Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1319

Zhao Hai sits under hundred Spirit Tree, his in hand is manipulating that crescent moon shovel, this is makes Zhao Hai feel very curious the crescent moon shovel, only struck being known as under Transcends Tribulation Dolleck of non- rival wounding, although Dolleck has not thought at that time the crescent moon shovel so will be strong, but this also sufficiently demonstrated crescent moon shovel location of formidable. Zhao Hai already knew crescent moon shovel location of formidable, but he somewhat is a little puzzled, must know that Dolleck's Iron-man had used at that time Berserk Qi, but crescent moon shovel in this case, but can also wound that murder, this somewhat could not be justified. Berserk Qi formidable Zhao Hai is very clear, these many times, he and person battle, had not used Berserk Qi, because Berserk Qi was really too formidable, when especially Berserk Qi and person's Qi Strength perfect fusion after together, will let attack formidable of person to the situation of one type of non- Law Idol letter. Even if strength formidable of crescent moon shovel, even possibly on several level compared with Iron-man formidable, in Iron-man has used Berserk Qi, the crescent moon shovel is impossible to wound Iron-man, Iron-man can retreat calmly is right, but in fact, Iron-man was one is actually wounded, probably his simply did not have Berserk Qi to be the same, this was Zhao Hai feels the strange place. In Comprehend the world here, has one type of with Qi Strength that Berserk Qi shares the honor, Evil Qi, but where Evil Qi does not have, must find Evil Qi, finding Berserk Qi was much more difficult, actually in Cultivation World here, the person position generally considered, Evil Qi compared with Berserk Qi also want existence of formidable, because Evil Qi very difficult looked, even if had found, you may not the congealing ghost enter the body, therefore Evil Qi can share the honor with Berserk Qi. Zhao Hai do not understand, Evil Qi is any thing, if according to[] the thought of country's understands, Evil Qi is only one type of temperament, one type of can frighten others' temperament, is not Qi Strength, however in Comprehend the world here, Evil Qi is actually one type of Qi Strength, is one type of very formidable Qi Strength. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai rub gently the crescent moon is shovelling said : you[ body] in actually includes Evil Qi? This to is very interesting.” Then Zhao Hai thinks that has made a decision, his deep voice said : Cai'er.” Cai'er hear of appears in the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai look at Cai'er appearance said : Cai'er, I want to give a try with the crescent moon shovel, I feel in the crescent moon shovel to have existence of Evil Qi probably, I use to congeal Gang Secret Art to try, you pay attention, because this month the tooth shovel is really somewhat strange, if I have any incorrect words, you think that Space breaks me.” Cai'er has gawked, nodded said : good Young Master, I will pay attention.” At this time Laura their also walked out, since couple of days ago they had reached an agreement the show of Yalei No. 2 star, Laura they at the Yalei No. 2 star there matter, today suddenly have heard Zhao Hai to call Cai'er, they then curiously came out to have a look. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura cannot help but face changes said : Elder Brother Hai, this take risks very much, has no alternative but such to do?”

Zhao Hai smiles said :to be all right, this not in Space, if there is any matter, Space immediately will make me stop. Laura frowns said : „, but I am somewhat was worried that this crescent moon shovel was extremely strange, I a little am afraid.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to settle, all right, don't worry.” Said that Zhao Hai sat, has taken up the crescent moon shovel, transports Yangzi congealing ghost Secret Art silently, the congealing ghost Secret Art base solid is concentrates Gang Secret Art, but one is to congeal Gang enters the body, one is the congealing ghost enters the body. Looked at Zhao Hai already use the cultivation, Laura their immediately anxious, they moved also motionless look at Zhao Hai, in this time, suddenly Megan is shouting one lowly, Laura their bodies has shaken, they just in concentrate all attention look at Zhao Hai, a Megan this lowly shouted, one frightened several people to jump. Laura frowns, turns the head look at Megan said : Megan, What happened? Megan is actually two eyes full is the frightened look at Zhao Hai in hand crescent moon shovel, then he is pointing at the crescent moon shovel, is a few words cannot say, Laura they pay attention to the crescent moon shovel hastily, this attention crescent moon shovels them present, black gas on that crescent moon shovel, in enters points is entering Zhao Hai[ body], this presently also makes their face change, but did not have the prompt sound to transmit in Space well, Laura they comfort own Dao: Perhaps in crescent moon shovel really has Evil Qi, Elder Brother Hai is entering the body in the congealing ghost!” In this time, suddenly Space is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Existing includes to destroy xing Qi Strength to enter Host massively[ body], this Qi Strength is Evil Qi, Host[ body] in Evil Qi are too much, may cause certain destruction to the Host body, the solution has two, immediately/on horseback interrupts the Host practice, but the Host beforehand practice will waste all previous efforts, two immediately/on horseback shift Host to Yellow Sand-Star comes up, on the Berserk Qi sect with Yellow Sand-Star gathers Host[ body] in Evil Qi, thus enhances Host cultivation level.” One hear of Space said that Laura their hearts fierce one has raised, then Cai'er, waved to shift Yellow Sand-Star to come up Zhao Hai, naturally, this Yellow Sand-Star is Yellow Sand-Star in Space, was not outside Yellow Sand-Star. At this moment, Space in one time resounds prompt speaking sounds: Space presently massive Evil Qi, withdraw the Evil Qi ingredient, Space auto-building Evil Qi, Host may assign a back to be Evil Qi planet.” Space these time to have not made Zhao Hai immediately assign, obviously Space also knows that the Zhao Hai present attire situation, Zhao Hai does not have the means to assign that background to take Evil Qi planet now. But the Zhao Hai situation now is not quite good, when he starts with the crescent moon shovel is transporting the congealing ghost Secret Art, felt yin cold incomparable Qi Strength from crescent moon shovel fierce clashes toward his body , since his immediately transports the congealing ghost Secret Art to want control this Qi Strength, he truly has succeeded most from the beginning, that Qi Strength although ice-cold exceptionally, but also receives his control, moreover he presently[ body] in Berserk Qi, revolved unexpectedly, bit by bit is gathering that ice-cold Qi Strength, Zhao Hai can be affirmative, that Qi Strength is certain. Is Evil Qi. However Zhao Hai quickly presently, Berserk Qi bit by bit synthesized these Evil Qi, when his Berserk Qi are getting fewer and fewer, spills into him[ body] in Evil Qi is actually more and more, moreover to this time, he did not have the means in control Evil Qi, can only , whatever these Evil Qi in his[ body] is destroying recklessly.

Zhao Hai was startled, he wants from new control that Evil Qi, actually not to succeed, he wants to stop, still has not actually succeeded, these Evil Qi clash toward his body in like bursting a dike flood, Zhao Hai can feel one[ body] in veins, skeleton, will be flesh and blood by clean that this flood will flush vanishes. Zhao Hai somewhat is startled he to believe that Space will certainly have the response, Space and he is a body, Space should look at he not die. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling that he can absorb Berserk Qi from outside he, this makes Zhao Hai stare, but his immediately understand, because these Berserk Qi enter to his body, immediately by these Evil Qi synthesizing, but these Evil Qi Wen Heduo, Zhao Hai were actually trying control these Evil Qi, these Evil Qi also started by his control. Zhao Hai happy immediately/on horseback starts use the cultivation, Berserk Qi slowly enters his body to be getting more and more, Evil Qi is also getting more and more steady, when finally Berserk Qi and Evil Qi have achieved one balanced, Zhao Hai has definitely been possible in control that Evil Qi. When under Evil Qi Berserk Qi complete comprehensive in together, has formed new Qi Strength unexpectedly, this Qi Strength has Berserk Qi equally sharp attack xing, has Evil Qi equally ice-cold incomparable destruction xing however these two Qi Strength actually with Zhao Hai[ body] in Spiritual Qi, the perfect union in together, has let Zhao Hai[ body] in Qi Strength also unceasing strength. Zhao Hai knows that this regarding oneself is the good deed, he has not stopped, still in merit. Because his very clear this Evil Qi absorbs from the crescent moon shovel, when don’t know absorbed light, if this Evil Qi vanished, he did not have the means to enter the body in the congealing ghost, therefore he is using this opportunity now, absorbed some Evil Qi to enter the body. He also don’t know Space has withdrawn the Evil Qi ingredient now, can make him assign Evil Qi Space. Zhao Hai is practicing, base solid Zhao Hai such does is absolutely correct, because this is his first congealing ghost enters the process of body, these time regarding very heavy, or can make him concentrate Gang to enter the body, but can also significantly promote him[ body] in Spiritual Qi, can say his cultivation level in time increase. But they looks like in Cai'er, the Zhao Hai present situation is not quite good, Zhao Hai[ body] was being wrapped by massive black gas, simply could not see Zhao Hai, this let Laura their load people. Some little time Laura turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what matter won't have? Do you look at that black gas probably more and more appearances?”

Cai'er shook the head said : „to be all right, if there is a matter, Space already had to promote, Laura, you did not need to be worried, Young Master will not have the matter, here after all was Space, Space impossible look at Young Master not to manage hurt, after all in Space, all was centered on Young Master, moreover in Space, Space was the control of here, even if were the crescent moon shovel, in Space he by Law of Space the diameter system, will still not have the matter.” Laura although somewhat was also worried, but she also thought right that Cai'er said that she nodded, let out a long breath, then turned the head to look at face firm Lizzy their eyes, then forced smile said : Elder Brother Hai also was really, practiced such to be free from worry, must make a dangerous situation not to be possible.” Lizzy they were collapsing tightly nerve, one has relaxed, several people of let out a long breath, Lizzy chuckle said : „, when his these time practiced, looked how I tidied up him. Does Laura smile said : you? Cannot bear carefully, when the time comes is drinking helper, that may lose face too.” One hear of Laura said that face of Lizzy cannot help but under red, said : that then does not depend on Laura Elder Sister, you also bully me „, or we gathered to tidy up Elder Brother Hai one to be good, avoid he was exiting to entice other little girls, you looked at that Zheng Yun'er, now thinks Elder Brother Hai thought quick was enchanted.” Lizzy this saying has not spoken incorrectly , after Zheng Yun'er Zhao Hai rescues Bones Symbol Camp there, the looks like person who starts to keep inquired that Zhao Hai matter, in adding on her astonishing charm, the Bones Symbol Camp there person naturally was the knowledge all says, expressed oneself fully, now Zheng Yun'er worships Zhao Hai, arrived at one type of not to have the additional situation, daily in the room that went to Zhao Hai to live in cleans, other people in Bones Symbol Camp naturally know why she such did, actually also nobody stopped.!.