know that Monster Beast wants to practice to Qi Condensation Stage is not that easy, so long as you arrived at Qi Condensation Stage, that can the practice of feel relieved . Moreover the road that later practices will be also smoother. Actually a duty race is so, Qi Condensation Stage on equal to is the foundation, good that the foundation hits, that later practice also will be naturally smoother, the foundation does not hit well, is bigger to the later practice influence. A pangolin clan, in monster there cannot be a large clan, even might as well Mouse Clan is formidable, Mouse Clan in monster there can be a medium grade influence, because the Mouse Clan quantity is numerous, quantity were many, Mouse Clan that this can practice are many, Mouse Clan that can practice are many, the Mouse Clan strength is stronger, the strength is stronger the commodity that they can obtain more, commodity that obtains are many, can help many Mouse Clan practices, this is a circulation of good xing. This is also the show patterns of Cultivation World here almost all influences, therefore in Cultivation World that commodity very rich place, some small Sect, is very difficult show to expand. Jua Ding Shan is the Zhao Hai servant, already complete by Space to Long Fu, he was taught these pangolins, not only to let a pangolin clan is formidable, what is main is to give Zhao Hai trains the a batch qualified Monster Race soldier. Hao Sand there is also similar, Zhao Hai also arranges in Space some Mouse Clan to practice with him, the result is also very good, although Hao Sand now is Undead Creature, but before him amends the practice method to pass to these Space Mouse Clan, Space Mouse Clan very intelligent, one study, matter smooth processing in Space, Zhao Hai will also prepare soft gold ore here. Soft gold ore here was too chaotic, everyday has the people of large quantities of same type clan not to rip to kill in here, therefore here can be said as the murder seizes the valuable the best place. Zhao Hai stands in the mine tunnel of this soft gold ore, four looked, here nobody, in Space he had looked, but Zhao Hai this time replaced, was turned into the cultivator robe by own clothes, in hand had not been taking Magic Staff, but is stepping on the silver long sword that is turned into by Liquid Silver in the under foot. No matter what Zhao Hai such appearance everyone thinks that he is cultivator, does not think that reason that he is machine Magician, Zhao Hai such does, does not want to make Yuan Jin Gang they know that his person runs up to here to hunt and kill the several other Realms person unexpectedly, must know that his present opposite party can say he is closing up to Yuan Jin Gang they refines weapon.

Zhao Hai does not think that his appears will not pass to Yuan Jin Gang there to go in here information, do not underestimate several other Realms person the contact method of person, in this computer very popular place, all kinds of means of communication has emerged one after another incessantly, Zhao Hai may not have the confidence to achieve 100% security, therefore can only change own shape. Looked at all around one, Zhao Hai has chosen a responsibility to yearn for the forward flight at will, this Zhao Hai was kills people, naturally was meets who from who. Just Zhao Hai has run before long into the gang toward the forward flight, this gang altogether ten people, but very rare Spirit Race, Zhao Hai has not fought with these Spirit Race people , the meaning that but he has not avoided, moved forward to meet somebody directly. These Spirit Race people were also quick on present Zhao Hai, but these Spirit Race people did not have avoid, but welcomed toward Zhao Hai here, although of these Spirit Race people were cultivation level of Core Formation time, but their ten people, in their opinion, in soft gold ore such place, ten people besieged Zhao Hai one, that should be able quick to tidy up Zhao Hai. In soft [gold/metal] mine here, two teams of people meet together, little has said that talkative the time, if the strength quite, the I daresay turns the head to walk, if one strong one weak, that is without demur, immediately/on horseback make a move hits, probably the language is unnecessary thing. These time is also same, Zhao Hai met with that several Spirit Realm person, opens without demur, attack of these Spirit Race people main are relying on spirits, but these Spirit Race people of Core Formation time, the strength do not annoy, just one and Zhao Hai to, on release massive war spirits. Fights spirit is some spirits of Spirit Race capture, then manufactured to fight the spirit these spirits, fought the spirit strength to have big relationship with the Master strength generally, fought some spirit also Spiritual Wisdom, if a war were too smart strong, but Master was too weak, possibly appears will fight bites the main situation spirit, war spirit that therefore the general Spirit Race person used, with own level quite or compared with fighting of low 1st level spirit, they by the main quantity won. Besides the ordinary war spirit, Spirit Race another one type of attack method is Life Source spirits, their Life Source spirit and Elven Race Life Source spirit somewhat different, because this Life Source spirit is they work through one type of that splitting own Spiritual Sense produces, fighting strength formidable, command(er) also free, moreover can like the human carries on attack, very fierce. But Spirit Race person generally not by own Life Source spirit optional comes out to participate in attack, because of that Life Source spirit with Spirit Race relationship extremely in intimate, one, but Life Source is injured spirit, is too big regarding the influence of Spirit Race, therefore they will not put Life Source to come out generally easily spirit the attack enemy. Zhao Hai look at these war spirits, show a faint smile, the hand wields, release large quantities of Undead Creature, Hao Sand their let out.

These Spirit Race looked that Zhao Hai release these many Undead Creature know the trouble came, but they want to run now also late, Undead Creature army has given to surround them, Zhao Hai to these Spirit Race speech opportunity, toward had not ordered attack. Because there is Zhao Hai and Hao Sand these two big Expert, in the additional eye place many Undead Creature, the fight had finished quickly, Zhao Hai also obtained ten Spirit Race Undead Creature. After obtaining ten Spirit Race Undead Creature, Zhao Hai immediately has cleaned battlefield there, then appears , he does not want to let anybody through the aura or scene surviving energy o moved found him, such words trouble. Must say that the soft gold ore here person also is really many, Zhao Hai flies not to be far, has run into the gang, what this time he meets is the monster releases people, population 15, are being led Expert of some Core Formation times by Infant Stage time Expert, Zhao Hai not politely, with Hao Sand and large quantities of Undead Creature in the past, in a short time these people destroying completely, in these Monster Race people who destroyed completely, there are several races, including Snake Clan, had the toad clan, had Ox Clan, had Xiong Clan, lead that Infant Stage time Expert, was a Hawk Clan person.. These animal when Spiritual Wisdom has not opened, is the natural enemies, however after Spiritual Wisdom, they only belonged to a race, that is Monster Race. Obtains these many Undead Creature, Zhao Hai does not have to continue to keep soft gold ore there, but was returned to Space, arranged to go with these race relatively peaceful Magic Beast with their practice.!.