Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1327

The Adam three people appear the ten points[ is popular] exerts, their weapon also take in hand, three people of passing through the gate, The vision fell the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile to three people, Adam open the mouth and said: Zhao Hai, mister, this is weapon you manufactures really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : is not the sea does, can I make him manufacture weapon for you? What kind of? Is using conveniently also?” The Adam three people also nodded, Adam is said : convenient, was too convenient, day that this is I have used best weapon, the old circle, your won't weapon have traded?” Yuan Jin Gang he he the chuckle, had not replied, but Adam they know[ answered] case, several people looked at Yuan Jin Gang said : to be good your old circle, had this good deed actually not to think us, too insufficient friend.” Yuan Jin Gang flipped eye said : you to work as these weapon is that fond of playing jokes, that was Little Hai hua big strength has made, said it, he just did well our weapon, immediately went to battle with us, then lived such matter, didn't my this come to trade weapon in you to you? You also seek vengeance a bird!” Adam they smiled, has not been making noise, Yuan Jin Gang looked at people said : to be good, the matter also discussed was similar, everyone/Great Clan went back to rest, when two beauties both had arrived, we were discussing the matter of alliance.” The people to had not opposed that complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai stopped by calling out Yuan Jin Gang, they stayed in the conference room, after waiting for all person leave, Zhao Hai to Yuan Jin Gang said : Captain, this several days I might exit some time, you will not need to be worried.” Yuan Jin Gang one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows exiting that Zhao Hai said that to the 6 Realms battlefield outside, his although knows Zhao Hai has such ability, but also knows that Zhao Hai will not use easily, now actually must exit that is outside has certainly any matter, his quickly said: What matter does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Ashley Clan nearest/recent stared, so long as now will carry out a duty Ashley Clan people outside by attack, the present casualties feared that was crosses thousand people, moreover some people asked the interspace pirate to cope with me specially, probably was not a machine person, should be Cultivation World or the Demon Realm person, these days I could go to solve this matter.” Does Yuan Jin Gang frown said : to need the manpower? Now 6 Realms battlefield here is rare calm, these fellows idle are also idling, making them move also well.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need not to be serious with a smile, I think that the population of opposite party will not be many, after all they in the hand that machine moves, if they made that too, machine look at will not manage excessive, machine these High level, although also wants to make me die, but this matter they do not dare to put on outwardly.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded said : line, you were careful that if there is any matter, must tell me, if has a need for us, sure.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved, I will, I first went back.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, Zhao Hai this turn around left conference room returned to own room. He just sat down, hears the knock, opens the door to look, is Xiong Li they, these days he is busy, for sometime they had not gathered with Xiong Li, but Xiong Li they have not been idling these days, 6 Realms battlefield here Spiritual Qi is sufficient, how they can the practice that gives up this practice excellent opportunity everyday going all out, therefore several people for sometime had not met. How many people Zhao Hai look at Xiong Li they came immediately welcome to sit down to the room, this did said : come? Today doesn't practice?” Xiong Li smiles said : „unable to practice daily, what your is nearest/recent busy at? Can't see you? Me do not tell that your crafting went, that different thing, you feared that was one makes in the evening?” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : Big Brother you understand me, this, in the Maggie family has not had an accident, some people stared at them, possibly was Demon Realm or the Cultivation World person, came to me, therefore these days I have been busy at this matter.” Xiong Li they stare, has not thought that had such matter unexpectedly what kind, Dong Fangyu deep voice said : „? Solved? Is that person?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : present also don’t know is that person, I am trying to find the solution, but believes that quick can solve, was right, couple of days ago I returned to Dark Magic Star time, one group of interspace pirates want to cope with me with the nuclear bomb, afterward I examined their time to know that these fellows were also hired, nose commission their people, were not a machine person.” Li Kuangren two eyes set up said : „saying that these fellows can make you die? How do you plan to process?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they to make me die, I also just want to make them die, whom had a look at to predecease finally.” Does Xiong Li frown said : you? Or takes several of us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use, deals with their fellows, having no need for us all sending out, not to have that necessity, he he, you relieved practice was good, but 6 Realms battlefield armor the rare practice field, was right, Yalei No. 2 star there transform soon completed, started to enter to constructing housing Stage, waited to construct, can be occupied by the person.” Xiong Li their two people of eyes one bright, although they know that Yalei No. 2 star there is a shield, but no matter what, there now was also his present place, can construct there, that was it would be the best.

Sun Fei sighed said : „to go to there to have a look, what a pity, what don’t know there now was, initially was very bleak.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved to be good, has the time I to lead you to have a look, today rare get together, does everyone/Great Clan drink two cups?” As soon as several people listened to him saying that roared has complied with one, Zhao Hai not politely, drinking of various eating took, this time they have not gone to call other people, only then their several, several people have drunk reeling drunk however, this did. After several people send off, Zhao Hai this returned to Space, outside matter has not needed him extremely in worrying, machine here a short time will not have any war, now most important does lock mountain alliance forming, but this matter is not big with Zhao Hai relationship. Zhao Hai is competent, but he was too short to the time of 6 Realms battlefield, the prestige is insufficient, therefore in composition staff of this alliance, was impossible to have his share. Zhao Hai is also glad with ease, was adding on him to say to Yuan Jin Gang, must handle the Ashley Clan matter, believes that was he does not exit, Yuan Jin Gang will not say anything. Zhao Hai enters toward the forward flight that the villa looked at screen one first, the Liquid Silver flying needle also keeping, believes that it will not take long can arrive at the pirate paradise. Laura they have not been staring at the screen, is busy own matter. Now can on Laura their busy matters really not be many, Yalei 2nd the construction of there entered right track, moreover there also has Barlett they to stare, simply did not need them to hold too many hearts, now they are planning permanent Sand Island there. Permanent Sand Island there must construct well, but in Space does not lack thing, constructs also very convenient, is adding on permanent Sand Island there not to use too many constructions, maintained the primitive flavor is OK. Zhao Hai has not taken care these matters, making them toss about, in any case permanent Sand Island there regarding him, was one conceals, considered to Laura they looks for a toy to be good. Zhao Hai sits on the sand, Meg immediately sent the tea to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has drunk tea, turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, Jade Token to do how?” Cai'er smiles said : similarly Young Master, has made more than 5000, when do you use?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : „ the present uses, this rate sentiment be solved to earlier well, puts in Jade Token Warehouse.

Cai'er complied with one, the Zhao Hai flashes body came out from Space, returned to the Bones Symbol Camp room, this Zheng Yun'er was not, now day early, Zheng Yun'er returned to own room did not rush to rest. Zhao Hai comes out from in the room, immediately went to the Tie Sheng office, Tie Sheng daily must be busy at to being very late now, after all before now the Bones Symbol Camp person compares, were more, the matter that must handle were also more, but now he and Tao Wang are Bones Symbol Camp actual Manager, will be very naturally busy. When Zhao Hai to the Tie Sheng office, Iron Hand still in busy, looked that Zhao Hai did come his cannot help but said : you to come? Sits quickly, has the matter?” Zhao Hai smiles said : somewhat matter, Jade Token has also completed, first has made 5000, making everyone/Great Clan turn is making, exits to carry out duty takes a piece, a while you give Uncle to deliver, Lou does not go, I have the matter.” Tie Sheng had not asked that Zhao Hai has any matter, he knows that Zhao Hai has something unable to make them know, he nodded said :well, a while I give Card Manager to send, jade, The sign did you place that? ” Zhao Hai lost to Tie Sheng Space Bag said : conveniently in here, I walked.” Said that turn around walked, Tie Sheng has not delivered him, he and between Zhao Hai, does not need these smalltalk thing, he opened Space Bag to look at these Jade Token , these Jade Token were not big, the long five centimeters width was about three centimeters, above was drawing some abstruse demon mark, moreover was very thin, can definitely bring on the body, regarded an ornament. Tie Sheng let out a long breath, saw that these Jade Token his felt at ease a little, the loss manpower that in the past machine Bones Symbol Camp here kept, his pressure is very big, he came Bones Symbol Camp completely already more than ten years, already has regarded own family Bones Symbol Camp, has regarded own family member the Bones Symbol Camp person, missing that look at own fellow kept, Tie Sheng was very at heart sad. Now was good, so long as there are these Jade Token , that all were solved! Reason that Tie Sheng is so confident to these Jade Token , because he is confident to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai handles the matter, has not disappointed him, he believes that these time is also same, Zhao Hai will not disappoint him, he said that can solve these people on certain energy.!.