Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1312

Does Yuan Jin Gang frown said : target? Right, a Elf clan is looking for target, who their can target be?” Speaking of here, Yuan Jin Gang alone item of flashes suddenly, then turned the head to look to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said that their target can be.” Speaking of here Yuan Jin Gang to refer to toward own body with the hand, has referred to out. target that Yuan Jin Gang said that is actually two people, one is he, another is Liu Zhen, because the beforehand Elven Race ghost wooden parents have carried on an ambush to them, target is they, Zhao Hai in the words, they were really at that time dangerous.[] The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Yuan Jin Gang, he nodded said : many possibilities, now lock mountain defense line here, Captain you, Liu Zhen Captain, you are most militant, threatens to the several other Realms person in a big way, but the Elven Race domain with our machine domain by, the friction of both sides are most, Captain you and Liu Zhen Captain, has caused not the small damage to Elven Race, many Elven Race people, die in your in hand, therefore Elven Race has regarded you for the eye-sore, the thorn in the side, yu eliminates quickly then.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, then said : „, but Elven Race to you and Liu Zhen Captain, has certainly carried on research, they possibly also know that you stay in Vajra fort here now, but they kept sent for provoking, by you and Liu Captain character, that is will certainly counterattack, so long as you led the person to exit, center their counting, but obviously, Elven Race person, somewhat underestimated Captain you.” Yuan Jin Gang laughs said : well, they underestimated me, they think that my Yuan Jin Gang was only militant warrior, they actually do not think, if I were only militant warrior, already died don’t know many to return, these time must a suffering taste to them.” Zhao Hai to did not oppose that the opinion of Yuan Jin Gang, these Elven Race want to hit, that well gets with them, hits the pain they, they were honest. However as the matter stands, machine also tied the unresolved hatred with Elven Race, in Comprehend the world 6 Realms, had almost a grudge, was tying also no big deal. Zhao Hai look at Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, what to do do you plan?” Yuan Jin Gang smiled said : „to say that our machine here the person of practice, are more than several other Realms, because of several other Realms practice method, limit of has plenty, but our machine here practice method did not have that many limits, but Might was not very big, therefore now in 6 Realms battlefield here, our machine person is most, this was several other Realms does not want with one of reasons we went all out, now the Elven Race person must, that our nature on probably well tidy up them under one, I prepared to organize some people many, gave the Elven Race person one. Counter-encirclement, even if not wipe out them, must hit the pain they, making them not dare to plan us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I look, let several other Realms person understand, our machine is not that affable, I looked that Elven Race this time copes with us, wants to become lock mountain defense line here is the same with before, lets our machine partly controls the area, complete losing control, their good seize the opportunity to take a cut.”

Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : these fellows to press our machine, has also wanted to press our machine to 6 Realms battlefield here, we naturally cannot make them succeed, therefore these time must hit, hitting maliciously.” Zhao Hai nodded, Yuan Jin Gang then said : these days Little Hai you well rest, when the time comes you also obtain the strength to be good, beside person who we except for moving, but also needs many Undead Creature to help to make the war, after all Elven Race these fellows will summon Elf.” Zhao Hai nodded, hides to Yuan Jin Gang, turn around walked, Yuan Jin Gang immediately arranges the person to send the letter to castle there Manager, talks clearly with these here situation, prepares to adjust these people of army to Elven Race to come one time to encircle kills. Lock mountain such defense line, is likely impossible not to have unified command(er), but machine here, impossible only then Expert of Core Formation time, matter hands-on here several Magician and Warrior has been the Infant Stage time, the strengths of these people are very strong, because has these people to assume personal command, uses the computer special Magic Cannon in in addition and so on thing, can calm and steady defends the good own domain. But this Elven Race attacks, is a motion of large-scale, needs to unify command(er), the unification is coordinated, by the Yuan Jin Gang status, is naturally insufficient, person who needs the status acts command(er). Transfers like large-scale staff, in a short time is impossible to complete, for does not make Elven Race have the suspicion, Yuan Jin Gang their these days also strengthened the lock mountain defense line here defense capability, Elven Race that these provoke, will feel that lock mountain defense line here defense strength was getting stronger and stronger, their naturally suspicion machine present will not be preparing to cope with them. Zhao Hai these days to is very relaxed, although his strength is very strong, but he comes the 6 Realms battlefield here time after to be too short, prestige not true establishes, in adding on him regarding 6 Realms battlefield here, a machine strength is not very clear, at this time naturally cannot arrange any important work to him, he must do is rest well, when makes the war, he must make the give priority to strength. This Elven Race looked like moved the initial capital, one set out 60 Infant Stage time Expert, machine here naturally also to be competitive, this machine here, within the short time, has concentrated about ten thousand people of Battalion, was divided into ten squads, each squad about thousand people, slowly has encircled toward the place of Elven Race ambush. But in these ten squads, in each squad Expert of two equivalent to Infant Stage times assumes personal command, although only then 20 people, but this is machine in 6 Realms battlefield here, full strength that can take, Expert of some although 6 Realms battlefield here also Infant Stage times, but these people must remain to prevent several other Realms person seize the opportunity to carry on attack to a machine domain, therefore cannot join this motion.

The reassignment of staff, formation of surrounding, all these require the time, but Yuan Jin Gang their these days to had not been transferred, because they need to come to work as that you bait, lets Elven Race don’t know their reassignment. This several days Yuan Jin Gang got the people to exit to fight several times with Elven Race these people, but first time has not obtained the too big small advantage, Elven Race these fighting a while ran he on turn around, simply did not give the Yuan Jin Gang dogfight opportunity, Yuan Jin Gang naturally was the appearance that exhibited suddenly Tiaogui, probably wished one could the next quarter to overrun with a Elf clan decisive battle is the same. Yuan Jin Gang such performance really makes these Elf think that Yuan Jin Gang on soon was natural, therefore they provoke was more frequent, their ambush places have not moved. Must know that ambush place is not good to choose . Moreover the Elven Race person also knows, if they change the ambush place easily, might very much by a machine person present, their ambushes also lost the significance, their very clear, with their this Thousand-Man Squad, if attacked the lock mountain defense line that is impossible. Lock mountain defense line here is ten points ends all year round the defensive system, but position that the Vajra camp is, is only the first defense line, in their behind also several defense lines, so long as the Vajra camp their this first choice defense line has the police, following defense line immediately will help passively, or sends out reinforcement, strengthens the defense, wants in attack lock mountain defense line here, by this Thousand-Man Squad, that to be impossible in any case, will not do well is also given to make dumplings by a machine person. Elven Race these person of although looked after does not take off a list, does to fight the ability, but regarding the machine defense capability they will not suspect that machine Magic Formation, is several is most ruthless. these days Zhao Hai does not have make a move, Yuan Jin Gang not to let Zhao Hai make a move, he feared that Zhao Hai make a move, Elven Race these fellows will run away, Zhao Hai these days has stayed in behind that Cave Mansion, declared to the outside he is closing up. No matter this information can pass to the ear of Elven Race, Yuan Jin Gang such has done in any case, this is finding an excuse, quite enables Zhao Hai to wield doing of surprise-attack forces to use. Zhao Hai these days has not been idling, he has been monitoring the motion of Elven Race through Space, the Elven Race ambush place has not been replacing, is only Zhao Hai present, Elven Race ambushes forest near place them, Stone, even is the air turns into person fight Elf, can widen their ambush scopes.

However this does not have what influence regarding present machine, now the big encirclement ring of Elf armed forces soon has also formed, so long as this big encirclement ring formation, Yuan Jin Gang they will exit the person who pursues Elven Race to provoke, enters after to the Elven Race encirclement ring , is the war starts. Can speak of time Yuan Jin Gang they the Elven Race attraction in the there bait, the Elven Race person thinks that is eating them, to the net is actually lived by a even bigger net that machine made. When machine large net must draw in a net, Yuan Jin Gang they become the big bombs that a center blossomed, with outside encirclement ring together, collaborates from outside with the inside, has tidied up these Elven Race at one fell swoop. Naturally such does also a little needs to pay attention, that is this bait must be good enough, if this bait made person one eat, simply has not played doing of diversion to use, when the time comes cannot blast out from the interior, that this bait was a waste bait. However Yuan Jin Gang arrives to oneself is very confident, the origin of this confidence is their in hand weapon, their in hand weapon is the Zhao Hai manufacture, before they experimented, feels Might to be good, but they use in hand weapon and Elven Race person these days to the war, presently this weapon wondrous use, not only in Spiritual Qi makes big reduced, moreover Might even bigger, especially at close combat, before , Yuan Jin Gang they and the summon of Elven Race fights the Elf close combat, must the flowered very big strength be able these to fight Elf to destroy, loses fighting strength, but uses. new weapon is different, new weapon, so long as several can hit these to come Elf to destroy, this is not defense strength quite strong Earth element fights Elf or Wood element fights Elf, if the wind several fights Elf, that is almost one next, Might is huge. ro!.