Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1323

Zhao Hai is strolling in soft gold ore there close, he now presently soft Vajra here is really a good place, he can handle anything in here, sees the person to kill, nobody knows who in any case he is, exactly said that also nobody cares about him is, soft gold ore here is a wild beast world, everyone is hungry wants eats human wild beast, in here is fake, has killed the opposite party or is killed by the opposite party, is the here life style. Such place looks like very barbaric, but regarding Zhao Hai, here actually is also simplest, you do not need to want too many thing, the matter that you must handle has one, the murder, if simplicity! In this time, the Laura sound is conveying said : from SpaceElder Brother Hai, came back, Vajra Captain their there has the result. Zhao Hai has complied with one, paid attention around, presently after here truly nobody, the flashes body entered Space, Laura their look at screens, on before the screen, Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen they discussed when this matter words that spoke. One hear of Yuan Jin Gang they said that Zhao Hai also knows, this matter basically decided xing, his let out a long breath said : looked like this matter can come to the end, this also tin drew to Zhao Hai said :Elder Brother Hai, how did you think that lock mountain alliance to be able?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : good idea, if has this kind of place, lock mountain defense line here possibly is safer, ok, did not calculate him, I have thought several days Captain must come back, he has prepared leave, I thought that we had opportunity to get so far as the Yalei No. 2 star him greatly.” Was saying, suddenly Maggie walked from outside, her face some are not quite attractive, Zhao Hai looked that her appearance has cannot help but gawked, quickly said: How Maggie? Was tired? The Transmission Formation matter did not need to worry, takes your time is OK.” Maggie shook the head said : not because of the Transmission Formation matter, because the matter in Clan, Elder Brother Hai, I just outside, Uncle asked me to discuss, he said that some nearest/recent people are aiming at Ashley Clan, especially Ashley Clan Outer Sect member, no matter that Outer Sect member, so long as exits to carry out duty, certainly by attack, few of coming back, especially the Bones Symbol Camp member, the nearest/recent Bones Symbol Camp altogether two ten a batch members will exit, but has not come back to present a batch, was missing completely!” One hear of Maggie said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then did he knit the brows said : now present? Loses in a big way?” Maggie nodded said : not to be small, before Uncle thinks that they had the matter to delay, I should also know that went out to carry out the duty person, exited for several months is also very normal, but some duty have completed for a long time, the person has not come back, Clan, they have been missing, this has brought to the attention of Clan.” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like some people are aiming at Ashley Clan, who can be? Can silently that many to vanish, this is not a simple matter, nearest/recent machine has the person of that influence, has the large-scale military strength to transfer?” Maggie shook the head said :not to have, machine very calm, the view in Clan is,

This matter is the several other Realms person is possibly done, may be in view of your, they deal with the person in Clan, to direct you. ” Zhao Hai frowns, then nodded said : to have the possibility very much, walks, we go back to have a look, I must speak face-to-face with virtue uncle.” Maggie nodded, Zhao Hai they nodded with Laura, this left Space with the Maggie flashes body, to Bones Symbol Camp his in the room, he and Maggie came out, saw Zheng Yun'er in the room to clean, Zheng Yun'er has not thought of them to be able suddenly appears , her obvious having a scare, then immediately/on horseback lowering the head low voice said : Zhao Big Brother, Miss Maggie.” Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Yun'er one, nodded said : to permit, thank you cleans for me, later pays attention to practice, these matters can give the robot to be done.” Zheng Yun'er has complied with one low voice, still lowers the head, sighing that the look at Zheng Yun'er appearance, Zhao Hai also can only not bear, he knows that Zheng Yun'er will not make the robot begin, he had said : well Zheng Yun'er, if you tired went, I must exit a little matter.” Said that walks with Maggie together outward. Zhao Hai and Maggie that Zheng Yun'er look at walks shoulder to shoulder, in the eye flash through obsessed radiance, now in her eyes has Zhao Hai, does not have Maggie. Zhao Hai and Maggie arrive at Chong Modao there quickly, had found Card, Card nearest/recent possibly because of too busy relationship, already thin many, the spirit looks like also good, he is only has not thought that Zhao Hai such quickly came back, he asked them to sit down hastily. After they sit down, Card look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai came by the attack matter for a Clan Outer Sect people? This matter some hard to deal with, I have sent the person in Clan to go to these to carry out the duty place really to look, not anything specially, but these people all have actually been missing, after various analyses, Clan recognized finally that possibly is the several other Realms person does, machine here feared that did not have that influence to have such ability, can also these many are missing.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like this, Cultivation World has the possibility with the Demon Realm person, in 6 Realms battlefield there, my although also offended the Elven Race person, but 6 Realms battlefield there is different to outside, the Elven Race person should not retaliate with such way, I look to be possible be Cultivation World or Demon Realm, this matter wants the quick solution to be good, looked like opposite party these time dispatched many people, if not the quick solution, our losses on can even bigger.” Card nodded said : I also to think that but wants the single round individual to do to fight the ability the words, our machine person truly is can't compare with they, what most important is, even if we want to set up the trap is also not that easy, spiritual force of these fellows are very strong, if one presently, already turn around ran, moreover they deal with our that many people, actually nobody can provide the clue, this fully explained that their strengths are very strong, if sent to deal with their people short, possibly was their matches.” Zhao Hai nodded, the knitting the brows head, meets abundant deep voice said : this Uncle, gives me a little time, these days first in Clan to exit, I prepare thing, takes away to everyone/Great Clan.” Card puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : west what collection? Isn't weapon?” Zhao Hai shook the head said :is not weapon, I planned that manufactures has the Coordinate Cultivation Method jade, The sign, this Jade Token can make me know these people in there, so long as they have encountered the danger, immediately pinches broken Jade Token , I can the earliest possible time rush to their there, I to have a look, is who must cope with us. ”

Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but knit the brows said :1 Little Hai, you may , to be clear, the point that these people such made directed you, if you such did, center their trap...., Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :feel relieved to be good, I had the discretion, you did not need to be worried, who so long as made me know is, I made certainly them attractive...., Looked Zhao Hai said is so self-confident, Card was not good to say anything, Card Zhao Hai very found that he knows the Zhao Hai strength was very strong, moreover Zhao Hai never lay, not having certain assurance matter he not to do, now Zhao Hai said that he had confidence on equal to, Card naturally cannot prevent. He nodded said : well, Outer Sect camp there I will say that you do not need to manufacture too many Jade Token , after all the Outer Sect camp person, one will not exit, I looked that made some to make everyone/Great Clan turn is using.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this matter I manage, but Uncle, you make these anxious members in Clan also careful a little, they not necessarily were also safe, if these fellows looked that the Outer Sect camp person does not exit, perhaps will begin to the Clan core member.” Card nodded, at this time sat Maggie that had not spoken in one side is actually two eyes bright said : Elder Brother Hai, I to had an idea, you said that I did make them come out to be good? Now the entire Comprehend the world people know that I am your woman, if their attack I, certainly compared with attack others more effective directs you, what kind of?” Card face by changes, immediately/on horseback said :is not good, that was too dangerous, you cannot go. Zhao Hai to had not thought that this will have any danger, he said that makes any Coordinate Jade Token , that is the nonsense of deceiving people, he must do truly, in these Jade Token , leaves behind a dot Liquid Silver needle, such Cai'er can monitor these to lead the Jade Token person at any time, if they have any danger, even if not pinch broken Jade Token , Zhao Hai same can know that but Maggie exits, when the you bait, the nature will also take the Liquid Silver needle. although thought that will not have the issue, but Zhao Hai shook the head said : you to fear that is not good, these fellows believe that their motions, have brought to the attention of Clan, if you, them will suspect that at this time, they do begin not to be uncertain, I look according to our plans.” Maggie had not opposed that but Zhao Hai start has made Cai'er manufacture that type of jade, Sign. Card listens to Zhao Hai not to comply, he then relaxed, although he believes the Zhao Hai strength, but he does not want to make Maggie take risk, after all the Maggie status is special, if makes Maggie take risk, Houcke will not agree. Zhao Hai also noted certainly Card expression, he showed a faint smile, turns the head to Card said :Uncle, I and Maggie first went back, the good quick point to manufacture to give everyone/Great Clan to get down Jade Token ....,

Card nodded said : to go, what need has? Commodity what? So long as you need, my immediately gives out you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use, thing my here has, I went back first.” Card nodded, has stood, Zhao Hai and Maggie packing off. although this Ashley Clan is because Zhao Hai bore such big loss, Card did not complain about Zhao Hai, matter that because Zhao Hai handled not wrong, before because this, Zhao Hai Cultivation World there was greatly noisy, Ashley Clan has today's status, these people who now Ashley Clan loses, come compared with the present Ashley Clan show, that was nothing to speak of simply, has fallen far short, therefore in Card at heart, the Zhao Hai status was very high. Zhao Hai and Maggie in time returned to Bones Symbol Camp, just their in a hurry rushes to Chong Modao from Bones Symbol Camp the time, in Bones Symbol Camp the has plenty people saw, but they cannot prevent Zhao Hai at that time, looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows to have the urgent matter, is adding on nearest/recent Bones Symbol Camp here to exit to be the duty people not to come back, everyone/Great Clan has thought that these exited to be the duty person to be murdered, that Zhao Hai appears in here, certainly for was that matter, will therefore also prevent them on nature nobody. When Zhao Hai and Maggie returned to Bones Symbol Camp time, in Bones Symbol Camp has plenty had in there, including Tie Sheng, Tao Wang, Zheng Li they, naturally also fresh face of has plenty, these people after Ashley Clan becomes famous the person who goes, Ashley Clan does not plan to receive these people most from the beginning, because these person of any status have, the mixing of good and bad people, some are the interspace pirate family background, each and every one are even unruly, very difficult management. But if you do not receive these people, person who other has the skill, thinks that your Ashley Clan is arrogant, they possibly will not come, therefore does not have the means that Ashley Clan must receive these people, then prepares slowly manages. However obviously Ashley Clan very much does not suffice regarding these people's management now, especially these family background unclear people, their strengths are good, but they are actually not the honest and good-natured person, once for a while will have provoked to Bones Symbol Camp here other people, since they arrived, the number of times in Bones Symbol Camp fighting were more than before, but Tie Sheng and Tao Wang present prestige sufficiently coerces them, therefore these people slowly some were unscrupulous in Bones Symbol Camp here conduct start. These people also had certainly heard the Zhao Hai name, heard today Zhao Hai came back, runs over watches the fun, these people have part very to believe regarding the Zhao Hai strength, the parts actually do not think, all they who in their opinion, Zhao Hai can achieve are also same, gathers situation these fellow these days to know Zhao Hai and Maggie relationship, saw that Zheng Yun'er cleans up the room to Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is the handsome boy who will entice the woman. Normally by Zhao Hai currently the fame, some simply people will not have such suspicion to be right, after all Zhao Hai passed through the tough battles of many field . Moreover the has plenty field was recorded by the scene, can watch directly, that cannot make fake, there are these video recording to testify, should nobody suspect that he was right. But in fact actually some brains remnantly like suspecting this, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is only a fellow of good luck, matter that he can achieve, they same, even can do is better, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is the a piece stepping-stone, so long as steps on Zhao Hai in the under foot, they can instant fame, money, the status, the beautiful woman, anything have, like present Zhao Hai, even can obtain Zhao Hai are more than!!.