Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1329
Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that actually shaking the head of gently, although Lizzy this method is the best method, but he actually cannot agree. In this time, Cai'er suddenly said : Young Master, some people are pinching broken Jade Token .” Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback said : transfers.” The screen changes instantaneously, appears in starry skies, what making Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is pinches broken Jade Token first is not the Bones Symbol Camp person, but is the person in ghost character camp. Must say that Zhao Hai with relationship of ghost character camp is not very good, this not good also to have relationship with Camp Lord and Bones Symbol Camp of ghost character camp Camp Lord relationship. However after this Zhao Hai became first of 6 Realms new person competition, several other battalions of Camp Lord, started to relax relationship with Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is too busy, contacts with them without that many time thoroughly, but must say that Zhao Hai has any opinion to several other battalions, that not necessarily, is the Ashley Clan person, Zhao Hai does not have what opinion after all. The person in this team of ghost character camps, what sits is a small battleship, but now this small battleship is given to sphere unexpectedly, besides some people of cultivator appearance, five small battleships, these five small battleships evidently passes through modified unexpectedly, above weapon be more than common battleship, saw the appearance of this battleship, Zhao Hai knew, this battleship certainly was the interspace pirate, weapon of increase battleship only then the interspace pirate so will disregard. Zhao Hai looked at these cultivator one, this is squad cultivator, the population about 50, but those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, in these twin gentlemen, he only saw about 20 Core Formation time cultivator unexpectedly, remaining is the Infant Stage time cultivates the cheese unexpectedly, fully about 30 Infant Stage time cultivator, but cultivator of these Core Formation times, the strength is not weak, Magical Artifact that uses is most high grade. Zhao Hai selected eyebrow said : looked like had found the correct Master, he he, interesting, I went to be able they.” The personal appearance moves, appears in battlefield there, the hand has wielded, flying sword directly leaving his nearest/recent cultivator cutting to have killed, that is cultivator of Core Formation time, he when did not have understand what's the matter, the head fell, Zhao Hai wields, took in him Space, then the personal appearance is moving, appears by a small battleship, Magic Formation of hundred thousand overlay along with it, that battleship itself although started against protective shield, but that against protective shield in front of Magic Formation of hundred thousand overlay, looks like the paper sticks. Had been torn to pieces easily, then battleship with a bang sound exploded, changed into huge Fireball. Until this time, these besieged the talented person of Ashley Clan fleet to respond, these cultivator stopped, slowly has encircled toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also stopped, did he stand in there coldly look at these cultivator, coldly snorted said : everybody has been waiting for me? I came.” That that in these cultivator leads, look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : good Zhao Hai, you gave up finally, HaHaHa, good, fantastic, I also feared that you have hidden in the 6 Realms battlefield do not come out.” Zhao Hai look at that cultivator said : „doesn't what? want to shine a wrist?” That cultivator coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai? Do you also want to walk today? I told you, you came, could not get away, do not think in this world, only then your Space Divergent Warlock .” Zhao Hai sneers said : I not to think in this world, only then my Space Divergent Warlock , but depends on you, feared that cannot leave behind me.” That cultivator coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant, but you said also right, your strength is very strong, this point 6 Realms battlefield there all people know, therefore we have to invite person make a move today.” Said that he to a complete pirate battleship holds the fist in the other hand said : please yellow Daoist/actual person make a move, strikes to kill this liao!” coldly snorted spreads from that battleship, then the gate of battleship opens, a person of wear yellow cultivator clothing/taking, has floated from the battleship slowly. This person of year imaginary seems like not small, what however sounds queer, his head, the beard, the eyebrow, the eye, unexpectedly is yellow , that earth yellow , very unusual. Zhao Hai look at that person, is actually a heaviness of face, his former spiritual force has not felt this person, moreover this was called Daoist/actual person, Daoist/actual person this name in Cultivation World there may not be casual inconsiderately shout, only then the Transcends Tribulation Stage above person can be called Daoist/actual person, obviously this person is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert.

Person who that crosses the time looked at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, I know you, nearest/recent you are very sight, not only has robbed the 6 Realms new person competition first, but also complete does not pay attention to Cultivation World, did you think your real Unparalleled Under The Heaven?” Zhao Hai look at that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, coldly snorted said : Expert also these many wasting breath of Transcends Tribulation Stage? You want my life, my Zhao Hai stands in here, has a name to come.” That Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator has not thought of Zhao Hai to he also impolite such, his two eyes flash of cold light, coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant!” The hand wields, a giant earth yellow palm grasps toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand wields, cuts toward that palm on giant silver flying sword, that Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator is coldly snorted one, simply with having to care about that sword that Zhao Hai cuts. A palm sword has hit quickly together, listens to with a bang sound, Great Sword round trip flying upside down of Zhao Hai to go, he was also stuffy snort|hum, obviously suffered a loss, but giant palm of that only earth yellow also vanished. In the Zhao Hai eye flashes through dreading, just this struck although not to use Berserk Qi not to use Evil Qi, but is actually fully make a move, then silver Great Sword, but also has vibrate Magic Formation, although has blocked the opposite party strikes, lets his mind vibrate, he has not thought really that the opposite party will strike conveniently unexpectedly such formidable, worthily will be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Zhao Hai has not thought that yellow Daoist/actual person also being startled, he knows that he just although conveniently struck, but has actually used the seven layers strength, such strength general Infant Stage time Expert is impossible to meet, but Zhao Hai actually following, moreover probably by the meeting the too heavy wound, this had not been made him feel accident very. Must know that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert does not have the means to compare with general Infant Stage time Expert, general Infant Stage time Expert, including his five layers strength strikes unable to meet, do not say seven layers struck. Yellow Daoist/actual person two eyes cannot help but one bright, he to has had the interest to Zhao Hai, but he also moved the murder to Zhao Hai, such person exists, regarding Cultivation World absolutely is giant Lou Xie, if makes him get down at such show, that future one day, certainly will threaten Cultivation World. Thinks of here, yellow Daoist/actual person cannot help but firmer must except the determination of Zhao Hai, his look at Zhao Hai deep voice said :was very good, was very good, you can keep off me, as soon as struck, it seems like before me, to somewhat was small Visited you. You really have the qualifications to let my make a move...., Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : Transcends Tribulation Stage, mediocre.” Yellow Daoist/actual person coldly snorted said : ignorant children/my son.” Said that treads the previous step, a fist strike leaves, this fist strike leaves, radiance of one group of earth yellow departs from his fist, strikes toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai presently this fist his simply cannot shunt, although together Qi Strength that yellow Daoist/actual person comes out, but this Qi Strength after leave his body, receives his control unexpectedly, he hides, this group of Qi Strength will also make a turn. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, like a yellow Daoist/actual person fist, treads the previous step, a fist strike leaves, in this fist, he has used Berserk Qi, after striking a fist, Zhao Hai has struck afterward a fist, two fist force one after the other looked that [say / way] earth yellow Qi Strength welcomed.

Yellow Daoist/actual person to does not have make a move, he stands in there, interestinging look at Zhao Hai begins 1 He presently Zhao Hai after striking two fists, stopped, coldly look at he. But two fist shape Qi Strength that Zhao Pai gives also hit with that tea Qi Strength at this time in together. Boom! Boom! two loud noise, Qi Strength overflows one after another, the astral wind that Qi Strength blows, has blown these cultivator clothes, obviously these two Qi Strength confrontation formidable how. But yellow Daoist/actual person face actually time dignified, must know that two Qi Strength that he just left are is not casual, that two Qi Strength the way, is he studies from Fist Technique Manual. Must say that in Cultivation World there, like Fist Technique Manual this thing, but is few, retained besides Great Sect of some antiquities has some Fist Technique Manual, some small Sect almost did not have these thing, in Fist Technique Manual was the antiquity Body Cultivator one type of attack method, but antiquity Body Cultivator almost did not use any Magical Artifact, they and person battles, use was fist and feet and own body. These antiquity Body Cultivator when suffered a loss with person battle, after all they did not use Magical Artifact, therefore slowly also vanished in the perpetual flow of history, only then the minority inheritance remained, was being retained by some Great Sect, but these Great Sect will not make disciple special cultivated antiquity Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, but regarded these Cultivation Method assists Cultivation Method to use. However you have to recognize, antiquity Body Cultivator regarding the practice of body, be present cultivator are unable to compare, reason that these Great Sect disciple formidable, with studying this antiquity Body Cultivator Cultivation Method also had relationship. But yellow Daoist/actual person obtained Body Cultivator Fist Technique Manual, although other he not Body Cultivator attack method, but defers to fist force that the strength way on that Fist Technique Manual hits, still very formidable, most at least compares to Five Elements to seize the adept this class Continent goods to strive to excel on many. Yellow Daoist/actual person is very confident to oneself this fist, he believes that his strength, by his strength, this fights with the fists, even if were known as that under Transcends Tribulation Dolleck of non- rival is impossible to receive with ease, but Zhao Hai actually makes two fists, unexpectedly this fist counter-balancing, this was out of his anticipation. Yellow Daoist/actual person stern-faced look at Zhao Hai, slowly open the mouth and said: Good, worthily is Zhao Hai, is very good, in then my one move.” Said that he forwards in a fist stride, the fist of in hand in one time ejects, but this time he only does not strike, but strikes several fists one after another, Qi Strength of bunch of earth yellow is similar to a shell hits equally toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai face also sank, he knows that the yellow Daoist/actual person acting seriously person, or he wanted to be earnest, Zhao Hai does not think that yellow Daoist/actual person did not have Magical Artifact, reason that he has not used Magical Artifact to the present, was because he believes that by his strength, even if did not use Magical Artifact also to tidy up him, this was a self-confidence of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Zhao Hai also knows if one do not use weapon, is impossible to block yellow Daoist/actual person these fists, yellow Daoist/actual person these fist although look like traces to discuss lightly writes, but is Zhao Hai of his match can actually feel clearly that several groups of Qi Strength, have striven to excel compared with Qi Strength of former that fist, not only two! Just his fully two fists, and has used Berserk Qi, exempted blocks a fist of yellow Daoist/actual person, now yellow Daoist/actual person one these many fists, he in wants to keep off with his fist, that courted death in oneself!

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai wields, such as the peacock spreads the tail to be the same in his, fan-shaped has launched a silver white long sword, these long swords the type is the same, the sword long three feet and three inches three points, sword is straight, the line is smooth, sword empty becomes the circular, on has the ya zi design, on the sword hilt has the screw hua mark, but skid prevention, different artistic! The sword hilt tail place has the cloud cluster design, lets the sword increased several points of auspicious air/Qi, after the sword, have Guangzhou, in Guangzhou has the small bell, the wind blows the bell sound, clear delightful! These swords in dense and numerous expansions of Zhao Hai, the quantity look like unexpectedly over a hundred, moreover all people see the styles of these swords, will think of one type of thing, Complete Set Magical Artifact! Complete Set Magical Artifact is in Magical Artifact existence of one type of very special, Magic Formation weapon that his some camera people use, independent takes, Might possible is not very strong, however to want the Complete Set use the words, Might actually to increase, naturally, Complete Set Magical Artifact regarding the request of spiritual force also very high, the average person is very difficult to drive to harness. Zhao Hai these naturally are not Complete Set Magical Artifact, flying sword that but Liquid Silver changes, regarding control these many flying sword, Zhao Hai will not feel to be startled, he will be simultaneously control ten thousand Liquid Silver flying sword will not feel to be startled, after all also wanted the small Liquid Silver flying needle compared with flying sword control, do not say these flying sword. Zhao Hai pinches the sword Secret Art, proceeds finger of said : to scold!” Along with his sound command, his behind sword, is similar to swimming fish is the same, departs from his back, welcomed toward yellow Daoist/actual person fist force. In these swords Zhao Hai may pour into Berserk Qi, attack strength extraordinary . Moreover the way that these swords fly is not ordinary, after the sword flies, immediately arranged several lineups, direct that several fist force welcomed. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! a series of explosive sounds transmit, Qi Strength fierce overflows toward all around, these Cultivation World people, cannot bear this Qi Strength the strength, several steps came to a stop toward retreat one after another. When Qi Strength complete disappearance, people have cannot help but been gawking toward station yard there, standing of Zhao Hai face blood flushes in there, more than hundred Liquid Silver flying sword in his all around like swimming fish same gathers round him to spin, but he just attack that battleship, had been hit thoroughly crushes. Yellow Daoist/actual person stands in the Zhao Hai opposite, face dignifiedly, yellow Daoist/actual person suddenly laughs said : good Zhao Hai, it seems like today does not put out a real skill, but could also not govern you.” The hand wields, five Magical Artifact appears in his front, saw these five Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because these five Magical Artifact also were really somewhat special.!.