Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1309

After Deng Wu and Zheng Yun'er have gawked one next, immediately started to worship to have Zhao Hai to come, they also young, liked worshipping the idol the age, can have this worship the psychology, to was is also very normal. Zheng Li look at their appearances, has not managed them, turns the head our these many people machine there to go to Zhao Hai said :, can arrange?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother feel relieved, I have made Maggie arrange ahead of time, guarantees to arrange, was right, Big Brother, Chijiang branch Hall there person, my although has killed, but actually turned into Undead Creature them, Big Brother will not blame I?” Zheng Li shook the head said : to turn into Undead Creature to be better, considers before them the matter that handles made reparations.” The time of spoken, outside has heard the intermittent sound of footsteps, Uncle Lu they have tidied up thing, getting the family member to come. Uncle Lu they, as soon as arrives at Zheng Clan, saw that Zheng Li is standing with Zhao Hai in there speaks, the people cannot help but stare, Zheng Li moved forward to meet somebody hastily, to Uncle Lu said : Uncle Lu feel relieved, Chijiang branch Hall had been put down by Little Hai, but the imperial water sect will quickly possibly respond, therefore everyone/Great Clan wants quickly a little, Uncle Lu you have a look, is 0.1 population, having a look at everyone/Great Clan to arrive.” As soon as Uncle Lu listened to Zheng Li saying that also has gawked, turned the head some doubt looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile to the people, but also raising slightly of slightly, performance refined courteous, this arrived is makes Uncle Lu they suspect Zheng Li. Zheng Li also saw Uncle Lu their appearance, must turn the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, asking Chijiang branch Hall person to come out to see everyone/Great Clan.” The Zhao Hai understand Zheng Li's meaning, nodded, waved, large quantities of cultivator appears in the Zhao Hai side, but these cultivator remaining the skeleton, flesh and blood did not only have, but on these skeletons puts on truly is the cultivator clothing/taking, moreover imperial water sect standardized cultivator clothing/taking, therefore indifferent looked, but also thinks that is some cultivator stands in there. Uncle Lu they looks at this situation, thorough feel relieved, but has had also a psychology of awe to Zhao Hai, they were look, this Zhao Hai dull was not recommends friendly, can the person say that the type gave to kill, Undead Creature that but also all made, such person could not annoy. Uncle Lu was not hesitating at this time, immediately has selected the population, in fact these participate in the person who this these time moves, already prepared, must say that this cultivator moves also is really very simple, own attire of family belongings in toward Space Equipment, turn around can walk directly.

although said that their these Rogue Cultivator are very poor, but Space equipment in Cultivation World here is really not good thing, at most is an ordinary thing, every that is few, a person has several Space equipment that is not anything. Had these thing, moving naturally is quick, in adding on them is some poverty-stricken people, does not have many thing, quick that therefore tidies up, these participate in the person in this matter now, almost arrived, some have not arrived, is because leaves is quite far, wants to come also to draw near. Zhao Hai thinks that said : Zheng Big Brother, you lead everyone/Great Clan to go to machine there first, there I have arranged, after you pass, first listens to the there person to arrange and that's the end, invited Big Brother feel relieved.” Before Zhao Hai, Zheng Li told that makes Maggie arrange this matter, truly has done, he has made Maggie go to Bones Symbol Camp to arrange at that time, so long as these people one in the past, the Bones Symbol Camp there immediately receive, arranged the basic necessities of life of these people. This matter will not have any accident, now Zhao Hai in the hearts of Bones Symbol Camp these people, is their pride, status Desbarres is not bad, moreover Zhao Hai and Tie Sheng and Tao Wang relationship returns very good, is adding on Maggie to act, Bones Symbol Camp naturally was glad to help Zhao Hai this be busy. As soon as Zheng Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that also nodded said : well, I now on the past.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, Space passage appears in his side, this Space passage is not very big, only tolerates them parallel, Zheng Li has held holding the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, when entered Space passage first. This Space passage is not long, several steps walked, when Zheng Li comes out from Space passage, saw that passage outside is standing a very pretty woman, this woman Magic Robe, the magnificent atmosphere, look at him to come out obviously, that woman immediately/on horseback welcomed, Maggie has seen Zheng Big Brother to Zheng Li squatting body ritual said :.” Zheng Li had guessed correctly that the Maggie status, his immediately/on horseback returned salute said :to see the sister-in-law, This time on exhausted sister-in-law. ” Maggie showed a faint smile said : Zheng Big Brother to be too polite, you and Elder Brother Hai were brothers, at this time helped should be, here was our Ashley Clan Dark Magic Star Bones Symbol Camp camp, the place that lived in has arranged, invited Zheng Big Brother feel relieved, this Bones Symbol Camp was camp that Elder Brother Hai has been, but you also temporarily resided in here, later had a better place, was arranging separately, Zheng Big Brother did you look feasible?”

Zheng Li nodded said : „to ask sister-in-law to arrange well.” At this time Tie Sheng and Tao Wang also walked, saluted upon meeting with Zheng Li mutually, said that then Uncle Lu they also walked out from Space, stepped a machine domain. Uncle Lu his gate arrived at here, immediately by the Bones Symbol Camp person welcome to camp large building armor, gave them to arrange the dwelling, but also helped them be familiar with the environment, person warm serious. Reason that the Bones Symbol Camp person such does, actually also some dead/die hearts, they want to keep Bones Symbol Camp Uncle Lu these people, that Bones Symbol Camp strength was more formidable. Must know that Uncle Lu they were not treated in Cultivation World there although see, but they after all are also cultivator, stronger compared with general Magician or weapon on many, if keeps Bones Symbol Camp these people, that Bones Symbol Camp strength in a short time will certainly be promoted, therefore regarding Uncle Lu they, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang attach great importance to. Zheng Li in the receptions of one side look at these people, look at Uncle Lu they were been also good by to settle down, must say that Bones Symbol Camp camp here room also really many, moreover must mention the environment, near old City District compared with pond River City, that was were too many, various types necessary supposed the spin very completely, Uncle Lu their suddenly present, own life one improved, the family member did not use daily the work that exited to go all out, did not even need to do in home food, the clothes did not need to wash, all these had the robot to help them do, they were daily lie down at home, what. Also does not do, can live well. Like this arrangement they were really too satisfied, the time that simultaneously Uncle Lu they and Bones Symbol Camp people contacted grew, naturally also knows that Zhao Hai in the machine here prestige high, had how importantly in the Bones Symbol Camp here status, this let Uncle Lu they, unconscious has had a respect to Zhao Hai. These time participates in Rogue Cultivator of attack imperial water sect, altogether more than 300 people, no matter injured died, the family members of all people, were moved Bones Symbol Camp, in this Bones Symbol Camp were many several thousand population, but is this, Bones Symbol Camp here also arrangement, does not have appears neglecting well. Bones Symbol Camp area originally is very big, the room are also many, in the although camp the has plenty person, Magician and Warrior have, but these person of normally sit in the camp truly is not many, because also the villa area on the island, Bones Symbol Camp old person generally moved to villa area there to go, therefore Bones Symbol Camp large building here spatial room has plenty, arranged these person of inadequate any issues. After all the people of help entered Space passage, Zhao Hai looked at a Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er smiles said : to walk, we also go, I think that the imperial non- sect feared now was responds, but did not have relationship, after you went to machine, but can also practice, waited to practice the skill, was coming back to ask them to revenge.” Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun'er now to Zhao Hai that were serious of worship, eye look at Zhao Hai their big enmity reporting, then shifted the safe place these many people, this made them worship to Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai said that their immediately nodded, walked toward Space passage in Zhao Hai.

Quick they arrived at Bones Symbol Camp there, Zhao Hai also went they to see with Tie Sheng, with Zheng Li saw, then on returned to 6 Realms battlefield there. He after all marries now focuses on 6 Realms battlefield there, when cannot stays the Supreme length outside, but Zheng Li to had not opposed that he went to his parents and Grandma first has buried, later was helping the Bones Symbol Camp person, with Uncle Lu their communicate, making Uncle Lu their familiar machine as soon as possible carry together the life of here. The machine here life style, with Cultivation World there has in a big way different, in Cultivation World there, the few of various ordinary commoner use robots or types of machines, everyone/Great Clan is practices with all one's heart, without practicing the innate skill person, already exited farming, but a Cultivation World there type of field, in the common situation, cannot use the machine, because Cultivation World there type are many some grass materials and so on thing, precious as gold, if you spoiled these thing, that on was troublesome, using words saying that sold you could not repay, therefore Cultivation World there race. Returns, with is the pure manual ways, but must cautiously, fear wrong. In adding on Cultivation World there, the electric power is not the special popularization, generally will be the big city city will have, some small town cities will not have the electricity, in this case, wants to use the robot or computer and so on thing, will be impossible, therefore the Cultivation World there life style, will be relatively more primitive, especially them commoner like Uncle Lu will be so. But machine here, in the life of people, cannot leave all kinds of machines, in the family almost the finding at everywhere all kinds of electric appliances, each family have the more than one robot, such life style, with Cultivation World there completely different, Uncle Lu they just came machine, naturally must the life of suitable here, how learn use these machines first, making their integrations slowly to machine in good. But Uncle Lu they are because has helped Zheng Clan, will arrive at machine here, Zheng Li naturally must act well comforting they, was good because of Bones Symbol Camp here regarding their extremely caring, Uncle Lu they also slowly has also suited the life of machine here, in Bones Symbol Camp there thorough to settle down.!.