Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1316

Yuan Jin Gang their returned to lock mountain defense line there, immediately through computer, today's matter, told lock mountain defense line here all castles, a lock mountain defense line here piece clamored at once. The defense area that was at from oneself left in lock mountain defense line here all Captain level character immediately, caught up toward Vajra fort here, entire lock mountain defense line here, the Captain level character had twenty thousand many, these people after knowing Yuan Jin Gang their matter, somewhat could not sit still.[] Reason that these people will have such big response, because besides the unity, is feared one will march into to the Yuan Jin Gang footsteps, Yuan Jin Gang arrives at 6 Realms battlefield here already seven years, besides the first year is the ordinary member, several other years are Captain. In 6 Realms battlefield here, has worked as 6 Realms Captain fully, before Yuan Jin Gang was Captain, everyone/Great Clan can also say that he was because must revenge works as, but had this matter after now, the people had other idea, some people were pressing Yuan Jin Gang, did this make him work as this Captain? Moreover Yuan Jin Gang has worked as six years of Captain, finally was actually given to sell, that other people? Was tomorrow is also sold? A machine person fears no sacrifice, but feared that was betrayed. duty that this Yuan Jin Gang they carry out is very dangerous duty, more than 100 people must face besieging of more than 1000 Elf, such duty can be said as a narrow escape, but everyone/Great Clan actually without hesitation went, why? Because a machine person fears no sacrifice. What however is the final result? Complies with their armies, late several hours appears , midway anybody of these armies had not stopped, they are only advancing is quick, very slow, wants compared with normal marching on slowly many, this very much could not be justified. But about this matter, machine these people wants to conceal the truth unable to conceal the truth, because Zhao Hai has put video recording of their marching directly online, can therefore see in the machine here people, in this situation, these people does not have any means to stop the dissemination of network. Yuan Jin Gang anger after seeing the video recording of Zhao Hai, thorough had gotten angry by ji, he has not thought a machine person can do is so excessive, this was clarifies has made them die, round [gold/metal] that could bear this. Sitting that Yuan Jin Gang appearance yin sinks in conference room, in the conference room besides him, Zhao Hai, Liu Zhen and Wuyang, several people of face is not quite attractive.

Did Yuan Jin Gang sit a while also to have how long to be able on deep voice said :?” Zhao Hai curled the lip said : in having about two hours, take in the evening about ten minutes top three hundred Captain to our here time.” A Boom! Liu Zhen fist has broken his front table, his two eyes red said : „do these bastards want to do? Did they want to destroy machine?” Liu Zhen is different from the Yuan Jin Gang status, his strength is very strong, but similarly, he is the Liu Clan core member, because there are him , the Liu Clan beautiful year can obtain many commodities, therefore he very has the component in the Liu Clan speech, the Liu Clan adult male also very admires to Liu Zhen. Liu Clan is Warrior Clan of Warrior association, originally is only medium grade Clan, existence that because Liu shakes, Liu Clan became Warrior would First Grade Clan, can count the big influence, in the Warrior association, Liu Clan said that a few words very have the component , because of this, therefore Liu Zhen such gets angry also reasonable, he represents may, not only he ten have entire Liu Clan. Yuan Jin Gang looked at Liu Zhen one eyes, deep voice said : was good, too ji do not move, ji moves is also useless, this matter I look not to do well, how many scapegoats finally promoted to finish up, haven't you listened to the Elven Race person to say? Their this main target are Little Hai.” Liu Zhen roars said : to break wind, main target is Little Hai, is this possible? Elven Race these people are being a vegetarian Monk, saw that we can not extinguish us? Do these bastards think? I thought truly they want is our life.” Zhao Hai face strange looked at their said : not to be perhaps complex, because I in entering before the 6 Realms battlefield, told them, I wanted to be separated from Ashley Clan, the independence exit, perhaps because of this, therefore they wanted to cope with me.” Liu Zhen shouted angrily said : to break wind, could this matter be done depending on Ashley Clan? What Ashley Clan nearest/recent show is quick, but before their Clan, after is only medium grade Clan, now the although strength has come up, but is bad away the higher Clan inside story, they want the command(er) 6 Realms battlefield here person, but also falls far short, some back also people of this matter are certainly up to mischief, I let certainly Clan found out, certain.” Yuan Jin Gang hesitated, said : „the present said that these also early, what answer I to have a look at these fellows to me, if their answers cannot be satisfying, I to must well noisy one noisy.” Liu Zhen does not make noise, to be honest, making him look like Yuan Jin Gang to be so noisy, he could not have made, because of this relationship to the Liu Clan benefit, Yuan Jin Gang noisy, entire lock mountain defense line here then with, entire machine will not be steady in the 6 Realms battlefield here domain by that time, this regarding an entire machine influence is very big.

Yuan Jin Gang looked at Liu Zhen one eyes, deep voice said : Old Liu, is not I am noisy, but is we must make, if we are not noisy, that this matter might very much gently has raised, but the consequence have you thought? Zhao Hai is machine ten thousand years a talent, he can face any person now, does not make concessions, making the several other Realms person not dare underestimated our machine, if he dies under such planning, that other people will be what kind of? You, I, am the person of main action, in 6 Realms battlefield here, our two fights many with the several other Realms person, is peace that lock mountain defense line here continues, fight that we go all out, but we actually die in such planning finally, you think not to have, does this matter confront to lock the morale attack of mountain defense line here to be able big? If makes other people know that we die, to the attack of these people can big? At the appointed time waits for a plane also to be able the protect present domain? Can?” Liu Zhen hears the cold sweat to brave, in this time, the gate of conference room, quilt one has shoved open, several people walk from the disciple, these people puff, looks like in the appearance of hurrying along. Yuan Jin Gang looked at several people of said : to come, sat.” In that several person, look at Yuan Jin Gang said : old circle, is this real?” How many person of said : did Yuan Jin Gang starethis matter I to crack a joke? Sits, other while people, to the present, these will be responsible for surrounding the Elven Race army, has not arrived at my Vajra, Camp, HaHaHa! ” In the Yuan Jin Gang laughter, is passing a dejected flavor, other these people is a heart are startled. Liu Zhen cannot bear said : old circle, you......” Yuan Jin Gang beckoned with the hand, calm said : not anything, but thought that these years striving for success did not have the significance.” Yuan Jin Gang really somewhat dejected, his although is the Cultivation World person, However he also has the big enmity with Cultivation World, afterward he arrived at machine, machine has given his many help most from the beginning, not only helps him block the Cultivation World pursuing type, but also provides Potion to make him practice, finally also delivers to 6 Realms battlefield here to practice him, all these let Yuan Jin Gang very touched, he has regarded himself a machine person, but Yuan Jin Gang has not thought that finally he unexpectedly by machine selling, this made him sad. Liu Zhen listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that also cannot help but sighed, to be honest, he just came 6 Realms battlefield here time, has been full of the lofty sentiments, reason that wholeheartedly for machine open up new territory and enlarge the domain, for these years he so fight diligently, to let machine can formidable.

However today's matter, Liu Zhen suddenly present, oneself these year target diligently are probably wrong, probably does not have any significance, this makes him feel sad. Liu Zhen also cannot help but sighed, Captain that other that several just came, also understood that their moods, they also sighed, sit in the conference room, was not making noise. Captain of various non- little while more and more squads arrived at Vajra camp here, all people asked after Yuan Jin Gang same issue, in making noise, in the conference room has not sat down slowly, many people took a seat outside, if a big Vajra camp, a sound did not have, probably all people lost the ability of speech, the atmosphere have constrained suffocatingly. Unknowingly, two hours passed, at this time outside of conference room heard sound of the clamoring, Yuan Jin Gang has sneered said : looks like the lord has been taken to the threshing ground, we had a look.” Said that has stood, walks outward, Zhao Hai they, outside person noticed hastily Yuan Jin Gang stands, resigned a road to Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang has arrived at outside, saw all around one, all around was standing many machine Magician and Warrior, several Magician and Warrior face somewhat were pale, they were the team leaders of these teams of people. The Yuan Jin Gang alone item swept these person of one, was very early, might as well return to the minus interest that deep voice said : everybody came directly, but also came to our Vajra camp to do? Our Vajra camp the boarding house lock mountain defense line Captain 1st level person comes here to dine today, in addition you, feared that does not open on the entertainment.” Magician and Warrior that these lead, face was uglier, Magician dresses up, looks like the age is very big, and beard was all white, indifferently seems also has sage-like outstanding behavior old Magician, look at Yuan Jin Gang, deep voice said : Yuan Jin Gang, your what meaning? Why doesn't constrain the Elven Race person?” One hear of that old Magician such saying, Yuan Jin Gang could not bear laugh, said : good to confuse right and wrong, really worthily was the elite who machine came out, you asked why we haven't tied down Elf? I to also want to ask why you to the present appears , everybody, are should also my explanation?” That old Magician one hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that face cannot help but ugly, deep voice said : Yuan Jin Gang, do not think that your item a merit camp, could talk nonsense eight, what be we do not have appears ? Is you have not tied down the Elven Race person obviously, is afraid of getting into trouble timidly, ahead of time ran, but also has a face in here talk nonsense eight.”!.