Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1332

Card somewhat worried now, although by a attack ghost character camp people already safe returned to Dark Magic Star here, but Zhao Hai did not have appears , this makes Card somewhat be worried. Zhao Hai regarding present Ashley Clan was really too important, reason that Ashley Clan can unfold to today's this degree, all because of Zhao Hai, if the Zhao Hai accident sentiment, regarding present Ashley Clan, the attack were too big.[. .com] Zhao Hai looks like a flag, has him , the people believe that Ashley Clan will be getting stronger and stronger, that feared that was the Zhao Hai dividing individual farming, Ashley Clan can also obtain many advantage, after all Zhao Hai was the son-in-law of Ashley Family, this point is all people recognizes. Moreover Zhao Hai was also Ashley Clan strives for that many advantage, this regarding Ashley Clan, important, was adding on Zhao Hai to go to 6 Realms battlefield there now, Ashley Clan has been able at the 6 Realms battlefield there minute to more advantage, this wanted regarding Ashley Clan show also very heavy. The Houcke's manner to Zhao Hai is somewhat neither cold nor hot, most from the beginning Card also do not understand Houcke is any meaning, but finally Card present, Houcke starts to have the consciousness arranges own several son to some important posts of Angolan Clan on, why this made Card understand Houcke be able like this. Houcke in against Zhao Hai! Card side Houcke, grows up with Houcke together, therefore he, when Houcke makes this decision, immediately understand Houcke's meaning, Houcke in against Zhao Hai. Changes mind to think that Card has thought through the entire item matter, is very short Zhao Hai although ascend to the machine here time, but is actually machine here moves a side now Expert, moreover brings honor for machine, became an entire machine hero, now is Patriarch of machine these topest influence, saw Zhao Hai, greets with a smile, this very much explained the issue. But a more important point is, Zhao Hai personhood, will be together with him, you will have one type of such as to wash the feeling of spring breeze, making people unconscious will like being together with him, moreover Zhao Hai in the past, but also makes into one group with various Great Clan juniors, very lively, this also let the Zhao Hai accumulation many personal connections, got down according to such show, Zhao Hai dividing stand-alone gateway, simply was too simple. However Houcke fears is not the Zhao Hai stand-alone gateway, he feared that was the Zhao Hai exiting stand-alone gateway, although currently Zhao Hai does not have exactly wanted the meaning of stand-alone gateway, but he has not done after all, this made Houcke have to against he. Zhao Hai not exiting stand-alone gateway, if Ashley Clan lived anything, Zhao Hai almost can play decided that doing of xing uses, because there is Maggie, Zhao Hai can open and aboveboard, flagrant meddles the Ashley Clan matter, will not have said anything. But if Zhao Hai exiting stand-alone gateway, he cannot be the Ashley Clan person, Maggie is the Zhao Hai woman, lost the Ashley Clan right of inheritance, if Ashley Clan lived any matter at that time, Zhao Hai in wants to meddle, that is not positive, the word is not suitable, therefore Houcke looks forward to the Zhao Hai stand-alone gateway. Regarding Houcke such idea, by him who Card also not bears the understanding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai feared that will not make to the Ashley Clan disadvantageous matter, but he does not have the means to change Houcke's idea, Card very clear, this Ashley Clan Patriarch, is not one listens to the person of criticism friendly, is their these since childhood with the person who his together grows up, but can also be able to speak before him, but their advising, how many have are perceived by that Patriarch, what he has not really grasped.

Moreover Zhao Hai matter, but also involves the Ashley Clan right of inheritance issue, this was more complex, any superior, does not hope own under the hand/subordinate, many participation in the issue of successor, Card also understand this point, therefore he and Ashley Clan several Young Master, relationship very much, with the intimate words, he also only with Maggie relationship quite. But this is he does not have means to the reason that Houcke advised, he was good with Maggie relationship, can Zhao Hai was the Maggie husband, Houcke regard a person of Maggie department him, but also did not say, if he at this time, helping Zhao Hai speak, may cause Houcke's suspicion, must know that this Sir Patriarch, now was getting more and more oversuspicious, everyone was untrustworthy, even if were their these since childhood with the person who his together grew up, he was not completely the trust, in this case, Card approximately the nature was does not speak for Zhao Hai well. However Card is actually very clear, Houcke although hopes Zhao Hai leave Ashley Clan, but he will not hope Zhao Hai dead absolutely, because Zhao Hai, if died, did not have regarding a Ashley Clan advantage. Card believes that Patriarch, rather makes Ashley Clan Outer Sect people die, did not hope Zhao Hai dead, this Zhao Hai dealt with these attack Ashley Clan people, was really some risks, if Zhao Hai really accident sentiment , the loss of Ashley Clan was too big. Now Card worries is the Zhao Hai safety, because he listened to ghost character Battalion Deren who these came back saying that this Cultivation World these fellows, but came many Expert, specially coped with Zhao Hai evidently, Zhao Hai this went, feared that was more unfortunate than fortunate. Is this matter was worrying in Card that suddenly his robot transmits sound speaking sounds: Card Manager, Mr. Zhao Hai and Miss Maggie seek an interview.” Card listened to the robot saying that one has stood, half step has arrived at in front of the door, looked that Zhao Hai and Maggie really stood outside. Card immediately/on horseback half step walked, look at Zhao Hai, at heart is actually one suddenly, because of the present Zhao Hai appearance not, his face very pale, understands at a glance injured. Card immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, What happened to you? Was injured? What kind of wound?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, Uncle does not need to be worried that has not thought of this Cultivation World person to cope with me, set out Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert unexpectedly, moreover Space Divergent Warlock , incautiously, received some wounds, but fortunately, was runs away finally.” Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but held breath. Cold air did said : set out Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert unexpectedly? Space Divergent Warlock ? It seems like they are cope your, entered the room to say quickly.” Said that got them to enter the room, has offered the tea from the organic person. Card sits next step: These time in view of our Ashley Clan matter, I felt that some do not suit, no matter who must cope with our Ashley Clan, impossible to adjust large quantities of manpower to be right in silent, many teams of squads that but we send, by attack, moreover leaves is very far, I the puzzled opposite party has achieved before, it seems like because of that Space Divergent Technique ten reasons? Is your wound what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiled said : not anything at the worst, but in the near future within impossible in participating to have fought, but Uncle you do not need to be worried that I, at risk of life striking to have killed opposite party that Space Divergent Warlock , makes Undead Creature bring the small shape nuclear bomb, opposite party Pirate Ship exploding, has believed that the later these Cultivation World people, in want to deal with our Ashley Clan person not so to be easy, because has these pirate, also occasionally will have some fights.”

Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that to was loose. Air/Qi said : well, good, this was very good, but Little Hai, next time such do not take risk, your safety important, was right, I thought that you were calling this opportunity, at home well raises to heal from a wound.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not to use Uncle, I return to 6 Realms battlefield there, can heal from a wound in there, I came out such long time, if, could not be justified.” Card also knows that by the Ashley Clan present status, to 6 Realms battlefield there simply any influence, this Zhao Hai cannot come out, feared that because of Zhao Hai own reason, Zhao Hai at the 6 Realms battlefield there matter, he also heard, just arrived at the 6 Realms battlefield, has made the several times great merit, was regarded as important very much, like this outside he can optional asking for leave, run up to handles the Ashley Clan matter. However has own custom in 6 Realms battlefield there, they do not have the means to meddle, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that Card must nod said : that well, you must go back me not to block you, but you are certainly careful, the nearest/recent water must resort to violence.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands got up said : that family's matter to give Uncle you, I walked.” Card nodded, has delivered to out of the door Zhao Hai, Maggie also with Zhao Hai leave, the look at Zhao Hai back, Card cannot help but sighed, he was Ashley Clan sighs, to be honest, Card regarding Ashley Clan that several successors, did not have what favorable impression, that was several is spoiled, only knows insidious villain who fought for power and profit, but each and every one somewhat craved greatness and success, reason that nearest/recent Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp was so chaotic, has not small relationship with that several Young Master. Like the person, will not bring the big show to Ashley Clan, can Ashley Clan defeating, even if were lucky. In fact Card very clear, even if Houcke, is similar to his several son, craves greatness and success, extremely numerous doubts, the spirit is not big, if not Card they handles matters loyally, Ashley Clan has possibly deteriorated. Card and Desbarres melt these person of although to grow up with Houcke together, the education that but they have is actually Houcke's father personally assigns, since childhood they were educated are handling various matters, he has been regarded most qualified Butler to train, Ashley Clan has also had such system, because of this, therefore Ashley Clan can have such long time. However to Houcke this generation, Ashley Clan has not actually trained qualified Butler, Card because of this matter, several times looks like Houcke to advise, but Houcke turns a deaf ear, in his opinion, Card their existences, although can make him handle a lot very much with ease, but also is restrains to his one type of similarly, therefore he did not prepare to train Butler. Card was worried for the Ashley Clan future really very much that now Ashley Clan looks like show the rapidness of , but Card very clear, all these are Zhao Hai bring, one, but Zhao Hai exited the independence gateway, Ashley Clan will certainly be affected, was adding on Houcke regarding assigning of successor, did not have the conclusion, this will be the Ashley Clan future has also left the hidden troubles, now Ashley Clan several successors, have their strength, if in the future Houcke will have any accident, Ashley Clan feared that must fall into the civil strife. Speaking of the emotion that Card hopes Ashley Clan legitimate bloodline, can inherit Ashley Clan all authorities, but from the reason, Card to really hopes that Zhao Hai can inherit Ashley Clan, at the matter that because handles from Zhao Hai can look, if Zhao Hai became Ashley Clan Patriarch, that will certainly bring the even bigger show to Ashley Clan.

Thinks of here, Card to had a scare by oneself, when his don’t know had such idea, must know that he immensely was loyal to Ashley Clan, how to have such idea? Card immediately/on horseback shook the head, probably must swing from own mind this idea, but he does not have presently, this idea, looks like grain of seed, started in his mind slowly to live the root sprouts. Zhao Hai actually and don’t know Card idea, he with Maggie returned to Bones Symbol Camp in the room, did not leave Zhao Hai to anticipate, Zheng Yun'er really , the Zhao Hai look at Zheng Yun'er appearance, is sighs darkly, then temperate said : permits, your these days was laborious, if all right time, you can also go out to play, on Dark Magic Star, the name is the absolute safety.” Zheng Yun'er nodded, somewhat shy look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai Big Brother, doesn't he walk?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: No, my immediately must walk, my also has plenty matter must manage, cannot stay here often.” Zheng Yun'er disappointed oh, had lowered the head, both hands manipulate the lower hem corner, Zhao Hai look at her I are seeing the appearance that still pities, cannot help but sighed, to be honest, Zheng Yun'er attracted gravitational force is very really big, even if were his such strength in meditation deep person, will have occasionally had to lose the idea the time, do not say other people. Zhao Hai turns the head to Maggie said : Maggie, I not in these days, you consider to permit, do not make her have any danger.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, but she afterward on understand meaning of Zhao Hai, Zheng Yun'er this body qualitative person, attracted gravitational force is really too big, not only man, even if woman sometimes is attracted, this fearful attracting gravitational force, was not the good matter, sometimes possibly became the troublesome origin. Maggie nodded said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, I will.” Zhao Hai then nodded, then the flashes body entered in Space. His beforehand wound was already good, reason that must pretend the injured appearance in front of Card, to let others don’t know his true strength, if makes other people know that he is almost runs away life from the hand of Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator has not injured, that absolutely is a stir flash news.!.