Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1314

However is also only feeling slightly some distressed, Zhao Hai has seen too many life and death, in Lower Realm, the person of homicide has many, feared that was he was innumerable, therefore this feeling had been pressed by him quickly. He knows why he will have this feeling \; first, because he has regarded the person these Undead Creature, two are because after Comprehend the world here, too the fight of large-scale has not lived, therefore he can like this. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, calm a mood, he has then pretended the command(er) these Undead Creature appearances, making these Undead Creature immediately exhibit Battle Formation, started these Life Source spirit resistances with Elven Race. Undead Creature that Zhao Hai beforehand release comes, has not composed Battle Formation, but is noisy crowd same rushing, looks like does not have the methodicalness, Zhao Hai does not want to be seen anything to come by a Elf clan, but now is not good, if his command(er), these Undead Creature do not die certainly, at the appointed time awaits the honor of your presence with Yuan Jin Gang their institute cannot block an attack of Elf clan. Zhao Hai regarding the commanding a war aspect, does not have no innate skill, normally is also Lizzy they in command(er), but that did not express that the Zhao Hai little while, like the conflict of this type of small scale, Zhao Hai command(er) does not get up not to be a problem. Undead Creature this composition Battle Formation effect is different, these Elf think that was carrying on attack not too to Undead Creature like before, Undead Creature in one time has blocked the attack of Elven Race. Dolleck's face was uglier, but he to has appreciated to Zhao Hai, but the appreciation turns over to the appreciation, now Zhao Hai is an enemy of their Elf clan, he must eliminate this enemy. Zhao Hai is strong, Dolleck more must eliminate Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai is stronger, in the future a threat to Elf clan will be bigger, for a security of Elf clan, eliminates Zhao Hai to. Dolleck observed a while these Undead Creature Battle Formation, then deep voice said : branches out ten Infant Stage time Expert to carry on attack to these Undead Creature, has remembered, these ten people should not be separated, form a team the attack attention to coordinate.” The person of his side complied with one, immediately has arranged, Zhao Hai although in command(er) these Undead Creature, but he in paying attention to the Elven Race there situation, he was looking that the Infant Stage time Elf wanted join to the fight, Lizzy of his immediately/on horseback in the brain said : to Lizzy and Megan, Megan, give you command(er) these fellows of Infant Stage time must throw.” Lizzy and Megan immediately/on horseback has complied with one, received to Undead Creature command, Zhao Hai turned Liquid Silver Magic Staff appears in in his hand, then Magic Formation of ten thousand overlay has attacked. But at this time Elven Race Infant Stage time Life Source had attacked smart, these Life Source spirits are the attack lineup of four wooden Elf, three earth Elf, with three wind Elf comprised, but Zhao Hai pocket has given them now several thousand overlay Magic Formation, that several Life Source spirits have to stop to resist. Magic Formation of ten thousand overlay, the attack strength good these Life Source worked, if intimate hardly a idea, feared that is also selected the minor wound. However Zhao Hai after leaving several thousand overlay Magic Formation, these Elf had found the means of coping with, is resisted Zhao Hai Magic Formation by three native things Elf and two wooden Elf, its this Elf direct Undead Creature kills. These Undead Creature although under Lizzy and Megan command(er), has that hit, when Life Source spirit join of Infant Stage time, these Undead Creature could not resist, after all the level disparity was placed in there is speaking the truth, Undead Creature can project on this degree, already Elven Race and Yuan Jin Gang their expectations.

Megan and Lizzy very clear cannot to resist Life Source of that several Infant Stage times spirits, builds all around these ordinary tree Elf and earth Elf all Undead Creature may be many, if makes them clash, that Yuan Jin Gang their casualties can even bigger. Therefore Megan and Lizzy although has carried on the resistance to Life Source of that several Infant Stage times spirit, has not actually tried, fights the fight of Elf with other ordinary, is still continuing, these ordinary war Elf, still do not have the means to approach Yuan Jin Gang they. However Yuan Jin Gang they now also anxious, they also saw, Life Source of that several Infant Stage times spirits, has soon killed thoroughly the Undead Creature defense line, their fights finally also started. In this time, Life Source of that several Infant Stage times is working, has killed thoroughly the Undead Creature defense line, is preparing to exploit success, defense line thorough tearing of Undead Creature. Yuan Jin Gang sees this situation, knows that cannot wait, his said loudly: Brothers, we looked quite a while play, cannot to be makes Little Hai perform in there, is we came to power, making Elven Race these grandsons know that our machine did not have the coward.” The sledgehammer overran at one fell swoop, takes that several Infant Stage time Life Source to work. That several Life Source looked spirit Yuan Jin Gang they flushed, immediately turned the head to come to Yuan Jin Gang, these Elf main duty were the type halts a person, now Yuan Jin Gang they flushed, they naturally first coped with Yuan Jin Gang they. However Yuan Jin Gang their although rushed, but lineup not chaotic, this is also Elf that machine and several other Realms make to fight, machine has own lineup coordination, only then by these coordination, they can vie with each other with the several other Realms person, if independent combat, feared that will be quick will be defeated. Zhao Hai after tying down the Life Source spirit of that five Infant Stage times , the minute starts to branch out part of strengths to help Yuan Jin Gang they, in the battlefield has refused at once to compromise unexpectedly. Dolleck has selected eyebrow said : good Zhao Hai, a person deals with tie down five Infant Stage time Life Source to work unexpectedly, the ample force, this sub- has not eliminated, in the future must be my Elven Race big trouble.” Several other people also nodded, Dolleck deep voice said :was sending ten people to come up, has remembered, wanted target is Zhao Hai! „ His person complied with one, immediately/on horseback has arranged ten people to rush. Zhao Hai looks at and clashes ten Elf, the eye cannot help but jumps, these ten Elf are flushing, they are not easy to do, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : contraction defense line!” This saying said that they listens to Megan, said that they listens to Yuan Jin Gang. Yuan Jin Gang they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that Circle Formation really tied was more compact, but these Undead Creature, slowly their here received toward Yuan Jin Gang, Zhao Hai their defense base operation's base were smaller, but this defense was also simultaneously stricter. Dolleck looks at the response of Zhao Hai, deep voice said : really a little way, ordered the general attack!” His grains of rice spirit immediately/on horseback complied with then to pass around the order. Along with issuing an order, these Elf immediately release their Life Source worked, all let out, started full attack Zhao Hai their pressure to increase at once, Zhao Hai connected release several hundred thousand overlay Magic Formation, this defending of grapsus grapsus.

However these Undead Creature in appears in the massive deaths, their strengths came compared with these Core Formation time Life Source spirit, missed much. At this time machine defense lineup in one time lived the change, Magic Formation has fallen back on the Circle Formation middle, Warrior was taking the weapon preparation close combat outside, but Magician while big mouth drank is restoring Potion, was putting Magic, was adding on the coordination of these Undead Creature, this exempted strongly has blocked the attack of Elven Race, now however Undead Creature casualties even bigger, twenty thousand Undead Creature, dies only remaining insufficient 10,000. Zhao Hai still does not have fully, because below Transcends Tribulation Dolleck of non- rival did not have make a move, according to former and agreements of machine these people, machine encircling force, after they will make war about two hours can arrive at battlefield here, but now Zhao Hai they and Elven Race wars, have carried on quick two hours, but still has not actually seen machine army, this will make Zhao Hai very annoyed. He asked Cai'er, Cai'er said that machine these army also in halfway, moreover illuminates their marching, feared that is must one hour, about two hours be able to arrive at the battlefield. Hears this reply, Zhao Hai face cannot help but stares, machine these people, should not make such Inferior level mistake, must know the soldier expensive god, if slow marching, surrounds the enemy, this equal to wipes out opportunity of their this squad to the enemy, when the time comes the Elven Race person has wiped out their this squads, turns the head to impact that encirclement ring, almost can in not having what the situation of loss, on can clash encircles exits, this on very abnormal. Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears on Yuan Jin Gang, face ugly said : Captain, had feared that was our is sold.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his deep voice said : what meaning?” „The Undead Creature repayment that said : that Zhao Hai face sèyin sinks just I saw said that now the army of surrounding encirclement ring, walked 50% distances, if to here, but must one hour, if selecting slowly, feared that is two hours also has the possibility.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Jin Gang cannot help but one-eyed one red, deep voice does said : take seriously?” Zhao Hai nodded, Yuan Jin Gang eye blood red, look at Zhao Hai said : „can we also insist two hours? So long as we are living going back, I could not forgive these grandsons.” Zhao Hai sneers said : let alone two hours, two days I can insist, but this matter, possibly is not person two people can decide that afterward will be what kind of?” Yuan Jin Gang coldly snorted said : first do not manage that many, lived is going back saying that how I to was have a look at these grandsons to say this matter, if they did not answer to me well, ahem, how having a look at me to tidy up them.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : that good, my impolite.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved to fly, the hand wielded massive Undead Creature in one time to fly, Undead Creature that these time flew, had twenty thousand fully, but these time by skeleton give priority to. Simultaneously giant insect appears in the Zhao Hai side, so long as went to the person of Fabbio star, will recognize, this in Fabbio on-board name king dominate Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, two Infant Stage time Expert cannot take its what kind of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect.

Then Zhao Hai face upwards the long and loud cry, then not far away transmits a long and loud cry, that howl proximity fast, moreover from that howl, can hear, comes the strength of person is also Expert of Infant Stage time. Dolleck noticed that the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect stares, then face changes, obviously he recognizes the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, he also knows that the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect has is difficult to deal with, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly release a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect. Moreover that long and loud cry that the distant place transmits, the howl is low and deep, inside is bringing wild air/Qi, can hear from this howl, comes the person possibly is the Monster Race person. In 6 Realms battlefield here, meets opportunity of several other Realms person to be very big, like Dolleck, can almost judge according to a sound, you are that person, especially the Monster Race person, their howls should better recognize, because Monster Race person since childhood in keeping spells to grow long, in adding on them is various animal demons practices, therefore in the aura, is leading the several other Realms person not the wild air/Qi, very good recognizes. The Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, the Monster Race person, these are very hard to deal with existences, but now has been made by Zhao Hai, this makes Dolleck cannot help but somewhat be worried. Now they want in a short time, tidies up Zhao Hai they, feared that is impossible, Zhao Hai their pliabilities, left his imagination, can withstand their attack such long time unexpectedly, so far, they killing some Undead Creature, regarding Zhao Hai their this, almost does not have what influence, this is makes war beforehand Dolleck unable to think. Now Zhao Hai release Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, called a Monster Race person to help, this regarding them, was not the good matter, although this their motion had some machine people's support absolutely, but Dolleck very clear, a machine person could not tow too long time, otherwise was too obvious. In fact before Dolleck, in words that spoke, some words have not said that he said Zhao Hai formidable, has posed the threat to their Elven Race, but behind some few words he had not said that was Zhao Hai not only has posed the threat to the Elven Race person, regarding some machine people, has posed the threat, but these people will not allow any threat to exist. Because of this, therefore Dolleck is leaving lock mountain defense line place such to ambush Zhao Hai they, because of his very clear, in a short time, Zhao Hai they cannot obtain any support, they can feel relieved bold copes with Zhao Hai they, so long as they have tidied up Zhao Hai, that machine partly controlled the area on equal to is their Elven Race backyard, they want to come to come, wants to walk walks. However now his plan... Was disrupted, he knows, if solve Zhao Hai at cannot quick one, their this plans... Ended, thinks of here, Dolleck in does not hide, his hand wields, big Metal-man appears of metal silver white in his side, his deep voice said : Chuck, has killed that Zhao Hai!” A Elf clan likes working the name to own Life Source, this is not the strange matter, surface Dolleck's Life Source spirits, the name was called Chuck. Chuck looks like compared with the Life Source spirit of general Elf use must purify many, the five senses on face were distinct, look like looks like individuals, he nodded to Dolleck, then flushed away toward Zhao Hai.!.