Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1306
How Insect Race possibly makes person in No. 5 base withdraw safely, to these Insect Race, the land for them is actually not most important, underground of entire Fabbio star, is their Insect Race land, they do not need the Human Race room, therefore the land for them, anything has not attracted gravitational force, has attracts gravitational force is person in No. 5 base. Insect Race must treat as food humanity, must attract the human the gene to let own evolution, therefore these Insect Race attack No. 5 bases or attack other quarters, most important target or person. Now base here cultivator equal to was the rout on the 5 th, many cultivator lost has mortgaged the consciousness, that said needlessly, following was Insect Race starts to chase down relieved. Several big mosquito same insects pursue in Zheng Li's behind, Zheng Li although wants to extricate them , the inadequate energy, is similar to Zheng Li because of the strength of that several big mosquito. Zheng Li ended one now despaired, his side nobody, only then pursues in the following insect, but he is very far from another base now, if according to grows like this, he will certainly be overtaken by these insects eats to lose, actually the result he just experienced a war, Spiritual Qi in within the body consumes very strict to be heavy, to subdue|grams has not been inferior to support him to fly too long time. But since childhood had not thrown for Zheng Li who to survive to struggle actually, he is very clear, sometimes, opportunity in person at present, but you want to obtain this opportunity, actually needs to pass through the long time effort, if you threw actually, that opportunity also vanished, now is also same, that feared that was a little opportunity of life, he will not throw actually. Now Zheng Li leave No. 5 base, toward leaving No. 5 base nearest/recent No. 3 base flew, and behind also had large quantities of mosquito shape insect aggressive was pursuing him, let him the relaxation time, as soon as carving did not have. In this time, Zheng Li suddenly discover his front is also having large quantities of praying mantis insects to fly, fighting strength although of these praying mantis insects are inferior to big mosquito, but wins in the quantity are many. Tied down Zheng Li to be enough. Zheng Li also very clear, if were given to tie down by these praying mantis insects, he died, but the issue was he wants to hide does not have the quarter to hide, has been complying with those words, ascended the sky roadless, entered does not have the gate, Zheng Li now is this situation. In this time, Zheng Li's suddenly presented Space rift. Then walked out of Zhao Hai from the crack, holds on dumbfounded Zheng Li deep voice said : to walk quickly.” Said that hauls in Space rift Zheng Li, Space rift vanishes, these Insect Race puzzled transferred several in there, flew away on turn around. To these Insect Race, Zheng Li only their prey, this prey ran, in looks other and that's the end. Zheng Li also has why blurry Zhao Hai will present, discover arrived in cavern, this cavern will look is Cave Mansion. And has constructed sometime.

Zheng Li this sobered, his look at Zhao Hai surprised said : Little Hai, do you present in there? Is this that?” Zhao Hai look at Zheng Li shows a faint smile said : here, said that this quarter also don’t know Zheng Big Brother you do have to hear, here is the 6 Realms battlefield!” 6 Realms battlefield? Is here the 6 Realms battlefield?” Zheng Li really had also heard the 6 Realms battlefield, hears from No. 5 base there friend there. No doubt that person had not gone to the 6 Realms battlefield at that time, but said this matter looks like Zheng Li to show off, must know that can go to the 6 Realms battlefield, to cultivator, one type of affirmation to their strength. Zhao Hai looks at Zheng Li's type, shows a faint smile said : well, here was the 6 Realms battlefield, the little brother in the 6 Realms new person strives for hegemony after the game, to arrive at this 6 Realms battlefield. Today just rested, wants to relate Big Brother you, actually discover cannot relate, wants to come to have an accident, therefore personally rushed to No. 5 base there. Has not actually thought that had an accident.” As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that promptness that is out of control let out a long breath said : „the brothers you to catch up with luckily. Otherwise Elder Brother I on explain/transfer in that have not thought of Little Hai today really your Space Magic unexpectedly such formidable. Can Transmission to such far quarter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to arrive does not have anything, but Big Brother. What do you have to calculate today? Loss of this No. 5 base there, to you feared that isn't the good deed?” Zheng Li sighed said : „is not only not the good deed, simply was the big misdemeanor, Elder Brother I am returned to Cultivation World there, feared that must be punished, perhaps now Cultivation World these people think that I died in battle, to will not be instead what kind.” Zhao Hai frowned said : you to say gently, if your returned to Cultivation World there, not only you will be punished, will the your house/family person also be punished?” Zheng Li's just words although had not said that but Zhao Hai was actually understand his meaning. Zheng Li sighed said : well, was so.” Zhao Hai thinks, deep voice said : Zheng Big Brother, or this, I can deliver returned to sea mountain city there to go you now, then I go to your house/family with you, joins your family member, first outside delivers to my land to install, after you, in machine here, do not return to Cultivation World, your what do you think?” As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that has actually gawked, his understand Zhao Hai this saying was any meaning, Zhao Hai such does, was makes him carry to sentence Cultivation World on equal to, to be honest, he had not thought this issue before.

In Comprehend the world here, the Cultivation World status is highest, Cultivation World there was rearing in a pen commoner, little is in violation to sentence, this is one type of is proud. Now Zhao Hai makes him carry to sentence Cultivation World, he also is really somewhat awkward, Zhao Hai look at Zheng Li's type, has not urged him, he believes that Zheng Li is a clever person, knows how to choose. If Zheng Li returned to Cultivation World, surely does not have the good result to eat, leaves his road also only then, Zhao Hai also knows machine to Zheng Li attracts gravitational force is actually not very full, therefore he also can only be now looks at Zheng Li his choice, if Zheng Li does not calculate machine, Zhao Hai will not overrule. Some little time, Zheng Li gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : also well, making them come machine here, later also needless on such very scared and on edge date, when do we undo the hawser?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well is the present walks, now Fabbio star there situation should not arouse the too big interest in Cultivation World there, at this time nobody will also pay attention to your family member, if other machine there people started to pay attention to your family member, then in met somewhat troubles.” Zheng Li dian has nodded the head said : "OK, that to be laborious you. ” Zhao Hai laughed said : Zheng Big Brother this saying to look on as an outsider. With my polite anything, walks.” Said that side waving presented Space rift, when he walked first, Zheng Li follows hastily. On hill outside sea mountain city, they have appeared the personal appearance, now Zhao Hai is still a cultivator clothing, this will not bring to the attention, Zheng Li looked at all around one, before this sea mountain city him, has not come. This is first time comes. Zhao Hai release Liquid Silver flying sword, stepped in the sword to Zheng Li zhao the move of floating astronomy network, goes to in the city, then goes to Transmission Formation square there directly. ” Zheng Li has also selected nodding the head, release his flying sword, steps on to fly toward in the city on flying sword, actually must, Cultivation World here be nobody will go to anything status specially, especially narrow view institute like sea mountain city. Does not dare to look up, if you look up the status time, attains character who the fault that has attained the fault, that may cry unable to look to move. They are cultivator hit the share, and strength is not weak, has dared to closely examine to in the city naturally nobody. Therefore they arrive at Transmission Formation there of Haishan very smoothly, stood on Transmission Formation, Zheng Li managed Transmission Formation person said : to go to the moon star to side, pond River City.”

These Transmission Formation can adjust Coordinate, but these Transmission Formation Manager there, have the record of Cultivation World each every city Coordinate, can with adjust Magic Formation according to these records, can say that these Transmission Formation look like large net, gave entire Cultivation World continually in together. That Transmission Formation Manager may, no matter spoke, immediately/on horseback has complied with one. Has made the adjustment, then flash of white light, Zhao Hai and Zheng Li presented in a Transmission square, this Transmission square wanted mountain city these Transmission squares to be livelier, Transmission Formation were also many. Every large or small Transmission Formation places in the square, often has white light to flash, some people present in Transmission Formation. Also there are to vanish in Transmission Formation. Zhao Hai they present in Transmission Formation, has not brought to anybody's attention. They leave fast Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai has also sized up this River City point. Turned the head to smile said : this River City to want mountain city to Zheng Li to be bigger, here is that influence?” Zheng Li looked at all around one, sighed said : here is the influence of imperial water sect, this imperial water sect was medium grade Cultivator Sect, control is containing the pond River City dozens cities, half moon star.” Zhao Hai has selected nodding the head, Zheng Li shen looked at pond River City here one, turns the head deep voice said : to walk.” Said that steps on flying sword to fly toward outside the city. Cultivation World here cultivator, in the city will not use flying sword to help the soaring generally, flying sword can enhance cultivator soaring speed, is also big to the consumption of Spiritual Qi, not having the urgent matter, cultivator not to use flying sword to soar generally. However Zheng Li and Zhao Hai use the flying sword soaring, to is not the exceptional case, therefore simply pays attention to them with some people, they leave pond River City quickly, outside this River City, the has plenty common people residence, these common people residences generally is the quarters that cultivator lives, but is some cultivation level not high cultivator, they do not have that ability in the city to seek a quarter to their family member, can only make the family member move to outside the city here, first here is safe, two come is also the symbols of one type of status, the leaving city that lives is nearer, has cultivator on explanation your house/family, and cultivation level is not low. Before Zheng Li was only Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, and was old, the growth potential was actually not very big, therefore had not entered Sect, his family member naturally did not have the qualifications to live in in the city to go, can only outside the city look for a quarter to live. And they not only lives in outside the city, but also wants in outside the city some paddies to work, these paddies are the imperial water sects, they are the plowing households of imperial water sect. Zheng Li now was Core Formation cultivator, after law this is to Fabbio star, Core Formation was successful, he before was only building time cultivator, but Foundation Establishment cultivator in Rogue Cultivator, was No. 1 character, therefore his family was not far from pond River City actually, they just entered to that piece of region that Zheng Li family was, heard sound of the shouting out, some people fought in there unexpectedly.