Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1324

In any place, does not lack the extremely arrogant fool, does not lack ambitious family, but these people will often make look like in others, very frantic foolish matter. When Zhao Hai and Maggie just entered Bones Symbol Camp, the Bones Symbol Camp people have encircled, Tie Sheng they are greeting to chat with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also with a smile responded, then with all around these understanding the person who or did not know greets, all appeared very ordinary.[] At this moment, a suddenly sound conveys said :Zhao Hai, I must challenge you, I must to know that you is a looks impressive but is worthless handsome boy, besides will entice the woman, your anything is not. This sound conveys, the direction that a scene silence, all person look at sounds convey, there is standing a person, looks like over 30 years old, puts on sky blue warrior cloth, a [gold/metal], appearance very handsome is charming, but a face arrogant facial expression person, but in his, but also is standing many people, these people or make the Warrior appearance, or makes the Magician appearance, all person one face unruly look at Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, he can affirm that these people are not the Bones Symbol Camp people, most at least he does not know these people, he turns the head look at Tie Sheng, puzzled said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, are these fellows who?” Tie Sheng face is pale, these person of he knew that in fact these fellows are new join to Bones Symbol Camp, their status are also slurred, moreover these fellows are the same organization probably, after Bones Symbol Camp, they stick together, Tie Sheng wants to process their also very difficult. It can be said that Tie Sheng simply cannot control them, but these person of normally work although to be somewhat extremely arrogant, some are not good to manage, actually does not calculate too excessive, Tie Sheng does not have extremely in strictly manages them, that thinks that these fellows actually scolded Zhao Hai before these many people, this equal to was in front of all people to hit the face of Zhao Hai , was hitting his face. One hear of Zhao Hai such asked that Tie Sheng coldly snorted said : „the new join Bones Symbol Camp person, the status was not quite clear, his behind these people with his one group, normally like bullying the person in camp, does is not quite excessive, I have not managed them, has not actually thought that they make this matter to come today unexpectedly.” They spoke not low voice, these [gold/metal] sao package of male naturally also heard, he has cast aside Tie Sheng one, sneered said : to depend on you? What qualifications do you have to manage us? Snort, Bones Symbol Camp should hand over in my hand to be right.” Zhao Hai look at this Jin Shuai, not being able to bear suddenly has smiled, then his shaking the head said : of gently I have seen many idiots, but can the idiot to your this boundary, not be really many, before I don't care you, is to do, but you now join Ashley Clan, became Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp, that must obey the Bones Symbol Camp custom, if you do not obey the Bones Symbol Camp custom, I did not mind that teaches your.” That [gold/metal] sao Bao does Nan, look at Zhao Hai sneer said : to teach me? Depending on you? What qualifications do you have? Do not think, although in front of the person has performed in several plays, thinks own Unparalleled Under The Heaven, I must to know that your simply is a swindler.”

Zhao Hai this time has not smiled, his calm look at these [gold/metal] Nan, he felt that this matter resembles some not to suit, before this [gold/metal] male , the performance in Bones Symbol Camp here will certainly not go too far, otherwise Tie Sheng already coped with him, but actually performance aggressiveness of such, probably must hit one not to be possible with him now appearance, this little was thought-provoking. Why does he want such to do? Now the entire Comprehend the world people know his strength, even if his Zhao Hai is acting in a play, is impossible to move Cultivation World to accompany his together to act in a play with the Demon Realm person, his strength is Comprehend the world here recognize, but this man actually recognize, probably did not recognize that he does not have what strength to be the same, must compel his make a move. He such does possibly is not courts death, certainly has the reason, or he has the card in a hand, has thinks that can cope with own card in a hand! That [gold/metal] male looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, he displays was more arrogant, raises head high, probably does not pay attention to be the same Zhao Hai completely, but Zhao Hai actually from his slight expression, saw afraid. Zhao Hai has selected eyebrow gently, then chuckle said : you want to compete with me, good, I help you, compares, you said.” That [gold/metal] Nan heard that Zhao Hai complied with his challenge, his facial expression unexpectedly loosen, probably is so long as Zhao Hai complied, he was successful. [Gold/Metal] male immediately/on horseback said that said : on the present, was good because of here, I must be in front of all people to lift the mask of your this swindler.” Said also some narcissism looked at Maggie one, presently Maggie face angry look at he, this makes [gold/metal] male be angry. Does Zhao Hai look at this [gold/metal] male appearance, show a faint smile said : now? Good, but you feared that is insufficient? Or you come with your friend together, avoid has overthrown you, in having others challenges me, you know that my time is very precious, I do not want to waste the too much time.” [Gold/Metal] male 1 u left very strange smiling face said : this is you said that no wonder others.” Said that he waved, has followed in his behind that several people, immediately to move, one encircled Zhao Hai in the middle, but the appearance that these people encircled did not encircle randomly, they have composed a lineup probably. Zhao Hai has not cared, his look at these [gold/metal] did Nan, arrange the lineup to them, Zhao Hai deep voice said : what? you have prepared?”

[gold/metal] Nan laughs said : Zhao Hai, you must pay the price for your arrogance, you die.” Said that all gathers round the Zhao Hai person, their in hand were many same thing, then all people started such thing. When they, as soon as starts this thing, Tie Sheng they present, [gold/metal] male they are taking, unexpectedly is Magic Formation weapon of one set. Magic Formation weapon is machine in one type of very special weapon, this weapon comes out alone, the attack strength good not to go to that but this weapon actually wants the Complete Set use, these weapon can project one type of energy o moves, gets up all weapon alliance, composes huge Magic Formation, this Magic Formation can be used to kill people, can be used to surround the enemy, naturally, can be used to defend, looked at the set of Magic Formation weapon that you attained is any function. It seems like these people early are prepared, to cope with Zhao Hai, must know that this Magic Formation weapon, is not easy to get so far as, refines also very difficult, therefore few people use, but [gold/metal] male they one took, moreover can in such a short time compose this Magic Formation, this is not in one single day can achieve absolutely. Zhao Hai coldly look at that [gold/metal] male, he has not cared about that start Magic Formation, but was deep voice said :said that is who sent you to come? Remains me to turn into Undead Creature to ask you. [Gold/Metal] male coldly snorted said : boast everybody will say that nobody sends me to come, I want to let everyone/Great Clan understand, you do not have a swindler.” Did Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : not to say? Does not have relationship, you will say.” Said that Zhao Hai extends make a move to come, hit a sound to refer to gently! The sound that a Pa! very slight sound, a sound refers to is impossible to be too big, but Zhao Hai after hitting this sound has referred, gathers round in his these people, suddenly had on a head one to blow out one group of blood hua, then the personal appearance shook, pouring slowly on the ground, he died. All people stare, including the [gold/metal] male, their simply has not seen Zhao Hai make a move, they noticed that Zhao Hai hit a sound to refer, then a Zhao Hai behind person died, this was too scary! All sees this person, felt that own dorsal cold air braves.

Zhao Hai look at [gold/metal] male hasn't said : present wanted to say?” Arrogant expression on [gold/metal] Nan the face vanished, instead to is 1 u leaves sub- one to fear intent, but he clenches teeth said : Zhao Hai, could not threaten me, you die today.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, regarding your insistence, I expressed the admiration.” Said that he hit the sound to refer, what this falling to the ground ground was again individual. These gather round the Zhao Hai person, has produced Teng Dong, they want to use Magic Formation weapon now, was not useful, died three people, Magic Formation was incomplete, although can still use, but Might actually greatly reduces, feared that could not threaten Zhao Hai. These people have not thought that Zhao Hai these time so will be ruthless, comes up to kill people, this likely is not the Zhao Hai style, but Zhao Hai such has actually done, but they felt really feared. [gold/metal] Nan face is ugly, as soon as he turns the hand, has put out thing, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, do not compel me, at the worst we perish together.” less than [gold/metal] Nan eyes, what his in hand is taking was remote control same thing, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to say that you have laid down the massive small shape nuclear bombs in Bones Symbol Camp, so long as you as soon as used the remote control, entire Bones Symbol Camp will be exploded flies, right?” [gold/metal] Nan face in one time changes, because Zhao Hai said that he wants saying that Zhao Hai he he the chuckle, his hand turns, in hand were many same thing, this is not a big circular cylinder, all over the body is silver white , above also has a small lamp, that small lamp now is green , but [gold/metal] Nan sees the thing that Zhao Hai attains, face changes is one changes, because this he buries in the Bones Symbol Camp here nuclear bomb. Zhao Hai smiles said : not to plow the air, you most idea from the beginning, wants to threaten me with this thing, making me lose to you, but you have not thought that I make your together begin, therefore you decided that first does not use this thing, so long as has used Magic Formation weapon, can defeat me, but you actually presently you have made a mistake now, you do not use this thing, with having the means defeats me, he he, good plan..., What a pity, you have met my Zhao Hai, you are doomed to be defeated, said that you are any Xie Fen, who sends you to come!” [gold/metal] Nan face is pale, his coldly snorted, has pressed the in hand remote control maliciously, he hopes that Zhao Hai is deceiving his, he hopes that Zhao Hai has not taken all nuclear bombs, so long as when the time comes the nuclear bomb explodes, he can say that ran away randomly, regarding defeating Zhao Hai, he has not had any hope.!.