Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1330

Five long weapons! Five Magical Artifact that yellow Daoist/actual person release comes, unexpectedly is five long weapons, a handle long pole sledgehammer, Mace, large Glaive, a long halberd, a long handle proclaimed the hua axe! These five weapon is the heavy weapon, this is also yellow Daoist/actual person normally five treasures that is used to oppose the enemy, these five treasures are also the yellow Daoist/actual person becoming famous weapons, naturally, these five treasures are not his Life Source Magical Artifact, but cannot be underestimated similarly. Other cultivator saw that yellow Daoist/actual person measures unexpectedly five treasures, cannot help but one startled, their very clear, this was yellow Daoist/actual person prepares to act seriously. They have not thought that Zhao Hai can yellow Daoist/actual person compelling this situation unexpectedly, in their opinion, yellow Daoist/actual person make a move, that Zhao Hai naturally does not have the auspicious day to cross, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai can compel to use the situations of five treasures yellow Daoist/actual person unexpectedly. The yellow Daoist/actual person five treasures shine, imposing manner that he Venerable also lived the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, firm as a mountain, imposing manner is astonishing. These Liquid Silver swords of Zhao Hai body successive dance in the air was quicker, at this moment, Zhao Hai personal appearance fierce flashes, together Space rift appears in his side, when Zhao Hai must go, suddenly has transmitted sound speaking sounds from cultivator there: Seals!” Along with this sound, that Zhao Hai opens said that Space rift one was blocked unexpectedly. Zhao Hai face is somewhat ugly, he looked at that making noise cultivator, that is cultivator of Infant Stage time, the stature is not high, an ordinary cultivator clothing/taking, looks like a point is also common, but now his face proud look at Zhao Hai. Yellow Daoist/actual person look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : „ does what? want to run now? Zhao Hai, you are relieved fights with me, can run into your such enemy, is really very interesting, do not disappoint me. Zhao Hai look at yellow Daoist/actual person, coldly snorted, the hand pinches sword Secret Art said loudly: Scolds!” These flying sword immediately of his side fly toward his yellow Daoist/actual person, these flying sword like swimming fish same has composed a lineup in Space, shoots to yellow Daoist/actual person. Yellow Daoist/actual person raises hand to proceed a finger, drinks said : town!” Along with his sound, sledgehammers in five treasure, fierce departure, flies high strikes!

This sledgehammer strikes has not struck likely any sword, but hit in the vacancy, but along with this hammered, all around spatial probably one became heavy, on wall that these Liquid Silver flying sword that Zhao Hai release went, have hit not being able to see probably, one stopped in airborne, Zhao Hai face was also one changes, a blood has spat coming out, obviously this time he has been injured. In the Zhao Hai eye flashes through a facial expression with amazement, he not in full Xi, but felt being startled really, just yellow Daoist/actual person the strikes, lets Zhao Hai mind vibrate, that time was much more serious than before, moreover that Qi Strength passed internal organs, making his internal organs also produce vibrate, could not bear a blood spit coming out. Before Zhao Hai, regarding the Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator strength, had very high estimate, but to the present he present, oneself had underestimated Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, has used Magical Artifact crossing moving time Expert specially. The yellow Daoist/actual person look at Zhao Hai appearance, very satisfied, he shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, you can compel the old man to put forth five treasures, has been able to make you proud fully, you can die, behead! voice falls, large Glaive five treasures, fly toward Zhao Hai, then flies high behead! The Zhao Hai look at yellow Daoist/actual person appearance, laughing suddenly, meets to begin to move, hand Yan Duo left a crescent moon shovel, then crescent moon shovel fierce toward flies high large Glaive that cuts to welcome greatly! The crescent moon shovel and large Glaive flying high junction strikes, hearsto work as, the crescent moon shovel was shaken to fly upside down, Zhao Hai is a blood spouts, large Glaive the strikes, was blocked. Zhao Hai look at yellow Daoist/actual person said : „the Daoist/actual person really good method, Zhao Hai today to ask for advice, but has not done right by, accompanied only a moment the next today.” The personal appearance moves, his side in appears Space rift. That Space Divergent Technique cultivator in said loudly: Seals!” However this Zhao Hai that said that Space rift had not actually been sealed up, Zhao Hai turns the head, sneers to that person of one, the flashes body entered in Space, then Space rift vanish from sight. Before reason that Zhao Hai caused that Space rift to come, but also made the opposite party give to seal up, was wants to discover, in the camp of opposite party, that standing grain was Space Divergent Warlock . Must know that Divergent Warlock is generally different from practice, generally practice, what you can distinguish them to practice from their aura is what Cultivation Method, even if opposite party concealment of desirably, somewhat also will have some feelings.

However Divergent Warlock is different, thing of Divergent Warlock meeting, is basically inborn, they when do not use Divergent Technique, you are very difficult to know that their Divergent Technique are anything. Before Zhao Hai, opens Space rift, really do not walk, but must discover opposite party that is that Space Divergent Warlock , so long as found this person, is thinking the strength law this person, except that except that person, the threats of these cultivator became smaller. These cultivator all can stop up a Ashley Clan Outer Sect people, depends is that Space Divergent Warlock is adding on these pirate battleships, so long as except that Space Divergent Warlock , these cultivator only depends on pirate battleships, has thought that is stopping up all Clan Outer Sect people, that is almost impossible. But Zhao Hai is the need like this, the opposite party has Space Divergent Warlock , is too big to his threat, he except this person, can win more time to himself, enables to be able bit by bit coped with these cultivator. Just Zhao Hai and yellow Daoist/actual person fought, has made him ask for advice the Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator method, yellow Daoist/actual person after revealing five treasures, did not have full make a move, was only twice attack, hit Zhao Hai to spit blood, Zhao Hai can affirm that by own present strength, completely is not the Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator match. His although is not the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert match, but this did not express that his rebel ability does not have, like the present this, he wants to walk, yellow Daoist/actual person cannot block. After Zhao Hai enters Space, Laura their immediately welcomed, Meg in hand is also taking one bottle of Potion, look at of Laura face care his said : Elder Brother Hai, are you what kind of? All right?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right, only bright internal organs received vibrate, anything has not obstructed greatly.” The nose however said that he received Potion that Meg has handed over, has drunk, this Potion has represented Meg they to his worry, he does not disappoint. Zhao Hai also present, he just although internal organs was shaken, moreover spat blood, but his body formidable cure ability, lets his simply not by any wound, that two blood are also extravasated blood that because internal organs vibrate produces. After drinking Potion, Zhao Hai turns the head their said : „the person in ghost character camp to Laura to arrange how?” Laura nod said : feel relieved, has delivered returned to Dark Magic Star.” Reason that nod of Zhao Hai then feel relieved, before he fought that long time with yellow Daoist/actual person, besides wants to try the Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator strength, to give the people in these ghost character camps won the time.

In Zhao Hai appears , in the battlefield, he has arranged Laura they, in small Spaceship of ghost character camp, opened Space rift, the person in really strange character camp delivered returned to Dark Magic Star to come up. How many people was saying while entered the villa, these cultivator on Zhao Hai look at screen, these cultivator one presently Zhao Hai vanishes, was startled, they have not thought that looks like fell into to Zhao Hai of dead end, such with ease withdrew unexpectedly, yellow Daoist/actual person is face is jet black, 5000 seize adeptly wields, has grasped that Space Divergent Technique cultivator, deep voice said : „can't you seal up his Space rift? What's all this about?” That cultivator was scared, his understand what's the matter, why Zhao Hai cannot such relaxed withdrawing, the look at yellow Daoist/actual person appearance, if he cannot say one to make Daoist/actual person satisfied[ answered] case, feared that was he must have bad luck. Yellow Daoist/actual person truly is angry, person who his Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, make a move copes with a Infant Stage time personally, matter that this has lost face very much, but what loses face, he was unable to be what kind of the opposite party unexpectedly, making the opposite party run, if this passes on, he must into the Cultivation World laughingstock not be possible. That Space Divergent Technique cultivator, has scratched head cold sweat, stuttering said : Daoist/actual person, no, is not small does not strive, is really that Zhao Hai Space Divergent Technique extremely in the strangeness, 1 small has sealed his Space rift with own Space Divergent Technique, but actually cannot seal up, 1 small tried.” Yellow Daoist/actual person coldly snorted, loosened the hand, then turned the head to look at one to stop in nearby Ashley Clan Spaceship, face was colder, he was Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, that will unable to feel in that ship already nobody, this was the reason that he was angry, before he had not paid attention to that Spaceship, in his opinion, the person on that Spaceship, but was ants like existence, simply was not worth him paying attention, but he has not actually thought that Zhao Hai on under his hid, gave to save others the person, this equal to was when of these person was hitting. His face, has let his feeling ashamed. Other people also felt that change of that on the ship, their face are similarly unattractive, is in front of these many people, making Zhao Hai the person rescuing, this was really too disgraced. Yellow Daoist/actual person does not have to pay attention to that Spaceship, but turned the head look at that Space Divergent Warlock said : to have a look at other Ashley Clan Outer Sect people to go to there, we overtook, I did not consider as finished, I butchered the people who Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp came out, that Zhao Hai has not come out.” That Space Divergent Technique cultivator does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, has put out small computer, looked, then said : returns to the Daoist/actual person words, with according to information that we obtained, Ashley Clan these time altogether set out seven groups of troops, including hundred people of teams were the Bones Symbol Camp people, we can deal with Bones Symbol Camp these people first.” Yellow Daoist/actual person nodded said : line, that deals with the Bones Symbol Camp person, Bones Symbol Camp is camp that Zhao Hai is, has killed the Bones Symbol Camp person, is biggest to Zhao Hai thorn ji.” The people have complied with one. Yellow Daoist/actual person looked at that Space Divergent Technique cultivator said : as before, you deliver us to pass, making these battleships follow in behind.” That Space Divergent Technique cultivator immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then has put out Magic Staff, prepares to open Space rift!!.