Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1304
Zhao Hai in this time returned to Space, a reason, that was he has not wanted to bring to too many attention, although said that soft gold ore there everyday will have to rip to kill, the person but who if he killed in there were too many, that will certainly bring to the attention of person with high aspirations, by that time he same motion before imagination, is impossible. Handles any matter to want exquisite one, was not extremely good, if Zhao Hai slaughters overweight in soft gold mountain there, will have the attention of 6 Realms battlefield here all races, when the time comes was not his matter, but was an entire machine matter. Must know that now the several other Realms person, drool to a machine domain to for a long time, because just several have scruples, cannot alliance, use the computer in in addition in the 6 Realms battlefield here person, is hard Bone, is not good to gnaw, therefore machine then can defend own domain. But is this, machine partly controls the area also several other Realms be smaller. Zhao Hai wants to kill people, wants to be been formidable by own Space earlier, but he actually does not want to annoy troublesome to entire machine, not only such words his matter, entire machine innumerable commoner will be with one's family broken up and decimated. returned to in Space, Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Jin Gang their there situation, Yuan Jin Gang their in recent time to stopping, before the Elven Race person planned them, according to Yuan Jin Gang, character, that is will certainly retaliate, but Yuan Jin Gang also, he and other going out of Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai goes out, their weapon can replace, their fighting strength can increase, what most important is, has Zhao Hai this Expert to assume personal command, they have confidence regarding Elven Race. Looked that Yuan Jin Gang they have not moved, Zhao Hai also relaxed, how turned the head look at Laura their said : „? Soft gold ore did there receive in map to come?” Laura nodded said : „, soft gold ore there received in the map to come, you also really let alone, there also was really very lively, almost some people were fighting every time.” Zhao Hai he he chaotic of chuckle soft gold ore there, he had to realize, now soft gold ore there receives to the map, can enter line of one. Soft gold ore there now soft [gold/metal] ore were not many, if in this way, various Realm feared that must restrain their people, in soft gold ore there, because there against perished was too big, the several other Realms person feared that could not withstand such casualties. But Zhao Hai actually wants to use this opportunity, some soft [gold/metal] ores in Space, puts soft [gold/metal] mine there, making these people maintain is hoping that such soft [gold/metal] mine there has continued.

Must say that only the organic person little goes to soft [gold/metal] mine there, one leaves far two come is the strength is not good, went to there little to be able to come back, therefore soft [gold/metal] mine there was the several other Realms person rips to kill in there generally, a machine person little meddled. So long as soft gold ore there gets down randomly, machine will have many opportunity to go to the other places of moral battle field to dig thing generally, will make also the lock mountain defense line here pressure reduce greatly. In Yuan Jin Gang has not entered before the 6 Realms battlefield, lock mountain defense line there soon turned into soft gold ore such place, the several other Realms person will go to there to transfer one revolution or digs some medicinal herbs, or makes some ores, killed a machine person to snatch their weapon, in any case was endless carried on attack to machine, so long as in their opinion this attack continued, sooner or later will have a secret person unable to withstand, so long as they put to lock mountain defense line there, the several other Realms person on can by own activity region even bigger some, thing that obtained be been also more some. Zhao Hai this several days has understood, lock mountain defense line there has several minerals areas, is the machine unique minerals, these minerals machine will stay behind part uses remaining to take with the several other Realms person to trade, trades the commodity that some need to come back to say that 6 Realms battlefield here, is the main source of machine foreign exchange earnings, if lock mountain defense line here real falling into enemy hands, then regarding a machine influence is very big. Afterward Yuan Jin Gang with the several other Realms person who machine other people went all out fought, finally gave the dozen to be painful the several other Realms person, they were then honest a little. But at the same time soft gold ore here frantic, attracted many several other Realms people, making the lock mountain defense line there pressure reduce greatly, therefore Zhao Hai they to lock mountain defense line here time, presently here probably is very peaceful, if before, ran up to lock mountain defense line here to remove the wild situation like Hao Sand on that day, sometimes since birth, was not the news. Zhao Hai does not want to make soft gold ore there stop, there is more chaotic is better, more chaotic lock mountain defense line here will be more relaxed, in his Space also produces the soft gold ore in any case now, puts several ores to soft [gold/metal] mine there, fully can cause frantic of people. Lizzy sees the Zhao Hai chuckle, she also smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, we not only received in the soft gold ore there situation Space, saw an acquaintance in there.” Zhao Hai said : acquaintance? Who?” Lizzy screen one revolution, in picture appears one crowd of cultivator, this crowd of cultivator strength is not ruthless, majority are cultivator of nidifying time, takes the lead is actually Expert of five Infant Stage times, but in this team of people, the Zhao Hai present acquaintance, is Liancheng. Saw Liancheng, Zhao Hai has also gawked, he has not thought that such quickly saw Liancheng, to be honest, very appreciated regarding Liancheng Zhao Hai, had the acting, knew the onset and retreat, straightforward natural, the person who this wanted was worth a junction, what a pity, they are really not now are the friends.

Zhao Hai muttered said : not to think really that this fellow also arrived at 6 Realms battlefield here, had the words of time, to must see him.” Lizzy they show a faint smile, they know that Zhao Hai appreciates Liancheng very much, therefore Lizzy told Zhao Hai this information. Also observed soft gold ore there, Zhao Hai arranged these Monster Race Undead Creature to rush, to these Monster Race Undead Creature, has arranged some students, making them teach, everyone has arranged 1000 students first, such arranged according to Hao Sand and Jua Ding Shan. Jua Ding Shan now ting is actually relaxed, after all these big pangolin joint wise teaching very got up also to be naturally more relaxed. Arranged these matters, when Zhao Hai must rest, Cai'er suddenly face changed, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Fabbio star there to live the insect tide, Zheng Li mister possibly had the danger.” One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then his immediately makes Cai'er put on the Space screen Fabbio star there situation, on the screen appears , is Fabbio star No. 5 base there situation, now base there was being besieged by large quantities of insects on the 5 th, these insects may, not only eight foot insects, large quantities of praying mantis insects, but also has plenty he has not seen the insect, these insects are encircling the merit to No. 5 base, but what is more awful, city wall of No. 5 base had been broken through opening, these insect frantic attacks to that opening.. Zheng Li is on No. 5 base actual Commander, now command(er) large quantities of cultivator, are counter-attacking these insects, reduction that having enough to do that but they hit, staff keeping, situation extremely critical. Zhao Hai saw that this situation stares, the insect tide he has also experienced, the previous insect moist life, will have large quantities of cultivator to catch up to support, in the city Transmission Formation keeps doing, will have Expert to rush, these does time resemble? Quick Zhao Hai noted, in the city Transmission Formation did not have the flash, in other words in the city has not been supported, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled, his immediately changed to Transmission Formation there the screen, this he transferred Transmission Formation, the body of Zhao Hai cannot help but shook, let he very shocking scene appears in his front, No. 5 base here Transmission Formation unexpectedly by insect seizing. Not wrong, has seized, Zhao Hai present Transmission[ broad] field outside landlord has large hole, this hole very enormous, the diameter crossed 20 meters, moreover deeply does not see the bottom, obviously this is Insect Race digs, but in Transmission[ broad] field there, actually two Silver Back Gold-Winged insects in[ broad] the sky of field with the Expert dogfights of two Infant Stage times, in Transmission[ broad] in field, has large quantities of insects on standing is motionless in there.

These insects are one type of Zhao Hai has not seen the insects, their are not very big, black brown , eight feet, two before is long, six after is long, they can use the following six feet long in there, two front legs noses move freely. fighting strength of these insects probably are not very strong, but they excavate earth is quick, these insects are destroying these Magic Formation. Zhao Hai saw that these insects on, certainly is these insects how understand these large hole come digs, because has these insects to stand on Magic Formation, therefore No. 5 base here cannot obtain a point support. But Zhao Hai shocking is actually behind this thing of representative, these insects present the Transmission Formation weakness, on Transmission Formation had the living creature probably, does not have the means to carry on Transmission, but Transmission Formation the weakness, before Insect Race, did not have presently, reinforcement that therefore these Insect Race, the multiple attack was caught up with through Transmission Formation by base here repelling. But the attack of this Insect Race is obviously deliberate, but also very organized, excavates earth with that type the first very quick insect, dug one is don’t know has the deep tunnel, bypassed the early warning and defensive formation of No. 5 base, rushed to in the city directly, Transmission Formation of No. 5 base occupying, this equal to helping No. 5 base wielded gives to cut off, was turned into an isolated city by No. 5 base here, the means have not obtained to support. In order to complete this plan..., Insect Race even set out two Silver Back Gold-Winged insects, the points of these Silver Back Gold-Winged insects are defending Transmission Formation[ broad] field here, lets Transmission Formation[ broad] field will not be being been snatching by cultivator, thus obtains reinforcement. Has to recognize, this move of insect, very be really extraordinary, was hitting on weak spot of No. 5 base, did not have reinforcement, depending on No. 5 base here person, wants to put together the consumption with Insect Race, that was courts death, but the reinforcement background had cut off now, they did not spell must spell.!.