Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1310

Yuan Jin Gang is standing on city wall of castle, Wuyang and Xiong Li several people stand in his side, although said that Xiong Li several people are newly arrived, but the Yuan Jin Gang present several people of strengths are not strong, is adding on their weapon, if hits, several people feared with joint forces is he is not the match, is so, Yuan Jin Gang very regards as important several people. Naturally, the here surface part of reasons because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai strength formidable, are also adding on are still giving everyone/Great Clan to manufacture weapon, but Xiong Li several people are the Zhao Hai friends, naturally also stuck up.[] Now Yuan Jin Gang they know that Zhao Hai has sworn brotherhood with Xiong Li several people, moreover their there had understood from Xiong Li Zhao Hai all, to be honest, heard the Zhao Hai dry matter, Yuan Jin Gang cannot bear somewhat admire Zhao Hai. Wuyang Station in Yuan Jin Gang side, was speaking to Li Kuangren, said : Old Li, what you said was real? Little Hai real has plenty nice wine?” Li Kuangren nodded said :to be natural, this I deceived people to do, the words that did not believe you ask that liquor that bear Eldest Child they, Little Hai took, the flavor was good, not only the flavor was good, moreover his liquor was also helpful to practicing, absolute good thing. Wuyang body tian tian mouth net said : has wanted to taste.” Li Kuangren look at his appearance, smiles said : feel relieved, absolutely good thing.” Was speaking, Yuan Jin Gang suddenly looked at his small computer, then face strange turning the head look at Xiong Li said : Little Hai continuously crafting in that Cave Mansion?” Xiong Li they, as soon as listens to Yuan Jin Gang such to ask, on the face somewhat is also strange, their these days is good with Yuan Jin Gang relationship, but also does not want to deceive Yuan Jin Gang, Xiong Li they almost can affirm that Zhao Hai in that Cave Mansion, that Cave Mansion has not been a guise. Looks at Xiong Li several people of appearances, Yuan Jin Gang knows that certainly has the secret facts, his deep voice said : walked, enters the room to say.” Said that led several people to get down his room from the castle, after letting several people sat down, Yuan Jin Gang look at several people of said : say, what's the matter?” Xiong Li look at Yuan Jin Gang said : how Captain you know that the matter is incorrect?” Yuan Jin Gang ill-humored said : you have a look.” Said that opens own small computer, release projection, there is only a paragraph of writing, above is an information, in the information said very clearly that Zhao Hai once short appearance Dark Magic Star, came with together, large quantities of Cultivation World cultivator these cultivator, live in Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp now.

Sees this paragraph of writing, Xiong Li several people could not bear smile Li Kuangren are smile said : this youngster , the don’t know bottom adjusted, most at least should also run away to ask me to drink was right.” His voice just fell, listened to Zhao Hai said : I to say Fourth Elder Brother, my these days was very busy, that had the time to ask you to drink.” The people stare, turn the head to look that Zhao Hai is standing in the room look at of face smiling face they, Xiong Li several people of immediately have encircled, looked at circle Jinfeng and Wuyang actually mutually looked at one, in eye some with amazement, how because they actually do not have presently Zhao Hai are appears in the room. Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai said : how Little Hai your these days goes to the information on that guest regiment to have you, this what's the matter?” Zhao Hai has not replied him, but turns the head to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, sorry, was hiding the truth from you before, actually I am Space Magician can come and go out the 6 Realms battlefield at will, but will not need blocking by 6 Realms battlefield barrier.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : „saying that what's the matter?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : does not have the means I to ask a friend to help busily, but cannot contact with him but he in Fabbio star that place, very dangerous, I went to Fabbio on-board to look, the base that finally presently he is was given Insect Race breaking through, must save him, later saved his family member, who knew and had the accident.” Then Zhao Hai general said the matter. Waits for Zhao Hai to speak, the Yuan Jin Gang air/Qi is the alone item of circle opens the eyes, the matter that Zheng Li experiences with his experience is looks like how, but he is relying on his effort runs away to machine, but Zheng Li is much luckier, but also some people have revenged to him, received machine here him. Some little time the Yuan Jin Gang mood calm, he nodded right that said : you make, if you such do not do, Zheng Li must die without doubt, all participates in the person of this matter, must die without doubt, but your this walks, the base outside pond River City its Rogue Cultivator feared that must have bad luck.” What matters Zhao Hai does said : close their? Won't the imperial water sect so be mindless?” Does Yuan Jin Gang sneer said : to reason with? Little Hai, you were too naive, Cultivation World there Great Sect, does not have one to reason with, you were counting on they reason with, was inferior one hang oneself to consider as finished, was good, did not say that this, you such are upon the jump, my weapon how? If not do well, looked how I tidy up your youngster.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turns, in hand were many a sledgehammer, has given Yuan Jin Gang the sledgehammer... said : Captain tries this.” Yuan Jin Gang stares, then received that long handle sledgehammer, an arrow step jumped in courtyard, then the personal appearance moved to fly, from the sky kept was brandishing the sledgehammer, then has flown outside the castle, before long has transmitted a 1 bang on hearing outside... 1 bang... ’ the sound, momentum very enormous, such sound naturally does not hide the truth from other people in castle, is resting the people who to run in the room, in hand is also taking weapon, obviously they think that had the enemy to attack. After Zhao Hai they explained that this has felt relaxed, at this time Yuan Jin Gang came back from the fort, rub that he was unable to put down own sledgehammer, some little time was receiving, then laughed to Zhao Hai said : well, Little Hai, the dry attractiveness, had this hammer, I dare saying that even if were Cultivation World there these Core Formation time cultivator to I, could not ask to be good absolutely.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : easily-to-use good, Captain, this several days I can prepare everyone/Great Clan weapon, your feel relieved was good.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, pats Zhao Hai shoulder said : to be laborious you Little Hai, these weapon were too important regarding us, these days Elven Race these fellows are very dishonest, once for a while will run to provoke, you must speeding up.” Has Zhao Hai selected eyebrow said : „the Elven Race person? These fellow also do undead seek? Good, I went first, strives for the quick point to make to give everyone/Great Clan weapon to get down.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, the Zhao Hai flashes body walked. Yuan Jin Gang and don’t know, Zhao Hai has prepared actually now all weapon, but takes embarrassedly, if now takes all weapon, that was too conspicuous. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, paid attention to change outside a ponding River City, he wants to have a look at the imperial water sect to look like Yuan Jin Gang to say does. This looks at Zhao Hai present, if discussed the understanding Cultivation World, he compared with Yuan Jin Gang came, to fall far short, now outside pond River City, turned into a giant slaughterhouse, innumerable Rogue Cultivator were killed. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai hates to clench teeth, but he actually cannot go to pond River City there now, because Zhao Hai pond River City there came imperial water sect many Expert of now, Sect Master of imperial water sect personally arrived. Zhao Hai had underestimated matter that his these time annoys big, the imperial water sect is medium Sect, Sect can the control city not be many, until now, only control half planet, dozens cities, but pond River City the city that is among the best, suddenly was actually informed, own Chijiang branch Hall was given to extinguish, this is an extraordinary important matter, the imperial water sect can how be impossible attractively.

Looked up to pond River City here knows because of anything, but their do not understand, small Rogue Cultivator Clan outside pond River City, has any ability, can branch Hall of his imperial water sect extinguishing, in adding on Zheng Li they ran, all participated in the person of this matter running, the imperial water sect at heart feels suffocated now, could not come out, therefore these Rogue Cultivator outside pond River City had had bad luck, has become the undeserved target of anger. Zhao Hai looked at a while, changed to Bones Symbol Camp there the screen, these person of although outside pond River City are because he dies, but these people with his it doesn't matter, the lives of these people, he are not very concerned about, but through this matter, lets him to Comprehend the world here, had a better understanding. Naturally, this did not express person who later Zhao Hai will let off the imperial water sect, so long as the Battalion troops withdrawal of imperial water sect, he will be giving an imperial water sect lesson, he consumes in any case now with the imperial water sect, whose looks at energy consumption anyone. Bones Symbol Camp there all normal, Uncle Lu they to settle down was good, Bones Symbol Camp person regarding their still very enthusiastic, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. Maggie in Space, she still in Bones Symbol Camp there, no matter what, Uncle Lu they now just had not moved now, she in the words, they can integration have the advantage regarding Uncle Lu as soon as possible to Bones Symbol Camp. Zhao Hai does not want actually Uncle Lu their long-term keeps Bones Symbol Camp, when later Yalei No. 2 star there has done well, delivers to Yalei No. 2 star there to go these people. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but changes to Yalei No. 2 star there the screen, Laura sat in Zhao Hai side, looked that Zhao Hai changed to the Yalei No. 2 star the picture, this smiles said : Elder Brother Hai not to need to be worried that I have made Cai'er transferring to the Yalei No. 2 star her branching, moreover made heart of the Earth Fire to put Yalei No. 2 star there, now the there temperature enhanced compared with before, the iceberg was melting.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, takes your time, waits for these days, look to be able from hundred Spirit Tree, branches out part of spirit root to come, transfers to Yalei No. 2 on-board spirit root, making the there Spiritual Qi density higher.” Laura knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, I to believe that moves to spirit root is not the good method, spirit root regarding Space important xing you are knows that but Space is our bases, Yalei No. 2 star there, to put it bluntly is a pendulum in outwardly on base, fantastic that if makes, to is not instead good, I look to be inferior to this, moves to some Elf trees, can improve the there environment, the environment was good, spirit wool nature also on rich some, but will not be rich, suits us, do you look?”!.