Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1328

Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Space, on the screen is putting the image of outer space, does not have anything specially, because that is the Liquid Silver needle is catching up toward pirate paradise there. Looked at the Liquid Silver needle Star Map around position, Zhao Hai has compared getting off an aircraft solution here Star Map, his nod of gently, according to such, in having about three days, can arrive at the pirate paradise.[. .com] Naturally, now Zhao Hai cares is not this, he sits in here in waiting for information, waits for standby there to transmit information that because yesterday he knows from Space monitor that today Bones Symbol Camp hundred people of squads, will exit to carry out duty, but the body of this hundred people of squad, brings Jade Token that he is getting down. Zhao Hai and other information of hundred people of squads, that hundred people of squads left, Zhao Hai in that only hundred people of squads, when having a look at them to be able by attack. But in this day present team also not only Bones Symbol Camp that hundred people of squads, other camp some people, these makes duty, their bodies were also bringing Jade Token , therefore Zhao Hai don’t know can be now that team of people first by attack, he will sit in here waits. Laura sits in the Zhao Hai side, on her look at screen in the outer space that nose invariable scenery , this is actually ting is honest bored, but Laura they still look with great interest, because is Zhao Hai is accompanying them to look. Sent to Jade Token to Zhao Hai to Tie Sheng already two days, Card not like Zhao Hai thought that these Jade Token to the Outer Sect camp person, but Jade Token complete control, waited for that camp person to exit to make duty, in arriving at his there led Jade Token , if they have not met attack, then after coming back, Jade Token must return to him. Zhao Hai regarding Card such allocation plan, naturally does not have a point opinion, in fact Card such allocation plan appropriate these Outer Sect people. Dark Magic Star here all normal, nothing worries with Zhao Hai, Zheng Li also convinced Uncle Lu they to go to Yalei No. 2 star there with his together Uncle Lu their also very clear, if they have thought on the auspicious day, must report the group to be good, enters to with the onset and retreat probably with drawing back, only then they can cross like this well. Compared with Darkness star here, 6 Realms battlefield there was not peaceful, 6 Realms battlefield there, the characters of lock mountain defense line there Captain level were centralized to Vajra camp there, this is their second time as centralized came as here, but they did not have a point complaint, after all this twice considered for the entire lock mountain defense line especially this time, for their securities.

When all people arrived at the Vajra fort, Yuan Jin Gang several people acted to discuss with these people established the matter of lock mountain alliance, as soon as these characters of Captain level listened, naturally did not have counter-, their immediately agreed that this was good for the lock mountain defense line, for all of them were good, their will oppose. Then has elected, Yuan Jin Gang they proposed that the a batch members of lock mountain alliance selected 20 people these 20 people to be the Captain level people first, moreover must serve for over two years to be good in lock mountain defense line here, 20 people who was elected, can represent the entire lock mountain defense line, naturally they must make any important decision time, must make lock mountain defense line all Captain know that was good. If in these 20 people, some people were transferred the lock mountain defense line, or locked Shan Fangxian to retire from, they voluntarily will draw back go forth to battle to lock the mountain alliance, was being selected one person to make up by lock mountain defense line here all Captain. The people had not opposed this point, because only then locks Shan Gexian the here person, will consider for the lock mountain defense line, they will not oppose. The election is held very carries on by the line of voting smoothly, then selects number of votes most 20 people to make them Lou Chengyuan of lock mountain alliance. These member any privileges, they are impossible to order other Captain, they cannot obtain any extra advantage, they can do, serves for lock mountain defense line all people. This condition is ting is actually harsh, but actually nobody opposed, because this alliance tenable objective is for the lock mountain defense line service. After the election ties, Yuan Jin Gang their several people had been elected as the alliance member accidentally, but Yuan Jin Gang became alliance leader by the high number of votes, is almost the uninhabited opposition. Saw such election result, Yuan Jin Gang cannot help but has also rejoiced, if he chose to retire, that lock mountain defense line here really will be perhaps chaotic, before such, they defeated the result and prestige that a Elf clan yielded, however not saved dang, several other Realms person certainly like smelling fishy smell shark threw.

Yuan Jin Gang sighed, he knows that now is really not he retired, most at least before Zhao Hai enough prestige, he cannot retire. Zhao Hai lived any matter regarding 6 Realms battlefield here, that is clear, such result is also expected in him, in lock mountain defense line there, nobody is better than the qualifications of Yuan Jin Gang, nobody is higher than the Yuan Jin Gang prestige, if Yuan Jin Gang is transporting a time to retire, lock mountain defense line there meets the chaos, therefore he will urge Yuan Jin Gang to remain, must know that he is wants very much Yuan Jin Gang, * to the Yalei No. 2 star. After the lock mountain alliance is founded, various squad immediately can report some of their issues, for example their supplies issues, their weapon issues wait / etc.. Locks the mountain defense line here squad by the frontline, can report these issues directly, but the reply of machine there, often cannot make them satisfy, or simply has not replied, by a strength of their squad, goes not to be impossible to have any result noisily, but now the alliance has been founded, they naturally must report these issues, hopes that can solve as soon as possible. Yuan Jin Gang they have not thought really that lock mountain defense line here so many issues, their 20 member immediately these issue aligning according to groups, will prepare together to respond unexpectedly machine High level comes up. Now they had with the strength that machine High level speaks the last words, what after all they compared with table is the entire lock mountain defense line, moreover when this type very sensitive, if machine High level dares not to agree, that lock mountain defense line here is not possibly peaceful. Zhao Hai has not cared about these matters now, is not one's turn him to care, therefore he sits in Space now, is waiting for disappearances of Ashley Clan these Outer Sect members. The Laura look at Zhao Hai calm appearance, some said : of worry Elder Brother Hai, I thought that this time must deal with your person not to be simple, their population will not be many, but in them will possibly have a meeting Space Divergent Technique person.” Zhao Hai did said : why say?” Laura analyzes said : to deal with your person is the several other Realms person, such person enters to machine, even if in secret, by machine High level present, we cannot underestimate the machine High level strength, these fellows resist such long time with Cultivation World, is not maintaining this independent condition, explained that their strengths are very strong, fears in these pirates, there are their informers, if therefore the several other Realms person massive entries to machine, hides the truth from them affirmative, if there are massive several other Realms people to enter to machine, they are. Will not comply, therefore deals with your person not to be impossible to be too many.” Zhao Hai nodded, Lizzy connection said : „, if only a squad person, that issue came, before Ashley Clan carried out a duty Outer Sect people, did not go to a place, or a direction, but was centered on Dark Magic Star, around the looks like radiated, in this case, the people in these squads majority of also by attack, some after carrying out duty by attack, this on having the issue, must know that in machine here, Transmission Formation was few uses, these person was impossible to pass Transmission Formation, from a place to addition one. Place, if only depends on flying, they are impossible attack that many people, moreover that squad to cope with you, is impossible to separate to move, but they can actually attack to that many people, that only be able to explain that they have the one type of very quick hurrying along way, can from a place, quick to another place, this method besides Transmission Formation, feared that has Space Divergent Technique.” Zhao Hai nodded, Megan connection said : „, moreover no matter the Cultivation World person, is the Demon Realm person, they know that you are Space Divergent Warlock , copes with Space Divergent Warlock , the best means are looking for another Space Divergent Warlock , this time they must cope with you, naturally must set out Space Divergent Warlock , no matter Demon Realm or Cultivation World, how many formidable Space Divergent Warlock to discover, is not the difficult matter, not?,...

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, you analyze is very good, he he, what what a pity is, their don’t know, what they must cope is false Space Divergent Warlock .” Laura several people have also smiled not, but before Laura worry some said : „, Elder Brother Hai you in void open tournament stage there, have tidied up that many machine and Magic person, they to your strength should have some understanding, moreover does not do well, you in the 6 Realms battlefield here success, they also know, they after knowing your strength, but also copes with you, that explained that they have the full assurance, Elder Brother Hai, I thought that their these time does not do well, will set out Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert!” Did Zhao Hai wrinkle under brow said : Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert? Meeting?” Laura nodded said : to have possibility very much, Elder Brother Hai, the person thinks that general Infant Stage time Expert simply possibly is not your match, if they must use formation, is not insurance, that can only ask Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to cope with you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Laura their analyses are not groundless, the Zhao Hai present strength, it can be said that below Transcends Tribulation Stage does not have the rival, but Transcends Tribulation Stage with Expert of Infant Stage time, may be entirely different the son, can say that from the Infant Stage time to Transcends Tribulation Stage is a qualitative change, Infant Stage time Expert, also possibly is not the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert match, if the opposite party please cross time Expert to cope with him, his these time also real has difficultly. Lizzy look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, or you first scout, first does not want make a move, looks at the opposite party attack Ashley Clan Outer Sect people is anything level people, waited to observe not to be late in make a move.”!.