Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1333

In fact Zhao Hai somewhat had underestimated the influence of this matter, this Cultivation World person wants to cope with Zhao Hai, actually in machine here is not the news, in fact since these Cultivation World people enter to machine, closely paid attention by machine these High level, what after all comes is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, in Cultivation World Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, a that without doubt equivalent to machine here fleet, machine, if this does not pay attention to continually, they impossible independent became one. However a machine person also turns a blind eye regarding this situation, because they want to cope with Zhao Hai, in this case, they do not help in secret are good, that will prevent. These pirates infiltrated the innumerable sand toward Ashley Clan, but machine also has the innumerable informers in pirate there, this yellow Daoist/actual person they are working with these pirates, machine High level possible don’t know? Fact hands-on these High level very clear yellow Daoist/actual person their status. This time copes with Zhao Hai is not that Great Sect person, person who in fact these time comes, is allied armies that is sent by Cultivation World and Demon Realm, otherwise impossible one to come that many Infant Stage time Expert, but that yellow Daoist/actual person status, was more interesting, yellow Daoist/actual person is not belongs to any Great Sect in fact, he is the plain prose family background, long ago at Fabbio star smelting trial, because its splendid practice innate skill, succeeds in Fabbio on-board Core Formation, and finally Infant Stage. After Infant Stage, he went to the 6 Realms battlefield smelting trial, finally in 6 Realms battlefield there in a Transcends Tribulation success, became Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, but his present status, is Cultivation World there, third largest merchant group Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elder. Pink Clouds Pavilion is one of the Cultivation World there quite famous merchant groups, strength very formidable, because is in itself the merchant group, they are also quite rich that one type of. In order to assure own security, naturally will invite some guest's seat elders, to shake evildoer, yellow Daoist/actual person is one of the Pink Clouds Pavilion guest's seat elders. Yellow Daoist/actual person given name Huang Dao however, nickname strength Daoist priest, because is Earth element cultivator, is adding on Cultivation Method that he practices, the ten points attention strength, is adding on weapon that he uses, is some treasures. By strength give priority to weapon, therefore was called strength Daoist priest. Yellow Daoist/actual person currently in 6 Realms battlefield there, he did not have own Cave Mansion in Cultivation World there, Pink Clouds Pavilion every year to his massive commodity for its practice, reason that this yellow Daoist/actual person can cope with Zhao Hai, was invited by various Great Sect. Various Great Sect are not good to send out the Transcends Tribulation Stage practice of oneself this gate to participate in this matter, perhaps such telephone High level must meddle, but yellow Daoist/actual person is different. % high writing station He can speak of now is still Rogue Cultivator, was acted to cope with Zhao Hai by him, machine High level cannot say anything to come. although yellow Daoist/actual person is Rogue Cultivator, however does not have anybody to dare underestimated in Cultivation World there he, strength Daoist priest this name is not nonsense, he step by step practices Transcends Tribulation Stage from Rogue Cultivator, grows in the fight. Can say like him person. Is more difficult than to deal with general Great Sect Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator. However a such person acts, made the Zhao Hai whole body draw back unexpectedly, although said Zhao Hai injured, but this is a very great result.

Machine High level suddenly present, they were underestimated the Zhao Hai strength, moreover before them , the appraisal to Zhao Hai was also wrong. Even copes with Zhao Hai this matter continually, they made the mistake. Machine needs Expert, but machine ordinary Infant Stage time Expert are many, but machine here almost does not have Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. When facing several other Realms Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, machine here can only use the battleship slightly, wants the fleet to send out to be good , because of this, therefore machine here longs to Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. But Zhao Hai now although is also only Expert of Infant Stage time, but he can actually run away the life from Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert there, this is machine High level has not thought absolutely. Machine here can sacrifice Infant Stage time Expert. Even can think a means kill Infant Stage time Expert, but if this person is Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, that regarded as another matter. Zhao Hai is not Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, but he has into the Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person potential, machine High level present. If makes Zhao Hai grow, that machine, when facing several other Realms. The speech will have the energy, wainscot will be straighter, that machine will gain in benefit, this benefit, not only relationship to Zhao Hai or Ashley Clan, but is relationship to entire machine. Therefore machine High level in knowing Zhao Hai successfully however escapes from Huang Dao in hand, but also has killed the opposite party two people, after having destroyed five battleships, immediately changed the manner to Zhao Hai, before they were in the surface are warm to Zhao Hai, in fact once for a while held knife in the back. However now is different, now they were wish of sincerity train Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai can become Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, to machine, absolutely was the excellent matter. Must know Transcends Tribulation Stage, but in cultivator practice a biggest ridge! 99% cultivator, by this ridge keeping off, but machine here is so, this ridge supposes for a machine person probably, until now, simply can pass with some people. But Zhao Hai had to break through this ridge the possibility \; first, because he was young, but over 20 years old, ascend to machine here was about one year. Two because of his strength formidable, practice fast. However ascend about one year, he now is Infant Stage time Expert, moreover runs away the life from Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in hand, this fully explained that his strength, although Zhao Hai now is Expert of Infant Stage time, but a machine person believes that Zhao Hai can certainly Transcends Tribulation be successful.

So long as Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation succeeds, machine had with the qualifications that several other Realms speaks the last words, must know in Cultivation World there, Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, was the character of a region's Overlord level. Besides a machine response, the several other Realms person to this matter also some certain understanding, Ashley Clan is not copper wall, iron bastion, because in fact the show is too quick, the Ashley Clan present secret, is similar to the screen, therefore Zhao Hai is injured to return, actually runs away from Huang Dao however under the hand/subordinate the matter of life, quick made that world all knew, naturally this world all knows refer to these High level people, the average person or don’t know this information. However this was also enough, several High level know this information, is one piece clamors, Infant Stage time cultivator and difference between Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person a big, entire machine person knows that Zhao Hai has defeated, was injured, but he truly is living, this point nobody denied that this fully explained the Zhao Hai strength. In the Zhao Hai don’t know situation, his name instantaneously by several High level characters at heart, moreover in 6 Realms battlefield there all people, quickly knew this information. When the Cave Mansion there rest of Zhao Hai returned to 6 Realms battlefield, the entire 6 Realms battlefield has caused a stir, Yuan Jin Gang they are also excited serious. But in name heals from a wound in Cave Mansion, in fact has stayed Zhao Hai in Space, understood that through Space the present situation, he somewhat has not known whether to laugh or cry. Laura they also sit in living room there, on the look at screen these people, once for a while discussion two said that is one smiles tenderly. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, smile bitterly next step: How to resemble me to defeat Huang Dao however to be the same, can these people owe to open?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Maggie smiles said : under present Elder Brother Hai your this Transcends Tribulation the first Expert reputation to fear that could not be inescapable, Dolleck will be very perhaps sad.” Laura they have also smiled, Zhao Hai sighed said : to become famous also not necessarily is any good matter, before several other Realms person, reason that will suffer a loss in my in hand, because of their don’t know my true strength, now they almost knows that my strength, later in I will certainly be careful to, moreover after them , to kill me, certainly will make a more perfect arrangement, this regarding me was not the good matter.”

Laura they in smiling, nodded, to be honest the worry of Zhao Hai is not groundless, the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, but he in is also the strength of Infant Stage time, with Huang Dao however this war, let Zhao Hai full realizing the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strength, he now is completely his method, possibly was not the Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person match, but Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person, in several other Realms, was not rare, moreover in several other Realms, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, was not strongest existence, above Transcends Tribulation Stage, had Divided Spirit Stage and Immortal Stage two boundary, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert Already as strong as this situation, Divided Spirit Stage and Immortal Stage Expert strong to what degree? Zhao Hai thinks to think the headache. Moreover a little also lets Zhao Hai extremely worried, Zhao Hai now after is a machine person, moreover his strength was known by the several other Realms person now, a machine battleship and Mecha, have let the several other Realms person very headache, if in appears Zhao Hai this kind of Expert, regarding the several other Realms person, absolutely is not the good matter, perhaps the several other Realms person meeting wants completely all means to remove him, this is Zhao Hai most is worried. If the several other Realms person, decides to remove him, he feared that can only hide in Space does not exit, so long as he exits, certainly will have the danger, he does not think that several other Realms such selects the strength. although extremely worried these matters, but Zhao Hai not depressed, in fact reaches today this situation, in expected of Zhao Hai, he wanted the low key is impossible, after all in Comprehend the world here, all spoke by the strength, you did not have the strength, all were the empty talk, looked like he is the same, if he did not have the strength, his simply as impossible to come up as the 6 Realms battlefield, was more impossible to obtain the Yalei No. 2 star, impossible they to turn in the friend with Xiong Li, wants to want not to need to think in the independence gateway. Is competent, must show, the danger forever coexists with the opportunity! His Zhao Hai now is a machine celebrity, believes that his present independence gateway not only some people will not oppose, but also meets the has plenty person to hire oneself, this is good opportunity that he unfolds. ( to be continued ) % high writing station ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)