Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1313

Zhao Hai stands in the Yuan Jin Gang side, he stands on city wall, the castle that but they are at now is not the Vajra fort, key target that but another castle, this castle these days Elven Race sao harasses. But reason that today Zhao Hai will stand in here , because these people of machine preparation to Elven Race began, that giant encirclement ring outside Elven Race has basically formed, must do is, making Yuan Jin Gang their this baits exit to fish. Side Yuan Jin Gang is standing more than 100 people, more than 100 people, are the Vajra camp add on eight solution camp there people, all people use is weapon that Zhao Hai manufactures, they wait for these Elven Race people to come to provoke in here now, so long as Elven Race person, their immediately rushes, then enters to the encirclement ring that Elf puts, their this baits were, remaining looked that surrounded the person outside. These Elf have not disappointed Zhao Hai they, similar about 9 : 00 am, these Elf very punctual appears , reason that they prepare, because of these Elf motion very orderly, they generally more than ten castle generation of activities that near the castle only in Zhao Hai they are, moreover ten points has the order, a attack time point is also about 9 : 00 am, attack, then immediately evacuates. Such rule they were already given by Yuan Jin Gang present, but they did not pretend presently, but Elven Race such does, feared that is also is intentional, they must let Yuan Jin Gang they presently these rules, then lets Yuan Jin Gang they like today is waiting for them in here, like this they run, Yuan Jin Gang they will pursue. Really, these Elf just appears , presently Yuan Jin Gang they are waiting for them, these Elf also presently Zhao Hai, these Elf turn around run. Yuan Jin Gang immediately/on horseback is angry said : to pursue, butchered these fellows.” Said that flew, pursues toward these Elf, Zhao Hai also flew, direct these Elf pursue. To be honest, now Zhao Hai also really very much admires Yuan Jin Gang, the Yuan Jin Gang movement and expression, your point could not look that he is acting in a play, even in mood control including sound very perfect, really cannot dispute. These Elf presently Yuan Jin Gang they were also different today, before Yuan Jin Gang they pursued one, was not pursuing, but these time actually died to pursue is not putting, these Elf looked at this situation, actually secretly rejoiced, because this was they want. Such one pursues runs away, people left machine quickly partly controls the area, but Zhao Hai they have also been careful, all people have grasped weapon, because they know that immediately must enter to entry of Elf to the Elf ambush circle. Yuan Jin Gang is still roaring in there, does not pursue unable to vow the appearance of body to these Elf, but Zhao Hai actually notes, the Yuan Jin Gang alone item about rotation, has been paying attention to all around situation. Quick Zhao Hai they sneaked in the Elven Race ambush circle, they just went, all around dense and numerous tree Elf flew, throws toward them.

Sees this situation, Yuan Jin Gang immediately/on horseback said loudly: „It is not good, has the ambush, ties!” People immediately has formed Circle Formation, Zhao Hai was release large quantities of Undead Creature, simultaneously look at all around situation. These set up Elf not to have immediately they to kill toward Zhao Hai, but their surrounding stopped in Zhao Hai has gotten down, then several Elf these set up the Elf middle to walk, under lead that Elf, Zhao Hai has not actually seen, this Elf looked that next year will not be imaginary small, his eye partly was opening the eyes, probably was not interested to be the same in all around matter. Zhao Hai don’t know these Elf are up to mischief, why the immediately/on horseback attack, instead to did not stop, could they come out to speak how many words at this time not to be possible? Did not speak at this time, will their mouths be itchy? These Elf flew outside Circle Formation hundred meters Zuo Ting, that Elf that then led looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, then he actually stopped the vision on the body of Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, hello, did we meet finally?” Zhao Hai and Yuan Jin Gang they stare, they think that this ambush in view of Yuan Jin Gang they, how now looks like probably is not? Who Zhao Hai look at that Elf said : „are you? Do we know?” That Elf he he chuckle said : „, you do not know me, but I actually know you, today we come for you, my name was Dolleck, the 6 Realms battlefield here friend showed due respect for the feelings, has given in the next nickname, High Elf!” Hears High Elf this nickname, Zhao Hai felt that own Yuan Jin Gang sighed a cold air but actually, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang smiled bitterly, deep voice said : High Elf is Elf clan formidable Infant Stage time Expert, had for a long time not to have make a move, heard that he only missed half-step to enter to Transcends Tribulation Stage, the Life Source spirit of this person was a metal spirits, but may be soft hardly, may turn into any weapon, Might very formidable, heard that he was known as under Transcends Tribulation Stage did not have existence of rival.” Zhao Hai said : „isn't the Cultivation World person his match?” Yuan Jin Gang smiles bitterly was nodding said : well, the Cultivation World person is not his match, because he once ran up to Yellow Sand-Star to congeal Gang to enter the body, this makes his attack strength increase.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yuan Jin Gang such saying, to were two eyes one bright, he turned the head look at Dolleck, held the fist in the other hand to Dolleck said : originally is High Elf senior came unexpectedly personally, does not know senior today, behavior what?”

Dolleck look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly old man already wants to see you, heard that you are the talent character who machine ten thousand years do not meet, original old man some have not believed that but the old man to believes now, HaHaHa, knows that who the old man is, you can also so calm calm, good, you are very good.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : senior today for me? If is really such, that Zhao Hai I guarantee do not run, but how asked senior to put these people?” Dolleck laughs said : Zhao Hai, do not destroy you impression in old man heart, the person is a smart person, must know that you cannot be inescapable today, moreover you think that old man my don’t know, your Zhao Hai is Space Magician, if you want to run, feared that the old man also very much difficultly blocks you, Zhao Hai, you lost heart today you, if ran, the old man ordered to kill off these machine people.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „below , if not run, that senior won't kill them? With its such words, might as well ran below, is revenging for them, isn't better?” Dolleck smiles said : your Zhao Hai is not such person, if you really ran now, no longer pay attention to these people, how your Zhao Hai was not worth the old man attaching great importance.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, was not speaking, Dolleck look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, you are very outstanding, was too outstanding, your outstanding has bought the threat to our Elven Race, therefore you must die today, the old man is to come to see you today, after all so outstanding young man must die in in hand of old man, the old man also is really the heart has does not endure.” Zhao Hai Ha Ha knows said : greatly senior also is really confident, you so are self-confident can leave behind me.” Dolleck shows a faint smile, in that smiling face is bringing the endless self-confidence, then waved, leading his behind these Elf to draw back, as soon as they draw back, these set up Elf, stone Elf, earth Elf, wind Elf also immediately start to attack. Zhao Hai release twenty thousand Undead Creature to has set up Elf to make the war with these, moreover Undead Creature that this Zhao Hai release comes, not only simple skeleton shape Undead Creature, these have vampire, Lich, Zombie, these Undead Creature appears , make Yuan Jin Gang they be startled immediately, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai so many Undead Creature, Xiong Li they somewhat are surprised, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will have these many types Undead Creature. However Xiong Li they actually know that Zhao Hai has not tried, because his wormhole there time, they see with one's own eyes Zhao Hai release large quantities of Undead Creature, is the skeleton are only more than today. The Elven Race person is also very startled, they have not thought that Zhao Hai in hand unexpectedly so many Undead Creature, but they also has prepared in these days well, around this was very big places trees, Stone is manufactured to fight Elf by them, compared with Elf, their Elf clan be possible to come not to fear anyone again.

Both sides refused to budge at once unexpectedly in, but Yuan Jin Gang they actually do not have make a move opportunity to the present, some people want to put some Sword Qi to help Zhao Hai, but can actually stop by Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang knows that Zhao Hai this was directing person release Life Source of these Elven Race clans to come spirit, Elven Race Life Source was not smart good to deal with, when the time comes struggled hard to have them to hit. Really, the Elven Race person also looked, war Elf that these summon temporarily, they could not form anything to threaten to Zhao Hai, some Elven Race person immediately release own Life Source worked, lets these Life Source spirit join to the regiment. These Life Source spirit strength very much formidable, a join regiment, immediately changed the situation in battlefield, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release goes, starts to retreat in defeat again and again, Yuan Jin Gang they also prepared make a move. However Zhao Hai still does not have make a move, because of these release Life Source spirit Elf, is Elf of some Core Formation times, moreover to present release Life Source spirit Elf, the population about 200, Elven Race person simply has not tried. These Undead Creature although in retreat, but actually still tenacious is keeping off the attack of Elven Race, are many inside face to be somewhat ugly, they dispatched these many people, but also used 200 Life Source to work, was unable to take Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this regarding the Elven Race person, really did not have the face, Dolleck waved, was 300 Elf release Life Source spirit join to the attack during. This Zhao Hai somewhat could not withstand, Undead Creature that his release comes, copes with war Elf that summons temporarily, copes with Life Source not to be smart good, large quantities of Undead Creature were removed destroying of bottom at once, the fire of spirit soul was put out. Zhao Hai look at is somewhat grieved, he does not want many expose his strength, therefore can only make these Undead Creature go against, but these Undead Creature, now after all are also his subjects, such had sacrificed, he is very distressed. ro!.