Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1334

Brings Farm to mix different realm 26 o, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 260 jumping clown Yuan Jin Gang stands beside Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, how he wants to go to have a look at Zhao Hai, but feared that disturbs Zhao Hai wound treatment, therefore stands outside Zhao Hai Cave Mansion roves, actually throughout does not dare to go in( high-quality writing, performs in %). In this time Zhao Hai walked out gradually from Cave Mansion, Yuan Jin Gang is actually looking at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, careful looks to measure Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, are you what kind of? Heard that you were injured?” The Zhao Hai look at Yuan Jin Gang appearance, shows a faint smile said : to be all right, Captain, you do not need to be worried, but received a small wound, my here also has the medicine, has been all right.” Yuan Jin Gang then relaxed, his look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, Little Hai, great, can run away from Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person in hand, your youngster really has real skill, HaHaHa, satisfying, too satisfying.” What skill Zhao Hai forced smile said : escapes is, is worth Captain you such owing I, right Captain, did I listen to resemble all people to know my matter? information passes on is so quick?” Yuan Jin Gang laughs quick, this that naturally said : this information passes on is the huge matter, some of our aircraft people can run away unexpectedly the life from Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person in hand, this regarding a machine person, absolutely is the unprecedented matter, can this information above these fellows not take to show off? Now entire 6 Realms battlefield here knows this information, but this has also brought some troublesome, nearest/recent ran up to partly to control the person who area there stirred up trouble to be many, I thought that these fellows came to you mostly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like, wants to come to see me to have that strength? To say that I have been injured, grabs the bargain continually?” Yuan Jin Gang smiles said : difference to have, the various Realm people have, are most by Cultivation World and Demon Realm person, how do you see?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : my wound not to have what to obstruct greatly, should exiting move, avoid these jumping clown always came to be tired of me.” The matter that Yuan Jin Gang said that he naturally is knows that passes the Space screen. What slightest sign of trouble 6 Realms battlefield here has, Zhao Hai knows that let alone these fellows have dug main house gate to come, if Zhao Hai don’t know, that weren't too useless? The Zhao Hai choice went out at this time, came for these people, these fellows want to tread him to become famous, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai also wants to use them to become famous.

although Zhao Hai now was very famous, however in 6 Realms battlefield here( high-quality writing, performs in %). His prestige is insufficient, so long as he these fellows tidying up, has been getting several with the several other Realms person, this prestige also had. So long as came to a stop the foot in 6 Realms battlefield here, becomes existence like Yuan Jin Gang, regarding his today's exhibition has greatly in advantage, after all 6 Realms battlefield here, has the complicated relation with various Great Clan. Yuan Jin Gang look at Zhao Hai appearance. deep voice said : Little Hai, this is not the matter of cracking a joke, I know your strength formidable, but if your wound does not have, not have the conflict with the opposite party to well, after all this wound is good, leaves any hidden danger. Possibly after is relationship to you, important matter that practices.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved. I am all right, right Captain, now work of alliance there how?” Mentioned that this Yuan Jin Gang immediately came Elf, he laughs said : well, good very much, the alliance had not been founded before, our lock mountain defense line here although also very united, but said strictly, when facing the above these people. The, a lot above person in a state of disunity drags not to give the office in there, but we do not have what good means that after all at that time was I , can only the representative Vajra camp, unable other optional representative people to follow the face-to-face talk, now was good. Now the member of this alliance, those who represent is lock mountain defense line here all people, words that in this case, we said that above must attach great importance.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good. Walks, we go back. How I also want to take a look at everyone/Great Clan now, for sometime has not been seeing.” Said that two people form to fly toward the Vajra fort, Zhao Hai Cave Mansion in leaving Vajra fort not far place, their personal appearance quick on appears in the Vajra fort, looked at their appears , the Vajra fort one has lived it up. Before Zhao Hai, is the person in Vajra fort, the here person he knew that before everyone/Great Clan thought the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, but did not have too to feel specially, but now is different, Zhao Hai fame because of a successful escape, but spread over the entire 6 Realms battlefield instantaneously, the people was seeing Zhao Hai, that nature feeling was different. Saw that Zhao Hai people immediately has encircled, the Zhao Hai nature notified these people, a point could not see that he had any difference with before. Has lived it up some little time, the people calm slowly, now Vajra fort here resumes 50 people of establishments, Liu Zhen their also returned to her defense area went, therefore the population to has been short compared with before much. Looked at people calm, Zhao Hai then smiles said : everyone/Great Clan not to have what matter now, today I ask everyone/Great Clan to drink, I took to bring from outside many good thing, Captain, did you look?” Yuan Jin Gang laughs said : to have liquor that to be able not to drink, good, I to have a look at you to bring any good thing.”

Zhao Hai laughs, immediately has put out the massive good food, naturally also has the big crab, the people naturally were happy greatly, entire Vajra fort have lived it up. Zhao Hai not, because own becoming famous has any stance/framework/shelf, in fact he already was used to this, therefore is together with the people is still very good, this made the people to his impression also better. Enjoying oneself to the full that the although people drink, has not actually drunk many, nearest/recent lock mountain defense line here is not peaceful, everyone/Great Clan is also knows that if drank, was taken advantage of loopholes by others, they cried to look are not well-grounded. After having drunk, the people serve tea to sit in the conference room, this conference room is not small, itself meets to use to everyone/Great Clan for him, sits more than 50 individuals not to be a problem, in many did not have the line. Yuan Jin Gang has drunk tea, looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan also knows that the nearest/recent lock mountain here situation, what opinion everyone/Great Clan did have?” Wuyang puts down the teacup, coldly snorted said : has any opinion, Captain, I thought that we should tidy up well these fellows, these fellows come to Little Hai obviously, knows that Little Hai has been injured, they want to grab the bargain, I looked that the alliance should act, reassignment lock mountain defense line here all strengths, tidy up their well, like this they will be honest.” Yuan Jin Gang nodded, has not spoken, at this time Xiong Li actually open the mouth and said: These fellows truly want to fight the small advantage, if we made that the sound is too big, can provoke the chain-reaction? Currently outside lock mountain, the various Realm people have, if does goes too far, that several person together are difficult, our lock mountain defense line here pressure was too big.” Xiong Li said was also the aspirations of many person, therefore many people nodded, Wuyang also knitting the brows head, just as was such that Yuan Jin Gang said that if offended the several other Realms people, then regarding them, was not the good deed. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : „, since everyone/Great Clan knows that these people come to me, gave me to solve.” Zhao Hai one said that the people to stare, Xiong Li complexion changes said : Little Hai, you were just injured, these time comes in the person who in in addition, Expert may be many, I look at or organize the person, but hits them is too ruthless, should not have the matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother feel relieved, these jumping clown, to fear insufficient, want to help their reputations with my Zhao Hai, HaHaHa, this is my Zhao Hai dry matter, they also want to study unexpectedly, have a dream.” As soon as the people listen to be confident such, has smiled, but Yuan Jin Gang or said : that Zhao Hai said you decide make a move yes, but Little Hai, you may probably be careful, these fellows are also not easy to deal with, you must be careful that surely.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Captain feel relieved, I know in heart, happen, had just drunk, exiting moves.” Said that stood got up to walk outward, this arrived at they give to make Yuan Jin Gang to stare, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai actually said hit hits.

Zhao Hai does not have people, he comes out from the conference room, the flashes body left the Vajra fort, flies toward the lock mountain defense line outside, reason that Zhao Hai such anxiously coming out , because Cai'er told him, outside lock mountain defense line partly controlled area there, one team of machine people, by the Cultivation World person blocking, both sides were ripping to kill, moreover a machine person has suffered a loss. Machine surrounded team of person altogether about 30, that Captain of team leader, Zhao Hai has also seen, he is not the alliance 20 people of members, however in election, obtained very high number of votes, if not because the lock mountain alliance these time wants 20 people, he will certainly be elected the member, therefore Zhao Hai to this person of impression be very deep. This person is surnamed hundred li (0.5km), a single-character personal name Yuan character, the nickname fights to fight Demon God, this given name sounds very has imposing manner, but other people are actually Magician, moreover is Dark Magician, summon class Magic give priority to, strength also very formidable, in Core Formation time person, is a skilled person. Moreover this person of very good war, is almost not staying all year round in own castle, everyday will exit to go hunting, number of times that he exits to go hunting, are more than Yuan Jin Gang, naturally, his under the hand/subordinate casualties are also heaviest, but similarly, renders meritorious service in his under the hand/subordinate is also easiest, because you exit to go hunting, did not fear that does not have the weaponry to hit, has the weaponry to hit naturally has the meritorious military service. Zhao Hai arrived at the battlefield that Barry Yuan and Cultivation World person ripped to kill quickly, why arrived at there Zhao Hai they to suffer a loss on understand Barry Yuan, Barry Yuan they had 30 people, but now only remaining 20, but opposite party actually only then five people, but these five people actually all were Expert of Infant Stage time, only then person make a move, if that five person all make a move, feared that was Barry Yuan they were more unfortunate than fortunate. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, coldly snorted said : good Cultivation World, bullies our aircraft uninhabited really? Runs up to our machine unexpectedly partly controls the area to kill people.” Zhao Hai makes noise, Expert immediately of that several Infant Stage times noted Zhao Hai, their complexion changed, the time of because in Zhao Hai not having made noise, they cannot unexpectedly presently Zhao Hai! ( to be continued ) Brings Farm to mix different realm 26 o, bringing Farm to mix the different realm main text Chapter 260 jumping clown renews! ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)