Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1322

although Yuan Jin Gang this saying said probably is the inconsistency, but Liu Zhen their understand Yuan Jin Gang is any meaning, Yuan Jin Gang this was plans to put a machine High level horse, in other words, this matter machine High level must take a stand, must kill several people to subside the angry strength of people, but Yuan Jin Gang they not like before thoroughly investigated. Yuan Jin Gang such did has given the machine High level face very much, machine solution High level will certainly agree with the request of Yuan Jin Gang, because subsided this matter like this, quickest way. Liu Zhen their also very clear, Yuan Jin Gang such does not submit in camera High level, he such does for machine, to let machine will not be chaotic in the 6 Realms battlefield here control domain, for entire machine, but not for some people. Liu Zhen they were silent, their suddenly feeling is somewhat ashamed, because their suddenly present, their these locally born machine people, actually do not have Yuan Jin Gang this outcomer to love machine, what they are more is own loyal own love, has given own Clan, but regarding entire machine, they have how strong sense of belonging not necessarily, takes this time matter, they still prepare to be noisy the matter to the present, but Yuan Jin Gang has actually planned to yield, because will be been like this better by machine! Yuan Jin Gang look at Liu Zhen their said : actually this time matter, I thinks that has plenty Clan has the participation, your do Clan have to participate in my don’t know, but I think that frontline there many Clan will have the participation, in these small Clan, in recent time, very united, if this matter really noisy big, entire machine will produce unrest, therefore you best with own Clan communicate, how having a look at this matter to solve, best is solution as soon as possible, such drags is not being a matter, locks mountain defense line there many people. look at this matter, if no an answer, feared that is not good, by you, my strength is when the time comes impossible to block these people, after all this relationship arrives at their lives, therefore I hope that you can your Clan say this matter, lets their understand present situation, making them give the High level person to use the add some pressure, let this matter past as soon as possible.” Liu Zhen nodded said : well, I will say, after the old circle goes back, what do you have to plan?” Yuan Jin Gang let out a long breath, forced smile said :I was somewhat tired, wanted to rest, after exiting, I made the leave 6 Realms battlefield, hit a peaceful place retirement, or accepted several apprentices. One hear of Yuan Jin Gang said that Liu Zhen stares, then face changes said : old circle, you crack a joke? Can you leave? If you leave, feared that is the several other Realms person will hold the cocktail party to see off you, by second half controlled area there not to be impossible to be peaceful.” Not only Liu Zhen, several other people also thinks that Adam look at Yuan Jin Gang said : old circle, a matter is not cracks a joke, this is not the minor matter.” Yuan Jin Gang forced smile said : I was really tired, especially after this time matter, I felt that own strength one has used probably up, I do not want in this way, partly to control area there not to have the matter, so long as Little Hai still assumed personal command in there, nobody dares to run up to at will partly controls area there to stir up trouble, before we can hit second half control the area, was because we sufficed to go all out, but Little Hai depended was actually the strength, had him, half controls area there on not to have the matter.” Liu Zhen smiles bitterly next step: Main target of this Elf clan is Zhao Hai, you think that Zhao Hai does meet not the clear here trick? His very clear, can he also cover the lock mountain defense line?” Yuan Jin Gang shows a faint smile said : this point you to be able feel relieved, his certainly will, he is a very heavy sentimental person, otherwise this time matter will not be will have acted by me, moreover he will want leave 6 Realms battlefield here, no one will be able to block him, the iron bridge fort regarding him, simply can work as does not exist, do not forget, he will be Space Magician, moreover middle leave one time, iron bridge fort will here have to record the spirit? No, I think that this is also these fellows wants to cope with the Little Hai reason, his was too scary, wants to come to come, walks, can say that 6 Realms battlefield here, now has become his backyard.” Liu Zhen and Adam they have also smiled bitterly, previous Zhao Hai leave runs up to Cultivation World there to meet the matter of person, they also knew, this matter in machine is not secret, even the Cultivation World there person feared that knows, after all one gets so far as machine here to come Cultivation World several hundred people, this is not the minor matter.

Liu Zhen looked at Yuan Jin Gang said : old circle, if you real leave, had planned that there does settle down?” Yuan Jin Gang shook the head said : not to think that I want leave, is impossible too quick leave, after all the has plenty matter has not processed.” Liu Zhen nodded said : well, I first went saying that with Clan this matter, believes that they will process, you did not need to be worried.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, command(er) the robot has been tidying up the beverage bottle of ground, simultaneously cleans the room, moreover actually stood to enter the bathroom, he has not managed Liu Zhen they. Liu Zhen they looked at one mutually, has smiled bitterly, but they do not have leave, they are good with Yuan Jin Gang relationship, simply does not need to care about these, Liu Zhen deep voice said :this above person does went too far, this matter although said that the old circle thinks the quick solution, but we actually cannot comply, but this did not express that our micro wants to be noisy the matter, right that always makes excuses, Is noisy the matter, does not have the advantage to anyone, but we need the above person to give us similarly a guarantee and ensure similar situation cannot live, simultaneously we were best to form an organization, talked with the above person directly, this organization can also the generation, and our lock mountain defense line here all people, if in having similar situation lived, by the person of this organization, direct and above will talk and ensure locked the safety of mountain defense line here, how did you look? ” Adam nodded said : means to is good, lock mountain defense line here these year very united, the organization has had the advantage to everyone/Great Clan, above our organizations do not need recognize, wants lock mountain defense line here person recognize, that has been OK, I thought that this organization challenges the enemy to battle to lock the mountain alliance, this first alliance leader works as by the old circle, now only then he has such qualifications.” Did Brandt knit the brows said : old circle to comply? He has prepared leave.” Liu Zhen smiles said : to promise him to comply, moreover what leave does not have, the person of this organization may not stay in lock mountain defense line here, but he must come in lock mountain defense line here must serve for over two years in here, do you look what kind of?” Adam nodded said : good method, such manages, when the time comes the person of this organization can above these person of direct dialogs with the words that they said that was representing lock mountain defense line here all people.”

Liu Zhen nodded said : right, but the matter of composition alliance, feared that must wait till this matter to tie later said it.” Several people also nodded. At this time Yuan Jin Gang had also taken a bath, changes the clothes, the sweep trace came out, although looked like still does not have the working zeal like before, the competitive appearance was also more energetic. Melts looks at several people also, cannot help but has gawked next step: „Haven't your how many fellows walked? What matter has?” At this time the robot was similar, Yuan Jin Gang that cleaned up the room sat casually has gotten down look at Liu Zhen their several. Liu Zhen to Yuan Jin Gang said the result that just they discussed that after Yuan Jin Gang said that nodded said : good idea, is good, if this alliance can be founded, I came to work as this alliance leader to be good, but best regulation, this alliance leader unable to work as too long time two years to elect again one time, did you think?” Liu Zhen several people think, nodded, does this well, because alliance leader, if were too long that not quite to be obviously realistic, even if Yuan Jin Gang is also same, he one, but leave 6 Realms battlefield here, outside has been able to know that the 6 Realms battlefield here situation opportunity were too few, this has very tremendous influence regarding 6 Realms battlefield here, therefore a alliance leader tenure in office not too then serves to lock the interests of mountain defense line here all people long. Several people also discussed detail, Liu Zhen their then leave, but Yuan Jin Gang from in the room walked out to outside of castle, look at outside trees here is he has also lived and fought seven years of place, he had decided now leave, has however spoken the truth, he somewhat has not given up. Meanwhile some of some of his also confused, his don’t know must go to there, was too long in the time of here life, outside matter leaves him to be very far probably, making him probably be strange. Thinks here Yuan Jin Gang cannot help but self-ridicules has smiled, it seems like oneself have old, doesn't have old person to be able like this? Sits in the here wound spring sad Qiu, oneself are facing several generations with the enemy of oneself, has not been afraid, but also wants completely all means deal with, actually to fear leave here now, feared that starts the new life, this is really interesting.

Thinks of here, Yuan Jin Gang cannot help but he he the chuckle gets up, was turned by he he the chuckle has laughed loudly, this smiled his suddenly to shed tears, he has thought he in 6 Realms battlefield here all, has thought of him in the here tips, if a soldier did not want the leave military compound to be the same, he did not think leave here, but he actually knows that he needed leave, he was tired. Some little time Yuan Jin Gang stopped, his let out a long breath, calm one own mood, muttered said : „ should leave, before leave, I must make anything.Said that he turned the head returned to in the castle, he was waiting for Liu Zhen their information. Liu Zhen told Clan their plans, his Clan also complied to agree that told machine brave High level their opinions, but machine High level when knows that this information, was wild with joy, they are awkward for this matter, currently finally had the favorable turn, this regarding them was really too important, their immediately according to having done, continually has killed more than ten individuals who Liu Zhen they said that these person had some are 6 Realms battlefield there management staff, there are some is actually the team leader 1st level character, naturally, these were. Some small fry, but Chen Yuanlong also has Expert of other four Infant Stage times, although is executed, has not transferred the 6 Realms battlefield, however their authorities were actually taken back, moreover was punished heavily, and guaranteed, in having similar matter will live, same opportunity High level also agreed that Liu Zhen they will establish legitimate xing of lock mountain alliance, this matter also finally told a paragraph.!.