Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1305
Intelligent... Too intelligent! Zhao Hai sees the fighting methods of these insects, cannot help but sighed that these insects were really too intelligent, before although, in No. 5 base there, he had asked for advice intelligent locations of these insects, but this Zhao Hai felt very shocked, he these Insect Race were presently getting more and more intelligent, this probably was not the good matter. Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback make a move to ask Zheng Li, Zheng Li there will not have the danger temporarily, although said that No. 5 base was broken through, however person in No. 5 base actually and many, now Zheng Li is organizing the person to fight the street fighting with these Insect Race, at this time not too big danger. Zhao Hai frowns, he was considering how one must do, goes to save Zheng Li, linked encirclement that No. 5 base this handed over also to solve. Zhao Hai this does not overestimate itself, because he has that strength, his in hand Undead Creature mostly, has killed these Insect Race by Undead Creature, encirclement of this No. 5 base naturally also solved. But if he such has done, that card in a hand expose one, this absolutely is not the meeting the good deed, therefore Zhao Hai somewhat cannot make up mind now. Laura they also sit in the Zhao Hai side now, several people of also look at screens, on the screen Insect Race and cultivator are ripping to kill, these cultivator in have composed Battle Formation, is strangling to death Insect Race, but Insect Race was really too many, moreover Insect Race that these time flew were more, these cultivator were kills kills extremely. Laura looks at Zhao Hai to knit the brows, puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai looked that screen said : you said that I am only Zheng Li Big Brother rescuing, encirclement No. 5 base solving well?” Laura they were asked by Zhao Hai stare, Laura frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, why did you say? Now the best procedure, naturally Zheng Li Big Brother rescuing, No. 5 base there we have not been able to manage, no matter has the advantage to us, you should also think, what scruples has?” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „... I have the scruples, Insect Race spoken lines Comprehend the world here any race is different, the Insect Race evolution ability was too strong, moreover now is getting more and more intelligent, the present is the Cultivation World person is diverting them, one, but Insect Race the Cultivation World person from Fabbio on-board catching up, that can Insect Race also seize the opportunity rush to other planet to come up? If is really such, that entire Comprehend the world had difficultly.” Laura shows a faint smile said : not to be serious, Elder Brother Hai, you somewhat underestimated that the Cultivation World strength, we have contacted now, the strongest person is Expert of Infant Stage time, however in Cultivation World there, Expert of Infant Stage time are certainly many, strength formidable of these people, we knew, what higher is level person strength? We have not seen, moreover various Great Sect had don’t know many years, the foundation was solid, Insect Race there reproductive ability was very strong . Moreover the evolution ability was not weak, but Cultivation World there was not weak, I to believe that did not need to manage the Insect Race there situation, first rescued to say Zheng Li Big Brother that Zheng Li Big Brother was the Rogue Cultivator family background, the Rogue Cultivator family background can actually practice to this situation, this fully explained his strength, so long as in trying to find the solution also received his family member, after that Zheng Li Big Brother possibly becomes your primary assistant, but Fabbio star there, you did not need to be worried., Made these insects make, this happen to wanted to involve Cultivation World part of attention, making him not put our bodies the attention, we can seize the opportunity unfold.” Zhao Hai static is listening to the Laura words, Laura words very reasonable, making insect involve Cultivation World part of attention, not only can let his smooth show, can make several other Realms unfold, is also influential to 6 Realms battlefield here, this truly is a good deed. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but nod of gently, the Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, then said : „, moreover these Insect Race perhaps, if real cause disturbance , we can seize the opportunity enter to Fabbio star, getting so far as Space comes Insect Race most important that Queen Nest, only then that Queen Nest has gotten so far as in Space, the Space strength will increase . Moreover the Insect Race auspicious day also to the end, Elder Brother Hai did you look?” Zhao Hai makes an effort pats big tui said : right, good means that such manages, today first saves Zheng Li, but was unable to make him know that now existence of Space, saves 6 Realms battlefield there him, was saying other.” Laura nodded said : „, but now is also not the time, now on the 5 th the base there person are many, if rescues Zheng Li Big Brother now, that No. 5 base the person in there, might know that very much your existed, now we must do first will be waiting, I believe that these Cultivation World people will not die in here, Transmission Formation will be unuseful, they can fly away, so long as will fly toward No. 5 base, believes that will meet the Insect Race probability to be few, when to they will unable to withstand, they certainly will risk danger depart No. 5 base, by that time. Rescues Zheng Li Big Brother to be most appropriate.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, look at Laura said : good, worthily is my wife, hey, my Zhao Hai can marry your several, is really the huge lucky institute, HaHaHa.” Laura they have also smiled. On the screen is still hitting, that two Silver Back Gold-Winged insect many participation attacks, they have not defended in Transmission Formation there, making these excavating earth insects destroy these Transmission Formation, that two Infant Stage time Expert anxious serious in although No. 5 base, several times carries on attack to that two Silver Back Gold-Winged insects, an effect does not have.

attack strength originally of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect compared with them, if that two Silver Back Gold-Winged insects do not defend Transmission Formation[ broad] field, feared that was that two Infant Stage time Expert is already extinguished. That two Wan Yingqi Expert obviously also understand this point, but they actually have to attack Transmission Formation[ broad] field here, if they cannot capture here, the nose No. 5 base ended. Knows that builds a base in Fabbio star here is not an easy matter, establishment of each base, will have large quantities of cultivator dead in battle, lost a base, their equal to lost a standpoint, sooner or later must be expelled Fabbio star by the insect. Therefore to one some bases, Cultivation World person that has been the small patch of land does not let, so long as also the hopes, they want to defend the base the means. The entire No. 5 base has made into pot gruel, but Zheng Li is actually very clear, No. 5 base ended, could not defend, without reinforcement, large quantities of Insect Race has spilled into No. 5 base, Transmission Formation there also destroyed was similar, in this case, wants to defend No. 5 base, then on equal to is dream of a fool. However the present issue is, they do not want to defend No. 5 base, wants to walk is also very difficult, Cultivation World in Fabbio star here these bases, is making the Transmission Formation relation, leaves is very far. Wants not to need the biography to rob, from a base to another base, is very dangerous, because between two bases, same has many Insect Race to move. Thought of here, Zheng Li has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like Cultivation World these years really extremely in relying on Transmission Formation, lost Transmission Formation, they retreated unexpectedly continually do not have the means to achieve. although is this, but Zheng Li has not actually given up resisting, because of his very clear, his front enemy is not other races in Comprehend the world, if other races, they give up resisting, the opposite party will possibly put their horse, but these Insect Race not, they, if gives up resisting, can only be regarded the grain ration of insect. But now Zheng Li most feel relieved not below is own family member, his family member is only commoner, good that because these years he practices, the status of his family member will be higher, if he dies in here, that can imagine, status immediately of his family member will change the original appearance, that will not be he wants to see. Reason that Cultivation World here many Rogue Cultivator, they practice diligently, for is their family members, to let their family members gets rid of that type to rear in a pen, the slave same day, they will try hard to practice.

In Zheng Li family links him to be counted, altogether six people, Zheng Li's grandfather passed away, however his Grandma, his parents is also still in good health, Younger Brother and a younger sister. His father is also practicing, his father's practice innate skill is inferior to him, to the present is still only cultivator of Qi Refining time, has not achieved including Foundation Establishment Stage, his father everyday will make some duty, for is lets support the practice of his Younger Brother and younger sister, for the warm and sufficient condition of oneself whole family. Mother and Grandma, has practiced, but innate skill is worse, the present is only Forged Body Stage cultivator, everyday at home farming, but his Younger Brother practices innate skill to is good, today is about 20 years old, is Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, but his sister, practice innate skill is also better on some than his Younger Brother today on the 15 th, just achieved Qi Condensation Stage, reason that naturally, his Younger Brother and younger sister can reach such altitude before 20 years old , has relationship with him, he now was Gold Core Stage cultivator, once for a while will take some medicine pill to go back to give his Sister Younger Brother to practice, therefore his Sister Younger Brother. Progress such quick, by his Younger Brother present practice, it will not take long, will possibly settle on by that Sect, receiving is Outer Disciple, such words they also will certainly reach in the future. But if he dies in here, that all possibly ended, various Great Sect recruit Outer Disciple, regarding the limit of age is very strict, your strength has sufficed, crosses the age, is still impossible to enter to Sect, if lets his Sister Younger Brother without medicine pill, oneself practice, possibly this for a lifetime do not want to enter to Sect. This is not Zheng Li looks down upon his Sister Younger Brother, but is the reality, his Sister Younger Brother practice innate skill although is good, but absolutely is not that talent, under not having the support of medicine pill, wants to enter Great Sect is very difficult, must know that is not short of manpower in Cultivation World here, these Great Sect candidate people are also too little better than toomuch, therefore was selected the person in Sect, is almost that talent shape character, this can guarantee Sect fighting strength. But Zheng Li now wants to go on living, must think that these insects do comply, thinks of here, Zheng Li's mouth cannot help but pain gently, this thinks one became Core Formation time Expert, waits to boil for two years, can exit, becomes that one Sect long old, although not necessarily has any authority, but will also obtain allowance of elder level, had these thing, can better trained Sister Younger Brother, has not actually thought that the attack of this Insect Race was one by one ferocious, these time was the escape route gives to break continually, the hope that he went on living was very small. although felt an intermittent despair, but Zheng Li has not given up resisting, because of his very clear, so long as he did not give up, hopes, if he gave up, a he hope did not have. The fight still in continuing, more and more Insect Race was arriving at here, moreover these Insect Race level are also getting higher and higher, one type of flies, Insect Race like big mosquito, is Zhao Hai has not seen, but this Insect Race fighting strength is actually not weak, has equivalent to Core Formation time cultivator fighting strength. Has join of these insects, No. 5 base here aspect one was beyond redemption, started appears few escaping cultivator. If not Expert of that two Infant Stage times also in the resistance, feared that was these cultivator must collapse. Forever do not overestimate the fight consciousness of these cultivator, because of cultivator compared with average person pitying life, therefore their fight consciousness weak, hopeful fortunately, one, but makes them feel that was resisting not to have what hope, that retreated almost becomes settles.

Expert of that two Infant Stage times does not feel better now, their although is Expert of Infant Stage time, but Expert of Infant Stage time may be many in Cultivation World, if they really No. 5 base losing, that was they runs away returned to Cultivation World, will be punished, Cultivation World these Great Sect, had own custom, but lost No. 5 base, this crime was not small. However enters along with more and more insects to No. 5 base, that two Infant Stage time Expert have to for their security concern, in subjecting to a penalty dies in such choice question with the body, they rather subject certainly to a penalty do not want dead in this, the person died on the body dying [say / way] has disappeared, this was all cultivator unacceptable results. When these two Infant Stage time Expert hearts have draws back intent, crushes Luo Luo's last straw appears , two Golden Rove Beetle appears . This Golden Rove Beetle and Silver Back Gold-Winged insect is similar, the difference is that his head length a [gold/metal] sharp thorn, but this sharp thorn most major characteristics are, can move, the sharp thorn moves, is similar to long spear is waving to be the same, is insect that one type of and Silver Back Gold-Winged insect shares the honor. The Golden Rove Beetle not only fame and Silver Back Gold-Winged insect quite, the strength is also almost the same, has achieved the insect of Infant Stage time rank, these two insect appears , cultivator immediately of that two Infant Stage times ran, because of their very clear, the two people, is impossible the insect that can block four Infant Stage time ranks to besiege, in did not run really cannot get away. But as soon as they run, pulled open No. 5 base to burst the chaotic prelude, other cultivator in No. 5 base look at them to run, immediately/on horseback turn around ran, the entire No. 5 base final resistance vanished. Sees this situation, sighing that Zheng Li also not bears, turn around clashes the responsibility toward No. 5 base outside, he also wants to maintain a livelihood after all.( To be continued!.