Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1326

When Zhao Hai and Maggie returned to own room, presently Zheng Yun'er still has cleaned the room in Zheng Yun'er, now is busy in the kitchen. Zhao Hai looked at the Zheng Yun'er type, sighed, Maggie actually showed a faint smile, walked toward the kitchen, Zhao Hai sat on the sand of room, he just sat down, outside listened to hear knock, Zhao Hai makes the robot open the door, out of the door was standing Zheng Li. Zhao Hai has stood hastily, Zheng Li welcome to the room, Zheng Li look in the kitchen Maggie with Zheng Yun'er that chatted, cannot help but sighed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, what matter your did time come out to have? I heard, does nearest/recent resemble some people to aim at Ashley Clan? yes or no? Zhao Hai nodded said : is, possibly is the several other Realms person, is that was unable to affirm, but Big Brother you do not need to be worried that my matter I will process, you in here what kind of? Returns the adaptation?” Zheng Li smiles said : adaptation, adapts very much, here compared with Cultivation World there much better, because the here person is good with your relationship, to our extremely caring.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, adaptation is good, this time I come back, actually also the matters must discuss with you, about your staying or going issues.” Zheng Li has gotten down the spirit, to be honest although here is very good, but they are some are not familiar with, is not good to them to some people, conversely, the person in Bones Symbol Camp is good to them, but here after is the Ashley Clan domain, but Zhao Hai can only be the Ashley Clan person, here is not a Zhao Hai person says after all calculates that this lets some of their many load 1 hearts. Zhao Hai looks at Zheng Li's type, shows a faint smile said : Zheng Big Brother, I do not deceive you, I have resulted at the 6 Realms new person competition first, obtained many rewards, I use such opportunity, wanted a nobody to want planet that but that planet now is not quite suitable the person, I was arranging the manpower to go in transform that planet, when that planet transform was good, I want to make you go to that planet to live, did you look? „ Zheng Li two eyes cannot help but bright said :your planet?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, my planet, there completely is me, after you arrived at there, can unfolding of feel relieved, what kind of?” Zheng Li thinks that said : this matter I cannot take responsibility, I will discuss with other people, if they agree, I naturally will not have any opinion.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, if they like keeping here, I will not oppose that they were at will good, do not exempt them.” Zheng Li nodded, then he looked at kitchen one, looked at Zhao Hai one, the type that a yu word stops, Zhao Hai also noted Zheng Li's expression, he has smiled bitterly next step: Permits also young, perhaps crosses for two years she not like the present, Zheng Big Brother you will not need to be worried.”

Zheng Li has smiled bitterly next step: I to hope this, ok, did not think him, when did you also walk? How can that matter process?” Zhao Hai smiles said :I should quickly on leave, that matter you do not need to be worried that I will process, was right, I looked that Maggie and permitted to be similar, we who also made drank two cups. Zheng Li nodded with a smile, they walk toward dining room, at this time Maggie and Zheng Yun'er also took the dish that they completed, before Maggie, will prepare food, after all she lived that long time, always ate thing that the robot made, was very bothersome, therefore she has also studied two dishes, the meal that naturally, she made, simply did not enter the Zhao Hai discernment, afterward after entering Space, she has studied with Meg much, this dish did to was decent, most at least compared with former much better. But Zheng Yun'er was born in the poor family, their family did not have to eat the Fasting Pill situation luxuriously daily, they to eat meal give priority to, Zheng Yun'er very sensible, naturally is a cinch regarding preparing food, their such small meeting, has made six small side dish unexpectedly, moreover dish is good. After Zhao Hai invited they sat down, selfish drank with Zheng Li, Maggie was greeting Zheng Yun'er, but the Zheng Yun'er look, the majority of time stayed on the body of Zhao Hai. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai has packed off Zheng Li and Zheng Yun'er, this was leading Maggie returned to in Space, Laura they are bustling about in Space, Cai'er was manufacturing Jade Token , but Laura they in control the Liquid Silver flying needle, were actually searching toward pirate paradise there. Laura they noticed that Zhao Hai that cared the pirate paradise there matter, knows Zhao Hai is thinking anything, therefore they ahead of time have made the preparation, making the Liquid Silver flying needle toward pirate paradise there. Zhao Hai sees Laura their movement, often smiles said : you to understand me, he he, these pirates may really be good, is competent, the person are many, if gets so far as Yalei No. 2 star there them, we did not need to spend any matter.” Laura nodded to smile said : well, I also thought that these pirates are good, Elder Brother Hai, the here matter gave us to be good, were you this chapter of 6 Realms battlefield there, Yuan Jin Gang Captain they came back.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, my this goes.” The personal appearance moves, exits from Space, returned to in Cave Mansion of 6 Realms battlefield, then came out from Cave Mansion, returned to Vajra fort, but Yuan Jin Gang they at this time also just returned to Vajra fort. Yuan Jin Gang looks like face is not quite still good, but compared couple of days ago was much better, look at him to come back, people immediately has encircled, Yuan Jin Gang looked at people one eyes, nodded, then entered the conference room, Zhao Hai they naturally also followed, what Wuyang their also don’t know final decision was, but saw the Yuan Jin Gang type, the people also general guessed, the matter feared that not so was smooth.

After the people arrive the conference has decided that Yuan Jin Gang said the decision of this machine upper layer, said here surface formidable relationship, Wuyang their although is very indignant, was not good to say anything. Yuan Jin Gang turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, presently calm of Zhao Hai face, the indignant type, his heart cannot help but has not sunk said : 1 Little Hai, this matter must say that was I have a deficit your, but I also hope that you can understand, process like this to machine are best, if were making, the several other Realms person was organic may call.” Zhao Hai nodded said :Captain feel relieved, I have not been angry, actually Captain you go to time, I almost guessed correctly that can be such result, excess that High level these fellow although make, but we actually cannot make goes too far, after all 6 Realms battlefield here relationship to entire machine, if 6 Realms battlefield here had any accident, making the several other Realms person occupying, that machine lost one with the capital that several other Realms speaks the last words, by that time, the bad luck machine average person, now processing actually tn Vajra like this relaxed now he. Has to take seriously Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai fighting strength was too strong, the method emerges one after another incessantly Yuan Jin Gang to consider as finished, Zhao Hai from ascend to the present, has probably not suffered a loss, the strength is really very formidable. Moreover Yuan Jin Gang planned to retire, that lock mountain defense line here, needed some people to shake the scene, now Zhao Hai prestigious although is insufficient, but the strength has sufficed, so long as many fought several times with the several other Realms person, believes that his prestigious immediately came up, when the time comes he can definitely shake lock mountain defense line here, he can also feel relieved. Yuan Jin Gang nodded, then turned the head this matter although only to be able such to people said : to process, but we actually cannot such consider as finished, I discussed with Liu Zhen several of us, prepared to establish a lock mountain alliance, from the lock mountain defense line in the person of Captain level, has selected some people to come, becomes alliance the member of staff this alliance directly with the machine High level dialog, if they in dare to plan us like this, we are will not comply absolutely.” Wuyang they, as soon as listens to Yuan Jin Gang they such to speak is the eye one bright, their understand this alliance's intent leaf regarding lock mountain defense line here anything was certainly having this organization, later lock mountain defense line here person, speech also unyielding several points. Yuan Jin Gang looked at people said :to be good, the beforehand matter passed, but this matter must doing well as soon as possible, your present immediately give Captain information of other teams, making them come Vajra camp, our together discussed.People complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai has not actually walked, but remained, after waiting for everyone/Great Clan to walk, Zhao Hai this turned the hand to put out several weapon to put on the table, to Adam several people of said : Adam Captain, you several weapon I have put military affairs in order, you had a look about not to get along well together.” Adam weapon of their also don’t know Zhao Hai refinement has anything specially, but Yuan Jin Gang does not make them such make this to be possible, they have not said anything, now looked that Zhao Hai weapon refined, several people have also taken up weapon, carefully looked. They cannot certainly see anything to come, Yuan Jin Gang looked at said : you to might as well to outside try, believes that you quickly presently this weapon wondrous use, was right, tried the close combat effect, but should better not to clash with two weapon.”

The Adam three people look at Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen that faint smile type, several people did not say anything, but they were also martial artist, naturally was also is partial regarding weapon, was adding on also by Yuan Jin Gang, They gave to shoulder the curiosity, several people stood got up to walk outward, but Yuan Jin Gang they have not actually exited. Looked that three people left room, Yuan Jin Gang this turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, you knew the cardinal principle very much, like this I also on feel relieved, this time matter, yeah , can only such consider as finished, I somewhat was also tired, after waiting for the lock mountain alliance to establish, I planned to retire.” On the face of Zhao Hai does not have what surprised expression, this arrives is lets Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen is somewhat puzzled, Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Jin Gang one, forced smile said : actually I had already thought of this point, Captain you, for machine has fought these many years, finally was actually such result, you dejected in my expected, I were only have not thought that on this day can come was so quick.” Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhenhu looked at one, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai will say, Zhao Hai looked at their said : Captain to retire I to not to oppose, but Captain should better not to retire now, you were very high in the lock mountain defense line here prestige, if you as soon as retired, that lock mountain defense line here will certainly provoke a series of chain-reactions, now everyone/Great Clan is also angry to the above these people, if you a retirement, everyone/Great Clan definitely this account in the head of above these person, if when the time comes really cause disturbance , on not good control.” Yuan Jin Gang and Liu Zhen listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, they have not thought of this point, Yuan Jin Gang want to retire, but after a Zhao Hai such saying, he presently probably also oneself draws back the idea time. Yuan Jin Gang nodded said :also well, it seems like my this short time, but also did not have the means to retire in the Vajra expression to have a deep exhausted sentiment. Must say that beforehand Yuan Jin Gang simply will not have such feeling, his everyday is fighting, but will not feel tired, that time him, always looks like the vigor that has unable to cause, because he has the faith, he knows himself but why Yu Dou, why strives for success. However after this matter, Yuan Jin Gang suddenly present, oneself strive for success, vanished for thing that it fights, this is makes Yuan Jin Gang feel the tired reason. The Zhao Hai look at Yuan Jin Gang type, shows a faint smile said : Captain you to retire actually now, but you do not want leave lock mountain defense line here first, you can not need to fight, this composition lock mountain alliance, I thinks that nobody has the qualifications compared with you, when alliance leader, you have been able to concentrate on at this matter, the matter of fight, gave me to be good, he he, had you to work as the ally, above these people should in planning us, I can also feel relieved bold disputed under one with the several other Realms person, I and other this day, but sometime.” Zhao Hai this saying sounds to Yuan Jin Gang be built on stilts to be the same probably, but Yuan Jin Gang does not have point dislike, in fact , he when plans to retire, the plan made Zhao Hai be own successor, now he cannot retire, but can actually adopt the means that this interior retired, other people although also in lock mountain defense line here, but in fight give priority to, has actually not given Zhao Hai fight duty, as the matter stands his equal to has also retired, just after the retirement, still lived in locks mountain defense line here. Yuan Jin Gang nodded said :this to be also good, I must retire in any case , is selected greatly Liang likely, happen to taking advantage of this opportunity, I shifted the attention to lock mountain alliance here was good, had to do with the above these people, was not an easy matter, these fellow each and every one did not go to war good, must speak of plays conspiracy scheme, actually top was a skilled person. Zhao Hai smiles said : because of this, therefore needs Captain you to go into action, you in the 6 Realms battlefield here seven years, this get promoted, you in frontline here, this although have made normally already the person not obtain too big officer position, but also let your accumulation the personal connection and prestige of difficult imagination, your raise arm in a call for action, believes that the above these fellows did not dare underestimated, had you in that top, these people in want to plan us, thinking well.” Was saying, the gate was shoved open, Adam they walked from outside.!.