Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1336

Heart Demon Oath is cultivator most fears a pledge, biggest enemy of Heart's Demon cultivator in the practice process, one, but was invaded by Heart's Demon, you are undead are also the possessed by the Devil fate, therefore in Comprehend the world here, no matter that person, easily will not vow, do not say Heart's Demon great oath. Under Li Lin Heart's Demon great oath, becomes the Zhao Hai servant, this is all people have not thought that nobody thinks that Expert of Infant Stage time, will be resigned to into don't a servant of person unexpectedly, his later cultivation level feared that was difficult the little advance. Cultivator for what? For Immortal, but birth and death this is the natural law, but Cultivator actually to break this rule, goes against heaven's will the line, but the line of this matters of going against heaven's will, need a spirit, one, but the spirit has folded, the practice is difficult the little advance. Considers, a servant, but can also have any spirit, since you have been resigned for the servant, that spirit naturally also vanished, later such practices before the imagination, is impossible. It can be said that Li Lin this oath, was stopped by own cultivation level on equal to, his impossible Transcends Tribulation, only to have been able to be cultivator of Infant Stage time for a lifetime for a lifetime. However the people change mind think, why must such do on understand Li Lin, Zhao Hai has killed a person, now spatial make a move copes with them, was more relaxed, if Li Lin did not vow into the Zhao Hai servant, he died now, disappeared compared with the body dying [say / way], was possibly better for the servant, is not all people does not fear death, in facing the test of birth and death, many people will choose to go on living. Li Lin has chosen going on living, although looks like does not have courageous spirit very much, moreover his also equal to ruined own future, but he is living after all , the person will live will always be being hopeful. Li Lin pledge, like a spell, making several other people see method that another one type of solved the problem, that for servant. This is a firm difficult choice. Especially regarding cultivator is so, when remaining that three cultivator one hesitant, Rhinoceros beetle attack, crushed cultivator protective shield, strikes to kill cultivator at the scene. The body of that cultivator in one time vanished, but this also becomes the last straw that broke the camel's back, remaining two also living the cultivator horse yelled that is willing to become the Zhao Hai servant, Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, made these two get down Heart's Demon great oath. After the two have also gotten down Heart's Demon great oath, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand. Let them stand own, then received these Undead Creature and Rhinoceros beetle, let Jua Ding Shan also leave, then he looked at one these to hide in all around these comes to see the lively person. These come to see the lively person, has not thought that finally unexpectedly is such result, now that three people became the Zhao Hai servants, the Zhao Hai strength did not fall instead rose, if they attack to Zhao Hai now. On equal to with Expert of that several Infant Stage times for the enemy, this is they are not willing to do.

In the eye of Zhao Hai has swept their hiding place, these people somewhat are tense, feared that Zhao Hai copes with them now, although they also hide in there now, but all people know, Zhao Hai already presently they. These people want to take a look now. How Zhao Hai must process them. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, deep voice said : everybody, is good, does not deliver.” Said that turns the head to Barry Yuan said : hundred li (0.5km) Captain, welcome in a to chat to the Vajra camp.” Barry Yuan looked at Zhao Hai one, laughing said : suddenly good, good Zhao Hai, to receive the Cultivation World artificial servant, you are our aircraft first one. HaHaHa, good, good!” Said that turn around flies in the direction of Vajra camp, but follows in his behind these machine people, unconscious the body, they now are very very proud, look at arrogant Cultivation World people. Became the Zhao Hai servant, this feeling is really good. Zhao Hai turn around looked at Li Lin their eyes, deep voice said : came with me.” Li Lin three people of complexion somewhat are ugly, but they have not said anything, obedient following in Zhao Hai. They have gotten down Heart's Demon great oath, naturally does not dare to make any matter to Zhao Hai. When on Earth. some people vowed like eating meal to drink water the simplicity, the pledge were inferior that scratched the buttocks paper, however in Comprehend the world here, the people regarding faithful degree of pledge, were the imagination. This is not the Comprehend the world here person has good faith how, the how high quality, fact in Cultivation World here, the swindler finds at everywhere, if you have believed opposite party, that definitely is don’t know how the successive dies. Reason that the Comprehend the world here person such regarding as important pledge , because Heart's Demon exists in Comprehend the world here. How nobody knows the Dao Heart demon to produce, nobody knows own Heart's Demon in there, but all people can affirm that the body of everyone has Heart's Demon, but this Heart's Demon ambushes in your body, you one, but has gotten down Heart's Demon great oath, has awakened own Heart's Demon on equal to, you anytime and anywhere under the surveillance of Heart's Demon, one, but you made have violated the pledge the matter, on heart Demon Horse will invade you, let your better to die than living, will die directly. After Zhao Hai leave, these catch up to come to see the lively person , the leave team, their understand Zhao Hai just those words were any meaning, that meaning was to let their leave, if their leave, that did not fear that will be they becomes next Li Lin. These person also being tactful, they presently the Zhao Hai strength truly is not present they can compare, therefore and other Zhao Hai walk, their also immediately leave machine partly controls the area. However they have not calculated come in vain today, most at least they knew the Zhao Hai strength, through today's matter, under Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation the first Expert given name was the determination without doubt. Moreover there is Li Lin join, Zhao Hai currently also had a oneself influence, even if Zhao Hai runs up to machine there to establish small Sect now yes, after all he now is also Expert of Infant Stage time, can establish Sect, but the servants of his also several Infant Stage times, this strength, established small Sect in Cultivation World there, was enough, even Cultivation World there many small Sect, do not have Zhao Hai strength like this now.

These leave people, no matter that currently their at heart had a common idea, that was Zhao Hai getting harder and harder will cope. When Zhao Hai with Barry Yuan their returned to Vajra fort, one has caused causing a sensation, but Zhao Hai has not let Li Lin they like animal in animal garden was surrounded, but made them go to his Cave Mansion directly, his Cave Mansion was not small, enough three people rested. After the Li Lin three people deliver to Cave Mansion, the Zhao Hai returned to Vajra fort, now the Vajra fort here atmosphere has then lived it up, because this first organic person receives the Cultivation World artificial servant in history, not only this information to Zhao Hai, to entire machine is explosive information. Yuan Jin Gang reported this information, this matter was really too big, Yuan Jin Gang has not thought that under Cultivation World that several person unexpectedly meetings Heart's Demon great oath became the Zhao Hai servant, when he just heard this information, but also thinks that some people were joking with him, that will think of this matter unexpectedly real. What influence this matter brings to Cultivation World and machine, Yuan Jin Gang and don’t know, but Yuan Jin Gang knows that 6 Realms battlefield here feared must live an earthquake, but machine partly controls area here, compared with former security. The Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, nobody is daring easily provoked a machine person, this regarding machine, but good matter. Waits for the Zhao Hai returned to Vajra fort time, Vajra fort here gathered many people, is the people in nearby several castles, they are inquire information, to be honest, just heard this information time, they do not believe that this is real. Looks at Zhao Hai to come back, these person of immediately have encircled, talking at once was inquiring to Zhao Hai about Li Lin their matter, Zhao Hai deals with a smile, this person of he knew that deals with naturally also very convenient. Had tossed about for several hours, is comes to the Vajra fort to inquire that these information people send off, Zhao Hai then relaxed, he was actually drawn to meet to pour liquor down the throat by Yuan Jin Gang. When Zhao Hai by pouring liquor down the throat, entire Comprehend the world had also caused a stir in because of this matter, naturally this stir only exists in these High level, after all 6 Realms battlefield here, the ordinary common people are don’t know. However is only these High level knows that has been OK, they represent, but entire Comprehend the world here topest existence, the Zhao Hai name was also remembered by all people.

Responded first is machine these High level, now machine these High level, in do not dare to have the idea of Zhao Hai, because of them presently, Zhao Hai currently had own influence, moreover this influence is not small, if must cope with Zhao Hai now, but also is really not that easy matter, before adding on their change to the Zhao Hai manner, by machine these High level, immediately was decided that must be on good terms Zhao Hai. Machine High level immediately decided that sending a delegation to come, this delegation is sees Zhao Hai, machine High level also knows that now Zhao Hai has not needed to reward generally, therefore this delegation sees Zhao Hai \; first, to send regards, two want to take a look at Zhao Hai to have any need not to have, so long as Zhao Hai set the request, they can achieving as far as possible. But the response of Cultivation World there is somewhat strange, after hearing this information, the Cultivation World big gate faction, does not have any too big response at once probably, but also some hearsay said that Cultivation World that several Great Sect, have arranged in order to kill above Zhao Hai the list. So-called must kill the list, is only a hearsay, believes that in Cultivation World these Great Sect there, must kill the list, this must kill in the list, there are some several other Realms talent characters, so long as on the person on this list, Cultivation World will not have hesitated all representatives, except that in order to avoid he unfolds, becomes the Cultivation World biggest threat. However does this status exist only, nobody knows that Cultivation World there has not confirmed this point, but a little can actually affirm, Zhao Hai has brought to the attention of Cultivation World, the next time copes with Zhao Hai, will not be cultivator of Infant Stage time. ( to be continued ) % high writing station ( Home station group id: 95512 o 49)