Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1321

On the foot of Zhao Hai is stepping on Great Sword, calm is flying in soft [gold/metal] mine this armor, transfers one revolution everyday to soft [gold/metal] mine here, or looks for target to start, this became part of Zhao Hai nearest/recent life, now Monster Race Undead Creature in his Space were many, Monster Race everyone/Great Clan also in a time expansion of armaments. In order to enhance the Space Monster Race strength, Zhao Hai made Jua Ding Shan go to Space Yellow Sand-Star there to congeal Gang to enter the body first, when he has suited, after learning the lessons, can belt more pangolins go , after all pangolins congealed Gang entered the body success, their fighting strength will obtain very big promotion.[] Berserk Qi in Space was inferior that machine Yellow Sand-Star there is so wild, Zhao Hai believes that Jua Ding Shan will congeal Gang to be successful, the fact Jua Ding Shan started to congeal Gang to enter the body in Yellow Sand-Star there now . Moreover the process is very smooth, but had not finished. Space compared with show calm, also very smooth, lock mountain defense line here, calm, but Zhao Hai actually knows that this is not true calm, now the people of entire 6 Realms battlefield know they and Elven Race that fought. In soft gold ore here, Zhao Hai mentioned cross the border on water only one time listening person at them and Elven Race that war the matter, people from most from the beginning does not believe that has believed to the present slowly, this was in itself a fact . Moreover the sound that at that time Elven Race and Zhao Hai their war, made was too big, there are many observers, the genuine and fake of this matter were distinguished very much easily. After knowing the result of matter, an entire 6 Realms battlefield piece clamored, this was a great success, by more than 100 people to on about thousand people, actually compelling to have drawn back the opposite party, although has not caused the big casualties to the opposite party, but this is a great result, even if were the Cultivation World person cannot achieve this point. But most makes people feel what is surprised is ” the Elven Race team leader has under Transcends Tribulation Dolleck of first person of name, looks like does not use in other people others make a move, so long as a Dolleck person can destroy completely more than 100 machine people, but the fact was Dolleck is actually repelled, heard that he also received some wounds. This too surprising, no matter in 6 Realms battlefield here when Comprehend the world there, machine is in the positions of weak one, if did not fear that a machine person goes all out, feared that is simply does not have machine existed, what waited for a plane becomes such strong? All people are puzzled, but a little can actually affirm that now partly controls the person who area there controls to look up to be getting more and more in machine, however stirs up trouble actually some not many people have a look to there, actually not in machine partly controls area there to disturb. Although was saying that the several other Realms people very much do not think highly of a machine person, but this time actually different prototype repels the Elven Race matter[ really] actual balance, does not have a point falseness, this also lets the several other Realms person, had person to know to machine an again that was also careful. But machine lock mountain defense line here, join alert, will send out the villain to go partly to control the several other Realms person in area once for a while hurrying along.

Because here is very near to lock mountain defense line, squad population that therefore lock mountain defense line there sends also with the several other Realms person to, they will not be startled, before the several other Realms person these time has not looked like, is so rampant, dares partly to control area here to have the conflict with a machine person directly, obviously they do not want to defy the law. A machine person also by dares to hit to dare to spell in 6 Realms battlefield here regarding this situation also really some not too adaptation machine person to become famous, especially the lock mountain defense line here person, they do not have one to fear death, before they and several other Realms person battles, reported heart that certainly must die to make the war, therefore attack ruthless spicy the several other Realms people like this were given to compel to draw back by their attack every so often. However these time is different, several other Realms person simply does not fight with them, saw that they by far ran off, this lets machine ten points when is not familiar with them to have such allowance, before the several other Realms person saw a machine person, immediately will throw, they turn around will not walk, that feared in machine half controls the area is also same, to present allowance like this, this is the first time in history. This makes lock mountain defense line here people feel very proud, simultaneously they regarding Zhao Hai also grateful, but they actually could not find Zhao Hai now, because Zhao Hai is closing up crafting. However while proud, these people also had a concealed worry at heart, that is that matter that Yuan Jin Gang they handle, some people gave to sell them, this will be the lock mountain defense line here person will not comply. Machine these time really like Zhao Hai said that has used the method of one type of cold treatment, they did not need the 6 Realms battlefield to have any unrest at this time, but Infant Stage time Expert like Chen Yuanlong, does not want to process can process casually, because of Representative Chen Yuanlong, not only he. Chen Yuanlong this motion by machine High level command(er), machine High level cannot sacrifice Chen Yuanlong at will, that will cause other Infant Stage time Expert disaffection, a most important point is, Chen Yuanlong is different from Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang goes for shelter from Cultivation World, it can be said that does not have background to say, even if he died, will not have the family member to look for your trouble, will have some friends to defend against injustice at most, what will not have important matter. But Chen Yuanlong is different, Chen Yuanlong besides itself strength strong, his machine famous Magician Clan practices the core member of family, because he sits in 6 Realms battlefield here, will take away to Chen Clan every year the huge income, therefore Chen Clan will not make Chen Yuanlong be handled at will. In this case, machine High level can do, can only be cold Chujing, on the one hand is the lock mountain defense line there pressure, on the one hand is Chen Yuanlong's back pressure, all these make machine High level badly battered, they also can only drag now. Yuan Jin Gang now although very atmosphere, but he now also early calm, he in iron bridge fort here already good several days, but machine High level has still not given them a satisfactory answer, but is dragging, this although makes Yuan Jin Gang be angry more and more, made Yuan Jin Gang know serious xing of this matter.

To be honest, Yuan Jin Gang now really somewhat dejected, his initially goes to the choice that machine although not bears, but these years, he does for machine has sufficed many, although he wants to revenge, but these many years, he had in the big hatred also reports, he thinks to repay a debt of gratitude, report machine initially gives shelter to his great kindness. Because this therefore these years he has no complain and regret has stayed in lock mountain defense line there, but works as Junior Captain, even there is several times to barely escape, the wound of receiving is innumerable. However he was sold finally actually, this was most makes the Yuan Jin Gang sad place, Yuan Jin Gang stay in in the room of iron bridge fort, he had good several days not to go out, he had a room in iron bridge fort here is machine special approval to him, in iron bridge fort here, do not need to hand over contribution points, but he actually did not use, he wants to live in how long to live in how long, nobody managed him, this was also machine has given allowance. Before Yuan Jin Gang thought that this allowance was very good, was machine affirmed to his one type of, but he stays in this in the room now, was actually felt such was uncomfortable, this room looked like a satire of incomparably huge his matters of these year of doing. Is thinking in Yuan Jin Gang these matters time, gate suddenly of his room was sounded, Yuan Jin Gang has gawked, but he stood to open the door, what out of the door was standing was Liu Zhen their several. This lock mountain defense line here five Senior Captain simultaneously compel the palace to speak the truth, had certain influence to the machine 6 Realms battlefield here domain, this is also a machine awkwardest place. Yuan Jin Gang looks at several people, has smiled bitterly next step: Comes.” Liu Zhen look at Yuan Jin Gang appearance was actually shocked, his arrow step crashed in the Yuan Jin Gang room, in the look at Yuan Jin Gang room that place beverage bottle one has tarried then Liu Zhen capture Yuan Jin Gang shoulder said : old circle, your What happened? can't you like this, you be are destroying you to know?” Yuan Jin Gang has smiled bitterly next step: feel relieved I was much better, but this several days at heart very difficult, therefore has drunk a point, all right, I was much better.” Liu Zhen actually still worry some look at Yuan Jin Gang, Yuan Jin Gang compared with before several days looked like thin many, eye socket deep collapsed, the person looked like also very thin and pale, on the face also grew the beard, smell of alcohol, these days he has been drinking obviously, has not gone to wash the face, has not gone to change the clothes.

Moreover Liu Zhen listened to one from the Yuan Jin Gang expression exhausted and dejected, that well did not have the o same expression, really likely is not Yuan Jin Gang comes out. Several other Captain also somewhat stare, they knew that Yuan Jin Gang was not a day or two, they have not seen Yuan Jin Gang this appearance, it seems like that this time matter, was very big to the attack of Yuan Jin Gang. Liu Zhen sighed, sits to find a place to sit, above look at Yuan Jin Gang said : old circle, this time matter seemed like very awkward, their this was clarifies has been towing us, what to do did you say should? We must the matter in noisy greatly, uses the add some pressure to above?” Several other Captain also look at Yuan Jin Gang, obviously these Captain also approve such to do, they wanted to be noisy this matter, after letting a machine person, in do not dare to handle such matter, person who otherwise everyone don’t know, can one day, they also become like Yuan Jin Gang them sacrificed. Yuan Jin Gang looked at a several people of point, shaking the head said : gently not, ok, this matter should better not to be noisily big, otherwise 6 Realms battlefield here will not be steady, then to us, did not have what advantage to machine, now High level these fellows, are planned obviously cold treatment this matter, we along with their have also hoped.” Liu Zhen they looked at one mutually, several people have not thought that Yuan Jin Gang will say such words to come, Yuan Jin Gang look at several people, deep voice said : I know that you will be very surprised, however speaks the truth, if this matter noisy is bigger, but also is makes the several other Realms person look at the joke, I do not want such to do, but this did not express that this matter considered as finished, these people must to us explain/transfer, they probably kill pill individual same, Chen Yuanlong they can not be killed, but must obtain the corresponding punishment. ”!.