Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1335

Expert of Infant Stage time, Divine Sense is very formidable, they can very leave the present enemy, but Zhao Hai appears nearby them, has actually made noise to him, haven't these people presently Zhao Hai, what this explained? This indicated that Zhao Hai can shield their Divine Sense, making them not have the means presently Zhao Hai, this regarding Infant Stage time Expert was really too dangerous. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, said : everybody, these days heard you in our machine half control noisy very happy, he he, is really interesting, don’t know is who gives your courage? You think that the Infant Stage time Expert won't die?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that how many person of complexion change, person look at Zhao Hai said : „are you Zhao Hai? No wonder will have such big tone, but you think really you can want our lives? Do not think that from Transcends Tribulation Stage Daoist/actual person under the hand/subordinate escaped with life, really regarded itself a character, what storm can since you turn to come?” This saying although said very much has the energy probably, but careful one wants actually presently some outwardly strong but inwardly weaks, their simply had not said that must defeat Zhao Hai and so on, but said that a Zhao Hai person cannot turn any storm, this somewhat fears Zhao Hai obviously. This do not blame they, who let Zhao Hai just appears , has given them demonstration of authority, when they presently Zhao Hai has not been, spoke in the Zhao Hai front naturally lacks in resonance. Zhao Hai has not managed them, but turns the head look at Barry Yuan said : hundred li (0.5km) Captain, we met, is really the fortunate meeting, a while also welcome to Vajra Battalion Xiaoju how?” Barry Yuan look at Zhao Hai so strong with the person speech of that several Cultivation World, cannot help but a happiness, he laughs said : to be so best at heart, already wants to gather with Mr. Zhao Hai below, but did not have no opportunity, now Mr. Zhao Hai invites, has the truth that rejects below that.” They completely not the procedure that several cultivator pay attention, finally that several cultivator enraging, silently said in that several cultivator: Courts death!” The hand wields. flying sword direct Zhao Hai punctures. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, huge form appears before the body of Zhao Hai, that form whooshes, a claw flew flying sword to the racket that. This shadow was called the Rhinoceros beetle Silver Back Gold-Winged insect by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in the beforehand fight, has used Rhinoceros beetle, now naturally did not fear that is taking the use. In fact uses Battle Beast to come for oneself to make the war, is not Zhao Hai creates, general summon Magician does not use. In Cultivation World there, Ten Thousand Beast Sect, specifically uses various Battle Beast for Sect that oneself fight, in that Sect, what unusual Monster Beast has, moreover each and every one strength formidable, but Ten Thousand Beast Sect, is one of the Cultivation World there top Great Sect. But Insect Race had not actually been subdued by the Cultivation World there person. However Zhao Hai uses the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect to take own Battle Beast, actually can also be accepted by the Cultivation World person, they only think that Zhao Hai used any Secret Technique to subdue the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, but does not think that had the Space such mysterious place to exist. A Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, can cope with two Infant Stage times fully cultivator, therefore saw Zhao Hai release the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, that several cultivator complexion immediately dignified. But at this time the distant place had also heard a howl. Then the Jua Ding Shan form also dashes from distant place. Previous Jua Ding Shan helps the matter that Zhao Hai is handling to fight, was known by the 6 Realms battlefield here person, Monster Race although don’t know Jua Ding Shan why suddenly has become the Zhao Hai servant, but this matter anything is not good to understand, in fact in Cultivation World there has plenty formidable, their under the hand/subordinate, has plenty different race servant, Monster Race, Elven Race has. Even some people also take Ghost King and so on Ghost Cultivator for the servant, how everyone/Great Clan subdues Jua Ding Shan to feel odd to Zhao Hai, other to did not have what idea.

It can be said that the Comprehend the world here strange event were too many, the people saw many, heard too, therefore was the matter that Zhao Hai made anything to have them to understand, in their expected. Jua Ding Shan appears . immediately to the Zhao Hai side, has bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, always got angry late.” Zhao Hai optional nod said : of went to tidy up these fellows, I spoke the conversation to hundred li (0.5km) Captain.” Jua Ding Shan complied with one, turn around threw toward that several cultivator. Zhao Hai actually slowly arrived at the Barry Yuan side, the hand has wielded. Falling held to ground the corpse of that several Barry Yuan under the hand/subordinate, then turns the head to Barry Yuan said : hundred li (0.5km) Captain, how these corpses must process.” Barry Yuan looked at these corpse said : to receive, after going back to cremate, returned to the bone ash their family.” Zhao Hai nodded, Barry Yuan received these corpses, at this time that five cultivator already with Jua Ding Shan and alone Xie Xiantou in together, although they had five people, has not actually taken any advantage. Zhao Hai looked at that several cultivator one, turns the head to Barry Yuan said : hundred li (0.5km) Captain, these jumping clown, help you solve below.” Barry Yuan nodded, he knows that Zhao Hai said that he gives him the face, his simply with having the ability copes with that several cultivator, to revenge, can only lets Zhao Hai make a move. Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature by his let out, that five cultivator encircling, Zhao Hai have then pinched the sword Secret Art, in him behind appears in the massive silver-white long swords, there are hundred. Zhao Hai look at that several cultivator, the corners of the mouth have one to sneer, open the mouth and said: swimming fish, scolds!” As his voice falls, his behind hundred flying sword, such as swimming fish same flew from his, flexible incomparable flushes away toward that several cultivator. That several cultivator felt the very enormous pressure now, not only this pressure Zhao Hai brings to him, is all around these Undead Creature brings. These Undead Creature thing of fighting strength although is not very strong, however these Undead Creature representatives, made them feel a more tremendous pressure. Undead Creature is representing living person, but gathers round their Undead Creature, crosses ten thousand people, this on behalf of anything, this on behalf of 10,000 lives, these Undead Creature, even if not Zhao Hai kills, feared that also has separation relationship with him.

Can look at Zhao Hai from this point is vicious and merciless how, in this case. Will Zhao Hai let off them? This feared that is impossible, Zhao Hai kills the Cultivation World person, will be never lenient. These Undead Creature although do not have attack, but Zhao Hai actually started attack, moreover one on release these many flying sword, these flying sword so flexible is these people have not thought. Must know that Cultivation World also has to use Complete Set flying sword, in some special sword cultivator Sect, some people can use flying sword massively, flying sword that but these people use, is Complete Set Magical Artifact. Moreover suspends some simple lineups to oppose the enemy, like Zhao Hai, all sword control so flexible, is actually their entire life only sees. That several cultivator dealt with Jua Ding Shan and Rhinoceros beetle was very strenuous, now in adding on Zhao Hai these swords, even if they are Expert of Infant Stage time, enters is also thrown into confusion. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, strengthened flying sword attack. Meanwhile he also started to pay attention to all around situation, when he with these cultivator battles, had much in the machine half control strolling several other Realms person present the change of here, rushed to here to come to see to live it up, there are these people, Zhao Hai has to pay attention to them. These people are not the friendly stubble . Moreover the has plenty person is the Cultivation World person. He has to against they. Zhao Hai can let also join to that several cultivator attack, but Zhao Hai has borne, he cannot Cultivation World these to know, he can cultivator turns into Undead Creature at the same time, but can also all year round maintain their strengths, that will cause the panic of entire Cultivation World, the one who when the time comes is bad luck is he. Therefore them Undead Creature like, he can use, but is not the present uses. In 6 Realms battlefield public place, uses they, that was equal to told all people this matter, then did not have a point advantage to him, therefore he rather copes with the present method they. Zhao Hai looked person who encircles were getting more and more, knows that was the time tidies up that several cultivator, Zhao Hai moved. Ghost runner appears in in his hand, his hand has wielded, the ghost runner hits toward cultivator, that cultivator person immediately supported bracelet type Magical Artifact to keep off the ghost runner. But the ghost runner is not easy to block, ghost runner that especially Zhao Hai release goes. Then Zhao Hai exited a golden light shuttle, is several aggressiveness Magical Treasure. Before these Magical Treasure are, Zhao Hai with other person of battles time, quickly arrived, he has given these Undead Creature to use, but cannot release these Undead Creature come now, therefore Zhao Hai also can only take to use these weapon. Waits for these weapon to lose, that several cultivator felt immediately the pressure increases, although their in hand Magical Artifact were many, but considers Zhao Hai that more than hundred flying sword, sufficiently makes their release massive Magical Artifact deal with, because Zhao Hai flying sword is different from Cultivation World cultivator flying sword, Cultivation World cultivator when uses many flying sword, generally will make flying sword make the give priority to sword, then arranges the lineup to carry on attack, like this they only need control main sword on to be able, not to use control other's flying sword, like this on will save many spiritual force, speaks the truth, cultivator micro controls this in spiritual force. The aspect compares with Zhao Hai, some disparities. Because of Cultivation World flying sword the characteristics, must therefore cope with their also very simple, so long as you block these flying sword lineups Magical Artifact, but control that main sword, can block these flying sword with ease, so copes with ordinary Magical Artifact to be the same. But Zhao Hai flying sword is actually each one alone produces, you have blocked this, then still will also attack like you, Zhao Hai can control is here all flying sword, but does not have division of main sword and secondary sword, this equal to is Zhao Hai simultaneously control 100 Magical Artifact is carrying on attack to them, these cultivator when think that this result is also extremely surprised, because is in Cultivation World there, at the same time control these many Magical Artifact , are almost impossible, is can achieve, that is also above Transcends Tribulation Stage big Expert. Zhao Hai this adds strong attack, that several cultivator have been thrown into confusion, at this moment, suddenly squad Undead Creature throws toward cultivator, but that cultivator full is dealing with Zhao Hai flying sword and ghost runner, time when he presently these Undead Creature clash, these Undead Creature were very near to him, he wants to hide was impossible.

But these Undead Creature attack very has the characteristics, if a well-trained army is the same, carries on attack to that cultivator, their weapon pounding one after another on that cultivator defense Magical Artifact, pound cultivator Magical Artifact shivering all over of that cultivator. weapon that these Undead Creature use is not ordinary thing, but was join shook Magic Formation weapon, but these weapon very formidable. This hundred people of Undead Creature squads, carries on attack to that cultivator defense method, this also let attention shift of that cultivator slowly the bodies of these Undead Creature, he has not thought really that these Undead Creature actually such formidable, in this time, a suddenly his defense Magical Artifact fierce vibration, then a resounding, Divine Light are not having, fell down, but Zhao Hai these flying sword, such as poisonous bee same threw the past. That cultivator cries out strangely, his suddenly appears full body armor, this was his final defensive measure, but this full body armor cannot rescue his life, must know in Zhao Hai flying sword , has to shake Magic Formation, shook Magic Formation to be designed most from the beginning, for was the armor piercing, therefore that cultivator full body armor although has blocked five flying sword, but full body armor was broken finally, was assassinated by a sword. This cultivator, his corpse immediately vanish from sight, these flying sword have then swum away toward several other cultivator, that several cultivator originally were tired out by dealing with, has been adding on these flying sword, they dealt with difficulty. Was in this time, suddenly cultivator said loudly: Asked Mr. Zhao Hai to stop, wanted Heart's Demon great oath to become the mister servant under below, will never betray mister, asking mister to keep my life.” A that cultivator this saying exit / to speak, not only Zhao Hai has gawked, these come to see lively, prepared for the cheap people shocked certainly, what if this saying was only small Rogue Cultivator of Qi Refining time, will not have anybody to be surprised, but said what this saying was an sect divisional level character of Infant Stage time, was such character resigned for the servant unexpectedly? His crazy? At once almost all people are such idea. After Zhao Hai has gawked one next, has not stopped attack, but is deep voice said : gives up resisting, I do not kill you, so long as under you Heart's Demon great oath, I forgive your undead!” That cultivator really gave up resistance, but Zhao Hai flying sword also went against on his throat, and nobody assassinated the person, then that immediately/on horseback said loudly: Pledge of my Li Lin in this under to own Heart's Demon, wish to follow Mr. Zhao Hai life-long, for the slave is the servant, will never betray, such as disobeys this oath, making the person Heart's Demon invasion die!” One hear of Li Lin pledge, all people have held breath a cold air, they know that this Li Lin is not cracking a joke, but must become the Zhao Hai servant. ( to be continued ) % high writing station ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)