Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1307

Brings the farm to mix the different Chapter 233 the unexpected calamity Hears the sound that this fights, Zhao Hai and Zheng Li stares, although Zhao Hai is not a Cultivation World people, but his actually result stays in Cultivation World after a period of time, Cultivation World here, the urban and in the community in urban periphery, is few people fights, because of these cities by some school control, you, if in the city with letting go, destroys the property of that school on equal to, will not have round that school not to pledge. Before Zhao Hai when sea mountain city lives, reached to look for Zhao Hai to revenge continually, they were also reach agreement outside the city, the hand that unmanned hill moved, did not have in the city or in the outside the city community lets go, because of their such words of doing, the seamount sent is really small and weak, will not let off them. But now in imperial water sect such Great Sect gate outside the city, some people lets go unexpectedly, this has violated imperial water sect taboo, was who has such big guts? Their fast flies toward fighting quarter, does not arrive at the landowner of fighting, Zheng Li's complexion changes, the quarter that because that fights is nearby his family. When they saw both sides of battle, is out of control to be shocked, because both sides of this battle really a little differ so much as to be beyond comparison, one only then five people, a side is don’t know has more than several people, dense and numerous big group of people, encircle that five people in the middle, unceasing ripping is killing. What sounds queer, now at the winning side, is actually population few that side, although that five people gathered round by that many people hit, but actually comfortable does not compel, every strikes the city to compel to draw back the opposite party, or makes the opposite party produce the casualty, but they is a matter do not have. These five person dressing dark blue cultivator clothing/taking, style very beautiful, in hand weapon, although is all kinds, but in hand of everyone actually grabs one dark blue by flag. This flag can attack to defend, swings then has the dreadful rough sea waves. Person who these besiege, non- theory is to use the Magical Artifact attack, uses the Divine Ability attack, does not have the style to break through that rough sea waves, but also by the rough sea waves said the machine whirls away them, but person who whirled away, naturally is difficult to run away dies. Died beside this flag, other Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact has the sword to have the shield. Active guards, the coordination is very tacit, sees this situation, Zhao Hai had not actually felt that has anything to be strange. In these people that because besieges. Strength strongest has some Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, and Magical Artifact also completely difference vigor that uses, the battle efficiency is actually not strong. But person who that five gathered round. Each has cultivating of Foundation Establishment Stage is, Magical Artifact that uses is also high grade Magical Artifact, the striking power and defense strength very intrepid, in this case, then gathered round five people, no doubt will not have any matter. But Zheng Li sees the gathered round that five people. Actually stares, because he compared with Zhao Hai clear pond River City here situation. Pond River City here has branch Hall of imperial water sect, but the standardized clothing of imperial water sect is that type of dark blue cultivator clothing/taking, standard weapon of imperial water sect, that five person in hand are scooping up blue flag, named imperial water flag, is advertisement weapon of imperial water sect. Had these tools, sufficiently showed that was encircled in the middle that five people, is the disciple of imperial water sect, even if not the interior door disciple, that is also the entrance door disciple.

But the person who besieges these five imperial water sect disciples, Zheng Li actually also knew that these people are not other people, is these residents outside pond River City, Zheng Li grows up since childhood here, here person he very familiar, he is clear seeing, several his father's friends, are also besieging the ranks of that five imperial water sect disciples. What's all this about? Do they want to revolt inadequately? On the land of imperial water sect, the disciple who besieges the imperial water sect, if this is known by the person of imperial water sect, but will decapitate. Zheng Li has not used, but has sized up all around one, this battlefield is also strange, in leaving his family not far quarter, but what Zheng Li is strangeer, his family's people actually do not have join this time besieging. Zheng Li is very clear, in the community outside pond River City, some people lived in several generations here, in them, some first-generation people can practice, the result of but practicing ignores to think actually that to subdue|grams is not inferior to the join imperial water sect, therefore can only live here, Zheng Li jia situation actually also is almost this. Because of this, therefore these people of outside the city housing, unite actually very much, because everyone/Great Clan is the life in the lowest level, is the poor people, what matter city has to look after mutually, has difficult, the everyone/Great Clan support, that five disciples who the person who now such he knows is attacking the imperial water sect, why that certainly was the disciple bad matter of imperial water sect, in this case, should the people of his family also join, how person of his family not present to the present? Thinks that here Zheng Li's heart is out of control to sink, he could not attend to the lively these people who hit, fast flew toward own family, Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li's type, gawked slightly, but he immediately followed. They arrived at Zheng Li jia outside quickly, Zheng Li's family looks like very ordinary, a somewhat worn-out stone institute, did not have any especially moreover quarter. But now in this institute is actually suspending three coffins, likely a mourning hall that the institute places, but in the mourning hall, two people, lies down on the ground, acts recklessly, another Ma Shengui in there, is sobbing unceasingly. Sees this situation, Zheng Li felt that his head buzz, he lost the ability of ponder, from spatially declines the ground, somewhat staggers, this to tied pill time cultivates saying that was almost can inadequately the discover situation. Zhao Hai looked that Zheng Li like this said also knew in his family certainly to have an accident, he also immediately fell, has supported Zheng Li, their quickly entered Zheng Li jia institute. Zheng Li jia institute does not have related front gate, they walked with ease, enters to the institute, Zheng Li went to coffin there first, looked at the situation in coffin, Zheng Li one has fainted.

The mischievous sea looked at three coffin one, these three coffins are obviously new, inside is lying down three corpses, male two females, one in that two woman, were Elderly Lady, the hair was obviously white, clothes did not arrive at that to go newly, in the hand has been covered with the callus, looked that died at the age of the person of work doing. Another woman, looks like age is not small, the head presented the crane has also sent, in the hand has also been covered with the callus. But finally that man, is actually a cultivator clothing/taking, but that cultivator clothing/taking was very worn-out, the hair is gray, looked that is old cultivator that is not successful, is only in this person of foreheads, is somewhat similar to Zheng Li, it seems like that this was Zheng Li's father. But Zheng Li's father eyes can look, he was killed, because his swallowing period of five days place, has sword cut together, Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li father's corpse, turned the head to look in sky the gathered round that five people, he believes that this matter was certainly related with that five people. Now Zheng Li corona fan, Zhao Hai has not awakened him immediately, but held Zheng Li to enter the mourning hall, in this mourning hall everywhere was hanging the plain white cloth, but in this to the wall of mourning hall gate on, is actually closing is not establishing that’ wrote character, but was one enmity character. This enmity character, was wrote by the blood probably, the blood red character, above that plain white cloth, did not say really striking, in that character was having enmity, made the person shock. In mourning hall has two people, these two people are hempen garments, a man looks like about 20 years old, he closes one's eyes to lie down on the ground, the breath shortness, the complexion blood flushes, looked that was completely the corona has confused, but Zhao Hai noted, his right arm Qi Jianduan, only then empty sleeve, in his shoulder place, but also hidden had the bloodstain, obviously shortly after just broke. In side of this man, is kneeling a girl, this girl's age looks like smaller, the shiwuliu-year-old type, is pretty, absolutely is a beautiful woman embryo, now in the there sob, is increasing the makings that gang of I see still pity, if this places on Earth, that will let some strange uncles absolutely, breeds the werewolf instantaneously. Zhao Hai sighed, the hand wielded, a white light fell the body of that young people, waited for white light to vanish, the breath of that young people slowly steady, on face on moist red also retreated, then he slowly has opened the eye, girl who that sobbed, probably now in discover room person. Zhao Hai sends out together the divine and wonderful spirit, awoke violently Zheng Li, Zheng Li has quickly grasped the meaning of something to wake. Looked up around one, finally decided the vision in that young people and that girl's body, then Zheng Li has worked loose the support of Zhao Hai, the half step arrived at that just to open the eye, is looking at side his young people, shoulder said : of capture that young people Little Wu, what's all this about? What matter has produced?” Zheng Li's Younger Brother Zheng Wu, decides looks at Zheng Li, probably to the present was unable to believe that Zheng Li presented in his front, Zheng Li looked at his type, is out of control to make an effort swung his shoulder said : Little Wu, you spoke, this outcome what's the matter? Why Grandma, the father and mothers died, this what's the matter?”

Zheng Wu this was swung by Zheng Li, this sobered, he has cried, even bigger sound that the side Zheng Li's younger sister also cries. Zheng Wu cries while said : Big Brother, how you come back, the father by the person of imperial water sect killing, Grandma also died, mother also died, Big Brother, you must revenge for us.” said : of Zheng Li two torching imperial water sect, I want you dead!” The personal appearance moved to fly, in the straight bygone days that the people by five imperial water ancestors who besieged is thrown. Zhao Hai does not have, that five people are Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, Zheng Li can lose to fall the opposite party with ease, simply is needless he to let go, he decided that ascertained produces any matter to say. Zhao Hai has arrived around Zheng Wu, smiles said : to Zheng Wu Little Wu? I am the person Big Brother friend, I called Zhao Hai, you can to subdue|grams not be inferior to tell me, what matter has produced? Why does the imperial water sect want to kill your father?” Zheng Wu naturally also noticed that Zhao Hai comes with Zheng Li, he is crying while said : Zhao Big Brother, this is because the imperial water sect pond River City branch Hall Hall Master son settled on the younger sister, wants the younger sister to become he builds up the merit the cauldron stove, the father did not pledge that imperial water sect branch Hall Hall Master sent for killing the father, chopped to lose my arm, but also has killed Grandma and mother.”