Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1331

This Space Divergent Technique cultivator, puts out Magic Staff do not use Magic Formation, doing of his Magic Staff increases his spiritual force, enabling him to open even bigger Space passage, quite enables all people able through Space passage, arrives at the next Coordinate, is waiting for the Ashley Clan person in there. although said that his Space Divergent Technique is the day responsibility, however also needs spiritual force in the time of use. The spiritual force size, direct relationship, he can open the Space passage size and distance, therefore this Space Divergent Technique cultivator, when uses the Space ability, needs to use Magic Staff, naturally, if he goes, that naturally does not use that troublesome, but one shifted these many people in the past, needs to use Magic Staff. In this time, suddenly that cultivator two eyes is staring, meets to focus on the appearance vanishing slowly, but has been extending from his mouth sword tip. When the people stare, sword tip and that person simultaneous vanish from sight of! solidify! The atmosphere one on solidify, these people have not thought that Zhao Hai in yellow Daoist/actual person sits in a situation, but also dares to be so bold, after defeating this, quickly has struck unexpectedly such back, moreover decided target directly on the body of that Space Divergent Technique cultivator, struck to kill that person unexpectedly! Because has yellow Daoist/actual person, therefore the people relaxed vigilantly, in their opinion, has yellow Daoist/actual person, if Zhao Hai is coming back, that with courting death has not distinguished, who thinks that Zhao Hai also really came back, moreover in most important that person them killing. although that Space Divergent Technique cultivator, is not in the here person cultivation level is highest, but the feet of his actually equivalent to these people, so long as that Space Divergent Warlock exists, they can the quick arrival next place, carry on attack to a Ashley Clan Outer Sect people. Now that person of cultivator dies, they to the Ashley Clan person carry on attack before the imagination equally, is almost impossible. When the people stay, at this time one after another lived the explosion along with that several Pirate Ship that his together comes, that Ashley Clan small Spaceship lived the explosion, all Spaceship all ruined.

Face of yellow Daoist/actual person already thorough was black, making Zhao Hai run away from in his hand, this has made him lose the face greatly, but now Zhao Hai is in front of his, that Space Divergent Technique cultivator butchering, has then blasted that several Spaceship, this in clarifying has hit face, moreover is two hand hitting back and forth, hits him to be black and blue. However now they take Zhao Hai not to have the means that because of their not Space Divergent Technique, even if they want to hit the trouble of Zhao Hai not to be impossible. Thinks of these, yellow Daoist/actual person was mad soon has spat blood, was the means does not have slightly, not only he, other these cultivator were means does not have, now they do not say attack Ashley Clan, if wants returned to Cultivation World to have the difficulty. region that they are at now, is very far to planet that some people occupy, if they think that returned to these Cultivation World, only depends on fly is incorrect, that also don’t know must fly went that year, moreover now they also by Zhao Hai staring, danger. At this time the Spaceship advantage demonstrated that if there is Spaceship, they can relaxed sitting on Spaceship, round trip slowly fly, but their actually anything does not do now. Yellow Daoist/actual person looked at people one eyes, coldly snorted said :good Zhao Hai, the old man to is underestimated he, but also it doesn't matter, we now walk, first went to pirate paradise there, so long as had these pirates' support, we coped with Ashley Clan are not impossible, walked...., People also only then, they do not have other means now. But all these were watched by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the Liquid Silver flying needle in having about two days can arrive at pirate paradise there, when the time comes he can go to all Undead Creature release, has tidied up the pirates in entire pirate paradise, did not have these pirates' support, looked that these cultivator can also be what kind. These cultivator although are flying toward pirate paradise there, but they grounded computer have contacted with the pirate paradise there pirate, making the there pirate send Spaceship to meet them, but this had not been cared by Zhao Hai, did not have that Space Divergent Warlock , they cannot turn any storm. Laura they also relaxed now, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought that we are about a point to consider Card Manager this information, avoid he was worried that also makes him carry on one time to investigate thoroughly to Ashley Clan, in Ashley Clan the informer of present certain has plenty pirate, Cultivation World these are otherwise impossible to know that Ashley Clan has sent out several teams of people, moreover purity that knows including the line of march of each team of people.” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is, in recent time Ashley Clan has summoned many people, in these people who has, naturally has the informer of pirate, ok, this matter I with Card Manager will say that you prepare, when the Liquid Silver needle entered pirate paradise there, your command(er) undead army, gave me to tidy up these pirates, was thinking the means to shift them to Yalei No. 2 star there goes, naturally, cannot all shift the past, the pirate paradise must exist, cannot exist in this manner.”

Laura nodded, deep voice said : wants not to be easy in control these pirates, they do not turn over to same person command(er), moreover that person has, thinks that is coping with them not to be easy, we must cope with them, feared that will trigger also very strong reaction, I thought that we must cope with these pirates, do not worry for good.” Zhao Hai has gawked, to be honest, he wants to use in hand all Undead Creature, directly extinguishing ended these pirates, but as the matter stands, pirate paradise there has also destroyed, by that time feared is not only Cultivation World and Demon Realm must cope with him, the machine here person will also cope with him. although now machine High level, has coped with his several times, but they finish do not dare to put this matter come up outwardly, person who after all Zhao Hai has the great merit to machine. If Zhao Hai gave to tidy up the pirates, machine these High level, will get up to dread to Zhao Hai strength that the heart, Zhao Hai displays now, that was only his individual god of the north, he big influence, although he with Maggie relationship, not having made his body be marked the Ashley Clan signature, but Zhao Hai wanted broken planet, this told the machine these person, he must support oneself the gateway, regarding Zhao Hai procedure like this, machine High level was glad to see. Zhao Hai exits the independence gateway, although has Maggie this relationship, also will certainly have some taking care to Ashley Clan, but has separated after all, the strength of both sides weakened, this is machine High level likes seeing. But if at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly showed out of the ordinary fighting strength, such fighting strength, can let Zhao Hai person one on one Great Clan fully, that machine these High level, surely did not have the means to be calm, when the time comes they not only coped with Zhao Hai in secret, feared that was must cope with Zhao Hai visibly. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : it seems like to cope with these pirates, but must want to select other means that but to that poisonous bee pirate group, actually cannot let off, first tidied up them one saying that was also to these pirate warnings, however such one, wanting quick one to solve yellow Daoist/actual person they not too to be possible, did not compel returned to Cultivation World to go them, my always not too feel relieved.” Laura shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, now actually you do was very good, Ashley Clan after is not calculation that you said that moreover his although is Maggie Clan, but Maggie is also very small in the Ashley Clan influence, if really has any matter time, they are also not necessarily able to support you, you can solve this degree to be very good the matter, if you completely have solved the matter, by that time feared was Ashley Clan could not have accommodated you.” Zhao Hai one on understand the meaning of Laura, his strength is strong, Houcke more dreaded to him, if he handles each matter is so perfect, Houcke feared that must start to guard against and suppress him, after all Maggie is also Ashley Clan one, moreover Maggie also has the right of inheritance, if Zhao Hai were too strong, Houcke will be worried when Zhao Hai gives to kill the Ashley Clan other successors, was inherited Ashley Clan by Maggie, but Zhao Hai in behind control Maggie, Ashley Clan was fearing by that time was on must change surname. Such matter not yellow strange, has plenty Clan is like this is given to destroy completely, now Zhao Hai has great kindness to Ashley Clan, moreover little turns the hand the Ashley Clan matter, therefore Houcke has not thought must cope with Zhao Hai, but if Zhao Hai in this way, Houcke feared that will be sooner or later one day will cope with Zhao Hai.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : well, that this matter first this, I went to say one with Card Manager, after waiting tidied up the poisonous bee pirate to roll, I return to the 6 Realms battlefield.” Laura nodded, Maggie although also in side, but she has not actually made noise, had not opposed that Laura words, actually Maggie is not deep regarding the Ashley Clan sentiment, to Ashley Clan, her sentiment to Bones Symbol Camp deeply, therefore Laura although said Ashley Clan many malicious remarks, she toward at heart has not actually gone. Now Zhao Hai that meeting Space Divergent Technique cultivator extinguishing, later these Cultivation World people want to deal with the Ashley Clan person not to be easy, these people who Bones Symbol Camp goes out also had the safeguard, she also on feel relieved, regarding the matter that Laura they planned, Maggie actually also had a participation, she was also certainly good for Zhao Hai, regarding Ash to the Clan matter, she was not the special care. It looks like in Maggie, the Ashley Clan life and death, are not quite big with her relationship, she now a heart is on Zhao Hai, naturally all were the Zhao Hai plans. Zhao Hai looked at Maggie one, Maggie has shown a faint smile to Zhao Hai, has not said anything, Zhao Hai also showed a faint smile, all perform in do not call the turn. Also looked at one these cultivator one, these cultivator to do not have what response, Zhao Hai then to turn the head to Maggie said : to walk, we look for Uncle, told him this information.”!.