Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1320

Normally Zheng Yun'er such procedure, the Bones Symbol Camp person should prevent, after all Zhao Hai but now Maggie man, is equal to existence in emperor's son-in-law in Ashley Clan, now Zheng Yun'er such does, this is having the idea of emperor's son-in-law obviously, normally the Bones Symbol Camp person should prevent. However the Bones Symbol Camp person has not prevented, because of machine here although highly civilization, but this actually implements the monogyny, in fact in machine here, three wife four concubines is very normal, even that Great Clan Patriarch, marries dozens wife, has, everyone/Great Clan will only approve him to be loose, but will not say that he violates[ said] virtue anything. In fact reason that will create this phenomenon, has relationship with machine here fight Fang Lou, the machine here lord Battle Soldier type is the battleship and Mecha, Warrior and Magician can only be the auxiliary arm. But battleship and Mecha pilot , many are male xing, machine here is not the complete peace to the situation of not having fought, but battleship one, but was attacked and sunk in the fight, will have the massive battleship soldiers dead, here is also in the majority by male xing. Massive male student deaths, have created being out of balance of machine here men and women proportion, if were insisting that the monogyny, the has plenty fu person will remain at home, in that case, only will create the machine here population sharp decline, what therefore machine here implements is the polygamy. Because of this, therefore nobody manages Zheng Yun'er to make anything, will link Zheng Li not to go to manage with Zheng Martial Capital, because Cultivation World there same will also implement the polygamy. Also is because knows this situation, therefore Lizzy said that although said that she did not mind Zhao Hai is leading two girls to come back, however becomes a girl to Zhao Hai so obsessed, she is jealousy some slightly, although she knows Zhao Hai now also don’t know this matter. Is entering in this, the suddenly Zhao Hai in hand crescent moon shovel, black gas suddenly clears, the integral root crescent moon shovel also lived the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, the originally black crescent moon shovel, turned into golden yellow , the originally very black crescent moon part, turned into golden yellow , in the crescent moon and shovel pole connected place, could not be seeing that fierce ghost's head, but turned into the Buddhist priest who a gal instep sat. But shovels on the pole that looks like probably Bone one by one, vanish from sight, turned into the goose egg size Buddha head, the each and every one successive in together, looks at the desire to do better to be attractive. The crescent moon in the place of Buddhist priest approaching that gal instep sits, two Iron Ring, above is hanging two small bell, puts in order the crescent moon shovel to the person one type of dignified the feeling of atmosphere, in like before, did not look like that fierce. Laura they several people of puzzled look at this new crescent moon shovel, this month the change of tooth shovel were really too big, they cannot respond at once. At this time encircled in these black gas of Zhao Hai outside the body, already complete was absorbed by Zhao Hai[ body], but Zhao Hai has not waked now, still in use the cultivation. Laura they look at Zhao Hai to be all right, on feel relieved, in this time, the Space prompt sound in one time has been transmitting said : Host the congealing ghost to be successful, can shift Host to hundred Spirit Tree, increases Host cultivation level.” Cai'er naturally cannot oppose that shifted under Zhao Hai hundred Spirit Tree directly, this straight sea to did not have what response, still sat in there is absorbing nearby Spiritual Qi. Also two hours, Zhao Hai slowly has then opened the eye, but at this time Laura their although look at Zhao Hai under hundred Spirit Tree, actually had still put out the furniture, is sitting in there drinks tea to chat.

Zhao Hai opened the eye to see them, Laura they also put the in hand teacup, Zhao Hai have stood, actually by the in hand crescent moon shovel attracting. He crescent moon shovel firm, has actually heard pleased sound ting, this ting is not fragile like the common ting, but replies long, and has the singing in praise of the Buddha to transmit faintly, let a person consciousness Qing. The Zhao Hai look at in hand crescent moon shovel, somewhat puzzled turning the head look at Laura their said : „is this original that the crescent moon shovel? How to turn into this appearance?” Laura smiles said : this our don’t know, we only know that you on all Evil Qi the crescent moon shovel suction, later the crescent moon shovel turned into this appearance.” Zhao Hai takes the crescent moon shovel to walk toward Universal Analyzer, walks while said : to walk, we are analyzing, has a look to analyze this month the tooth shovel now.” After result and other Zhao Hai put the crescent moon shovel multipurpose will analyze in the machine, Universal Analyzer immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Host level is insufficient, is unable to analyze this weapon.” Zhao Hai is thorough has lost heart, but he turns the head their said : to walk to Laura, we look up, has a look at Comprehend the world here, has that Divine Weapon is this appearance.” Laura smiles said : not to need to look at Elder Brother Hai, I can affirm that Cultivation World here such Divine Weapon, Comprehend the world here all famous god names, I in the head, absolutely had not had this appearance.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not well, Might of this crescent moon shovel is huge, later I will frequently perhaps use him, if other Sect treasures, that is not good.” Laura smiles said : is, I knew, but Elder Brother Hai you do not need to be worried that I looked have been all right, was right, your what kind of this practice?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be very good, my cultivation level in one time increased, moreover Berserk Qi and Evil Qi, already complete condense to together, attack strength formidable.” Laura smiles said : that on fantastic, good information to tell you, just Space prompt said that because in Space has massive Evil Qi, Space mentioned Evil Qi ingredient, now Elder Brother Hai you can assign background to be Evil Qi planet.” Zhao Hai stares, then great happiness said : „? That fantastic, good, my immediately assigns a Evil Qi star, I look at this, No. 55 is star what kind of? After there, called the Evil Qi star.” Laura they naturally cannot oppose that any No. 55 on-board, simply does not have no thing in any case, there command(er) is the Evil Qi star is also very normal. After assigning the Evil Qi star, Zhao Hai they entered should not be wild, Magic Staff of Zhao Hai careful look at that appearance big change, he always felt that this Magic Staff was not that simple, because his present level is insufficient, but also did not have the means to know that this Magic Staff was useful. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs, this level disparity, his anything good means that Space to this degree, has not wanted in Level Up not to be that easy really after all now. Zhao Hai sighed, received the crescent moon shovel, then turned the head defense line there to be good to Laura said :?” Laura smiles said : to be all right, you practiced did not arrive at one day, can have any matter, but Yuan Jin Gang Captain their there still did not have what result, machine these fellows also in research, don’t know can research have any result to come.”

Does Zhao Hai sneer said : research? Their this research, wanted research to go to that year on don’t know, when their research ended, the people almost should also forget that this matter, looked like they planned that cold outside managed, let alone, machine these High level were conscientious, they have not been able to sell Chen Yuanlong unexpectedly directly.” Laura sneers said :they not to dare Chen Yuanlong they are Expert of Infant Stage time, Expert of Infant Stage time, in machine here is topest existed, wants in capture Chen Yuanlong they, but must pay not the small price, I think that machine High level has scruples, finally did not do well abandons several young privates to settle. Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : to consider as finished this matter to pursue, does not have the advantage to anyone, will not do well 6 Realms battlefield here to be also chaotic, such words will not have the advantage to entire machine, we later many against their point also and that's the end.” Laura nodded Lizzy suddenly open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, this is opportunity, after this matter, Yuan Jin Gang Captain, feared that will be also dejected, we were inferior that seize the opportunity will win over him to let his join we, will you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the Yuan Jin Gang Captain situation to be somewhat special, wants to win over him to is very simple, but this mainly looks at his meaning, if he wants in the leave 6 Realms battlefield institute, I let his join we, he will certainly agree that feared he does not think the leave 6 Realms battlefield, he to 6 Realms battlefield there, but to revenge, moreover I thought that he fully adapted to the life of 6 Realms battlefield there, if he does not want the leave 6 Realms battlefield, everyone takes him not to have the means.” Lizzy several people nodded, the Yuan Jin Gang situation truly is somewhat complex, he was too deep with the hatred of Cultivation World, the whole family all died in the hand of Cultivation World, if not because of this, he impossible in 6 Realms battlefield here dull such long time, may not become has worked as Junior Captain, by his strength, his prestige, feared that was already get promoted. Yuan Jin Gang stays in the lock mountain defense line here point to revenge, to kill people, what choice this time everyone don’t know he will make, must look that Yuan Jin Gang decided. However Zhao Hai actually knows, if Yuan Jin Gang real join they, then plays unexpected doing to use regarding their exhibitions, Yuan Jin Gang has worked as seven years of Captain in lock mountain defense line here, is he leads the member is only innumerable, the has plenty person, has received his benefit, saves a life great kindness, his personal connection is the difficult imagination, if had the personal connection support of Yuan Jin Gang, Zhao Hai they in want to unfold to be easier. However Zhao Hai has not actually thought that because of this, but forcefully draws Yuan Jin Gang to oneself this, he does not want to do, after all Yuan Jin Gang has his idea, Zhao Hai respects the idea of Yuan Jin Gang. Yuan Jin Gang these years have lived to hate, can say that his some do not dare to face the reality, otherwise he has not lived in lock mountain defense line here does not exit, perhaps he fears facing that world. Naturally currently these time is also only the idea of Zhao Hai, what idea Yuan Jin Gang has to return don’t know, like this looks his. Megan had not made noise, one hear of Zhao Hai said that sighed, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Megan said : how Megan?” Megan deep voice said : not anything, but mentioned Yuan Jin Gang Captain, I thought of Zheng Li Big Brother, now Zheng Li Big Brother also arrived at machine here, we think that is looking up the Lu Wei matter not to be impossible through him, like this we think that was obtaining the method of collection and practice of Strength of Faith is more difficult.” Zhao Hai their several silent, before they had also thought of this point, however then situation was makes them have to Zheng Li they receive, otherwise waited for the results of these people are being dies, Zhao Hai could not visit own friend, was killed, therefore he did according to his idea.

Zhao Hai inspired, calm next step: „, After a period of time, the matter crest of wave of imperial water sect passed after a period of time, I in Cultivation World there, then personally planet that goes to Five Great Sect to be, so long as we there monitoring, did not fear that Lu Wei ran.” Several people nodded, „the matter that at this time Maggie deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai , the ten points committee wanted actually needs you to be solved, if this matter you if the solution is not good, troublesome will be very possibly big.” Zhao Hai has gawked, looked at Maggie said : also to have such important matter puzzled? What matter? Mentioned listens.” Zhao Hai could not have thought that really has any matter to bring to him such in a big way troublesome. Maggie look at Zhao Hai, turned into Zhao Hai the picture on screen in the Bones Symbol Camp room, but now Zhao Hai in the Bones Symbol Camp house, is having a person in the there busy cleaning room, but this person Zheng Yun'er. Zhao Hai look at Zheng Yun'er cannot help but does said :permit? Will she run up to my in the room to clean? Doesn't there have the robot? „ Said that he turned the head to look at Laura puzzled their eyes, but Laura they actually with look look at that one type of pondered very he, Zhao Hai was rookie that the interest in the opposite sex left, he one on understand what's all this about, but he actually cannot help but frowned. Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance said : Elder Brother Hai? Does not want happily, all right, we know that you with permitting not to have what matter, is permits to like you, but Elder Brother Hai, said, I hope that you can permitting also to take in a maidservant as a concubine.” Not only a Laura this saying exit / to speak Zhao Hai has gawked, Maggie they have also gawked, before several people, has not discussed cross the border at the Zheng Yun'er matter, therefore Laura suddenly makes Zhao Hai take in a maidservant as a concubine Zheng Yun'er, this is really makes several people feel very accidental. Laura looked at their several said : I to know everyone/Great Clan accident very my words, but my this saying was not speaks irresponsibly, Zheng Yun'er was in one person of flattering, such person had the advantage regarding the person of practice very much, the Elder Brother Hai present strength is also not very strong, he needs to carry on the practice with all kinds of means that if has taken in a maidservant as a concubine Zheng Yun'er, regarding the practice of Elder Brother Hai certainly helpful, naturally, this is not considered as that is unfair to Zheng Yun'er, because Zheng Yun'er also liked Elder Brother Hai, Elder Brother Hai, I am not on take in a maidservant as a concubine Zheng Yun'er by you now, I was you. Can receive him, slowly understands him, like to Maggie.” One hear of Laura said that Maggie they do not make noise, to be honest, some of their several although jealousy, but will not actually oppose that Zhao Hai takes in a maidservant as a concubine Zheng Yun'er, especially now a Laura such saying, they will not oppose. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Has resulted , after this matter, was saying that are the age of permitting many greatly? She likes me now, is because worships, when she will be sensible several years later, may not be liking me.” Laura several people in discussing this topic, perhaps regarding others, Zheng Yun'er was old, but regarding Zhao Hai them, the Zheng Yun'er age somewhat is small, is only 15 years old, Zhao Hai is not the strange uncle, his also really not being able to get down hand!!.