Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1325
„.” Because extremely in making an effort, [gold/metal] Nan unexpectedly own in hand remote control according to going bad, in this case, if there is a nuclear bomb, magnificent will explode certainly, but entire Bones Symbol Camp camp actually very peaceful, an appearance of explosion does not have, Zhao Hai in hand is taking that nuclear bomb, one response does not have. [gold/metal] Nan face is pale, he knows that he hopes to vanish finally, they now in Bones Symbol Camp, but just he thinks that pulling entire Bones Symbol Camp is buried along with the dead, this made the Bones Symbol Camp person truncate his swallow alive sufficiently exactly. Does the Zhao Hai look at [gold/metal] Nan appearance, show a faint smile said : „you are unwilling to give up? Does not have relationship, I ensure you cannot be inescapable.” Said that Zhao Hai hit a sound to refer, besides the [gold/metal] male, other gathered round the Zhao Hai person, exploded dead, [gold/metal] Nan collapsed finally. Looked that discards the remote control, in hand suddenly are many same thing said : together dead!” When said him to that thing according to hand, but at this moment, his head also exploded, his in hand thing fell the ground, that was also a small nuclear bomb, it seems like [gold/metal] Nan when planned this motion, has not planned to live, he was Dead-soldier. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, the hand has wielded, received the corpses of all people, then he turned the head to look at person one in Bones Symbol Camp, was swept by the eye of Zhao Hai, all people unconscious changed other place, just the technique of Zhao Hai murder was really too shocking, but shot the finger to kill people, this who could bear. look at their appearances, Zhao Hai deep voice said : everybody, in you some were Bones Symbol Camp old person, some were actually new join Bones Symbol Camp, regarding old person, I naturally was needless to say anything, but regarding these new join Bones Symbol Camp people, I actually must say a few words to everyone/Great Clan, before I don't care you, was any status, you had made anything before, these were unimportant, more importantly you now join Bones Symbol Camp, is Bones Symbol Camp one, was Bones Symbol Camp one, that on must listen to honor the Bones Symbol Camp custom, the custom, the formulated prescriptions circle, such as has not been Bones Symbol Camp not. The custom, that is also not Bones Symbol Camp, Bones Symbol Camp regards tolerantly weakly, remembers words that I spoke.” Said that turns the head nodded to Tie Sheng and Tao Wang, they walk toward large building in Zhao Hai hastily. But these new join Bones Symbol Camp, the originally also somewhat unruly person, actually mutually looked at one, saw opposite party that pale face , their at heart is also intermittent fear. The these days these new join people, do not have in Bones Symbol Camp little cause trouble, especially they noticed that [gold/metal] male they are so noisy, Bones Symbol Camp does not have the tube, is not naturally contented, has made.

However Zhao Hai just this, truly gave to shake them, the surface did not change one to kill that many people, they think to be afraid now, their normally may little not say that the Zhao Hai malicious remarks, to did not say they with these person of one groups, they spoke the Zhao Hai malicious remarks, because they were jealous Zhao Hai, now everyone somewhat was on nettles at heart, they also really feared that Zhao Hai was asking them to do accounts. But Bones Symbol Camp these old person, already looked that these new people are not pleasing to the eyes, but Clan ordering makes them probably unite, therefore they are enduring, now look at these new person each and every one dingy appearances, at heart very happy. After this matter, Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp becoming clear, because before new join person are many, some dirt smoke bond the air/Qi Outer Sect camp, one showed on secure, these new people also understood well-mannered, naturally , some new people escaped, escaped these unable to bear the custom, was some people with ulterior motives, this arrived is makes Ashley Clan be short of a concealed worry. Naturally, these are something to be talked about later, now Zhao Hai they arrived in the Bones Symbol Camp conference room with Tie Sheng, immediately [gold/metal] male let out, [gold/metal] Nan turned into Undead Creature now, Zhao Hai look at [gold/metal] Nan, deep voice said : said that What is your name, who sends you to come.” [Gold/Metal] male immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Young Master words, my name was Eric, is pirate who the poisonous bee pirate rolled, before the pirate group has met several mysterious people's requests, they made us infiltrate Ashley Clan, finding the way to kill Zhao Hai, if has ruined the Zhao Hai reputation, looked at the appearances of these mysterious people, probably was not a machine person, but was that person, my don’t know.” Did in Zhao Hai select what status you to roll in the poisonous bee pirate to said : is?” Eric said : returns to the Young Master words, I am four Boss that the poisonous bee pirate rolls, before my father was four Boss, afterward my father when robbing, had been killed, I have become four Boss, because was young, therefore by paying attention to of several other Boss, these time did not come out to carry out this duty, was several other Boss one to the agreement.” Did Zhao Hai nod, turns the head to the headquarters that Eric said :your poisonous bee pirate rolls in there? Refers to me on Star Map.[Gold/Metal] male has complied with one, opened own computer, has assigned out planet, has referred. Tie Sheng and Tao Wang they have also been listening to Eric's words, now they know that what's the matter, looks at the place that Eric refers to now, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang to does not have the accident, place that because Eric refers, is called the meteorite area of pirate paradise, but position stomach that this meteorite area is, is in machine and Cultivation World this. meteorite area that pirate Le Yuan is, is a very famous place, that is a piece of incomparably huge meteorite area, is bigger than the rainbow meteorite area, moreover danger, there is the interspace pirate has moved most places, in these interspace pirates, some is a machine person, some are the Cultivation World people, has some are the Demon Realm person, heard that the there light is every large or small The pirate group, is innumerable, don’t know has many, heard that the there strength biggest pirate group, does not compare the machine here Great Clan strength to be bad, even can compare favorably with some level Cultivation World Sect.

These pirates after many years of management, turned into their latter hua garden that meteorite area . Moreover the defense of there is it can be said that impregnable, even if Cultivation World Sect, wants to attack is also very difficult. Moreover these pirate also ten people of knowing the limitation, handle the matter not too certainly, they also rob, but the too big caravan they do not snatch, the Great Clan caravan they do not snatch, the caravan that Cultivation World sends, in their common situations does not snatch, and wants these caravans, delivers some road tolls to them, they can also assure your security, if who wants to deal with own enemy, invited their make a move, they can also , when Assassin, was because of such custom, therefore they have existed to today, otherwise feared that already was or Cultivation World gives to extinguish by machine. These pirate although are very strong, but the impossible ratio to have resulted in a machine regular army, can't compare with Cultivation World these big gate factions, but any influence, sometimes will have some not to facilitate the matter that acts to handle, at this time needed their these pirates to act, because they have such use, therefore had not been eliminated, to is live free and unfettered is instead comfortable. Zhao Hai looks at the place that Eric has referred, he robs paradise there to Yu Hai is also knows that the place that therefore refers to regarding Eric has not been surprised, he also asked strength that an intoxication bee pirate rolls. In Eric's words, the poisonous bee pirate rolls altogether 100,000 people, the person who if counted including the family members, the population soon crossed 1 million, these people almost all are Warrior or Magician, they also will drive simultaneously the battleship, the poisonous bee pirate group altogether has battleship more than 300, a Advanced level battleship, 50 Intermediate level battleships, remaining is some Inferior level battleships, light all drives these battleships, needs about ten thousand people, besides these battleships, they also has fifty thousand to put up Mecha, in pirate paradise there is also not a weak strength. Zhao Hai nodded, he to had some thoughts, now he is planet, but on planet did not have many people, if can get so far as Yalei No. 2 on-board to go these pirates, he did not use in worries for the matter of person. However he has not said these, had asked after the matter that oneself have wanted to know, Zhao Hai received in Eric Space, Zhao Hai also knows that Eric rolled in the poisonous bee pirate the status, his although assumed another's name is next four Boss, but he has almost been pushed aside High level that the pirate has rolled now, several other Boss, blowing to have divided his in hand influence, these time saw that this duty was almost duty that must die, will therefore send him to come. Has not cared regarding these Zhao Hai, Eric was any status was before unimportant, in any case, he was Undead Creature, what Zhao Hai now need was only the poisonous bee pirate specific position, when the time comes he may be tidied up the poisonous bee pirate to roll.

After Zhao Hai received Eric, turned the head look at Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, how did you see?” Tie Sheng deep voice said : finally in Clan is not very calm and steady, obviously some people must cope with Clan, 1 Little Hai, your does time come out is also because of this partner matter?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, heard that our Bones Symbol Camp many people exit to carry out duty, in has not come back, therefore I come out to have a look, person who also it seems like that the matter is more complex, certainly has several other Realms that I imagine coped with us, moreover their final target should be I.” Tie Sheng nodded, deep voice said : what to do do you plan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : easy to do, tidies up them and that's the end, I had told virtue uncle, I will manufacture a batch Jade Token , these Jade Token have the Coordinate function, after waiting for Jade Token to manufacture, you make duty person a piece Jade Token , they leave duty time, if has met attack, immediately pinches broken Jade Token , I can know, when the time comes I can with quickest hurries, believes that by that time knows was who is coping with us.” Did Tie Sheng knit the brows said : this to be too dangerous? target of these people are you, feared that was they already waited for you to exit, since they dare to decide as target you, that naturally will make foot Cultivation Method, if has not coped with your assurance, their institute did not need to begin, exiting that you such take risked, wasn't that happen to delivers?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved Tie Sheng Big Brother, will not have the matter, I went back first, waits for Jade Token to complete brings to you.” Said that stands up walks outward.!.