Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1308
Brings Farm to mix different realm 234, bringing Farm to mix in different realm main text Chapter 234 the person of flattering Zheng Wu actually result is young man, does not have the too deep story, has not experienced any matter, before the enmity was supporting him, he can also place Mourning Hall, that but can also write down with own blood enmity character, but all these, when he saw Zheng Li, removed disappearance of bottom. Without doubt, Zheng Li is a Zheng Clan beam column, person who is Zheng Clan currently most has the future, therefore saw Zheng Li presented that Zheng Wu can release release finally completely his mood, has cried loudly. But Zheng Li's younger sister, probably cried was escaping the strength quickly, wanted to cry unable to cry loudly, Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li's younger sister one eyes, just he thought that Zheng Li's younger sister was a good beautiful woman embryo, but looks at a while actually discover now, Zheng Li's younger sister more looked unexpectedly is prettier, actually has one type of very fatal attracting gravitational force to the man, even if by Zhao Hai such strength in meditation, to subdue|grams was not inferior to facial expression absent-minded. In the Zhao Hai heart a strict, busy anchorage the mind, then he sighed, he is knows now why that imperial water sect Chijiang branch Hall Hall Master son must obtain the person Zheng Li's younger sister to be inadequate, because in Zheng Li's younger sister was one is unexpectedly inborn the person of flattering. Some women are inborn, every action and every movement character and style ten thousand types, this is not trains actually, but is inborn, this person was called the inborn sycophancy, such woman, common man, if married, then congratulates you, you within the shortest time, will breed the person to do, this person of woman is also outside the person of flattering. But another one type of woman, you just saw her, how actually does not think, possibly to think her long good, meets relative neglects her, after you note her, your spirit complete was attracted by him. The strength in meditation is weak, feared that directly threw. If you marry such woman, then also congratulates you, you can the luck be incomparable, if the person of practice, in one time congratulates you, such woman is of great advantage to your practice, but a little please have remembered, if you do not have the strength, then must congratulate you. You will possibly be butchered lose, but the woman will be robbed by other people! Generally speaking marries woman who in flatters is a good fortune of man, no doubt, this man must suffice the strong line. Otherwise he left refuses stubbornly far. Zhao Hai sighed. Turned the head to look at sky one, Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator of that five imperial water sects had been cut to kill by Zheng Li completely, other people also saw Zheng Li. Has encircled, was saying anything to Zheng Li. Zheng Li now also somewhat was probably calm, slowly fell from Space, but that five imperial water ancestor who died to lose, Zheng Li has also loaded into Space equipment their corpses, brought. Falls to ground Zheng Li kneels down before his father's coffin. Cries loudly, simultaneously corpse let out of that several imperial water ancestors. Sheared to lose the head sacrificial offering before the coffin. These with the person who Zheng Li knows, fell the ground, the people look at Zheng Li's type, sighed at that time, they and Zheng Li were dozens years of old friend, Zheng Clan by this disaster, they were also felt deeply regretting. Zhao Hai has arrived at Zheng Li's side, has knelt, was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to three coffins, this station, turned the head to also in Zheng Li said : of pain Zheng Big Brother, now is not crying time, here was too near to pond River City, imperial water sect pond River City branch Hall person, certain already discover here situation, they feared that now has killed, we should prepare.” As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly grasping the meaning of something has stood, he looked at all around person one eyes, as soon as all around these people listened to Zhao Hai saying that complexion on face also changed, a desperate facial expression crawled on their faces. Zheng Li knows that these people are thinking anything, these people just had the involvement to that five imperial water Sect fresh besieging, if makes the imperial water sect know, will not let off their.

Do not think that their here person said that thinks the opposite party will not kill them, law does not punish numerous offenders these words not suitable uses in Cultivation World here actually, in Cultivation World here, all depends on the strength to speak, your strength is insufficient, was killed to get what one deserves, conversely, the opposite party strength suffices, the matter of that slaughter clan genocide will do some people not to manage. Before these people, reason that will besiege cultivator of that five imperial water sects \; first, stemming from atmosphere \; second, stemming from frightened, today produces at the Zheng Clan matter, tomorrow possibly produces on their family, these people the head one red had let go at that time, has not thought that now has calmed down, this is scared. Zheng Li looked at these person of one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : brothers, what to do do you watch this matter to?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : kills, first imperial water sect pond River City this branch Hall extinguishing, then on leave here, if willing to follow me, I am bringing, if Kenya , Italy do not follow us, makes them diverge respectively.” Zheng Li knows that Zhao Hai is not a person of speaking at a venture, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows Zhao Hai has this ability, he selected has nodded the head said : "OK, such to manage, first extinguished pond River City branch Hall, to solve hate of my heart. ” Zhao Hai has selected nodding the head, looked at all around people one eyes, they spoke have not lowered the sound, believes that these people heard, these person of puzzled look at they, such was thinks probably they misunderstood were the same. Also truly is so, Zheng Clan these friends, strength strongest is Foundation Establishment Stage, and this life feared that is promoting own grade hopelessly, and Rogue Cultivator, can say that they were comes forth of cultivator live in lowest level that group of people. But imperial water sect branch Hall Hall Master, that is cultivator of Infant Stage time, cultivator of Infant Stage time, to these people, that is keeps aloof, existence that climbs high inadequately, is adding on Chijiang branch Hall here, number many Core Formation time cultivator, but Zhao Hai was said that killed must kill, has probably not paid attention to be the same the opposite party completely, this let Zheng Clan these friends, thinks one misunderstood. Zheng Li sighed, he knows that these people said anything was useless, their experiences were insufficient, look like you said primitively to one original ball was the same, therefore turned the head to Zhao Hai said : brothers, front you went first to these fellows of imperial water sect, I said one in here to everyone/Great Clan, making them prepare as soon as possible, if willing to walk, you were bringing, if not Kenya , Italy, let their as soon as possible leave. Right, Brother. The body had money not to have, I remained to Elder Brother.” Zhao Hai without demur, lost Space Bag to give Zheng Li, then the personal appearance moved, has flown in midair, in the blink of an eye vanish from sight. Target goal that Zheng Li look at Zhao Hai vanishes, sighed the mouth to walk lightly, walks toward several people who he was familiar with, to that several people nearby. Zheng Li bows to that several people said : Uncle Lu, several uncle, small strength in here thank you, your words. Feared that was Little Wu and permits also to end.” Lead Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. Beckoned with the hand said : small strength, you said these to do, in the past few days I was exit to make duty. At home, this has not produced such matter, your Zheng Clan with our family, several transmits, comes across this matter, how we can not manage. Ok, at the worst everyone/Great Clan together dies.” Zheng Li deep voice said : thanks Uncle Lu. However Uncle Lu feels at ease, has my brothers, we want dead also the inadequate energy, matter that today everyone/Great Clan besieges the imperial water sect, feared that was known by the person of imperial water sect, they will not let off your, now two roads make Uncle Lu you elect, first, your immediately leave pond River City here, went to another Outer City city there housing, but this refused to accept actually peacefully, if later the imperial water sect traced, you will have the danger, the second choice road, your immediately went back to tidy up the tool, then all people to my here set, a while followed me.” Does Uncle Lu somewhat puzzled look at Zheng Li said : follow you? Goes to there?”

Person who Zheng Li deep voice said : my brothers have the status in machine, goes to machine with him, so long as machine, everyone/Great Clan were safe, by the strength of imperial water sect, does not dare to go to machine to cause trouble.” One hear of Zheng Li said that Uncle Lu did not make the sound, their also very clear present situation, moon star here they feared that could not stay, but wanted the leave moon star, that must sit the Transmission Formation line, but Transmission Formation control in these Sect in hand, they want to sit Transmission Formation leave, that can only delivers the extreme danger, now looks like, if can go to a machine star, to was the best choice. Uncle Lu look at Zheng Li can said : go to a machine star? Wants leave here, must sit Transmission Formation, but that Transmission Formation control in Sect in hand.” Zheng Li deep voice said : Uncle Lu worried needlessly that my brother is Space Magician, certainly can bring everyone/Great Clan to machine, you felt at ease.” Was saying the voice, the distant place has heard several explosive sounds, it seems like Zhao Hai there exchange hands. Uncle Lu they hears this sound, knows that must do to decide as soon as possible, but this matter is not a Uncle Lu person can decide that Uncle Lu gathered together with other people of several lead, discussed. This matter does not have what to be open to discuss that actually, if they do not meet one's satisfaction Zheng Li, that can only leave, but they want leave, almost waits for death, how choice all normal people know. Before long the people were completed the mutual recognition, Uncle Lu have arrived around Zheng Li the said : "OK, small strength, turned over to stay in here also dies, we followed you, but our these many people, you determined that your brothers can take away us? ” Zheng Li dian has nodded the head said : determination, Uncle Lu, you tidy up the tool quickly, had the family member also set, our together walks.” Uncle Lu dian nodding the head, waved, followed people together, they must make the best use of the time to go home to tidy up the tool, but at this time Zheng Li had actually arrived around three coffins, did obeisance three to do obeisance to three coffins, this open the mouth and said: Grandma, the father, mother, child must bring your leave Cultivation World, enjoyed happiness, do not blame child being impolite.” Said that marries from taking up nearby coffin lid, covers the coffin, sews, this has loaded into Space equipment. After tidying up, Zheng Li arrives around Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er, look at Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er said : Little Wu, permits, gets up, we wanted leave this quarter, people two have also grown up, a while Uncle Lu they came, you first made them rest in the institute, if in the institute did not sit down, first rested on outside road, making them manage us needlessly, was waiting well in here, I help Zhao Hai.” Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er selected nodding the head, Zheng Yun'er a few words had not said from beginning to end, but looked at her lip split type, feared that was mute, sent does not make the sound that the throat already cried to come. Zheng Li arrives around Zheng Yun'er, Zheng Yun'er throws to Zheng Li's arms, the tears are unceasing downward is flowing, although said that Zheng Clan in Cultivation World here is the poor family, but Zheng Yun'er is actually family's treasure, in all person painful loves by the family, had any good tool since childhood to her, she also very much makes every effort to succeed with, not the sole point is not pampered, always helps in the family work, and to practicing heavily has not put down, has made rapid progress. Has not actually thought that because of her reason, lets in the family the bad this disaster, her little girl, after Zheng Wu unconscious, absolutely does not have the idea, only knows to cry, presents until Zheng Li, this stomach grievance was found the person to lean to state, her present throat was what a pity mute, a few words could not say. Zheng Li is holding Zheng Yun'er, patted her dorsal said : to wait for Big Brother in here gently, Big Brother revenged, quick came back.”

Zheng Yun'er has selected nodding the head, loosened Zheng Li, Zheng Li has stood, walked outward, at this time Zheng Wu had also stood, he before was only because lost blood, in adding on the anger launched a psychological attack, wound infection, this corona, under the treatment of Zhao Hai Magic, he already good was similar, will most at least not affect his motion. Zheng Wu look at Zheng Li said : „won't Big Brother, have the danger?” Zheng Li turned the head to look at Zheng Wu one eyes, showed a faint smile said : relieved, had your Zhao Hai Big Brother, wanted the slaughter entire pond River City not to be a problem, can have any danger, felt at ease.” Zheng Wu was shocked, he has not thought that Zheng Li so is really confident to Zhao Hai, pond River City several many cultivator, Zheng Wu was knows at this time, but the pond River City imperial water sect branch Hall strength he also knows, because knows, therefore before him, will feel desperate. Zheng Li Core Formation successful vanishes he is knows that is his very clear, only with Zheng Li's strength, is inadequately can be a worthy opponent with imperial water sect Chijiang branch Hall, do not say that Chijiang branch Hall back is also standing the entire imperial water sect. Has not actually thought that in his eyes extremely powerful pond River City branch Hall, simply has not actually placed in Zheng Li's eyes, perhaps said that actually has to place in Zheng Li's eyes, but has not placed in the Zhao Hai eye. In Zheng Wu don’t know was saying what good time, suddenly airborne person's shadow flashes, Zhao Hai presented in Zheng Li's side, Zheng Li saw Zhao Hai, is out of control said : so to be quick?” Zhao Hai selected has nodded the head said : to solve, not only his branch Hall putting down, the tool also snatched, like this arrived at machine there you also to support some time, and medicine pill anything's many, had the advantage to the practice, our movements should better a bit faster, I want more than enough long within, the imperial water sect knows that the pond River City here situation, when the time comes possibly also will have the trouble.” Zheng Li dian nodding the head, turned the head to look at Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er said : "All right, you also selects tidies up, a while we walks. ” Zheng Wu resulted in Zheng Yun'er now is actually somewhat scared, they no doubt know that what meaning Zhao Hai just words were, Zhao Hai unexpectedly in such a short time, pond River City branch Hall putting down, and also snatched the branch Hall arsenal, was this movement too also quick? Brings Farm to mix different realm 234, bringing Farm to mix in different realm main text Chapter 234 the person of flattering to renew!