Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1317

Yuan Jin Gang look at that two people, looked like saw small blade was the same at the performance, First Grade that person of said it, Yuan Jin Gang did not laugh said :well, good, you may really say that wind messenger Chen Yuanlong, I thought you should not call the wind messenger, you should call insane language, you noticed that we haven't tied down these Elf? I asked you, was the time that we decided several days starts to take action? Several are small When within can arrive at the motion scene? ” One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that Chen Yuanlong has cannot help but gawked in one, then face ugly said : I remember that we haven't subscribed several days to start to take action probably?” Yuan Jin Gang laughs said : not to be good, we have not subscribed several days to start to take action, but I remember regulation is such, we, so long as starts to pursue these Elven Race people, you must start to encircle, when we and Elven Race these people fought in together, you needed in two hours, rushes the scene that we fought, did I have to speak incorrectly?” A Yuan Jin Gang such saying, other these ordinary motion staff gawked, then started humming sound the discussion, these ordinary motion staff, has plenty was also the lock mountain defense line here person, they naturally toward lock mountain defense line here, therefore one hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that somewhat could not bear. Chen Yuanlong has not thought that Yuan Jin Gang will say this matter visibly, his cannot help but quilt, then his face uglier said : good, has such regulation, before the motion, I received the notice, said that the motion late two hours will carry on, to coordinate your motions, I also specially ahead of time left, bit by bit is close toward battlefield there.” Yuan Jin Gang look at Chen Yuanlong said :late does two hours carry on? don’t know is who informs your? Do you dare to call to confront with me him? When you move, is not anybody informs on the line, you must wait for my notice, our here moved, I inform you, your immediately moves, you do not need to listen to other anybody, you dare saying that you haven't received my notice? ” Yuan Jin Gang such asked how Chen Yuanlong also real don’t know must reach an agreement at once, his face ugly look at Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang deep voice said : Chen Yuanlong, this matter is not, above we who your three a few words words can solve let decide.” As soon as Chen Yuanlong listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that face was uglier, his very clear, he handled this matter to be under above permission, but this matter one but made all people know that above will give up a rook to save a king, but he was that car(riage), he certainly will be sacrificed when the time comes, no one could save him. Yuan Jin Gang look at Chen Yuanlong, cold sound said : Chen Yuanlong, you thinks that this time matter is only my matter? relationship to more than 100 people of life and death? Do you have to think, if we died, what that lock mountain defense line here can be? Do you have to think, if after we died, Elven Race these, are coming after release information this time matter, that lock mountain defense line will here be what kind of? If lock mountain defense line here lost has partly controlled the area, how many one year will lose? Haven't these you thought?” As soon as Chen Yuanlong listened to Yuan Jin Gang saying that cannot help but face became a paleness, now is the idiots looks at Chen Yuanlong to have the issue. Yuan Jin Gang has not been saying anything, his look at Chen Yuanlong said :Chen Yuanlong, this matter I will thoroughly investigate, I believe that lock mountain defense line here all people will thoroughly investigate, you die now were also useless, we just wait.,...

Said that Yuan Jin Gang said was not managing Chen Yuanlong, turn around entered the conference room in Vajra fort, but at this time Chen Yuanlong saw also one after another had Captain of various lock mountain defense line here teams to catch up, he knows that this matter noisily was really big, Chen Yuanlong's face was pale, the body staggered, then a word, turn around did not walk. Other person of nobody go with him, that several people who however leads, face pale walked, but other ordinary entering the war staff, to present also understand what's the matter, their immediately flew, found participated in this time, when the person of you bait, the incoming signal asked at that time what's the matter, these people naturally were the knowledge all say, all people know that lived anything. When these people hear Zhao Hai they in there, has blocked a Elf clan four hours of attack, but Zhao Hai has used the multiple methods, but also wounded had under Transcends Tribulation not to have Dolleck of name of rival, this absolutely was the important matter, extraordinary big matter. After waiting for lock mountain defense line here all Captain, Yuan Jin Gang was leading Liu Zhen and Zhao Hai came out from the conference room, the castle in Vajra camp naturally did not sit down these many person has plenty people to sit outside of castle, with person who oneself were familiar with, greets, in a low voice was chatting. Yuan Jin Gang looked at these person of one, slowly flew, then the alone item looked at all around one, deep voice said : brothers position, the here has plenty person, possibly did not have me, but I believe that most people are know my, I was not wasting breath, what matter today lived, I think that everyone/Great Clan knew, I can tell you, today fresh matter real, we were given to sell , this 100 many people who not only this matter participates in the motion relationship to us, relationship to everyone/Great Clan, our everyone/Great Clan locks the mountain. Defense line here goes all out with the several other Realms person, was afterward these big shots, was causing the short rope used to bind animals to us, thinks that was sending us in the deathtrap, such matter we cannot[ answered] case, we must want justice, making them give us an explanation!” The mood of people by Yuan Jin Gang transferring, they are the lock mountain defense line here people, they also feared that next time becomes Yuan Jin Gang they. These people do not believe that Yuan Jin Gang is because the status is bad to plotting, good, Yuan Jin Gang is the person who Cultivation World hires oneself, how many merit but these years has he set up for machine? Moreover in this time action, not, only then a Yuan Jin Gang person, Liu Zhen they, Liu Zhen they but the machine here locally born person, these people can plot against Liu Zhen, why can't plot against them? Because of this point, making the people produce the resonance, the mood of all people met ji to move, almost all person said loudly: Is just, must explain!” Yuan Jin Gang said loudly: Good, we take justice, takes an explanation, why can appears such matter, this matter should who to be responsible for? I think that Chen Yuanlong his motion command(er), does not have such big courage, does not have such big authority to order other people, therefore this matter certain behind some people, this person has not eliminated, we do not have the means relieved with several other Realms to war, therefore we take an explanation!” The people are also shout loudly said : „to explain that must explain, must explain!” Yuan Jin Gang deep voice said : this matter lived, to be honest I very distressed, I do not hope really this matter lives in machine here, because our machine relying on unity has arrived at today, we must want justice, for entire machine, I hope that everyone/Great Clan can also insist this matter on own post we only selects several people are the representative, everyone/Great Clan signs, is represented to replace everyone/Great Clan to go by several with the machine upper layer relation, making machine upper layer give us a view, everyone/Great Clan said that was good?”

People said loudly: Good, good! Right that Vajra Captain said!” Yuan Jin Gang deep voice said : good, everyone/Great Clan agreed that is good, I have written a report today's matter, will ask the everyone/Great Clan person to get down in turn the signing character then by me, Liu Zhen Captain, with according to thinking of Tanzania Captain, Brandt Captain, Adam Captain will hand over machine upper layer to go this report together, what opinion don’t know will everyone/Great Clan have to these candidates?” The people do not have the opinion, these Captain that because Yuan Jin Gang chooses, is one of the lock mountain defense line here most famous Captain, if these people did not have qualifications representative everyone/Great Clan, that nobody had qualifications representative everyone/Great Clan. Looked that everyone/Great Clan did not have opinion Yuan Jin Gang to let Zhao Hai and Wuyang took that report that he wrote, then this report, put through projection outside has enabled all people to see this report, in this report did not have a point false ingredient not to have a point exaggeration, but the real situation asked the matter, the following expression that however reported was very strict is severe, must give them by machine a view. The people looked that this report did not have the issue, immediately to come up to sign own name in turn, more than 10,000 individuals, light signed on some time. All Captain of signing, to Yuan Jin Gang gave a salute, some are familiar with Yuan Jin Gang, but also chatted several with Yuan Jin Gang, this leave, just as is, they who Yuan Jin Gang said cannot long time leave their posts, not in the words entire lock mountain defense line was dangerous. When all Captain have signed, after leave, only remaining Yuan Jin Gang, Liu Zhen, Zhao Hai their people of these participation motions, are Adam, according to thinking of Tanzania, Brandt several Captain, these three Captain only then Adam is Magician, he looks like over 40 years old, very mature, the body puts on earth yellow Magic Robe, very ordinary, but he is actually lock mountain defense line here, most famous Magician Captain, not only strength formidable, but also defense strength formidable, what most important is, his although appearance is ordinary, what actually truly is a militant, Number of times that he within one year exits to go hunting, not compared with Liu Zhenshao. According to thinking of Tanzania, is Warrior, weapon that he uses to very ordinary, Double-handed Broadsword, looks like over 30 years old, on the face also has scar together, this makes him look like somewhat is also fierce, his strength also very formidable, but he actually by attacking becomes famous, he most famous is his defense, he is known as the defensive non-solution in lock mountain defense line here, he once was leading 40 under the hand/subordinate, has blocked Cultivation World a cultivator three hours of attack, not any reinforcement, therefore was called the defensive non-solution. Brandt is also weapon, the height about two meters, strong looks like hill, his weapon is two carries Executioner Blade thick, attack strength formidable is unusual, he comes the 6 Realms battlefield, only then two years, however rushed out own name to write in 6 Realms battlefield here, was called the double blade to be bright, but other person, often saves that double word, calls him the praying mantis, however his strength, lets person dreading of several other Realms. Yuan Jin Gang looked at people said : following several days time, I cannot in Vajra fort here be possible, Old Liu, your under the hand/subordinate first do not go back, is staying in here, avoid the person retaliation of Elven Race, after I walk, the Vajra fort here matter, is responsible for by Little Hai, Wuyang, 1 Little Hai just came after all, what don’t know he has, you must help him, understand?” The people complied with one, Yuan Jin Gang looked at several other Captain said : this matter unable to delay, in order to avoid any accident, we walks now, as soon as possible handed over this information, was right, Adam, your three, if had seizing weapon, gave Little Hai to stay behind, was writing down regarding the request of weapon you, Little Hai will help you refine weapon.”

Adam puzzled look at Yuan Jin Gang does said : refine weapon? Why? Our weapon use well?” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : you to stay behind and that's the end and ensure you will not regret, hurry up.” Adam their although don’t know Yuan Jin Gang is any meaning, had not actually opposed, weapon that they seize but are many, majority is not useful, all several people have left behind many weapon, then Yuan Jin Gang makes them write down regarding the request of weapon, then has given Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai these weapon and requests, this several days was laborious you, we delivered to come back the report, you made the best use of the time.” Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that often smiles said : well, Captain feel relieved, before you come back and ensure does well.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, waved, leading Adam several people to walk. Waited for Yuan Jin Gang their leave Vajra fort, Wuyang immediately to walk, to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, you said that what to do our can several days?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Wuyang Big Brother, in lock mountain defense line here, is your experience is rich, you arranged to be good, but these days Elven Race was just repelled by us, certainly will seriously guard against, was not suitable attacks . Moreover the several other Realms person, feared that will receive also some sound of the wind/rumor, nearest/recent our lock mountain defense line here feared will receive some attack, making everyone/Great Clan more careful to well.” Wuyang nodded said : „the present to attack the Elven Race domain is impossible, they feared that was waiting already for us to attack, to has defended this aspect, our everyone/Great Clan must be careful that a point is good, I inform everyone/Great Clan one, making everyone/Great Clan strengthen the alert.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, but nodded, deep voice said : Wuyang Big Brother, this several days I want crafting, the castle here matter to hand over give you.” Actually regarding Zhao Hai, crafting is the at any time matter, but his very clear, although his strength is also very strong, everyone/Great Clan takes him, but Wuyang was longer in the lock mountain defense line here time, has certain prestige, if he comes up to refer to the hand delimiting... The foot, the on the contrary will make person dislikes, therefore he very natural has given Wuyang the command(er) position, said one want crafting, such Wuyang can come the command(er) people, but the people will not have any dislike. Wuyang had not really opposed that has complied with one, has arranged, Zhao Hai took these weapon to enter that Yuan Jin Gang to Cave Mansion that he prepared.!.