Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1311

Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that thinks that nodded to say! Good, that such manages, after I prepare, shifts Uncle Lu their people to Yalei No. 2 on-board goes, moreover there although was regarded a pendulum in outwardly on base, but also because this must constructing well, making other people think that is our genuine bases.” Laura nodded said : well, this matter I will process, you do not need to be worried that right Elder Brother Hai, some Lower Realm matters have also needed to process, do you have a look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : Lower Realm there matter, I looked that selects some people to come, helping us from Space process, after all by our present status, not suitable has handled these matters.” Laura nodded, she to had not opposed, now Space already Level Up to this degree, Lower Realm thing regarding Space already not any help, moreover back planet that Space can buy now, is much bigger than Lower Realm, can say, Lower Realm now regarding Space already not any use, naturally, except for Underworld there. The Underworld there situation is special, so long as that has that big heart, Underworld there can show continuously, moreover Zhao Hai[ body] in heart, the heart that obtains from Underworld there, currently Zhao Hai strength promotion rapidness of such , has big relationship with this heart. Underworld there cannot give up, but bright deep there some people have helped Zhao Hai help, Zhao Hai does not need to be worried other, the matters of several other small, to be honest, Zhao Hai too has not wanted to manage. Handled these matters, Zhao Hai went to soft gold ore there to grasp has made several Monster Race Undead Creature to enter Space, then rested in Space, the days passes by was very relaxed. Five days later, in Maggie returned to Space, now Bones Symbol Camp there, Zheng Li they to settle down was finally good, moreover Zheng Li they also temporary join to Bones Symbol Camp, but Zhao Hai also obtains from Chijiang branch Hall there gives Zheng Li some medicine pill and Magical Artifact that making Zheng Li give Uncle Lu them. This matter to is makes Uncle Lu they weep to Zhao Hai grateful, does not have the means that they were some Rogue Cultivator, there richly bought medicine pill and Magical Artifact before, now had these thing, was of great advantage regarding their practices, made their fighting strength promote a big truncation. Naturally, the machine here biggest problem also appears presently comes, that was machine here Spiritual Qi was inferior that Cultivation World was so rich, this had very tremendous influence regarding Uncle Lu their practices, but currently has medicine pill, this to was not the issue, moreover they can the protect life, but can also live in Bones Symbol Camp such environment, they were very satisfied. although Uncle Lu they, are some Rogue Cultivator, can probably enter these Cultivator big gate to send to be the same, actually Rogue Cultivator wants to enter Cultivator big gate to send is not that easy matter, like Zheng Li, can practice to the Core Formation time, is very lucky, but reason that Zheng Li can practice to the Core Formation time, is because he went to Fabbio star, but Fabbio star there very dangerous, Zheng Li is the luck is also good, otherwise he in less than Core Formation feared that died, but this time must be Zhao Hai does not save him, he also died in Fabbio star. Therefore if Rogue Cultivator wants to return into to that big gate faction, that is very difficult, many Rogue Cultivator dozens generations passed, still cannot join to that big gate faction, still probably rush to bo for own survival. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Uncle Lu they regarding leave moon star, even leave Cultivation World not extremely in mood of contradiction, therefore also quickly integrated Bones Symbol Camp. Likes seeing that regarding this situation Zhao Hai, has not gone wrong after all, but these five days of Zhao Hai have been also supervising pond River City there, the imperial water sect to this time matter attach great importance to, Sect Master has assumed personal command in pond River City here obviously, simultaneously looks up the Chijiang branch Hall exterminated an entire family matter.

However their simply cannot look up any result, most can only find out, two cultivator come from sea mountain city, one probably is Zheng Li, who another don’t know is. But they are looking up Zheng Li, actually presently Zheng Li died in Fabbio on-board, person who this lets the imperial water sect very puzzled, makes them start to be terribly suspicious and fearful, thinks that is that enemy must cope with them, the false appearance that makes intentionally, their attention concentrate to arrive at here probably, is carrying on attack to Sect of his imperial water sect. Imperial water sect this lets doubt god to doubt the god, naturally does not dare to treat it lightly, opportunity that Zhao Hai had not started, but he does not worry, slowly waits and that's the end. On this day he gets up in the morning, after having eaten meal, on leave Space, the returned to Vajra camp, the Vajra camp there person just had also eaten meal, some people are chatting in camp. Must say that their normally to is very idle, too many matter people have not done, so long as defended camp to be good, or once for a while exited to go hunting. However this goes hunting cannot always go, outside was too after all dangerous, after they every time go hunting, the rest a long time, will be adjusts own condition. The people looked at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately has encircled, with his warm-hearted greeting, had impatiently asks the matter of Zhao Hai weapon. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan is must worry, latter I have completed, everyone/Great Clan comes, do not worry.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cheer, then did not gather round Zhao Hai a loudly, took the weapon. Outside all took person immediately of weapon to attain experimented, finally naturally was very satisfied, the weapon that Universal Manufacturing Machine manufactured, absolutely was the high-quality goods. After the people received the weapon, in the castle almost could not see the person, had crossed for one hour, the people one after another returned to castle here, on the faces of all people was hanging the satisfactory smiling face, Zhao Hai to the weapon that they made, they were really too satisfied, Might was huge, uses conveniently. After all people come back, people shout must ask Zhao Hai to drink, Zhao Hai naturally will not decline, Yuan Jin Gang also very happy, prepared large quantities of liquor water, the people have drunk the dizzy darkness place. Next morning, Zhao Hai getting up early, goes to the cafeteria in castle to have the breakfast, arrived on city wall of castle, before long people also one after another awoke, their appearances is a little miserable, each and every one confused rising brain. Having breakfast, the situation was good, the people gathered on city wall of castle, look at outside situation, stood the scenery that saw in the castle actually is also not very beautiful, but the people want to exit to go hunting now, therefore all will run up to city wall to come up.

Yuan Jin Gang also knows their thoughts, but he has not made noise, he does not make noise, other people did not say anything, arrived to shake does not say anything, after all here was the Yuan Jin Gang domain. Zhao Hai stands in the Yuan Jin Gang side, open the mouth and said: Captain, you did not say that Elven Race these fellow in recent time always do provoke? You looked that we can teach their? Make them honest.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that look at Yuan Jin Gang that two eyes shone, the Yuan Jin Gang alone item has swept people one eyes, then deep voice said :you, when I don't want to teach these Elf? However now is also not the time, the provocation that Elf these days keeps, has not actually moved any large-scale attack, obviously after is prepares we to attack, ambushes outside us all extinguished, this matter I am not dry, therefore gives my honestly is staying, Little Hai, is laborious your, exits scout, best is clarifies these Elf trends, after wait for you clarifies, we are moving. Zhao Hai has complied with one, he to really somewhat admires Yuan Jin Gang now, he knows certainly that a Elf clan has the ambush outside . Moreover the person are many, now in Space although did not have absolutely received the map of 6 Realms battlefield Space, but various Realm partly controls the area and core battlefield there, all maps took in Space , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai very clear, a Elf clan has the ambush outside . Moreover the person are many. A Elf clan these time has gathered about thousand people, ambushes outside not far away, then sends out few people to come the lock mountain defense line here provocation, for is makes a machine person pursue, they good to extinguish the person who pursued at one fell swoop. It seems like this Elf clan attempts is not small, one time sends out more than thousand people of Battalion, this is very rare in 6 Realms battlefield here, almost equal to is the 2 Realms person, in 6 Realms battlefield here blatant having no consideration for face, prepared to go all out one. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai is very clear, because he diameter saw, but Yuan Jin Gang is only commenting own experience, can make such judgment, this is very great. Zhao Hai leave Vajra fort, slowly goes toward place rub of Elf clan ambush, although knows that these Elf positions, actually want to go to the scene to have a look, sees clearly the terrain of scene, this can better deals with these Elven Race people. Zhao Hai these time to is very careful, not by these Elven Race people present, then the place that Elven Race is , the places of family these Elven Race ambushes, have not drawn a very clear map, this turn around returned to Vajra camp. Along with the computer technology in machine here show the maturity of more and more, now machine computer is the has plenty function, for example Zhao Hai is bringing records merit, not only simple records merit, simultaneously is high level computer, thing that this computer not only can see the person includes, a function, that can thing that you record, turned into a three-dimensional hologram image. This function general computer does not have, the Advanced level military computer that only then Zhao Hai they use, will have such ability, this looks like the sand table that virtual comes out, however in the use actually compared with sand table convenient, better easy-to-use. The map that Zhao Hai must make, manufactures with this way, the picture that although computer can photographing turns into the three-dimensional image, but he will not indicate the position of enemy, this needed Zhao Hai to begin. This is not a relaxed work, fighting strength of Elf clan is not weak, in adding on them by summoning give priority to fight profession, spiritual force nature formidable, wants in not by their present situations, approaches them, is not easy.

Is adding on a Elf clan to have the ability of communicate myriad things, if were too near to them, even if their spiritual force has not felt you, perhaps your tree, told these Elf your situation. Zhao Hai is better determination these Elf positions, their quantities are competent, therefore meets to come the here examination, finally also very satisfied. Later Zhao Hai does not have the immediately returned to Vajra camp, but in one time entered in Space, has rested in Space well, this anti- returned to Vajra camp. Yuan Jin Gang they in city wall high grade he, now some people returned to their room have certainly not been practicing, naturally also some people get together chatted, the castle to was appears very peaceful. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, the Yuan Jin Gang horse called in the people the conference room in castle, after waiting for all people, Yuan Jin Gang then waved toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai to has not had stage fright, arrives to meet in front of the meter room, opened own computer, release hologram, on hologram very clear demonstration that piece of region, on map some red. Does not need Zhao Hai to relate in detail that Zhao Hai also knows, these red points were the Elven Race person, Zhao Hai looked certainly at people one eyes, referred to map said : here is the Elven Race ambush place, I presently their altogether 960 people, 60 people were Expert of Infant Stage time, the remaining 900 people were Expert of Core Formation time, their everyday will send out 30 to cultivator of 50 Core Formation times, ran up to our lock mountain defense line here to provoke, the point directed in us this encirclement ring, this encirclement ring leads to the road which must be taken in Elven Race control domain, if in normal fighting strength, they. Retreats in this direction, should some people not have the suspicion, no matter when the time comes we go to many people, is one dies.” Does Yuan Jin Gang frown said : Elven Race what is this? How has one sent out these many people? They planned that has no consideration for face inadequately with us?” The people are also a silence, to be honest, 6 Realms battlefield here although everyday is the conflict is unceasing, but that is the conflicts of some small scale, like the conflict of large-scale, little lives, this Elven Race movement is so big, truly somewhat stems from the anticipation of people. Yuan Jin Gang silent, said : this matter is not, above reporting that we can decide, has a look is any meaning, immediately/on horseback notice lock mountain defense line here all people, enters to the 1st level defense readiness condition, no matter the Elven Race person, how provocation, does not permit to go to battle, in the surface must display the appearance that does not know the circumstances of the matter completely, everyone/Great Clan prepares.” The people complied with one, turn around walked, after people leave, the brow of Yuan Jin Gang in one time wrinkled, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, you said that Elven Race what is this? Do they want to eat our machine domain? Won't they have that big ambition? This about rate person is not a small number, if has put together with us really mutually wounded, only other cheap several times people, they should not do this foolish matter is right.” Zhao Hai also knitting the brows head, deep voice said : Elven Race this motion, truly somewhat lets person rub the brains, but I think that they do not want to make war with our machine comprehensively, if is really such, they will not use the way of this ambush, their this time, to certainly strike to kill stratagem important target, to guarantee successfully, will send out these many people.”!.