Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1315

Brings Farm to mix different realm 241, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 241 demon shovel to reveal the prestige Zhao Hai also noted Dolleck's type, saw that Iron-man presented that Magic of Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback ten thousand overlay lost, but that Iron-man personal appearance was actually fierce changed, one has bred Great Sword, then a sword Zhao Hai Magic breaking, Great Sword has cut toward Zhao Hai. But at this time, that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect also started to carry on attack to these Elven Race Life Source spirit, the main attack target goal of this only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, was Life Source of these Infant Stage times spirits, for they reduced the pressure to Yuan Jin Gang. Yuan Jin Gang their although is fighting, but they very pay attention the transformation in battlefield, actually result relationship to their life and death, especially Yuan Jin Gang, after knowing had been sold, he angrily has sent crazy, he has not thought that will run into such matter, some machine in people gives to sell them unexpectedly. Waits for the Zhao Hai release Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, Yuan Jin Gang being startled of , he has not thought that Zhao Hai can also cause insect to come unexpectedly, is hearing that howl, Yuan Jin Gang knows that Zhao Hai feared had already prepared, because Yuan Jin Gang believes that howl was the Jua Ding Shan round. Yuan Jin Gang cannot attend to thinking now that many, reforms to go on living is the good matter, after he also prepares to go back, looks for these High level to do accounts. Yuan Jin Gang said that must look for these High level to do accounts, has his energy, do not visit him now or frontline Junior Captain, but he in the 6 Realms battlefield here prestige is actually extremely high, he shakes the arm to shout, the entire lock mountain against has the response, at the appointed time waited for a plane a to subdue|grams not to be inferior to not to face the huge pressure. But at this time Zhao Hai from circle [gold/metal] Zhenfei, welcomed Dolleck's that Life Source spirit Iron-man, Iron-man this sword comes is very quick, a sword cuts toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, in hand Magic Staff received, then hands over, in hand presented one cup of Ghost Qi dense crescent moon shovels, Zhao Hai has not wanted to make other people know that now his Liquid Silver Magic Staff can transformation, such will bring to the attention of too many person. Therefore he decides with this certainly comes severe Buming the crescent moon shovel to oppose the enemy. This crescent moon shovel and Liquid Silver to spelling do not drop the wind, and is Darkness Attribute, although said that the request to spiritual force is very high, and needs the massive Spiritual Qi support, even if Zhao Hai also inadequately can the use of long time, but takes now with actually yes, Zhao Hai believes that Dolleck's Iron-man is can block the crescent moon shovel inadequately. Therefore Zhao Hai attains the hand of in hand the crescent moon shovel, the immediately at one fell swoop crescent moon shovel, welcomes toward Great Sword that Iron-man breeds. On hearing tang inciting two, Great Sword that Iron-man breeds, within however was shovelled has cut about one foot mouth, Zhao Hai this use crescent moon shovel the time by the crescent moon, has not poured into Berserk Qi toward inside, but the crescent moon shovel completely has actually disregarded Iron-man Berserk Qi, one Great Sword that Iron-man bred cutting, this absolutely was astonishing.

Zhao Hai sees this situation. Stares, he has not thought that really crescent moon shovel formidable such, he believes the crescent moon shovel can defeat Iron-man, but has not actually thought that can win such with ease. But Great Sword that Iron-man breeds one was cut, Dolleck's complexion is out of control to change, then a blood has spat, the complexion rapid ash has defeated. Must know. Iron-man is his Life Source Elf. Wound that Iron-man receives, the wound of also on equal to he receiving, this Dolleck injures, but heavy. At this moment, side Dolleck Elf calls out in alarm, Dolleck turns the head to look, side suddenly on every day presented Monster Beast army. Actually called army not to be inappropriate, this only Monster Beast army quantity 1000, and all was comprised of the pangolin, was killing toward their here. But that pangolin that leads, a golden fresh piece, the strength has been the Infant Stage time unexpectedly. In this pangolin behind, with 1000 each one hair small pangolins, these slightly small pangolin, the strength is actually not very strong, but Foundation Establishment Stage. But such strength, is actually Dolleck does not dare underestimated. fighting strength of Monster Race person, in 6 Realms is very famous, even if the Cultivation World person, to they can also headache. But that only giant pangolin that leads, Dolleck also really knew. Even they also handed over a hand, although Dolleck had won finally, but won was actually not relaxed, therefore he to this giant pangolin very familiar, five Ding Kaishan Jua Ding Shan! Sees Jua Ding Shan, Dolleck's complexion completely changed, Jua Ding Shan very difficult entangles, but his behind these Monster Race, very difficult entangles, these person of join regiments, are adding on that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, these Undead Creature, wanted they to Zhao Hai in a short time inadequately. But most makes Dolleck feel worry is the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai strikes wounds him, although also has the reason that he has a low opinion of the enemy, is the Zhao Hai strength is without a doubt, now are injured, is not the Zhao Hai rival, if, feared fully was Zhao Hai can unfold trick/hand and foot. Now is Dolleck is being proud, knows before Zhao Hai, does not have fully, in against him, actually the result he wins great reputation, he had been injured now, can to subdue|grams not be inferior to tie down Zhao Hai two saying that if makes Zhao Hai spatial make a move come, Expert of that other Infant Stage times, may also some people be he, as soon as gathering?

Thinks of here, Dolleck knows that this motion feared will not have any effect, and machine there could not delay the too long time. Dolleck look at aggressive Jua Ding Shan that clashes, let out a long breath, then turns the head deep voice said : command(er) these to fight Elf ordinary, covers Zhao Hai and these Monster Race people, other people take back Life Source to work, we remove.” As soon as his person listened to Dolleck saying that is out of control said : Sir, this to remove? Zhao Hai they could not insist how long!” Dolleck shook the head said : not, they can also insist that retreats, in words that does not retreat, we were dangerous.” That person does not dare to violate Dolleck's words, has complied with one, transmitted orders, when Zhao Hai also saw that Dolleck must retreat, but he has not pursued, by his strength, pursues to subdue|grams not to be inferior to Dolleck to be what kind, although just Dolleck had been injured, but has not actually injured to arrive fundamentally, is adding on Infant Stage time Expert that their these time comes to be many, his second batch of release these Undead Creature death most, if he in pursuing, these Infant Stage time Expert on will besiege him, when the time comes he is not injured, will reveal. More cards in a hand, therefore Zhao Hai has not pursued, but is command(er) these Undead Creature, Jua Ding Shan and Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, carried on to these ordinary war Elf has encircled kills, simultaneously he is holding the fist in the other hand said : senior to be good to walk to Dolleck who drew back slowly, Zhao Hai did not deliver, another day was an expert to ask for advice.” Dolleck coldly snorted said :old man floating astronomy network ends draws back slowly, was ignoring Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, has not cared, has not pursued, command(er) the people to these can Elf carries on to encircle kills, these ordinary Elf that can be the rivals of these people, their resisting have not really played too big doing to use, but actually they towed Zhao Hai in here, making them not have the style to pursue Dolleck they. When Dolleck they draw back the disappearing trace, these ordinary war Elf were encircled killed off, but Zhao Hai they cannot overtake a Elf clan now, in fact also nobody wants to pursue, their here person more than 100 people, but a Elf clan also more than thousand people, pursue now, with courting death without doubt. At this time Jua Ding Shan arrived at the Zhao Hai side, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I came late.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to be late, you come is not late, getting them to go to transfer the extension in all directions.” Jua Ding Shan has complied with one, getting these big pangolins to walk.

At this time other people also responded, in them may not have the stupid uncle, and before the plan of Yuan Jin Gang they were know that now they, as soon as the computing time, pursued Elven Race to start from them, to the present, already soon four hours, but in the plan outflanked the Elven Race majority actually still has not presented that even if were moron also understand, they feared that was given to sell. Wuyang are an irritable temperament, but this did not suggest actually he is a stupid uncle, he has also thought through joint, but he turns the head look at Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, were we sold?” A Wuyang this saying exit / to speak, all person look at Yuan Jin Gang. Yuan Jin Gang selected nodding the head, deep voice said : Little Hai Undead Creature looked up, the majority of outflanking, one hour can arrive at here, one hour! He ***, in the battlefield, one minute can want the human life, their this group of bastards unexpectedly late several hours! The brothers, do not wait for them, we return to lock mountain against there to go, said to the brothers of against ground these situations, I to have a look, what explain/transfer these big shots will give me!” The people rumble should, walk toward lock mountain against there with Yuan Jin Gang turn around, reason that these people some such big responses \; first, because they were sold, two because of lock mountain against here, actually not necessarily are right with these upper layer people, lock mountain against here at most frontline, is the most dangerous quarter, is on the other hand, self-reliant is very strong, and in the person of lock mountain against here service, with upper layer relationship to that will otherwise not serve very to here, in adding goes forth to battle to lock Shan Fang. here is a fort has difficult, other people must come slow, therefore the entire lock mountain against, other city fortress city cities support, this lets lock mountain against here person very united, so long as Yuan Jin Gang told the person of lock mountain against place this matter, the person of lock mountain against place met cause disturbance , at the appointed time waited for a plane High level to think that was referring to escaping this matter also inadequately to be able, must know that locked mountain against here, but has plenty was various Great Clan core members, this matter was actually not the minor matter. Yuan Jin Gang gets the people against to fly toward the lock mountain, now Yuan Jin Gang felt one soon exploded with rage, thinks that a Cultivation World person, hires oneself machine here, these years were machine are born into more than several, this made lock mountain against here same also has with several other Realms has partly controlled the area, now some people plan him unexpectedly, but also wanted kill he, Yuan Jin Gang there could bear, he doesnot can the present plan his person investigating ruthlessly to come out that the broken corpse ten thousand broke! Brings Farm to mix different realm 241, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 241 demon shovel to reveal the prestige to renew!